Here are some of the most well-known mail order marijuana (MOM) dispensaries in Canada.  These have been shown to be reputable brands, we try to keep this list as updated as possible. (all links are clickable)

List of the Best Online Cannabis Dispensaries in Canada

Why Buy Weed Online in Canada?

buy weed online mail order

British Columbia has some of the highest quality herb available in the world.  The weed from BC is considered some of the best you can get, especially in Canada. Bcbud can be purchased in a number of locations now, so you can try some for yourself.

Although marijuana is not completely legal, the laws that exist now around the herbal remedy are much more lax, enabling you or I to buy weed online from a number of reputable dealers.

No longer are the days where you need to track down a dealer, go to their house, and get ripped off in the process!  Now you can either go down the street to your local dispensary, or get online at any MOM and narrow your search to your favourite mail order weed service.

The best part is the variety of cannabis products that are now available; you can get edibles, oils, concentrates, shatter, budder, hash, creams, keif, and other sweets treats that THC creators are making.  These are the best buys of medical cannabis available – what you get from the experts, the weed innovators.

My favourite will always be the classic bud form, rolled in a joint, but now because of all these amazing weed derivatives, I can roll a special joint with shatter, budder, hash and some AAA kush bud.  What sounds better than that?

So without further delay, I’m about to show you where you can find weed online, get it mailed to you, along with many other great weed treats.

Where to Buy Weed - Online Dispensary (MOM) Reviews

Here are individual reviews of online dispensaries in Canada. All of these services offer mail order, but new services are becoming available that offer delivery as well.  To determine the best online dispensary, we take a number of factors into consideration; mainly speed of service, quality of products and a user friendly website.

buy mail order marijuana online


Cannabismo has grown incredibly fast because of their quality marijuana products, as well as the speed and delivery of their services. This is SHADEDco's most recommended place to buy weed online in Canada. The selection of indicas, sativas and AAAA+ buds, as well as high quality THC derivatives and edibles, makes them the premier online dealer to purchase weed from. If you are looking to buy some hash or oil, or any weed product, this is the place to be.

--> CLICK HERE <--


New to the online dispensary game in 2018, 420Sixty is showing the other guys how it's done.  What we really like about 420Sixty is that they accept all major credit cards.  Another great feature they offer is Herb2Curb, which is delivery within metro Toronto same day - you can't beat that! Soon it will be offered across Canada. These guys also offer lab test results on their flowers, so you can be guaranteed a great product.

--> Click Here to Visit The Website <--

--> Read Our Full Review of 420Sixty and Grab the Coupon Code <--


Looking for the easiest to use site?  TrueMeds menu is incredibly easy to use, the products are featured front and center, and they do not distract users with anything but product.  Along with a cool menu, the prices are great.  This BC based dispensary has a huge selection of flowers, edibles, concentrates, and pre-filled vape pens.  Expect a fast turnaround with TrueMeds as their customer service is amazing.

--> Click Here to Visit TrueMeds <--

--> Read our Full Review of TrueMeds and Grab the Coupon Code <--


These guys have been around for a bit, and their name says it all.  Buds from buds to go to their buds (that's you!).  We like Buds2Go because of the robustness of their service; they have the product, they have the quality, they have the customer service, and they are great at treating their customers with absolute priority.  Not to mention their website is easy to use with a super fast signup, and delivery times equal to the best.

--> Click Here to Visit Buds2Go <--

--> Read our Full Review Here <--


GreenSociety is easy to order, quick delivery, and some of the best quality marijuana. When you enter the website, the focus is on the flower.  There are great deals on flowers, along with the usual suspects; concentrates, edibles and more.  They have a nice clean website that is easy to navigate, and signup is a breeze. "You’ll never have to stress about ordering your medical marijuana." with these guys. 

-->> Click Here to Visit GreenSociety <<--

-->> Read the Full Review of GreenSociety & Grab Coupon Codes <<--

Herbal Dispatch

One of the most popular mail order marijuana services, Herbal Dispatch is located in Canada.  This online dispensary requires a legitimate doctor’s recommendation.  They have a wide selection of indicas and sativas as well as concentrates, edibles, topical salves and creams, capsules and terpenes.  They also carry everything you need to start vaping THC.  Because of their popularity, Herbal Dispatch has a long waiting line for general orders, but is accepting applications for new members with medical marijuana cards.


