What To Do While You’re High – Enjoying Your Cannabis

People consume cannabis for a lot of different reasons. For one thing, cannabis has a lot of proven benefits when it comes to health.

Cannabis can aid you in many physical ways, but it can be helpful with mental health as well. For example, sometimes, people smoke to curb stress or to stave away anxiety and depression.


People smoke cannabis to expand their minds and help their creative juices flow more readily. People smoke cannabis to enhance experiences, both social and personal. People smoke cannabis simply to have some fun. This plant presents so many reasons to consume it that the question should never be why consume but instead why not consume. Whatever the reason, those of us who consume this plant's flowers are totally captivated by its beauty, versatility, and sheer magnitude of miraculous. A world of possibility can come in a sticky little green bud, and a plethora of activities will follow, both stimulating and exciting as well as relaxing and rewarding. 

Reasons You Might Partake in Cannabis

To decide the best thing to do with your time while you’re smoking, eating, or vaping weed, you should consider your reasoning for consuming in the first place. 

  • Health benefits: Consuming cannabis can ease the pain of cancer, migraine, arthritis, persistent muscle spasms and severe nausea. It can be a preventative solution to seizures and it can ease the discomfort of Glaucoma.
  • Mental health benefits: Cannabis can help with anxiety and depression. It can help ease the crippling effects of a panic attack or curb stress when you’re teetering on the edge. It can also be useful in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Creative reasons: Sometimes marijuana has a way of opening people up creatively. It might be the thing that helps an artist make it to the point of painting an abstract masterpiece or a songwriter write a hit song. It might be a key component in the way a writer churns out a chapter of her book or a poet writes a deep poem.
  • Social reasons: Almost all the time you’ll find that people who smoke marijuana love to share. It can be the root of a group activity with friends or the ice breaker that encourages two people to get to know one another. Cannabis can enhance social experiences and enrich social activities.
  • Self exploration: Just as well as cannabis encourages social situations to flourish it can be your best companion when you are ready for some quiet alone time. You might sit down and get to know yourself better with a good book and a joint or test out your own writing skills or artistic abilities. Maybe you’ll lose yourself in a contemplative walk or sink into a bubble bath after a solitary smoke.
  • Pure fun: Simply put cannabis is fun. That comedy movie might make you laugh just a little harder if it’s companion is a blunt. The joy of cooking may finally be realized as the afterthought of a joint. A bowl at the edge of the Monopoly board might just make the game a bit more irresistible. You might just find that most fun and rewarding activities get a little bit more so with cannabis as a companion.  

With the reasons for smoking out of the way and a million cannabis-friendly activities swirling around in my brain, I struggle to narrow them down to the very best high times activities. I’ve had many good times just passing a joint around a circle and talking about anything and everything that pops into the people's minds in the circle. I’ve found it enjoyable to lay in a hammock on a warm summer night with only a pipe, the stars overhead and the sounds of the crickets. I’ve gotten a kick out of getting high and then roaming the grocery store aisles looking for new and interesting things to entice my ready and waiting for taste buds. Ah, but what are the best things to do while high? I’ve compiled a list of my favourite high activities in no particular order as they all present enjoyable possibilities equally depending on the mood and occasion.

