How to Smoke Shatter – Best Ways Guide

As the purest form of cannabis, shatter is a popular concentrate with a high amount of THC. It has a unique, sharp taste and long-lasting effects. It is the perfect cannabis extract for anyone eager to try something more robust.

Chances are, though, if you’re wondering how to smoke shatter, you already knew that. Our comprehensive guide will answer all your shatter-related queries, from smoking dabs in a bowl to how to smoke dabs without a piece.

How to Smoke Shatter

Finding Good Shatter

The first step to smoking shatter is purchasing a high-quality product. Several factors play a role when it comes to texture and clarity, but, overall, it all comes down to the source material. The higher the quality, the better the product. You’re looking for transparency combined with a rich, golden hue. Avoid shatter that seems murky or has uneven colour distribution.

You can buy quality shatter online or at your local dispensary. Once you have shatter, there are various different ways to smoke it. To enjoy this highly concentrated cannabis extract, you can use a bong, vape pen, rig, water pipe, or smoke it in a joint. Each method is effective and can offer you a first-rate high.

Smoking Shatter in a Joint

One of the easiest ways to smoke shatter is in a joint. Also known as twaxing, this process is pretty simple. In addition to covering how to smoke shatter in a joint, we will also go over a few tips to make the process easier and maximize your smoking experience.

You can either add shatter inside or outside of your joint. Placing it inside is easier for beginners and works with all forms of shatter. Crumble the shatter on top of the weed evenly and roll your joint. You can also warm the shatter slightly until it reaches a consistency similar to Play Doe and then roll it into a snake for even excellent distribution throughout the joint.

You can also use this roll-out method to place the shatter on the outside of a joint. Then, wrap the shatter snake around the spliff and enjoy. This option provides a more robust flavour but avoids falling drops as the heat liquefies the shatter. You also may not be able to roll brittle shatter.

Smoking shatter in a joint is a good option if you are short on equipment. It is also a good option for beginners or those who haven’t tried shatter before.

Vaping Shatter

Today, you can find two types of vaporizers, portable and desktop. Although vaping is growing in popularity, vaporizers aren’t the best option for concentrates. Shatter is no exception.

If you want to give it a try, though, let’s review how to vape shatter.

The simplest way is to use a vape pen. Even those who've never tried cannabis before will find this method straightforward. They come in different styles, such as extract vapes, dual-function vapes, and dry herb vapes.

You can take these devices everywhere with you, and the best part is that you can charge them via USB. Another advantage is that vaporizers let you experience the concentrate's flavour with no oxidation.

Here is how to smoke shatter in a vape pen:

Place a small piece of weed in your pen, add a dab of shatter, turn on the pen, and you are ready to vape. Just hold the button for as long as you are smoking. Then, to get high-quality vapour, inhale slowly.

If you want to experiment, you can change the pen’s heat settings. For a smooth draw, lower the temperature. For more vapour, turn the temperature up. Some vape pens are more powerful than others and can provide a better smoking experience.

After smoking, remember to clean out the vape pen. Use a sanitizing wipe to clean the mouthpiece and chamber. You can also use alcohol if you need additional moisture.

Best Temp for Vaping Shatter

With some vape pens, you can adjust the temperature leading many to wonder, “what is the best temp to vape shatter?” Higher temperatures provide an immense vape cloud, while lower temperatures give a better flavour.

The decision comes down to what you enjoy when you vape and how experienced you are in vaping.

If this is your first time, you should start with low to mid-temperature, as high-temperature hits tend to be a bit harsher. As you get used to vaping shatter, you can increase the temperature. However, do not attempt to vape shatter at a temperature below 315 degrees or above 900 degrees.

Dabbing Shatter

For those who want to dab shatter, you will need a unique bong called a rig. Rather than the standard bowl dome, rigs have what's called a “nail” that is more suited to holding dabs.

Here is how to smoke shatter out of a bong:

Place the shatter on the nail. Then heat it with the built-in torch or an external device, such as a butane torch. Once the pin hits a specific temperature, use a pick to dab the shatter so the chamber can fill with vapour. Inhale through the rig.

Understandably, some people might not want to try this method. However, there are many reasons why cannabis lovers are beginning to turn to dabs. When smoking a joint, THC levels are usually between 15-25%. Dabs can boast THC levels that reach up to 90%. Those who have high tolerance levels will find this an ideal option.

Through dabbing shatter, you can access all the benefits of cannabis. The best part is that it doesn’t take much to feel the effects. 

The Best Way to Smoke Shatter

In terms of health, vape pens are the best way to smoke shatter. These devices don't contain any carcinogens, and they are portable, meaning you can take them anywhere.

Regardless of how you smoke, make sure you always smoke responsibly. As a concentrate, shatter comes with a potent dose of THC. It is better to start with more minor hits so that you can see how your body and mind react and adjust your sessions accordingly. Listen to your body.

It is also essential to get your cannabis concentrate from a reliable source. You can’t experience optimal benefits from shatter with a sub-par product. 

FAQ on Smoking Shatter

Is smoking shatter better than wax?

Beyond personal preference, both products are about equal. Shatter tends to be more shelf-stable but is more complicated than wax due to its often-brittle nature. Both contain approximately the same levels of THC and produce the same effects. If you are a beginner, you may find wax easier to work with, though.

Is smoking shatter better than a THC vape pen?

This again goes to personal preference. But vaping shatter in a wax pen is similar to using a THC vape pen; there are subtleties to how you use them.

Can you smoke shatter in a pipe?

Smoking shatter with a water pipe is a standard method.  It is also known as dabbing, which we discussed above. As one of the oldest traditional methods, many cannabis fans can confirm its efficiency and effectiveness.

How to smoke shatter by hot knifing?

Although some people will say this method is dangerous, you have nothing to worry about as long as you are careful. First, heat a knife by placing it under a hot element, such as a hot plate or electric stove. Once the blade is hot enough, dab some shatter and inhale the vapour that comes off the knife.

Unlike a bong or water pipe with a knife hit, there is no enclosed space ensuring you get all the vapour that comes off the hit. Given this, hot knifing is less effective than other methods, but it will work in a pinch.

How much does a gram of shatter cost?

There is no specific answer to this question. The price of a gram depends on the quality of the product. Generally, there are two types of shatter—nug run and trim run.

Nug run tends to be more expensive than trim as it is made from cannabis flowers rather than trim (sweet leaf removed during harvest you would otherwise waste). The price for a gram of shatter generally varies between $30-$50.

How to smoke shatter without a rig? 

You don’t need a special rig to smoke shatter. As mentioned above, you can put shatter in a joint or bowl. Smoking dabs in a bowl allows you to use a regular bong, pipe, or even a coke can if need be. Due to its inefficiency, knife hits should be a last resort.

Summing It Up

Now that you know how to smoke dabs out of a bong, shatter in a joint, or use your vape pen, you can pick your favourite method and enjoy. Not sure which way to try?

Each method described here is equally effective (excluding knife hits), meaning your best bet is to try them all! However, with some trial and error, we're sure you'll find a method you prefer over the others—after all, every smoker has their preferences.

So, are you ready for a different experience? Then, go get some shatter and give some of these methods a shot!

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