Learn How to Get Less High With These Smart Tips

Any marijuana enthusiast can tell you that if there’s one feeling they particularly don’t like about weed, it’s the very moment you realize, “Damn, I’m way too high.” Be it a gargantuan joint, one hit too many from the bong, or too many edibles eaten at once, being too stoned can thwart your entire day.

Actually, there are thousands of reasons you may get too high. It’s even easier for low-tolerance consumers, especially if they want to impress a group of friends by dabbing concentrates for the first time. Nevertheless, going overboard with cannabis creates a feeling that can be too much for even seasoned weed lovers.

Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about. First things first, even if you get too high, the worst thing you can experience is anxiety, paranoia, or cold sweats. There is no single record of anyone dying from a cannabis overdose, so before you fall into shambles due to smoking/eating/vaping too much weed, sit down and relax.

Most of us have experienced the inconvenience of getting too baked, and thus some creative stoners out there have come up with plenty of ways to get rid of high. So I took the liberty of sorting out the best methods for you.

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So… How to stop being high? What to do if you get too high and start to panic?

May I have your attention, please!

How to Get Rid of a Marijuana High?

1. Breathe

Okay, this may sound like the kind of “duh” piece of advice, but the most important thing when you get too high is to realize that you are all fine and everything is perfectly okay, save for the fact that you didn’t manage to cut the cloak according to the cloth.

Although THC has anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties, consuming too much of this cannabinoid may increase anxiety and, in some cases, result in a panic attack. Luckily for you, this “peak” doesn’t last too long, and the effect should wear off within minutes to hours.

Short breath is not going to work; on the contrary, it may even worsen the situation. That being said, you should take a couple of deep belly breaths. Not only do they help you throughout the day for optimal oxygenation of your body, but they can also reduce the cannabis high if you feel anxiety is knocking on your door.

2. Drink Lots of Water

Water may not be the instant life-saver, but it helps in plenty of inconveniences. It takes the edge off of literally any type of excess, and being too high is no exception. Dehydration is what makes you feel lightheaded at first, but combining dehydration with any substance may be too much for your body, so it’s important to stay hydrated before you even smoke to prevent the drama.

3. Go For a Walk

If your brain resists turning off for even a second, there’s nothing worse than sitting in one place when you got super stoned. Instead, when you get too high, one of the best options is to go for a walk. A change of surroundings combined with some fresh air and physical activity is what kills the high. However, keep in mind that wandering off and entering an unknown location while you’re a bit anxious is not the smartest idea, so stick to your neighbourhood or the nearest park for a breath of relaxation.

4. Find a Calm Place to Get Some Sleep

When none of the above methods works for you and you’re wondering how to stop being high fast, I cannot help but suggest you find a quiet place where you can rest your head and take a couple of deep breaths. The overwhelming discomfort will eventually drift away – that you already know. But there’s simply no faster way to get rid of the high than to take a power nap. It may happen that the power nap will transform into a deep sleep, but if that happens, it’s all the better. You’ll wake up calm and fresh, with no worrying thoughts running through your head.

5. Keep some Lemon Pepper on Hand

Ready for some science? I hope so because what I’m going to tell you is an instant relief from anxiety and paranoia when you get too high. Although science likes to take its time when it comes to giving us bedrock guidelines about marijuana, one phenomenon actually explains the way cannabis makes us high, namely “the entourage effect,” which is how cannabinoids and terpenes create a synergy to give us different intoxication effects.

Okay, but how is this connected to lemon and pepper?

Well, it looks like lemon, pepper, and cannabis have some chemicals in common – it’s piperine and limonene. These chemicals can counteract anxiety and paranoia while making your cannabis experience more active and upbeat. All you need to do is squeeze some lemon juice and crack a couple of peppercorns into a glass of water and inhale the mixture. Then, their terpenes will interact with cannabinoids and mitigate the discomfort. You can try using essential oils, too, as people believe them to be a quick fix for anxiety and paranoia after consuming too much weed.

6. Use CBD

CBD is the Yang to the THC’s Ying. The nature of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid makes it a perfect antidote to the high THC gives you. Simply put, CBD blocks THC from binding to the cannabinoid receptors of your brain, which results in mitigating the effects of the psychoactive counterpart. Even if you live in a country where marijuana is illegal, most countries allow the use of hemp CBD. The easiest way to buy CBD is to purchase hemp CBD oil which has the same effect as cannabis CBD. On the other hand, if you live in a weed-friendly country, you can even buy the so-called rescue tonic made to kill the high in a hurry.

7. Take a Cold Shower

When you’re smoking cannabis at home, and things get out of control, go straight to the bathroom and take a cold shower. While cold showers are something repulsive for some people, hopping in cold water for a few minutes can help you get back on Earth when you green out. If you have no access to a shower at the time, you may very well splash a bit of ice-cold water on your face. It will trigger an immediate decrease in heart rate as a means of survival.

