How To Smoke A Bowl

There are many ways to enjoy marijuana, but smoking a bowl – also known as a pipe – is probably one of the most popular ways of spending cannabis sessions. Therefore, knowing how to smoke a bowl should be one of the first weed lessons that every Mary Jane enthusiast will benefit from. Whether you’re interested in sharing a pipe with friends or lighting a bowl for a smoking time, understanding the essentials of a smoking bowl process is crucial for getting the ultimate marijuana experience. Once you know how to use a pipe and how to light a bowl, the whole process will not be as confusing as it may seem at the beginning.

What Is A Bowl

Glass bowl for smoking weed

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Marijuana devices come in all sizes and shapes, but smoking bowls are the most popular contraptions used by stoners worldwide. Weed pipes have the same characteristics as traditional tobacco pipes, and they include a bowl for packing herbs and an airtight channel for inhaling through a mouthpiece.

Usually, cannabis bowls are made from versatile borosilicate glass; in addition, they come in many shapes and sizes, so you can choose a pipe that will be ideal for your needs.

Different Types of Marijuana Bowls

There are two ways to categorize marijuana pipes: by the material they’re made of and their design or style.

Marijuana Bowl Materials

Different Types of Marijuana BowlsSource: Marijuana Packaging Supplies

Glass pipes are the most popular among marijuana users, and they work better than metal or wooden bowls. However, it depends on the style and design of the bowl, too. You can smoke weed out of a coloured or clear glass pipe, but whatever you’re into, always be careful, as this material is very fragile when compared to metal or wooden bowls. The most significant advantage of glass pipes is that they don’t get hot even if used multiple times.

Wood is usually used for tobacco pipes, but it works just as well for smoking pots. A wooden pipe is good for group hangouts because these bowls are bigger, which means you will have to spend more time smoking it. How does it feel to smoke weed from a classic wooden pipe? The hits are usually warm, and if you inhale deeply, they can get quite strong.

Metal bowls are perfect for smoking weed, not to mention that they come with one or more chambers. There are also metal water pipes available on the market that are small enough to fit in your hand while providing great smoking time. In addition, metal pipes are very efficient and convenient to use in public, as these bowls don’t look like something you could use for pot.

The most popular marijuana pipe material is glass, as it comes with lots of advantages over other pipes. First, glass pipes are easy to clean and don’t get hot during a smoking session, so you don’t have to worry about your hands. Moreover, glass allows you to enjoy super-pure smoke because this material is non-combustible and non-porous. If you like to choose different colours and shapes for your equipment, glass pipes come with a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes from which you can select your desired model. Finally, weed pipes made of glass are cheaper than metal or wooden ones, so you can purchase more glass smoking pipes and discover the world of smoking weed from a bowl.

Styles and Designs of Marijuana Bowls

Bubbler Pipes – A bubbler pipe is a combination of a water bong and a traditional bowl. How to smoke weed out of a bubbler pipe? First, pour a little bit of water through the bowl into its bottom chamber. Then, while you’re smoking the pot, the smoke is filtered through the water, giving a similar effect to using a bong, as the smoke tastes smoother. However, a bubbler pipe is smaller and much easier to use than a traditional bong. A bubbler bowl looks like a regular glass pipe, but adding some water takes the smoking pot to a whole new level.

Glass bowl for smoking marijuana


Spoon Pipes – These are also known as hand pipes, and they are equipped with a bowl, a mouthpiece, and a carb. How to use a spoon pipe? The best way is to smoke your pot on the go, as spoon pipes are smaller than other ones. In addition, the design of a spoon bowl is slightly more sophisticated than other weed pipes, and many users report that glass spoon pipes produce fresher smoke than other bowls available on the market.

Chillum Pipes – It’s a traditional Indian pipe in a conical shape and is usually made out of glass, wood or stone. These are also hand pipes, but the question is: how to smoke from a chillum pipe exactly? Users usually pack pot into the end of this bowl before lighting it and inhaling the smoke. Although the method is simple, it’s not flawless, as the smoke is not filtered, meaning the chillum pipe is best for small amounts of your stuff.

Chillum Pipe

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Foldable Pipes – These are perfect if you’re looking for something designed with storage and stealth in mind. Foldable pipes are commonly made with pieces of metal or wood that work together to form a complete and functional pipe. Some of these bowls are equipped with magnets so you can disassemble them into separate pieces, which makes them perfect for travel. Typically, the foldable bowl can hold up to five hits, enough for one walk into the park.

One-Hitter Pipes – These pipes are small, yet they have enough space for one huge hit of weed. One-hitters come in various, innocent shapes and looks, and they can even be in the design of a face cigarette, making them perfect to use in public. In addition, sneaky one-hitter bowls are invaluable for packing a small amount of pot, as they provide a secret place for your lovely herbs.

