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Are you looking for the best online dispensaries in 2021? Read our updated MOM list below!

With so many available, how do you choose? We have reviewed the competition for you, to find the best online dispensary in Canada. We've also included coupon codes you can use.

Mail order dispensaries have the best prices, highest quality products, shipped to your door with Canada Post in 1-3 days in most cases. In addition to this, they are able to offer a wide product selection of flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures and many CBD products. Depending on your tastes, you are able to select products of the finest indica, sativa and hybrid varieties.

We have scoured the web to find the best MOM in Canada, and reviewed them for you so you can feel at ease when ordering from these services.

Please follow our recommendations so you get fire, and don't get burned… 

Here are some of the most well-known mail order marijuana dispensaries in Canada with reviews & discount codes. These have been shown to be reputable & reliable brands based on our own tests and customer reviews; we try to keep this list as updated as possible. ( Click the logo or title to visit the site ). You will love our Canadian MOM list!

The Best Online Dispensary in Canada List

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Cannalyft is proud to say that they offer the most valued cannabis vendors in the country. These brands are best of the best, the only goal is to provide quality products to customers from manufacturers who have passed safety standards and who are reputable. Cannalyft mail order marijuana dispensary has high user ratings, which is no surprise with the personable customer service and shopping experience.

They only offer the best, which is apparent from the shopping experience to your order arriving at your door.

Highlights of Cannalyft:

Huge Selection of Quality Products

Free Shipping $125

3% Cash-Back (Points) on Every Order

10% Off Your First Order

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Nancy and Ryan, a sister and brother with a real passion for cannabis started Get Kush. Their ideology is that Cannabis products make them happy and they want to share that with their customers! Growing up they watched their father manage a well-known large wholesale store. They're bringing those lessons of hard work and a successful business model into the cannabis sphere for a new kind of Canadian online dispensary.

WeedSmart has been in the online cannabis space since 2018. This shop has come up fast with their aggressive low prices, quality products and easy to use website. They offer some exclusive products and regular deals on flowers, amazing sale pricing, also constantly adding new cannabis products. In any Canada weed dispensary review, Weedsmart is rated as a top service. Be smart about your weed with WeedSmart.

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BC Bud Supply is located on the west coast, a reliable online cannabis shop to purchase from shipped with Canada Post. Testimonials reveal that the customer service team will go above and beyond to ensure the customer is happy. We can confirm that the quality of the product is great, pricing is fair and service is second to none. This company is very aware of convenience and budget. This quality dispensary is run by professionals who just want the best for their customers. 

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This mail order weeds dispensary option is receiving rave reviews. The website is the most modern we have seen in the mail order marijuana MOM scene. We just tried them out with great results, the products, packaging & price doesn't disappoint; every strain is tested in house, along with edibles & concentrates. They regularly have sale pricing for a discount With lots of incentives for new customers, get a smokin' deal on your first purchase to try them out or head over to their website for more information or questions.

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What we really like about Evergreen Medicinal dispensary is that they have live chat support on their site. If you have any issues at all you can connect with their team instantly, and they are incredibly quick to answer. Add a great product selection and quality cannabis to the mix and you have yourself the perfect place to order marijuana products. Not only that they are offering a great coupon of 15% off for SHADED readers! Check them out.

This is a mail order marijuana dispensary here to help anyone looking to buy cannabis online in Canada. They offer fast shipping (same day processing!), with guaranteed shipments the best prices. Online Dispensary Canada reviews state, this is your one-stop-shop for great quality pot products. They have a growing selection of sativa flowers, concentrates, THC gummies and much more. What's more, free shipping on orders over $99. No coupon code.

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GreenSociety dispensary is easy to order, quick delivery, and some of the best quality strains. When you enter the website, the focus is on the flower. There are great deals on flowers, along with the usual suspects; concentrates, edibles and more. They have a nice clean website that is easy to navigate, and signup is a breeze. “You’ll never have to stress about ordering your marijuana.” with these guys.

Started by a group of friends who were passionate about cannabis, its healing properties and benefits. They believe cannabis is a national treasure that should be shared within our communities. Their product is sourced from Squamish to Banff, Vancouver to Prince George. This dispensary prides themselves on selecting and filtering out only the best quality product so that customers know what to expect when they purchase from These growers have strict grow processes which in turn produces cannabis of the highest caliber. No coupon code yet.

