How to Conserve Weed So You Don’t Go Dankrupt?

When you look at weed in the short run, it doesn’t seem so expensive. However, the herb can pretty soon drain your pockets if you consider how much you smoke on, say, a monthly basis.

Let’s be honest; we live in pretty tough times. The economy is still in shambles (it’s rejuvenating now, but it’s still weak), prices are going up, and weed isn’t going to be as cheap as 10 years ago anymore.

That being said, whenever you can take the opportunity to save some money – with weed being no exception – do it.

In a perfect world, it wouldn’t be a problem to save some money for the stash and still live a decent life without denying yourself earthly pleasures and all, but the sad part is we’re not living in a perfect world.

Now, this is where you should take action to make it perfect, at least for yourself.

You can start to calculate how much you spend on weed and stuff – and believe me, it will drive you nowhere but into depression – or you can actually search for effective ways to conserve weed so that you don’t go dankrupt after two weeks of indulging yourself in cannabis. 

So… What do you choose? Are you with me?

I thought so. Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the best ways to save weed, as well as the most efficient ways to smoke the herb.

Best Ways to Save Weed

Best Ways to Conserve Weed

Source: Hail Mary Jane

Surprising as it is, knowing how to conserve weed is common knowledge. It only takes a little effort and practice to master the marijuana economy and enjoy the plant much longer than you do now.

Cut Off the Scavengers

We all have that friend who is not typically a penny pincher and always wants to smoke some. Still, that friend never has money for the stash and directs the conversation to an entirely different track when you ask them to throw some coins for the goodies. I know that sharing is caring, and stoners are generous by nature, but sharing your stuff with a parasite who doesn’t give a damn about your spendings is burdensome, not to mention that it won’t help you conserve your weed. Given this, learn how to say no to Mooches, in a polite way, of course, and you’ll see that all of a sudden, your buds will shrink a bit slower than they used to.

Plan Your Smoking Time

If smoking marijuana is your habit, be sure to include it in your daily plan. Don’t have a planner or calendar yet? You’d better get yourself one, as these two are the true lifesavers when it comes to time and money management. A quick wake-and-bake is always welcome, but let’s be honest, you don’t need to smoke a doobie every two hours to keep the buzz going throughout the day. If you don’t have a certain day plan, things will get messy sooner than you expect, and you’ll end up spending way too much money on weed. Thankfully, once you embrace the art of planning, you’ll be dazzled by the amount of time you’ve been losing for months or even years of living in chaos, not to mention that it will be much easier to estimate the amount of weed needed for the day.

Conserve Your Weed for The Evening

You may even go further with planning and try to refrain from smoking the herb until you fulfill all your duties. Of course, we all love a good wake-and-bake because it gives you that one-of-a-kind high that sticks to you throughout the whole morning and sometimes even to the late afternoon. Still, smoking between your chores may be deceiving as sometimes, you may get too high to move your finger, and you don’t want to waste your day on the couch being that stereotypical stoner, do you? Simply put, learn some patience, and it will pay off in the long run.

Buy in Large Quantities

Buying in bulk is one of the most effective ways to get the most out of your weed. Firstly, large quantities come with bigger price breaks, so you already save some coins upon the very purchase. Moreover, it’s way easier to break up the nugs into 1-gram quantities and store them in one of those classic pillboxes or a mason jar. On the contrary, can you imagine breaking up 1 gram into 5 or 7 days? Neither can I; it would just look ridiculous. However, if you purchase, say, 5 or 7 grams, you’ll be able to make your weed last a week – no jokes!

Choose the Right Time to Light Up

If you’re running low on the stash, smoking all day is out of the question. Instead, sit down for a while and take a minute to think about the time of day you particularly like to smoke. If cannabis keeps you upbeat and creative for work, do the wake-and-bake thing, but if marijuana helps you with falling asleep, save some stuff for nighttime use.

Cut Down on Joints/Blunts

Smoking blunts alone doesn’t require as much weed as when you smoke it in a group, but two or more people usually consume blunts, so rolling one will cost you more stuff than if you all hit a bong or vape. On top of that, smoking marijuana in joints is the least efficient way to consume weed because too much green gets wasted in the process. However, if you can’t resist rolling cannabis in papers, consider making a spliff. You’ll certainly use less material, but on the other hand, you’ll inhale toxic substances carried by the smoke from tobacco.

Save Your Roaches

Many pot smokers dump their roaches the moment they decide the extra hit will be one too many. Well, it’s a mistake. If you roll up your weed regularly, you’ll be surprised how much weed you can gather from your roaches. So you should reserve this so-called emergency kit for tough times when both your stash jar and wallet are empty.

Grow Your Own Plants

Simple as it is. Not only will you save money in the long run, but you’ll also have full control over what you’ll eventually smoke. Although it requires patience and practice to harvest large yields, your efforts will be well rewarded, and you won’t have to ping your weed guy or visit a dispensary anytime you feel the green call.

Most Efficient Ways to Smoke Weed

Most Efficient Ways to Smoke Weed

Source: MedPot

Choosing the most efficient way to smoke weed is of the essence when you’re running low on your buds and can’t afford to buy more at the time. As I mentioned before, smoking blunts/joints are the worst way to use your stuff during crisis times when it comes to efficiency. That being said, we have to look further than that to save weed in the best possible method. I believe some ideas are already emerging in your head now, so let’s see if any of them matches my type.