The Best Things to Do

  1. Play a video game: I enjoy a bit of gaming from time to time and I just happen to enjoy it even more when a bit of cannabis is involved. Gaming can be a form of escape into a world of fantasy as it is. In a video game you don’t just read about someone else’s adventures in the pages of a book or watch them unfold on the screen of a tv. In video games it’s your adventure. So fill your bags with magic health potions, exploding throwing stars, bread and water for sustenance and a fat sack of pot. Your experience could take you even farther into a fantasy with a magic bowl of cannabis waiting to hop into your rainbow galaxy pipe while you’re resting up and regaining that hp at the local Inn or tavern.
  2. Paint, draw, write: Cannabis can be your friend during any of these creative activities. Poetry gains layers of meaning, songwriting comes alive at the end of the pen and across the strings of the guitar, and painting becomes an activity to lose yourself in. Marijuana can make you feel free to shake off creative shackles and push your abilities to the limits. Sometimes for myself there’s nothing better than smoking, getting really nice and stoned and then trading the joint in my hand for a pen, sitting down and just writing whatever comes to my mind. I find that I’m able to let myself explore poetic themes and achieve layers of meaning in my poetry when I come to it after having smoked.
  3. Relax: After a long day at the office or a long night of 3rd shift relaxing alone with a joint can be a wonderful thing. Come home and vow that your stress stays at the door. Anxiety cannot cross the threshold. Kick off your shoes and run a hot bath or turn the lights down low and put on your favorite music. Get in the zone where nothing can touch you but an envelope of smoke that sends you to a place where stress is unheard of and anxiety is a myth that no one really believes. Snuggle into a unicorn onesie and find what peace you can before that alarm goes off in the morning heralding he end to stress banishment.
  4. Pet your dog: Any pet you have will do really. Getting high and playing with animals can be a really positive experience. Throw a ball. set up an intelligence test for your dog. Break out the laser pointer or just feel how soft their fur is. Your pet is guaranteed to approve of this choice in activities and i think you'll find it to be quite satisfying as well.
  5. Take a hike: If strenuous hiking isn't your thing a leisurely walk is nice too. Get back to nature; marvel at the way the sun streams through tree tops, study a blade of grass or an errant fall leaf, sit down by a flowing stream and dip your toes in. Getting back to nature can be a natural sort of high on its own but adding cannabis to the mix can only make it better.
  6. Explore the grocery store: Okay, okay i bet you're thinking the munchies are bad, stay away from food! Gorging yourself on mass amounts of food every time you get high is probably not going to be the best idea but the occasional food related high times adventure can be a pretty awesome time. Grab your best friend, your significant other, or just someone that wants to get high smoke up and head off on your grocery store adventure. Pick up something new you've never tried before or treat yourself to your favorite snack. Just have fun, that's the point.
  7. Cook: One of the things that I love to do while high is cook. Getting high right before cooking or during cooking makes meal preparation into a grand adventure. Put a little love into your meal and in turn put a little smile on the faces of friends and family. You can even incorporate cannabis into the dishes that you prepare and be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.
  8. Watch tv: Normally it might be a mundane process to just spend the evening watching television but the experience could be well enhanced by the presence of marijuana. With a joint or a bowl action adventure comes to life, comedy brings a tear of joy to the eye, and horror is a frightful and delightful experience.

Play a board game or card game

First of all, I’ve been waiting so long to shout from the rooftops to whoever cares to listen about the most fun I’ve ever gotten from a card game. There's an amazing card game out there called Fluxx, and it has a special edition called Stoner Fluxx. Everyone that loves smoking should check this card game out; it incorporates smoking right into the cannabis-themed game. Scenarios pop up where you have to do something like collect a lighter, paper, and weed to win the game or beware of creeper cards like the mooch, who always wants some free smoke but never contributes to the stash himself. Also, beware of dealing with the dreaded munchies card rendering your snacks useless. But the best part is that you also have cards that specifically tell you to hit the real-life tangible bowl. This is the only card game I’ve ever seen that incorporates having a ready bowl of weed on deck and then actually tells you to go on and hit it.  Look for a link to the game below. 

Stoner Fluxx

Source: www.amazon.com

View on Amazon

Also don’t forget the classics: What makes Monopoly better? What makes Clue come to life? How can you get the most from Scrabble? Weed is the answer!

In conclusion

There’s a world of possibilities out there for activities to do while high. The most important thing to do is to make sure that it's something you really enjoy. History, governments, misconceptions, hysteria, and media have often painted Marijuana in a bad light. It's been something to be feared, something to have a talk with your teenagers about, something to use against others.

Only now in recent years is there an emergence of mainstream acceptance and an outpouring of facts that prove that this plant really holds many benefits both recreationally and medically for the human race. Getting high can be a really positive experience with loads of reasoning as to why you or anyone would choose to do so. However, once you’ve made that choice, what you do with yourself afterward is held right in the palm of your hand.

 The world is your oyster, and maybe the all-you-can-eat oysters at your local Chinese Buffet can be yours too. So have fun while you’re high, make a good memory (if you can remember it) and do something good for yourself, for your friends, for your pets, or the world. Keep cannabis by your side to help you along the way as you walk your journey.

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