How to Vape Hash

It is pretty common to hear people asking if vaping hash is possible. But, even more so, you will often hear people asking if they run the risk of damaging their dry herb vaporizer if they use it with hash.

Smoking hash is an activity that dates back thousands of years, but we all know that vaporizers are relatively new. Hence, even the most experienced users have started to wonder how safe it is to combine the two.

We should start by saying that vaping hashish is possible. There are four steps to follow to make it successful, and we’ll uncover those steps below. But, first, let’s start by talking a bit about hash itself.

Hash vs. Bud

If you are relatively new to cannabis, you might not know the difference between hash and bud. Bud is the actual flower of the cannabis plant, while hash is the product you get once the flowers have been processed in a specific way.

What Is Bud?

Smoking bud is the most straightforward way to smoke cannabis. This is what most casual marijuana users smoke. But, really just the form of the flowers once they are harvested and then dried and cured.

The bud is a dry plant that has a bunch of terpenes and cannabinoids in it. You can use it with vapes, joints, blunts, and bongs quite easily. It is versatile and is the form of cannabis that most casual users are comfortable using for the most part.

There are innumerable varieties of bud available. They all have their scent, effect, and taste. For casual users, sticking to buds is usually enough since there are such varieties for the different characteristics of buds that are available. In addition, there seem to be new varieties that become available reasonably consistently.

What Is Hash?

Hash is different in some rather significant ways. First, it has undergone some processing that has separated the resin from the bud.

Trichomes, which are the tiny glands along the surface of the flower, create a resin that is thick in texture. It is also dense in THC and cannabinoids. That substance is sticky and can be removed and used to make hash.

The resin can be formed into a block or ball. There are other ways to attain hash, as well, but this is the simplest. Hash and bud can both be smoked pretty quickly using joints, pipes, or bongs. If you want to vape hash, there are other considerations to keep in mind.

What Is a Vaporizer?

Now, you know what hash is all about, including how it's made and what makes it different from a traditional bud. However, if you want to know how to vape hashish, you first need to understand what vape means.

Vaporizers are one of the better-known systems for the consumption of marijuana. What is lesser known is that they are also really effective at consuming all marijuana extractions. This includes hash, though you want to keep a few specific things in mind.

Vaporizers work by extracting the cannabinoids that exist in the buds through a process using controlled water vapour and heat. This is different than what you get with traditional bongs or joints since those methods work by extracting cannabinoids through combusting smoke. The process is simply different, but the effect is quite similar.

You should only consider the correct type of vape to use with the hash (we'll explain this more below); we are not referring to pre-filled distillate THC vape pens.

Benefits of Vaping 

There are benefits to using a vaporizer compared to other methods of consumption. Most of those benefits relate to the fact that there is no combustion involved with vaping. Because of that, there are also no carcinogenic substances released.

The more traditional ways of consumption do release carcinogenic substances. For example, vaporizers increase the heat until the cannabinoids get evaporated, and they do so without combusting any vegetal material.

In addition, you can get a more powerful, more intense effect using a vaporizer. Vapour cannabinoid has a higher purity than what you get with traditional smoke. In addition, the properties are well preserved, given that it hasn’t been degraded by the use of overly high temperatures.

Vape Hashish: How It's Done

So, we’ve talked about hash and have also outlined for you precisely what vaporizing is when it comes to hash and marijuana. So, let’s move on to talking about the potential of vaping hash specifically.

It is possible to vape hash, though whether or not you can smoke hash in a vaporizer is a continuous question. Even the most seasoned marijuana consumers struggle with the concept of vaping hash, and for a good reason. However, we simplify the process for you right here.

Below are the four steps you should follow when learning how to vape hash.  For those more seasoned marijuana users, your question might relate more specifically to vaping hash while savings your vaporizer from damage. We’ll address that issue later on, as well.

Step 1: Choose the Right Hash Vaporizer 

If you plan on vaping hash, you need to pick the best hash vaporizers. Several things can separate a good vaporizer for hash from a bad one. There are differences, and you need to keep them in mind when selecting yours.

For example, you need to choose one that is good at vaping ground herbs. There are plenty of options available, but you can check out reviews to find one that will work for you.

You also want to keep in mind its capacity for vaping ground herb as that is a necessity. Sometimes, relying on other vapers is an excellent recommendation since they can steer you in the right direction.

Step 2: Properly Prepare the Hash 

You want to do your best to have only full melt hash when you start vaping. Another way to think of it is bubble hash. This is the best way to have your hash prepared for vaping.