Budmail, like their slogan says, is the best bud menu in Canada.  They have a huge selection of buds, derivatives and other THC products.  With three tiers of quality for different budgets, Budmail provides a great mail order bud service – try out a number of different flavours, shipped right to your mailbox.  This service has been around for quite some time.  They only ship in Canada.

Bud Buddy

“Bud Buddy is Canada's original and best mail-order marijuana service. Serving Canadians from coast to coast to coast, since 2003!”

This is Canada’s premier marijuana mail order service.  They have an incredible track record, with high quality buds.  Do not fret about legal implications, because this company does the best job possible to conceal the package.  They also state that no customer has ever had negative legal implications due to ordering from them.  Try out BudBuddy for yourself.

Mary Jane Mail

A great new service on the block in Canada, Maryjanemail has a very simple website, but they offer a great service.  There are a range of prices for cheap weed to expensive buds that weed enthusiasts can enjoy.  Maryjane Mail, although limited in varieties compared to some of the other mail order weed services, is one to check out.  Look over the prices they have for multiple grades of bud.

The Best Place to Buy Shatter Online in Canada

If you are a connoisseur of concentrates, you will likely be on the lookout for the best quality shatter available by mail.  This offers specific advantages as opposed to hitting up the dispensary.  First of all, you have a wider selection of products, brands and price points.  Some online dispensaries are offering shatter in bulk, up to 28g of the tasty treat.

Here are the best places to buy shatter in Canada by mail (This list repeats our top rated overall dispensaries, but has been filtered for top shatter vendors.)

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What are Some Alternatives to Mail Order Weed in Canada?

mom reviews canada marijuana online

Despite all of these fine online dispensaries being available to order from, you can check out a couple other places to get your weed.  There are services available that can deliver weed to your door; once you order online or by phone, they have it delivered to you same day.

Another option is walking down to the closest bud dispensary.  Most municipalities have been accepting of marijuana dispensaries in their communities, so the likelihood that there is a place to buy bud in the city you are in is quite high.  Especially places in BC; on the lower mainland, downtown Vancouver, or on Vancouver Island.  Many places want you to have a medical marijuana card or referral from your doctor.

Some places have on site doctors as well – a one stop shop for everything.

Where to Get Weed Specifically in Your Area:

Some dispensaries better service certain provinces than others.  If you are looking to buy weed specifically in your area, we have some recommendations.  More and more online dispensaries are a better, more discrete option for buying cannabis, so we like to recommend these in place of physical dispensaries.

The Best Online Dispensary in GTA - Ontario

Living in the greater Toronto area? Have you chosen a dispensary in GTA yet?  One great advantage to this is access to delivery services for cannabis.  We have partnered with an amazing service that offers same-day delivery within the metro Toronto area, so you can buy weed online in Toronto and have it delivered to you, without leaving the comfort of your place.  This is better than a Toronto dispensary with no card required, you just need ID.

The Best BC Bud Online Dispensary Mail Order Sites

Most likely you will be ordering from a Vancouver online dispensary; mail order from one of these sites should have you your product within 48 hours. These sites are the best at getting high quality BC bud direct from the growers to your papers & pipe.  We can appreciate the fine cannabis vendors in BC, as they are plentiful, but only the best dispensaries offer the best BC bud and derivatives.

Coming Soon

Now that I’ve explained the possibility of online dispensaries in Canada to you, now you can go get your weed, or order it.  Personally I like to go to dispensaries, because you can take a look at the buds physically.  You can usually smell them, take a good look, and inquire with instant answers.  If you are looking for great concentrates and other derivatives, mail order services can be better because of the price.

All you need to know about buying legal weed online and THC delivery

In 2001, Canada became the first country to make the consumption of weed legal for medical patients. Since then it has become a normal practice for patients to travel to different dispensaries and buy weed. However, today a new practice is being popularized for the purchase of weed, and that is mail order marijuana. This may seem like an unusual way to purchase your weed but it has growing managed to please the public, and the swift delivery systems have helped these services achieve a wide client base.

Is it Legal to Buy Weed Online?

 The main purpose behind this unique service is to make the process of buying weed simple and hassle free. It is aimed at helping patients from all over Canada to make use of the best quality weed to reduce their pain and keep symptoms of fatal diseases at bay. What needs to be noted is despite the new rage to buy cannabis online Canada has made dispensaries a legal establishment for patients. The problem lies with the fact that it is not possible for all patients to travel to stores and thus this new process serves a great purpose.

