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Are you looking for a great new MOM to order from? We have just tested a new service, BC Bud Supply, which looks like an outstanding service. With easy ordering and speedy delivery, this is a dispensary you will want to try for yourself. As the name states, they are supplying BC bud with strains that we all love. So please look at our service review and grab a coupon code to test them out for yourself! You can also read our article about the best online weed dispensary.

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BC Bud Supply Dispensary Review

The main selling feature of this service is the high-quality products and the selection. They carry many flowers at a very fair price. They trimmed the flower we received nicely with dense, trichome-caked buds. Ordering from this site was incredibly straightforward, along with speedy processing, which made for a great experience. The smoke of the buds was as we thought, looking at the quality of their product. They also carry many concentrate and edible products on their menu.

Key Elements of BCBudSupply's Service

Ease of Ordering

Top Quality Bud at a Great Price

Extensive Menu with Friendly Service

Rewards Program

BC Bud Supply's Product Selection

With our order, we selected a few different flowers, a distillate vape cart & some edibles. We wanted to test the flower, so we didn't order as much from the other categories, which are pretty standard across all MOMs, having the same vendors & quality of the product.


We Ordered: Rockstar OG, MK Ultra, Lindsay OG & Purple Passion

As mentioned before, with the trim quality and density of the buds, it's easy to tell the quality of the flower is quite good. In addition, the bags are accurately weighed and labelled.

The flavour and effects of each strain are as they should be given what the strain is. It burned nicely to a light grey ash upon smoking the flower, so it was flushed and cured correctly.

BC Bud Supply has quite a bit of selection available, which are organized nicely and priced competitively. So grab your favourite strains from these guys any day.


We Ordered: Milky Way Extracts – Banana Kush Vape Cart

First of all, we are a bit biased because we enjoy these distillate vape carts. The distillate is an effective and easy way to get medicated. That being said, this brand of extracts (Milky Way) seems to provide a good quality product. The box states that it is free of PG, PEG, VG and MCT Oil – 100% Organic Terpenes, Lab Tested.

This is all true from what we can tell, as the Banana Kush terpene flavour is present in the vapour and has a smooth drag and significant effects. But, like any distillate, it comes on powerfully and eases into a nice clear high.

This website carries DickPunch and Milky Way Extracts for their selection of Vape products.


We didn't order any concentrates from this website. However, the concentrates menu itself carries hash, shatter, HT and HC full-spectrum, and tinctures. In addition, they have 91 Supreme, which is a quality concentrates brand.

All in all, BC Bud Supply has everything you need for concentrates, although the brands they carry are limited. However, you will still be able to find what you are looking for.


We Ordered: Twisted Extracts Jelly Bomb

It's great to see Twisted Extracts on the menu, as Jelly products are a quality brand. They also carry Skye and Mystic Medibles, which look professionally packaged and vouched for by the store itself, although we didn't test.

The edibles are priced competitively, with chocolate and jelly products available. See our other recommendations on where to buy edibles in Canada.


BC Bud Supply does a great job with their menu; they carry everything you could need. Although the brands are a bit limited, you will have no trouble finding the products you want – especially for flowers. Also, keep an eye out for topical, pet and many other products.

How We Rated BC Bud Supply

Ease of Ordering

The website is straightforward to use, with products available right from the home page. In addition, the menu makes it easy to find what you are looking for and smooth the checkout process.

Quality of Products

BC Bud Supply carries high-quality products in many categories. The flower is competitively priced and has a large selection, which is usually a strong selling point for an online dispensary. We don't see quality Lindsay OG very often, a staple of Canadian buds! However, the brands they carry are known in the industry for producing quality products as well.

Packaging: Our order came in a small rectangular box that had a vacuum-sealed bag inside. The chamber vacuum sealer tightly compressed the products, and there was no smell coming from the pack.

bcbudsupply packaging

Speed of Service

Speed of service is not something you have to worry about with this mail order. The order was processed the same day, with delivery the following day. Since the order stayed on the west coast, we expect it to be fast, but what is impressive is the same-day processing when you order earlier in the day.


Pricing is something that BC Bud Supply has done quite well. Starting with flowers, you can get a Mix-n-Match Oz of AA for $140. With AAA around $160 / Oz and AAAA for $200-$220 / Oz.

There are lower prices out there, but the grading system these guys use is honest; they don't try to embellish the quality of the flower. Some AA flowers could easily be AAA, so you get what you pay for with this service.

Other products in their store are competitively priced, with a sale category for clearance deals.

BC Bud Supply Discount Coupon Code

We asked BC Bud Supply for a discount for our readers. They happily provided one for 10% off any order with them. Stay posted for additional coupons.

Use Code: SHADED10

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Supplying Great BC Bud

BC Bud Supply is a retailer we strongly recommend for high-quality flowers at a reasonable price. You can find everything you need at this MOM, but the flower menu's main selling point for us. They are carrying some strains you can't easily find in other places.

Get your next order with BC Bud Supply for a quality selection of BC grown buds at a great price.

Visit Their Website – bcbudsupply.ca

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