Fully melted or bubble hash is a very advanced option. This essentially means that they don’t have a lot of plant matter. Because of this, you won’t have many contaminants in your vape, which is ideal.

  • To properly prepare your hash, you want to break it up into small pieces. You can do this using a knife and chopping board. If you are starting with hash that is very hard, you may want to consider getting git primed so that it is a softer texture.
  • Sometimes, the hash will also break apart right in your hands. Just judge how much cutting you actually need to do based on your particular hash.
  • If your hash needs a good amount of prep, you can start off by priming it. Again, the need for this will depend on the hash you actually have. You can prime the hash by putting it onto a metal spoon.
  • Apply flame to it so that it is easier to crumble. You can also do this if you decide you’d rather smoke a bowl. Likewise, you can follow the same procedure if you have hash that is particularly sticky.

You need a minimal amount, something like 0.1 grams. This takes hemp fibre into account, which we will go over a bit later.

Step 3: Only Use Degummed Hemp Fibre

One of the biggest challenges with vaporizing hash is that it melts. Those melted particles can clog up a hash vaporizer pen. This is where potential damage comes in, as you do not want to clog up your pen.

Fortunately, this is a problem that you can solve. You do not need to cause damage to your vaporizer just because you want to vape hashish. The remedy is natural, too. If you use degummed hemp fibre, vaping hashish becomes more realistic, easier, and safer for your vaporizer.

To use it, just put it anywhere in the hashish vape pen that might come in contact with melted hash. For example, you could place the degummed hemp fibre right on your hash or on top of your concentrate pad. This can prevent any clogging from happening.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so we always recommend using the fibre when you plan on vaping hash.

Step 4: Keeping Your Hashish Vaporizer Clean

Once your hash is ready to go and fully prepped, you can start your hash vape. Hash is a concentrate. This means that when compared to your standard flowers, they will be far more concentrated in cannabinoids. For that reason, you should be prepared for a hard hit.

If you plan on using your vaporizer regularly, you want to keep it clean. You can do so really quickly. But, first, clean it using cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol. This is an essential step.

We’ve talked about the consistency of the hash. If you don’t take care of your vape, it is sure to get clogged, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Cleaning it after use is a critical step in making sure that your vape is working correctly.

Choosing the Best Vaporizer for Hash

So, we’ve talked about how to vaporize hash and how to keep your vape clean. Now, we need to talk about how to select a vaporizer for hashish.

There are plenty of options available if you are looking to vaporize hash. The market is full of them because vaping has become such a popular way to consume cannabis. However, keep in mind that hashish is a lot denser than many other cannabis forms. With that said, choosing the right vaporizer for hash can be a bit more of a challenge.

In general, you need a temperature that is somewhere between 180 and 210 degrees Celsius. If you can find a vaporizer that allows you a lot of control over the temperature, that’s a good thing, and you should consider the purchase.

If you want to vaporize hashish, you also want to pay attention to whether or not the vape has a screen in the bowl or herb chamber. As we’ve discussed, when hashish meets heat, it melts. So, if you have a product with a screen, the melted hash can enter the heating chamber. So, if you want to vaporize hash, you want to keep that in mind.

Keeping the general guidelines above in mind, it is entirely possible to find an excellent hash vape. You can even use them for vaping bubble hash. However, hash vape pens are unique in their design, so you want to pay close attention to their features when making your selection.

Can You Smoke Hash in a Vape Pen?

So, can you put hash in a vape pen? Many people ask this question, and the answer isn’t quite that simple. The short answer is basically yes; you can put hash in a vape pen. However, the more extended version is that you want to prevent the resin from reaching the element with most hash vape pens. This can be challenging. Most pens aren’t designed this way.

So, you can vape bubble hash, but you also want to keep the pen’s design in mind. You want to find a bubble hash vape pen that has a design unique enough that you can put the hash in the vaporizer. In addition, a bubble hash vaporizer will account for keeping the element as clean as possible.


Generally speaking, there isn’t a ton of information out there when it comes to vaping hash. Therefore, you need to stay open to a bit of ambiguity. However, you should also feel entitled to experimenting a little on your own—vape hashish by playing around with your process at least a little bit. Find what works for you, and then stick to it.

One thing that you absolutely cannot sway on is keeping your vaporizer for hash clean. Washing them is easy, so there is no excuse for having a dirty vaporizer. Keeping them clean will make them last long, given that hash is pretty well known for clogging atomizers.

With a bit of patience and experimentation, it is possible to enjoy vaping hash. Find the vaporizer that works for you, follow the four steps highlighted above, keep your vape clean, and enjoy your hashish.

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