The process encompassing delivery medical marijuana through mail order is a threefold process. It basically involves registering the patient to the online portal and then making the payment in the appropriate place and finally getting the delivery within a matter of days. Time and effort are both saved in this process, and for serious patients, it serves to be a blessing in disguise. A world where it is possible to order weed online Canada seems be far ahead of other countries.

Do you want to buy weed online Canada? Know the advantages

Those who are wondering how to get medical marijuana need be worried. Today the advancement of technology has led to the formation of online portals where weed is easily delivered to your doorstep. The advantages for this system are many, however, in simple terms, they are as follows:

  • With the creation of online dispensary, Canada has now made it possible for customers to buy weed discreetly without attracting attention.
  • Since all the information regarding the substance is available online, it is now possible for customers to buy the best quality cannabis in Canada without even stepping out of their homes.
  • For those who are technologically weak and are thinking that the process of acquiring online weed Canada will be a difficult process need not worry. The processes are explained step by step, and in some cases, the order can be placed through telephone.
  • Prices can also be compared to these websites and only after browsing the different websites does the customer make the buy. It is not restricted to the choice available at a single store.
  • The concept of where to buy weed online has been redefined. It is now not a difficult task at all to procure some marijuana for medical use.
  • Not only experienced or regular users can purchase weed online. It is now possible for first-time users to also make the purchase without any hassles.
  • The process is very safe and their no conflicts of authentication or originality of the product. The substance will be a 100% legal and beneficial to patients.

How to get medical marijuana – Points to remember

While contemplating the process of buying cannabis online through the process mail order, it must be understood that there is a distinct process of functioning when it comes to this method. The customer must first register themselves as a patient on the website. This will involve producing the documents that are specified including the medical marijuana card. Once the required documents are processed by the website it then accepts the patients as a member.

After this process of registration, one needs to go through inventory of website and identity the substances they wish to buy. Often people ask questions like how to find a weed dealer or where can I get weed but it must be remembered that such Canadian sites have received certification for selling medical marijuana and hence these are not for recreation.

If the buyer conducts themselves in any way that site does not approve of or if reports are obtained where the patients have falsely stated their need for substance, subscription can be permanently canceled in most mail order sites. Also, it should be noted that these options accept only a specified mode of payment through their portals. Therefore specific instructions need to be followed for suitable results.

Factors which help understand where to buy pot

All places are not suitable for buying pot, mail order weed makes this a thing of the past. There are so many different hubs that can be identified on a map of Canada which signify ideal locations for where to buy marijuana. Nevertheless, there are certain factors which help a buyer to differentiate the good from the best. Quality and price are dual principles which help identify best locations for weed. If you want to buy marijuana online Canada has several places but judging the quality and price charged for it will help customers decide the place they want to select for regular stops.

Variety is another crucial factor which can help any regular consumer decides whether the weed portal will suit their needs. Can you buy marijuana edibles online and where can I get medical weed are questions which most experimenters ask. For such clientele, a website with variety of products is best suited.


When someone chooses to buy weed candy online the primary reason for worry is that it will not be delivered on time. Hence if a site is offering the promise of quick delivery, it is more appealing than other proclamations. No matter the quality or variety or even the price, if you cannot consume the substance when the tremors start or pain increases it does not matter if you buy pot candy online or not. Hence, it is understood clearly that when you use mail order to buy weed online Toronto or Canada, only thing customer wants is relief from their physical ailments and a quick way to make that happen.

Why BC Bud is so Famous

BC Bud has been popularly acclaimed as the cousin to the indica dominant Big Bud cannabis strain which is available in Amsterdam. BC Bud is primarily a sativa hybrid which possesses strong cerebral effects. It has a fruity and citrus smelling strain which is derived from distinct areas of British Columbia. What is unique about the strains which are derived from here is the perfect and harmonious balance between indica and sativa sensations. Pain and nausea can be combated using this substance. A large harvest is obtained of these bc marijuana after the initial 8 or 9 weeks of flowering.

Varieties of seeds

Before delving into the method of purchasing medical marijuana from dispensaries in British Columbia, it must be understood that there are a variety of seeds which can be obtained. Different types of seeds lead to formation of different end products. The types are:

  • Clone only variety –

The grower of the seed in this type grows a genetically identical clone of the plant. Manufacturing clones help in quick dispersion of the plant far and wide without having to displace the original. However, it must be noted that a clone is not the original and the final product will vary in quality due to the different growing conditions.