8. Talk to a Friend

Simple as that. When I’m too high, I like to talk to my fiance about how I feel and stuff like that. It releases much pressure off my shoulders and keeps me positive because I know that I’m not alone at the moment, and I can always count on my love to comfort me should I take one hit too many. Given this, if you’re super stoned and looking for help, a call to your best friend and a little

chit-chat should do the job, at least for the peak.

9. Eat Something

Rumour has it that food brings you down from a high, which is actually the number one reason to avoid eating like a hog while stoned, but if you really, really need to come down from a marijuana high, food might come in handy. Although we still don’t have enough evidence of why food helps with sobering up from THC, some researchers suggest that it’s because hearty food – and by hearty I mean fatty – bind with cannabinoids; therefore, all chemical compounds of marijuana, including THC, are metabolized faster. Food is also linked to the increased blood flow to the stomach from the brain, which decreases THC’s psychoactive qualities. Conclusions? A hearty casserole or a slutty burger will do more good than harm when you’re too high.

How to Get Less High?

Much has been said about what kills the weed high – or at least mitigate the negative effects of THC – but how about getting less high to avoid nasty situations? 

How to Get Less High?

There are some tips not to get stoned into oblivion, and I’ll be more than happy to share my thoughts with you.

Know Your Tolerance Level

Try as you might, but when you don’t prepare for your cannabis session, the chances are that 9/10 times you’ll end up being too high.

How to prepare for a smoke sesh?

First things first, you should know your tolerance level. If you’re not a savoury cannabis user, don’t feel pressured by your friends and try not to go beyond your limits. We all like meeting new stoners to extend the network of green friendships, but being surrounded by strangers when you feel your face is anxiety-ridden is not a smart option. Know your limits, and you’ll always reach the sweet spot without going too far.

Microdose Cannabis

Microdosing cannabis has become a popular trend among stoners. To cut a long story short, microdosing means taking minimal doses of cannabis to achieve a sharp focus, upbeat mood, and increased creativity without getting munchies, cottonmouth, bloodshot eyes, and any other associated effects with being high. In fact, microdosing doesn’t get you high; instead, it creates a unique vibe that can be described as “the buzz.” So, if you master the art of microdosing marijuana, not only will it keep you fresh and focused throughout the day, but it’s also the ultimate answer if somebody ever asks you, ‘How to get less high?’

Be Careful with Edibles

While smoking or vaping weed instantly makes you high, edibles take some time to kick in – that’s why they are so deceiving. I bet you’ve come across plenty of memes regarding a couple of minutes before pot brownies start working and a couple of minutes later. But, funny as it may be, going overboard with edibles may raze you to the ground, and the anxiety or paranoia experienced afterwards is a far cry from what you would like to achieve with weed-infused goodies.

Take it slow and try a standard dose of 5 to 10 mg of THC. Then, wait at least an hour before you increase the dosage. When you feel the dose isn’t what you expect, increase it and wait another hour until you reach the sweet spot.

But let’s imagine that space cake was so delicious that you couldn’t resist taking another bite, and the moment you take it, you breach your tolerance threshold. Any thoughts?

Well, there’s a simple and effective method of killing the high from edibles, one that I’ve already mentioned.

How to Get Rid of an Edible High?

To answer this question, we must enter the “eating inception.” Yes, my fellow stoners, the best and the most effective way to kill a THC high from edibles is to get a quick shot of sugar.

This can be a glass of citrus juice, a fair share of a chocolate cake, or sweet-and-sour candies. However, if you’re looking for the quickest hit of sugar, I would recommend taking glucose. Being the simplest form of sugar available, it gets processed by your body as soon as you ingest it. Drug stores often offer glucose in the form of shots – one shot is equal to 6 grams of glucose, which will totally suffice for getting rid of a weed high.

Less High, Fewer Worries

While overindulging in weed is a child’s play, getting less high or getting rid of a high when you’ve gone too far is a different pair of shoes. The intensity of a marijuana high depends on different factors: your weed tolerance, metabolism rate, the amount of cannabis consumed, the method of consumption, etc.

Marijuana leaves

If you want to get less high, you should know your limits in the first place. Also, don’t fall under the pressure of impressing your friends with ripping bongs if you’re not used to them, as it is not only pointless but also immature. Finally, consider microdosing cannabis, and if you try edibles for the first time, try not to devour the entire sheet at once – edibles take more time to kick in. The high they give is generally more intense, not to mention it lasts longer than the high from smoking cannabis.

However, if you somehow go too far with weed, keep the above tips in mind so that you get rid of marijuana high, at least when it comes to the very peak. Above all, don’t panic because the anxiety will eventually pass.

How do you get less high, guys? Are there any methods for killing the excess high you particularly appreciate?

I can’t wait to read your stories!

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