The Relationship Between Kratom & Cannabis

Have you ever wondered what the differences were between Kratom & Cannabis? 

You may already know that Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa, comes from the leaves of the tropical evergreen plant whereas Cannabis, Cannabis Sativa, is a flowering plant most commonly referred to as hemp when speaking about varieties cultivated for non-drug use and marijuana when being referred to the varieties cultivated for recreational use. 

Besides their obvious differences in plant origins, there are many comparisons we can make between the two herbals. If you want to know what do Kratom & Cannabis have in common, how they differ, and whether or not they work together in an effective way then you’ll want to stay tuned. We’ll provide a quick yet detailed comparison to give you an overview of the main differences and most common similarities between Kratom and cannabis. 

Please Read: The Status of Kratom Legalization in Canada, before considering this herb.

kratom vs cannabis

Geographical Origins / Growth

Both Kratom and Cannabis have been used for centuries as a natural healing medicine for pain relieve among other things. 



Chemical Make up

If Kratom and Cannabis have similar effects then they must have a very similar composition, right?


Their chemical makeup and the way they react in the body differ quite a bit. For starters, take a look below and you’ll notice that Kratom contains an extra molecular compound in the mix that cannabis doesn’t have.

Do you know which one it is?


Cannabis: C21H30O2

Kratom: C23H30N2O4

Healing Status

Cannabis now-a-days is most often thought of as a recreational drug that’s sole purpose is to give you the best high however, many fail to remember that just like Kratom, the herb contains an incredible amount of healing power.

One of the reasons for the heightened popularity of Kratom has been due to its claimed ability to act as a way to help users fight again opioid addiction. Kratom provides an effective approach to pain relief and has been shown to harbor great healing effects. In addition, many users have praised the herb for treating a variety of conditions from chronic pain, seizures, depression and much more. Traditionally used as a way to fight fatigue and increase productivity of workers, the herb’s power to allow the user to focus clearly and concentrate on tasks requiring a great deal of accuracy is incredible.

Cannabis on the other hand, although having similar pain relief and calming effects to Kratom, is a substance that acts to numb and blur your focus rather than allowing you to zone in and concentrate on a specific task. If you’ve ever heard yourself saying, I feel completely useless when I’m on weed or coming off the high, then Kratom may be a herbal you want to consider switching over to. At low dosages it acts as a sedative while at higher doses you’ll notice more  stimulant like effects.

Consumption Method

As many of you probably know already, the most common way to consume marijuana is by smoking it. When cannabis is smoked it moves directly from the lungs into the bloodstream and then to the brain.

Kratom on the other hand is typically consumed by ingesting in the powder form. Most commonly made into a tea, added to beverages or taken in a capsule. For more information on the various ways to take Kratom, you can refer to this page, ‘The Different Types of Kratom’

Mechanism of Action



The Interaction Between Kratom & Cannabis

Curious to know whether the two herbs make a good mix or whether you should steer clear?

You can most definitely take Kratom and Weed together however it is important to understand the interaction between the two before doing so. When taken together, they synergize the effects of each other, heightening your experience.

Important info to note before combining Kratom & Weed:

Need An Overview?

 Kratom Cannabis
Chemical Composition C23H30N2O4C21H30O2
Common Consumption Method Taken Orally Smoked
Differences In Effects/Experience
  • Increases focus
  • Improves clarity
  • Dose affects experience
  • Alkaloids 7-hydroxymitagynine and mitagynine, deaden specific receptors in the brain thus lessing pain signals
  • Provides lack of clarity
  • Numbing effect on experiences
  • THC, the main alkaloid lessons the body’s response to pain and creates a mind/body disassociation
Similarities in Effects/ Experiences
  • Pain management * There are a number of other
  • Stress reducing effects benefits and shared experiences
  • Antidepressant action between Kratom & Weed. We’ve
  • Anti-inflammatory properties listed only some of the most
  • Euphoric effects common ones here.
  • Improved sleep


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