CBD for Athletes – Rehabilitation & Pain Management

If I were to say that I would not be back playing basketball without the help of CBD products, it would not be an over-exaggeration. Back in October of 2017, I suffered a Pars fracture, a fracture of the spine.

After six months of rest, rehabilitation, and consistent CBD product use, I was back playing at full strength! My training schedule and my rehabilitation process did a lot of the work, but I would not sell-short the benefits of cannabidiol for helping to heal my body.

Not only was cannabidiol instrumental for healing the injury itself (in my opinion), it also allowed me to live pain-free and push myself in rehab without needing any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or opioid pain medications.

I strongly believe that CBD products are on their way to becoming a major part of many athletes' lives, and for a good reason too!

What is “CBD?”

I am sure that many of you have heard about “CBD” products before, but I know that many people still do not totally understand what they are.

CBD is the short form for cannabidiol, which is one of the many cannabinoids found on the cannabis plant

CBD has become widely popular over the last two years since it is legal throughout the United States and much of the world.

Along with this, CBD products have become more prominent in athletics since the World Anti-Doping Agency took CBD off its “banned substance list” at the start of 2018.

Unlike the well-known compound THC, CBD does not have psychoactive effects. The psychoactive nature of THC products is the reason that “marijuana” and THC-containing products are not widely legalized, so CBD is a sensible alternative for man people.

There is an abundant list of potential benefits for CBD products, especially if you are an athlete!

I have personally experienced many of these benefits and believe that my experience is an excellent resource for other athletes to look to!

How Can Athletes Benefit from CBD Products?

As I said before, I can hardly imagine I would be back playing basketball at the professional level if I had not used CBD products to deal with my latest injury. In fact, I can honestly say I wish I had these products to deal with previous injuries of mine as well!

As an athlete, dealing with chronic pain is a way of life.

It is an occupational hazard that we all deal with, and it affects us every day.

The solution for many athletes is copious amounts of NSAIDs or even opioid painkillers. Unfortunately, especially for those who play American football, opioid abuse is far too prevalent.

Due to my own experience, I can confidently say that CBD products are a powerful and healthy alternative for daily pain relief.

After suffering from this back issue, I struggled to walk or even get out of bed for weeks! It wasn’t until I found the benefit of CBD products that I could finally resume normal function.

CBD products not only reduce pain but also have powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

Inflammation throughout the body is one of the causes of many injuries (and more pain), such as tendinitis and arthritis. Therefore, if athletes were to use CBD products instead of NSAIDs or opioids consistently, they would effectively treat themselves for the long and short term!

Another intrinsic benefit of CBD products I found was that I was able to train “pain-free” even though I was dealing with a difficult injury, which allowed me to improve my physical strength and conditioning when I otherwise would not have been able to.

Personally, I am excited to use CBD when I am healthy this off-season to see how much they can enhance my “healthy” workouts!

There are many other benefits of CBD products for athletes; these are just a few I have personal experience with!

What Type of CBD Products Are Best for Athletes?

Honestly, there are hardly any CBD products that will not benefit athletes.

However, the main point is that you should look to find high-quality products from reputable places.

If you are interested in learning about various CBD brands, please check out my website AdamKempFitness.com!

Once you have found a CBD brand that produces quality products, there are many types of products that will suit your needs!

Regularly, I consistently use CBD oil and CBD topical products.

The benefit of CBD oil is that you can get many cannabinoids into your body, and they are often cost-effective.

If the CBD oil is a little too “messy” for you, or you do not like the taste, there are many CBD capsule options as well!

One of the coolest products that I have found is CBD water, which has the added benefit of helping you hydrate!

Topical CBD products work excellently if you have pain in a localized area (such as with my back), and you can find a wide variety of CBD topicals with added essential oils in them!

One of my main tips for finding a quality CBD product is that you want to find one with at least trace amounts of THC because this is very important for the overall absorption of CBD products. CBD products are legal to be sold everywhere in the United States if they contain less than .3% THC.

This small amount of THC effectively helps with the synergy of the cannabinoids on the cannabis plant, increasing the medicinal benefits you are looking for!

Concluding Thoughts on CBD Products for Athletes!

If you are an athlete, I strongly believe you will quickly fall in love with the benefits of CBD products.

There are many other potential medicinal benefits of CBD products, but these are just a few I have personal experience with.

CBD products are likely to expand in notoriety with athletes, especially since they are officially off the WADA Banned Substance list.

CBD has been claimed as safe and without any possibility for addiction by the World Health Organization, so you can give them a try if you are interested.

My experience with CBD products has shown me that they are incredible for athletes, and I am confident that yours will show the same!

About the Author:

Adam Bio Picture

Adam Kemp is a professional basketball player in his 4th year of playing basketball professionally in Europe.

In 2015, Adam was selected to play for the Detroit Pistons in the NBA Summer League.

Adam graduated from Marist College in 2014 with a degree in Sports Communications.

With this wife, Adam has become a strong advocate for the health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp products.

Together, they are working to normalize CBD and hemp use culture, so a wider range of people understand the benefits of these amazing products.

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