What are Moonrocks?



Learning about Moon Rocks' power and how to make them!

As the laws begin shifting to allow more and more use of marijuana for those with medical disabilities or a desire for smoking recreationally, it is getting easier than ever to smoke freely. This has given people the chance to explore and discover new, better ways to smoke and get high.

In one of these discoveries, Kurupt created the cannabis moon rock phenomenon. Now, if you are a first-time smoker or just getting your toes wet within the community, this may be a new phrase to you. If not, this could already be some vocabulary you’ve heard but still have questions on. The bottom line? Moon rocks are becoming the most potent way to get high, and they are quite the product!

What is a Moon Rock?

If you’ve smoked weed before and heard others talking about the extreme potency of our subject, you may have found yourself asking, “what is moon rock cannabis?” we can explain the short answer easily with a few adjectives. Strong, powerful, and hard to come by!

Digging deeper into moon rock takes us to the first instance of them appearing in pop culture. American rapper and vice president of a record label Kurupt began to market the special way to smoke pot with his own name, releasing the bud under his own name.

So, what are moon rocks then? It isn’t a strain, and it isn’t a method of smoking or eating marijuana. In fact, what it is is a perfectly crafted creation of all 3 major aspects of the marijuana community. It takes regular bud, extracts, and kief together in union, creating a heavy-kicking cannabis product.

The most popular recipe for moon rocks is by taking the Girl Scout Cookie strain, saturating it in hash oil, and then heavily coating it with kief. Now, there are many words here that a beginner may not understand, so let’s review some vocabulary before anyone gets too confused.

  • Strain: A marijuana strain is a type of modified marijuana that growers have created by mixing plant DNA to enhance certain parts. Strains can be a hybrid or fully Indica or Sativa, and often are named based off of their appearance or smell.
  • Extracts: Otherwise known as hash oil, marijuana extracts can be used in body applications like lotion, or ingested as an oil.
  • Kief: This refers to the sticky-sweet resin left over from the crystals that grow on a marijuana plant, which are called trichomes. It is the pollen that packs the highest THC content. THC is the chemical that gives consumers the euphoric high that has gotten marijuana so popular for uses outside of medicinal.
  • THC content: This is the percentage of how much THC is in the bud you’re smoking. This amount varies from strain to strain. For example, Girl Scout Cookies on their own without the moon rock recipe contains under 30%.

What makes cannabis moon rocks so appealing is their extremely high THC content, reaching 50% or higher, while strains typically have 30% or much, much less. Because of this, even just a few tokes can shoot you to the moon!

The name is derived from both the effect of the high and the appearance of the bud. You can get sky-high faster and longer when smoking moon rocks correctly, just because of the THC content. Kief holds the strongest THC levels in any form of marijuana, so the more coating your moon rocks have, the more potent the rock.

You’ll recognize a moon rock by its appearance. It looks like a chunk of the moon fell from the galaxy and into your hand, covered in the dry powder and with a harder, protective shell than what regular bud would feel like. Plus, it smells sweet!

How to Make Moon Rocks

How to make Moon Rocks

Since most places still haven’t decided to open their policies to allow more liberal use of marijuana and many states have strict regulations, the easiest way to get your hands on some moon rocks may be to just make it on your own. This is possible, though it might take some time to gather everything you need depending on your area. Consider talking with someone who deals with marijuana frequently to get advice.

First, make a shopping list of everything you will need to do the job. Of course, you may prefer some items or not need everything, but it’s best to include everything.

  • Girl Scout Cookie bud in nice, large pieces
  • Dropper tool
  • Hash oil
  • Tweezers
  • Small bowl
  • Kief
  • Paper towels

Once you have gathered your supplies and set up, it’s time to get to work. The more compact your original bud is, the better time you’ll have, so break pieces off carefully. Consider using nail scissors or a sharp razor to slice off the pieces you need from your strain.

Use the dropper tool to saturate your bud with the hash oil, making sure it covers every surface area but doesn’t drip and make a mess. Here is where paper towels can come in handy if you have a shaky hand or slip up.

Some people even allow their buds to sit in the hash oil for the night or a few days. However, you shouldn’t let it soak for over a week, and you’ll want to make sure the drips are all gone before dropping it in the kief. If you don’t, you’ll risk too much-clumping happening, and you may even lose the precious powder.