Why Buy Weed Online in Canada?

Ordering weed in Canada has become the norm. With licensed recreational shops opening doors, and provincial shops selling online, they are many alternatives. Our mail order weed Canada review will help. With our updated Canadian MOM dispensaries list, you will love ordering your latest favourites online.

medical marijuana online

The easiest way of buying weed online is still from mail order dispensaries listed on our site... Try our Canadian MOM list today.

British Columbia has some of the highest quality herb available in the world. The marijuana strains from BC is considered some of the most choice strains you can get, especially in our country. BCbud can be found year-round in a number of locations now, so during any season you can purchase online and try some for yourself.

Now that marijuana is completely legal for recreational purposes, we can access and enjoy it very easily. The laws that exist now around the herbal remedy are changing; now cannabis is legal, which enables you to buy weed online from a number of reputable dealers.

No longer are the days where you need to track down a dealer, go to their house, and get ripped off in the process! Get deals on the best strains our country has to offer. Still unsure? Online dispensary Canada reviews are abundant on reddit, other websites and from the vendor themselves. 

Now your safest bet is to receive marijuana online from any MOM, even narrowing your search to your favourite mail order marijuana MOM service for certain products. Lastly you can either go down the street to your local option, or ask your buddy.

The greatest part is the variety of cannabis products that are now available; you can get pre rolls, edibles, oils, concentrates, shatter, budder, hash, creams, kief, and other sweets treats that THC creators are making. Not to mention choosing from sativa, indica or hybrids; any strain you like. These are the top buys of cannabis available – what you get from the experts, the innovators.

Our favourite will always be the classic bud form, rolled in a joint, but now because of all these amazing weed deals, I can roll a special joint with shatter, budder, hash and some AAAA kush bud. What sounds better than that?

So without further delay, we're about to show you where you can order weed, get it mailed to you, along with many other great pot treats.

Best Canadian MOM Dispensary

Mail Order Marijuana Reviews & Discount Codes

Here is a condensed list of the top rated online weed shops in our country. All of these services offer mail order marijuana online, but new services are becoming available that offer same day marijuana delivery in Toronto & Vancouver (major centers in Canada). To determine the best options for you in Canada, we take a number of factors into consideration; safety and security, how highly mentioned, speed of processing, presence of a sale, responsiveness of customer support, product quality and a user friendly website. Buying weed online reviews rank these retailers highly as well.

Best MOM in Canada - Honourable Mentions:

These are some of the best MOM Canada has coming up behind the top winners.

Herb Approach

One of the most popular mail order marijuana MOM services, Herb Approach is located in British Columbia. They have a wide selection of indica strains and sativas as well as concentrates, edibles, topical salves and creams, capsules and terpenes. They also carry everything you need to start vaping THC. Because of their popularity, Herbal Dispatch has a long waiting line for general orders, but is accepting applications for new members with medical marijuana cards. Good dispensary to use for weed orders.

The Chronic Beaver

*The Chronic Beaver is not one of the best online dispensaries, it is a dispensary review website.

We decided to put Chronic Beaver on the list as we trust their recommendations. We are not affiliated with Chronic Beaver, but they offer a quality platform for dispensary reviews, checking on prices and weed deals. Sign up with your email address to get dispensary updates, new strains and weed deals to your inbox.

Shops Rated By Qualities

If you are looking for something specific, some shops are better than others. You can also read about online dispensaries in Canada on Reddit. But we have dispensary recommendations right here.

Where to Buy Shatter Online

If you are a connoisseur of concentrates, you will likely be on the lookout for top quality shatter available by mail. This offers specific advantages as opposed to hitting up the local weed shop. First of all, you have a wider selection of products, brands and price points. Others are offering shatter in bulk, up to 28g of the tasty treat. The terps of the cannabis strain is what makes concentrates so unique.

Another great concentrate product is distillate – the highest concentration of THC aside from THC-A. This is great for making edible candies, dabbing or vaping and eating.

Here are the best places to buy shatter in Canada by mail – (This list repeats our top rated online dispensary Canada list, but has been filtered for top shatter vendors.)

