How To Boost Your Immune System With Medicinal Mushrooms

When you think of boosting your immunity, medicinal mushrooms are probably the last thing that comes to mind. Most people think of changing their diet to focus more on natural, nutritious foods, and some opt for dietary supplements. However, while these are excellent ways to boost your immunity, medicinal mushrooms have proven invaluable for the … Read more

How to Vape Hash

It is pretty common to hear people asking if vaping hash is possible. In fact, even more so, you will often hear people asking if they run the risk of damaging their dry herb vaporizer if they use it with hash. Smoking hash is an activity that dates back thousands of years, but we all … Read more

How to Smoke Distillate

In recent years, the world of cannabis has grown exponentially. Gone are the days when your choices were limited to hash and dried flowers. Now, there are so many options and products available that you are more likely having trouble deciding what you really want. A few years ago, you’d be lucky to even be … Read more

What is Shatter?

Concentrates have become a big presence in the cannabis world as of the last few years. It really is no wonder why, given their characteristics. For those cannabis users who want to enjoy a better and higher high, turning to shatter can be the answer. What is shatter, exactly? How can it be used, and … Read more

How to Roll a Joint The Easy Way

Every cannabis lover should learn how to roll a joint. The truth is, rolling a joint is easy. Below, we share our comprehensive guide on how to roll a joint for beginners. You will see that with a little practice, everyone can perfect this skill. How to Roll a Joint (Techniques) Dutchie, bomber, ganja, joint, … Read more

How to Smoke Shatter – Best Ways Guide

As the purest form of cannabis, shatter is a popular concentrate with a high amount of THC. It has a unique, sharp taste, long-lasting effects, and is the perfect cannabis extract for anyone eager to try something stronger. Chances are, though, if you’re wondering how to smoke shatter, you already knew that. From smoking dabs … Read more

The Best Way to Smoke Weed in Your Apartment

You may enjoy the effects cannabis has on your body, but aren’t too fond of the smell! Maybe it’s your roommates who are giving you the evil eye every time you light up, your landlord who has banned any form of smoke in your apartment, or other apartment dwellers who dislike the odour. Apartment living … Read more

The Relationship Between Kratom & Cannabis

Have you ever wondered what the differences were between Kratom & Cannabis?  You may already know that Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa, comes from the leaves of the tropical evergreen plant whereas Cannabis, Cannabis Sativa, is a flowering plant most commonly referred to as hemp when speaking about varieties cultivated for non-drug use and marijuana when being referred to … Read more

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