Next, you’ll want to drop your weed into the kief to give it that generous coating of the resin. For this, use the tweezers to roll it around in the powder, or use gloves to sprinkle a little more over the top. To get your moon rock creation to be perfect, you will want to get a very dusted nug. The less kief that is packed on it, the less quality of a moon rock you have. This may be fine if it is your own personal preference, but if you’re selling or hoping to achieve new heights, pack it on!

Almost done! Once coated, pick your moon rock up, set it aside to dry on another paper towel, and get ready to smoke! With a little bit of practice, you’ll figure out the best ways to do each step and end up with better rocks each time. Store the kush carefully in secure containers rather than bags that can jostle the nugs and break off into pieces, losing the kief coating.

If you’re not sure how to get or make kief, consider investing in a high-quality grinder. Most will come with a kief trap below, and collect that quality powder over time the more you grind. Or, you can get a sift basket and sift trichomes yourself! Kief is a great product to experiment with because of the powerful THC content. Having that kief is necessary if you want to know how to make moon rocks with weed that can knock you to the next galaxy.

A Little Q & A

Though there is already a lot of information jam-packed in here, plenty of people still have concerns or questions about moon rocks and the best ways to experience the amazing high it brings.

How do you smoke a moon rock?

Never put it into your grinder, or you’ll end up missing out on the kief that gives it the famous punch! Instead, smoke it in a bowl or roll it up into a joint if you want a fast high. Be careful if you’re using a bong because the heated hash oil can clog up the mouthpiece. Lean the moon rocks away from you as you smoke for the best experience.

How much should I smoke for the first time?

Always pace yourself when you try something new, especially if it has a higher THC content than what you’re used to. In the case of moon rocks, you’ll want to take it extremely slow! However, some celebrities known for their active roles in the marijuana community have commented on the strength of moon rocks, so don’t overdo it.

Are there fake moon rocks?

If so, how would I know? If you are getting your moon rocks from a dispensary or a local budtender, you run the risk of not getting what you’re hoping for. Low-quality bud or rocks without kief have been circulating in hopes of the seller making a pretty penny off of something not worth the cost. You may encounter an imposter, but it’s fairly easy to tell. They have a strong smell, a heavy coat of kief, and look dusty and compact. Make sure to ask questions whenever you are buying to help validate the legitimacy of the rocks. A good seller who is selling the right stuff will be able to tell you exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Are there places that carry moon rocks already made?

If you’re located in Canada, you can buy moon rocks directly from many online dispensaries! Otherwise, you may have to resort to other online shops, local dispensaries, or dealers in your area. Don’t be afraid to ask around, but be careful whenever you shop online for marijuana. There are many federal laws about state lines and illegal substances with high penalties and the risk of getting scammed.

Are sun rocks the same thing?

Not exactly. Some brands make moon rocks; some make sun rocks. Sun rocks have 80% THC content on average, while moon rocks have a range of 50%-70%. Sun rocks are just much more potent, but pretty much the same in other aspects. It’s mostly a marketing thing.

Are caviar and moon rocks the same thing?

No! Caviar refers to the version of the rocks that do not have the kief coating, just the compact bud saturated with hash oil. It still provides a very intense high, but not the same as a moon rock will do to knock your socks off.

How to make moon rocks into edibles?

Just as you would normally, use the finished rocks! Take extra care when you’re breaking up the pieces, and use a sharp razor to slice them off instead of letting them chip or crumble in your hands. The kief is more likely to fall off and be lost that way!

Just how expensive can moon rocks go for?

Hundreds of dollars, usually! Some places in Colorado request over $1,000. Moon rocks are the most expensive marijuana to get since it combines three different kinds of product, and they take time and effort to make. It is certainly cheaper to make them on your own, though just saving up the kief for it can be time-consuming or expensive.

Go out and Make Moon Rocks!



Now that you have been equipped with the knowledge needed to understand create, discover, and experience the euphoria brought to you from another planet with the help of moon rocks, you are free to go and conquer the next high! There are other ways to play around with the idea, and if there is something that a stoner is good at, it’s finding new ways to get high. Use a strain that isn’t Girl Scout Cookies. Pick your favourite hybrid, or go for an energizing Sativa strain.

There is never a right or wrong way to smoke marijuana, but try to keep in mind these tips offered here when it comes to the creation and consumption of moon rocks. We all want to have the best time and to remain chill while doing so!

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