  • Stable seeds –

When the male and female cannabis have been chosen after extensive study and research the end product will be a stable seed. This seed will lead to desired characteristics. This process of stability will be bettered throughout generations of cross-breeding.

  • Unstable seeds –

In this method the breeding is not done over a period of time, but is hastened. This reduces the chance of success or stability. Hence there is a possibility of fluke luck or missing out a stable batch.

  • Wild variety –

This particular variety is composed of those cannabis plants and bc bud variety which is not officially grown. They are used as bases of production for more specialized varieties such as hash.


Growth of marijuana dispensaries

Over the past few years, a growth spurt has been identified in terms of online dispensaries in and around British Columbia. The majority of such enterprises can be located in Vancouver and Victoria. However, in recent years other cities have also seen a rise in the number of places who are selling medical marijuana bc. The main concern for this sudden upsurge of dispensaries are that not only are they illegal but they are widening their roots to different parts of British Columbia. There is truth in the fact that marijuana has been scientifically proven to be able to provide relief during ailments but it remains illegal in most of the world.

Primarily the growth of such enterprises is attributed to the fact that dispensaries are being allowed to bypass laws without proper regulation. The strategy which has been adopted is not to abolish but keep these shops in check. People are also increasing leaning towards the acceptability of weed for medical reasons, especially because of the major advancements that are being made in the field of medicine each passing day.  When the public is happy the state hardly wishes to take radical steps and incite antagonistic sentiments.

What are dispensaries?

Dispensaries are storefront operations which are used to sell marijuana. The basic necessity of such places is to provide it to those persons who claim they are medically called upon to use it for their betterment and to buy weed online in Canada. It must be noted that in most cases the persons are to produce a subscription which allows them to use such a substance. In some other circumstances, the note of a doctor or health care professional should suffice.

However, there are laws in countries like Canada that allow the use of 1 gram a day to a person who is in immediate need without a prescription. It should be noted that dried pot and oil are not the only things which are sold at these dispensaries, other cannabis products are found here too. Products made of cannabis include pills, creams and cookies to name a few.

Rules for dispensaries in British Columbia

There have been significant changes which have been made with regard to the dispensaries and the substance they sell. The rules basically have been a total acceptance of the clauses given by the dispensaries themselves with minor changes. The rules which have been identified in British Columbia are as follows:

  • The substance cannot be sold or used by any individual who is a minor. This prevents wrongful use or misuse of the medical substance.
  • Marijuana cannot be advertised. Those who are in need of it or are advised by doctors and health care professionals to use this ingredient can obtain it without any advertisements.
  • The medical marijuana dispensary bc cannot be set up within a certain radius of schools as well as other shops. The distance to be maintained for both clauses was decided as 200 meters.

The rules seek to prevent any sort of mal-practices and eliminate the stigmas which are associated with marijuana and its use for recreation by youngsters and adults.

Need for dispensaries

Despite criticisms from various sections who wish to continue the illegal status of weed their need in the present scenario cannot be ignored. Marijuana has served several medical purposes and some of the most important diseases it has combated are:

  • Chronic pain which has no remedy
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle spasms
  • Tremors
  • Stress from post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Cancer which is the most fatalistic disease that one is inflicted by.
  • Gastrointestinal problems that cause secretions and abdominal pain.
  • Parkinson’s syndrome which only gets worse with time.
  • Alzheimer’s disease can be delayed and controlled with its use.

All of the above stated medical disorders are not just fatal but cause immense discomfort to those affected. Medical dispensaries bring to the public simple and organic solutions to their discomforts. Hence keeping in mind the criticism involved in using it for recreation one cannot ignore the immense need of this substance in the life of several individuals.

Every method has its advantages, but all I know is that you want to make sure that you have your weed available when you want to smoke.  So get out there, get some weed, and get shaded!

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    The large-scale agribusiness approach of the TSX-listed Licensed Producers has already proven problematic with several large product recalls and fungus and mold infestations at some of the largest production facilities. Besides, just like what happened in Colorado, word is already very well established that these large production facilities produce very poor quality weed. If we don’t give the market what it wants, that being small batch production of huge variations of strains (over 2000 strains to date!), then the black market will not go away and Justin would have failed at his double goal of keeping the thugs out of the business and keeping the drugs away from kids and teens.

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