Concentrates are focused on by some producers, our favourite producers of concentrates are Diamond Concentrates and KleerX.

medical marijuana online

The Cheapest Online Dispensaries in Canada

The least expensive online dispensary option is Weedsmart. Reviews online have shown after discounts they are great value for the money. Not only do vendors from our list provide top rated products, they are all well-priced with cheap $99 ounce weed deals available all the time.

Where to Buy Edibles Online

Edibles are great for people who do not want to smoke or vape. The great part about it is, you can have a delicious treat in the process. Marijuana edibles are much safer in respects to health, as there is no harmful smoke entering the lungs.

Our featured online dispensaries in Canada carry edibles of all sorts. There are chocolates, gummies, dessert bars, tinctures, edible oils and capsules – available in both CBD and THC.

Here are the best online dispensaries for marijuana edibles.

Where to Buy Bulk Cannabis Online

Looking for a mail order marijuana dispensary which offers large bulk quantities? (QP or more.) We have put together an article for you bulk buyers out there. Purchasing products in bulk can save you a lot, when you enjoy one type of strain or product. The MOM dispensaries also offer bulk shatter and other bulk concentrates. Read our article on the best bulk cannabis vendors.

The Fastest Service For Your Area

Some weed shops better service certain provinces than others. If you are looking to buy weed specifically in your area, we have some recommendations. More and more shops are getting better, with services like same-day delivery. Buying weed online reviews recommend these more discrete options for buying cannabis locally, so we like to recommend these in place of physical dispensary in Canada.

The Best Online MOM in Ontario & GTA

There are a few online dispensaries based in Ontario, but with such fast delivery, you shouldn't limit yourself to just Ontario MOMs. One exception is weed delivery in Ontario though, if you live in an area which has same day delivery for cannabis, we could suggest to go with that!

Are you living in the greater Toronto area? As mentioned above, you can order same-day weed delivery available; there are many services in the GTA for this. We have partnered with an amazing service that offers same-day delivery within the metro Toronto area, so you can buy weed online in Toronto and have it delivered to you, without leaving the comfort of your place. This is better than a Toronto dispensary with no card required, you just need ID.

Need Weed in GTA?

What You Need to Know About Online Dispensaries

In 2001, Canada became the first country to make the consumption of cannabis legal for medical patients. Since then it has become a normal practice for patients to travel to different pot shops and buy cannabis strains. However, today a new practice is being popularized for the purchase of craft cannabis, and that is mail order marijuana dispensaries. This may seem like an unusual way to purchase your weed but it has growing managed to please the public, and the swift delivery systems have helped these services achieve a wide client base. The best MOM Canada has offer a customer experience similar to popular online retailers, with quality products & competitive prices. This updated guide will help you in making your choice.

Buying Cannabis Online FAQ

Short answer, yes!

These online dispensaries in Canada are like any other business, they want to provide a high quality experience so people coming back for more.

If the dispensary looks legit, it probably is. When one of these services isn't playing by the rules, they get outed very quickly by the passionate MOM community. An online dispensary takes security seriously!

The level of professionalism of the legacy online dispensaries in Canada surpasses the government shops by far. It is completely legal for you to buy herb online from these shops.

Most provinces also offer an online store to shop from, but the pricing is not as competitive as it could be.

The best mail order marijuana all depends on what you are looking for. Value for the price, BC Bud Supply. The nicest bulk buds are from GetKush. Customer service plays a big role as well!

Definitely browse around a few different shops and sign-up as there are quite a few each having different inventory. This way you can find strains you like & shop their sales.

If we had to pick one best online dispensary in Canada, it would have to be Cannalyft.

Although each online dispensary has a slightly different process for how to order their cannabis online, they all have one step in common and that is, before ordering with them you are required to provide information that verifies your eligibility to purchase the cannabis products.

All mail order dispensaries will ask for you to submit a copy of your government issued ID so your age can be verified. If you fail to provide this and you have already placed an order, they will cancel the order and refund your money.

Any dispensaries claiming to not require government issued ID should be avoided as this raises a red flag about their legitimacy.

BC Bud is an incredibly high quality product which comes direct from the grower!

Shaded recommends BC Bud for their:

  • Unbeatable quality
  • Availability across numerous locations; accessible to more individuals than before!
  • Competitive price point

Shaded recommends only the best dispensaries and it is there where you will find the cream of the crop as they say, for the best BC bud, including many derivatives.

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