The Best Cannabis Training Programs – Reviews & Guide

With the emergence of new laws around cannabis, there is also a greater need for standardization and regulation within the industry. If cannabis has any chance of becoming fully accepted for use other than medical practices, these formalities within the industry are a must. For present cannabis businesses to be prepared for the new levels of standardization, they are taking it upon themselves to undergo training to bring their business and employees up to speed with the best practices. Unfortunately, as the need for accredited training programs grows, so does the number of schools and courses out there, many providing insufficiently developed programs and then attempting to capitalize off the ‘green rush.’

With the uncertainty around the legitimacy of many of these training programs, it isn’t easy to know which ones can be trusted as reputable courses. For information on how to choose the best cannabis training program, the top 5 cannabis training university reviews, as well as where you can obtain medical marijuana training, cannabis certification, and budtender certification, stay tuned!

If you find yourself in the category of a potential business owner or someone searching for work within the cannabis industry, you’ll find this article extremely beneficial. Also, please take a look at our cannabis training university reviews for the best cannabis education programs available.

Selecting a Cannabis Training Program

Nowadays, there are many cannabis training programs available. Since they aren't mandatory to take yet, the initiative currently is fully on the businesses owners or individuals wanting to invest in cannabis education. Many people think that a crash course of an afternoon or 1 day will do the job, but we’d beg to differ. Depending on your objective, this type, of course, may suit your needs, but for many, more training is needed. This leads us to our criteria for how to select the best cannabis training program.


What is it that you want to achieve from the training? Is it simply for educational purposes to better serve your customers when they approach inquiries, or do you want to improve your company's standardization and regulations? There are specific cannabis training institutes that provide an array of courses to choose from and centres that provide cannabis education, where you can obtain budtender training, marijuana certification, and more.


How much can you invest in the best cannabis training program? To give you an idea, a certified course will cost anywhere from $29-$500.

Reputation & Credibility

This should really come first. When looking for a cannabis college or cannabis university, you will want to make sure you do your research and conduct an informational background check on them. Also, please read up on reviews from people who have taken the course and ensure that the certification they claim to provide actually weights the industry.

Online/In Class Course

Available time and preferred instructional method will play a roll in determining whether you select an online or in class course. Take into account both of these factors when making your decision.

Other Questions to Consider

The Best Cannabis Training Programs

Course Content/Specific Training Length of TimeOnline/In ClassCost
Cannabis Training University – Master of Marijuana Certificate
All encompassing cannabis training

Self Paced



Cannabis Training Institute – Various Courses Available

Medical cannabis training, dispensary technicians, health & safety

Self Paced


$49 – $299

The Medical Cannabis Institute – Courses for health care professionals

Comprehensive leaning programs

Self Paced


$29 – $399

420 College – Business Services & Consultations  

Mostly offering seminars and informational based assistance with permits

Self Paced


Contact for pricing
THC University – Membership Training SiteBasic cannabis certifications, Safety & regulation courses

Self Paced



Top 5 Cannabis Training Reviews

Cannabis Training University

There is overwhelming praise for the online course offered by the Cannabis Training University. For a 1 time fee of $249, discounted from $349, you’ll receive 12-month access to the Master of Marijuana Certificate Program. Their online program offers you the flexibility, convenience, and freedom to go through the course content at your own pace and according to your schedule. For the price of 1 certificate, you get the following included for free when you’ve completed the course;

Throughout the modules, which include videos, ebooks, and information handbooks, you’ll have the opportunity to dive into everything from growing cannabis, medical marijuana info, how to start a cannabis business, writing your business plan, writing a resume for applications to cannabis jobs and much more!

Cannabis Training Institute

With a focus on training on better practices for employees of cannabis dispensaries, the Cannabis Training Institute offers affordable online programs that give students the tools to succeed in the cannabis industry. Offering three categories, of course, you’ll be sure to find a course that speaks to your needs. The current course categories and the specific courses available are:

Medical Cannabis Training

Dispensary Technician

Health & Safety Training

TMCI Global

The Medical Cannabis Institute is an incredibly reputable and well-established institute offering courses for physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals. Courses offered by TMCI Global are best for individuals currently working in the medical industry and are looking to gain a more complex knowledge of medical cannabis. Topics such as pharmacology, delivery, dosage, and history of cannabis, among others, are covered throughout the courses. In addition, TMCI is a recognized and accredited institute that appears to be the current go-to for training medicinal marijuana dispensary employees.  Once you purchase this course, you will have access to any of the online courses you’ve registered in for a duration of 12 months from the date of registration.

420 College

For anyone looking into more basic level training in the areas of cannabis education, licensing, and management, 420 College appears to be a great option. Although the website doesn’t seem to be as official as the previous 3 institutes we’ve listed, the 420 College is a great option for businesses looking to register within the industry and obtain all of the necessary permits. Their website focuses heavily on offering business seminars and helping anyone looking for help with approval permits. In addition, their programs specific to marijuana licensing also cover cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, testing, and retail. With almost 10 years of experience running courses for cannabis education, 420 College has got off to a strong start and continues to show a lot of promise.

Business Services

Offering one of the best cannabis permit application prep courses around, the business training offered by 420 College helps prospective cannabis businesses prepare for submitting their required permits.


With the registration of a new cannabis business, there are around 17 permits that must be applied for. The consultation services at 420 College assist with specific stages of the permit process. For questions regarding obtaining a specific permit or for guidance throughout the process at whatever stage you are, a consultation is typically a new business's best bet.


For seminar dates and pricing, take a look here.

Offering a comprehensive online portal of informative courses, THC University is ideal for individuals looking to expand their knowledge of the cannabis industry and obtain certification. Their membership site allows access to ongoing support and course material for as long as you’re a member. The typical length of time required to go through the full offerings of THC University, according to alumni, is between 3-6 months. In addition to course materials, the membership site also holds monthly expert webinars, offers access to their cannabis job board, and ongoing chat support from Monday to Friday.

Certifications Available

Business team training also available

Green CulturED Review


The simplest way to describe who a budtender is would be to say they are the patient assistants at your medicinal marijuana dispensary that help you determine which marijuana product is the best for you. Their role is much more extensive than simply assisting customers with their selection; they are experts in their field, have an in depth knowledge of cannabis, and are able to make recommendations based on the needs of the patient. Becoming a certified budtender and having your employees go through this extensive training will help them better assist their patients. Ensuring that your employees have proper budtraining certification will also help ensure your business stays up to date, compliant and out of risk from behind shutdown due to improper practices and procedures around the sale of medicinal marijuana.

The short answer is, 100% yes! It’s never certain that having a certification will guarantee you a job but it will definitely make you more employable. Having a number of certifications also shows your commitment and seriousness for the industry, which is always a positive thing to show to potential employers.

A membership site, like the one set up by THC University is a platform which you pay a monthly fee towards and in return, you get unlimited access to all of the training modules, updates on course materials, webinars, support and ongoing up to date training. For anyone requiring on going training and support, a membership site is the place to be.


There’s no denying that the benefits of taking a cannabis training program are vast. In addition to putting you in a higher salary category than fellow candidates, business owners and present employees will benefit from a deeper understanding of the industry as a whole and thus be better equipped to handle the changes in the industry. For the best cannabis training program, we’d highly suggest the Cannabis Training University. For new businesses looking for the proper guidance on everything regarding the legalization of their business, 420 College is the best option! Whatever your training needs are, the selection of reputable training organizations we’ve shared with you here will not disappoint.

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