How to Roll a Joint The Easy Way

Every cannabis lover should learn how to roll a joint.

The truth is, rolling a joint is easy.

Below, we share our comprehensive guide on how to roll a joint for beginners. However, you will see that with a bit of practice, everyone can perfect this skill.

How to Roll a Joint (Techniques)

Dutchie, bomber, ganja, joint, whatever you call it, the smoking experience is the same. Rolling a joint is easier than you think. With a few joint rolling techniques, you can prepare a perfectly rolled joint in minutes. Are you ready for a pleasant smoking experience?

Here is what you need to:

  • Dry Cannabis
  • Grinder (optional) to make sure the joint is easier to roll
  • Joint paper
  • A crutch for the joint filter
  • A pen or another shaped object to pack the joint

You should know that everything that you use when preparing the joint is equally essential. Good rolling papers, for example, make all the difference between a well-rolled and a sloppy joint. In addition, selecting suitable paper material is crucial. Wood pulp is one of the most common types of paper. Wood papers have been a prevalent option since the late '60s.

The type of weed you pick to roll your joint is also essential. There are hundreds of different kinds of weeds, and aside from other names, each comes with its effect, flavour, and area of affection. Indica and Sativa are the most common types of weed.

If you are new to the practice of rolling, there are a few different forms to master. First is the traditional one where you use blunts and bats. As you know, the conventional joint looks like a baseball bat and has a narrow and wide end.

The blunt, on the other hand, is a different type of rolling. Blunts are joints that look like cigars. You can roll them in tobacco leaf casings. 

Now that you know the details for making a perfect joint let’s get down to the different rolling techniques.

Manually Rolling

To roll your joint manually, you first need to use a grinder that will help you break down your cannabis. For the best results, make sure the cannabis flower is dry so it can break down readily. If you don't want to use a grinder, you can grind the flower down by hand.

Make a crutch or filter out of a thin cardboard or paper card. A lot of joint papers include filters with their packaging. Start rolling the material to the preferred thickness. The crutch isn't necessary, but it helps keep the weed from falling out. It also adds some stability and allows you to enjoy without burning your fingertips.

Next, fill the paper with cannabis and place your crutch where your mouthpiece will be. Use your fingers to even the cannabis and fill the rest of the paper. Make sure not to overfill as it may be difficult to close.

For those who want to roll a cone-shaped joint, add less cannabis near the joint's mouthpiece to help form a cone naturally.

Once you have everything in place, use your thumbs to roll the joint. Roll up and down until you evenly compact the cannabis into a perfectly rolled shape. Don’t roll it too loosely or too tightly. It should be even and smooth.

Lick the strip and seal the joint by pressing the glue side. Next, take the pen and pack the end of the joint until it’s firm. A small stick, the tip of a shoelace, or a key should also do the trick.

That is how to roll a joint. Now, light and enjoy. 

Rolling with Roaches

The remains of a joint are also known as roaches. The easiest way to reuse a roach is to unwrap it and save the remains. Note that the weed may not look the same. Yet, THC is still active in the remaining weed and will work once rolled and smoked.

So, how to roll a roach joint?

The easiest way to smoke a roach is to put the whole roach in a new blunt. This method is suitable if you enjoy smoking cigarettes since you would be smoking more cigarettes than weed. But don't worry, it is still the same feeling.

Rolling with a Machine

If this is your first time rolling a joint, it is best to use a joint-rolling machine. These machines are great for the rolling impaired and those who haven’t mastered manual rolling.

Get the best weed, filter tips, papers, and your rolling machine, and let's start rolling some joints.

The first step is to put the weed inside the machine. Put in as much as you like. But make sure it is even so that your joint comes out perfectly. Don't forget to leave space at the end to put in a filter tip (Check below for rolling a joint filter). If you don't use filters, pack the weed in. If you prefer a filter tip, use a packet of tips or make one out of cartoon material. Roll it nicely so that it matches your joint.

Close the rolling machine and turn rollers towards you. Put your paper in the device into the slit with the sticky strip facing you. The size of the paper will depend on the size of the machine. A regular paper will do the trick. Get the strip wet and finish the job by rolling the paper until it disappears inside the machine.

You will notice that rolling the paper is like the movement you see people do while rolling a joint. The process is almost identical, except the machine does it faster and with a rolling band.

Open the machine and take your perfectly rolled joint. Light it.

How to Use a Filter in Joints

The basis of rolling an impressive joint is using a filter. Not only does it help form a better joint, but it also provides a better smoking experience.

Another benefit is that the filter also keeps a consistent airflow. So you won't have to suck much to get hits. In other words, with the help of a joint filter, you will get the most outstanding airflow every time.

There are different types of filters and plenty of ways to roll them. Here is how to roll a joint with a filter.

All you need to do is grab your filter and start folding it. Next, take the end, fold it over, and roll it between your fingers to create a cylinder. If you notice the letter “W” in the circle, that means you did an excellent job.

For those with more experience, there are other ways to roll a filter. If you feel creative, you can try the heart, the star, the Mercedes, or the cannabis leaf.

Finally, add the filter at the end of the paper, and start filling the paper with weed. The rest, you know.

FAQs on Rolling Joints

How to roll a two-paper joint?

Rolling a two-paper joint is like rolling a single paper joint. If you haven't rolled a joint before, it is best to stick to a single-paper joint. For those who are more experienced, the only thing you need to master is how to attach the two papers.

One way to roll a two-paper joint is to take the second paper and attach it by shaping the papers into an L shape. The other way is by connecting the papers by overlapping each other.

Can I use pre-rolled cones for rolling a joint?

Most cannabis lovers prefer pre-rolled cones, which you can use to make a bat joint. The cones are one easy way to roll joints. They consist of paper wrapped around a filter at one end and an open mouth at the other.

Prepare the weed (like we discussed above) and add the weed into the cone. It is super easy.

How to practice rolling joints?

The best way to practice rolling joints is to get quality filter papers and roll them to the perfect thickness and length. Also, make sure you distribute the product identically on both sides.

You can practice rolling with tobacco or cooking herbs.

How much weed does it take to roll one joint?

For a standard joint, you need at least half a gram. Keep in mind that individuals and desires come into play. Some people prefer their joints half-weed and half-cigarette; others want 100% weed.

Once you start rolling joints more often, you will know exactly how much weed you need.

What is a cross joint?

A cross joint is popular among weed consumers. This joint uses two joints that form a cross shape to give you three ends from which you can light the joint and enjoy it. Cross joints are for ultimate pleasure.

What type of paper is best for rolling joints?

There are different types of paper, but the best ones are those without additives. Get papers made from rice or organic hemp.


It is safe to say that now you know how to roll a joint.

You know what they say, practice makes everything perfect. As you progress with your joint rolling skills, you will become a pro in no time.

In the meantime, light, smoke, and enjoy!

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