Try a One-Hitter

One hitter does wonders to people who are close to going dankrupt. Maybe there’s some science behind it I don’t, or it’s pure magic, but whenever I get 2-3 hits from this specific pipe, it gets me higher than if I smoked a blunt alone. Alas, one-hitters are not the most durable smoking units, so you’ll eventually need to purchase, let’s say, two pieces per month if you plan to use them often. On the other hand, you may go for a more advanced one-hitter, namely chillum. A chillum bowl is very similar to a one-hitter pipe, save for the fact that it weighs more and will push out four, five, or even more hits if you properly corner the bowl. Whichever device you choose, it will become your friend should tough times come.

Pipes or bongs, anyone?

For those of you who want to know how to conserve weed, here’s good news. Glassware is and will be your best friend when it comes to saving cannabis. If you prefer minimalism and portability, a simple glass pipe for $10-20 will suffice. The biggest advantage of little pipes over one-hitters is that they’re much easier to maintain and clean than their counterparts, not to mention that you’ll use less stash than you would in a blunt/joint. If, on the other hand, you don’t take half measures and are always ready to kick the day hard right from the beginning, buy a borosilicate glass bong to enjoy weed in the comfort of your home or during meetups with friends.

Switch to a Vaporizer

So… The guy is talking about hard times, yet he encourages other stoners to buy a vaporizer even though a decent portable vape can cost as much as $300? Man, please!

Okay, hold your temper, please. Yes, you will spend a couple of hundred dollars for a decent vaping unit, but if you take into account the number of perks that come with a top-notch vaporizer, you’ll change your attitude in the blink of an eye. To begin with, using a vaporizer is the most effective way to consume weed. This is because vaporizers don’t burn the plant material; instead, they use conduction, convection, or a mix of both to heat your weed. As a result, you can squeeze the most out of your strain and indulge in the vapour that comes packed with seducing flavour from the terpene profile of the herb.

Furthermore, by vaping weed, you don’t inhale carcinogens to your body, not to mention that the vapour produced by vaporizers is super easy on your lungs and throat.

It’s paramount that you only need a small amount of weed to get high with a good vaporizer, so swallow the initial cost – I know, it’s hard – and learn how to conserve weed with this device.

How Not To Let Your Weed Go Bad

How Not To Let Your Weed Go Bad

Source: NBC Chicago

Last but not least, it’s worth saying a word on how to conserve your weed so that it doesn’t go bad. Believe me, there’s nothing worse than wasted, dried-out weed, especially when you’re running low on the material.

The best way to save your weed from going bad is to purchase an airtight, smell-proof weed container. It may be a jar, a pillbox you remember your grandma used to get her medications or a dedicated weed container. And while this dedicated container may not be an option for rough times, mason jars and pillboxes are the two best places to store your weed.

Let your stash last longer with these 3 handy tips.

How to Store Weed?

  • Grind it with a three-tier grinder. A grinder that has three tiers usually comes equipped with kief storage at the very bottom. It may take some time to collect the kief from your stash, but after a couple of months of regular grinding, you’ll be left with a few grams of this potent powder. And if your weed has a lot of trichomes on it, it’s all the better.
  • Please keep it in cool and dry places. Unfortunately, some pot smokers still stick to these old-fashioned useless plastic bags for storing their weed. This, my friends, is a grave mistake. When you keep your buds in a plastic bag, they will grow mould and lose their power. As I said, glass is the best material for weed storage, and the aforementioned stash jar will do the job perfectly.
  • Don’t expose it to sunlight. Leaving your weed on the window sill is not a smart option, either. It will dry out and last much shorter if left exposed to sunlight, let alone the harsh feeling on the throat it leaves when smoked. However, please DO NOT put your weed in the refrigerator; it will contribute to its degradation and thus accumulate moisture in the container.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, things may get pretty rough due to different factors, and sooner or later, you’ll start wondering how to conserve weed to make it last longer for you.

Thankfully, as you see, there’s a sea of possibilities to select from when you want to get the most out of your weed. One of the most common ways to save weed is to smoke fewer blunts. Don’t get me wrong; I don't condemn them. In fact, I love sparking up a jay with my fiance and have a great time together afterwards, but when it comes to conserving marijuana, blunts and joints are serial killers. Instead of wrapping your stash in the paper, use glassware, and you’ll soon realize that you need maybe 2-3 bowls a day to keep the buzz going and save more weed for the end of the month.

Figuring out the right habits for your smoking session is of utmost importance, too. Buying large quantities, dumping your scavenger friends, planning your smoking time, growing your own plants, or even saving the roaches – all of these will come in handy for conserving the herb.

Speaking on how to conserve weed, one must not forget to take care of the proper storage. If you can’t afford a dedicated marijuana container, go for a pillbox or a simple airtight glass jar that will keep your buds fresh. Also, refrain from exposing the greens to light and always keep it in a dry place – otherwise, they will grow mould and lose their power.

Well, basically, that would be it. But, of course, running short on weed is what I wouldn’t wish even on my greatest enemies, so I hope that you’ll always have something to smoke. But, nevertheless, if things go in the wrong direction, you’ll be well prepared for the crisis.

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