Vaporizer Pipes – If you’re looking for a pipe that will allow you to get 100% of the THC out of your pot, you should consider purchasing a vaporizer pipe. It doesn’t smoke your stuff, but instead, it vaporizes all the delicious compounds of marijuana, giving you much better results. Additionally, you can avoid toxic chemicals and dangerous gases produced during the process of burning while enjoying a better taste of your weed.

Sherlock Pipes – This design came after the iconic pipe smoked by the famous literary character Sherlock Holmes. The classic Sherlock pipe has a unique shape and design, providing a surprisingly comfortable smoking experience. However, these bowls are typically more delicate and a bit larger than regular spoon bowls, so it’s best not to smoke them outside or while travelling.

Sherlock pipe


Steamroller Pipes – Steamrollers are equipped with chambers between the mouthpiece and the bowl, which allows the smoke to “roll” and cool. These pipes are more difficult to smoke, so it’s recommended that novice smokers not try a steamroller pipe at the beginning of their adventure with pot.

As you can see, these devices vary in both complexity and functionality; you should first get to know how to smoke weed with a pipe to determine your personal preferences.

How To Use a Weed Pipe?

If you’re a marijuana smoker looking for an answer for how to smoke a bowl, you should start by gathering the essential equipment before you learn how to grind your weed, pack a bowl, and finally light a pipe and smoke pot from it.

Must-Have Pipe Smoking Accessories

This one is so obvious, but it’s essential if you want to smoke: weed. If you’re a newbie, consider choosing a high CBD strain with a lower THC level. Once you’ve chosen your strain, you should prepare a weed grinder, a smoking pipe, and, of course, the best lighter or matches. How to light a pipe without a lighter? Use a hemp wick that maintains an even burn and is more ecological. Additionally, a hemp wick eliminates unpleasant flavour that goes from a lighter hit.

How to Smoke Weed From a Pipe?

Step 1: Grinding


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Before you start packing your bowl, prepare your stuff by grinding it. It’s recommended to choose a grinder equipped with a kief catcher to save the most potent part of your pot. You can use the remains later for a special smoking session to increase your high. To grind your weed, take your nugs inside the grinder and start twisting it. Be careful not to grind your stuff into a powder, as it may fall through your bowl. Instead, it’s best to grind it fine enough to pack it into your pipe with ease.

Step 2: Pack your stuff into the bowl

Once you have your weed all ground up, it’s time to pack it into your bowl, but first, you should make sure your pipe is clean and free from ashes. It’s important to pack your bowl carefully to even burn with preferably no leftovers. To perfectly pack the bowl, lift your ground weed and carefully plop it down into your bowl. You don’t need any additional equipment; use your fingertips and keep in mind not to pack weed too tight to allow the proper airflow. Use enough pot to reach the top of your bowl before you smoke it.

Packing weed into the bowl

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Step 3: How to smoke out of a pipe?

Knowing how to smoke cannabis out of a pipe is easy, and if you have your weed ground and packed into your bowl, you’re ready to give it a shot. Now prepare your lighter or hemp wick and hold your pipe in one hand, covering the curb with your thumb. Next, light up by applying the flame to your weed and breathe in the smoke. Now it’s time to inhale by clearing the chamber – that’s it!

Before you take another hit, you can pass your pipe to whoever’s next to you and keep your smoking session until you’ve burned up all your stuff. Before you re-pack your bowl, you must ash it to make it ready for the second round. Turn your piece upside down and carefully tap the bowl to get rid of the ash. You can also blow into your pipe while blocking the carb to clear out any debris or ash.

Step 4: Clean your weed pipe.

To enjoy the pure smoke each time you consume marijuana, you should take care of your pipe and clean your bowl regularly. It’s also important to get rid of any ashes left after a previous smoking session to avoid any carcinogenic substances. Therefore, it’s recommended to clean your weed pipe regularly. You can choose alcohol to clean your piece, but boiling it in water should do the job as well. Many smoke shops offer a wide range of cleaners for smoking devices, so you can also find an ideal solution there. If you already have a cleaning solution, it’s best to soak your piece in the liquid overnight before you clean it with a cloth and rinse it afterwards.

Glass weed pipes

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Where To Buy Your Weed Pipe?

Now that you know how to use a weed pipe, you can begin the hunt. These pieces are sold in coffee shops, head shops or tobacco shops. Nonetheless, you can always purchase a smoking pipe online, as a wide range of bowls is available on the Internet. Keep in mind that online retailers will most likely have a greater selection and better prices of weed pipes than stationery shops.

Learning how to smoke weed out of a pipe is a game-changer for smooth and convenient smoking hits. With this guide in mind, you will quickly learn the most basic and important skills any cannabis enthusiast should acquire. As you discover the abundance of bowls, don’t rely solely on intuition. Check the desired model for buyer’s reviews to see what others can say about their experience – after all, grapevine’s been the most successful marketing technique for centuries.

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