Best Place to Buy Cheap $99 Ounces Canada

With so many weed dispensaries offering top-grade cannabis, the weed ounces prices are more competitive than ever. That means you can find a massive selection of budget buds that won’t break the bank. At Shaded Co, we will help you find sources where you can buy cheap $99 ounces in Canada. But when we say “cheap,” we mean in price and not quality.

Where Can I Buy $99 Cheap Ounces in Canada?

With Coupon Codes

At Shaded Co, we want to make sure you pay the absolute lowest prices when you buy weed online from a mail-order marijuana dispensary. View a list of all services on our website, or take a look at some excellent options below.

Weedsmart is known as an online dispensary that offers an impressive selection of weed ounces. Also, you will find many 99 oz Canada deals. The WeedSmart flower menu is extensive, and the prices are very affordable on their own.  You can find over 100 of the most sought-after marijuana strains on the Canadian market. Many claim Weed Smart has one of the best weed online in Canada. Get quality cannabis cheap now. Don’t miss out on any of their great deals!

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Get Kush is another weed dispensary that offers a selection of 99 oz cheap ounces for their customers. There are plenty of marijuana strains to choose from as well. Also, you can save more with their weekly ounce promotions and Get Kush Coupon codes. GetKush is one of the best options for budget buds. Make sure to sign up to Get Kush because they are always holding exciting contests and promotions. 

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bulkweedlogo is another great source for 99 oz cheap ounces. You can find special promotions where you can find quality pot online at huge discounts. Make sure you check into BulkWeed often since they are always looking for new ways for their customers to save. Be sure to check out their great deals!

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Daily Marijuana

dailmarijuanalogo’s primary bread and butter is their weekly weed ounces that go on special. You can find ounces as low as $40 if you catch the right deal. Make sure to register with Daily Marijuana so you can be notified whenever their door-crashing promos go live. DailyMarijuana is one of the hottest trending dispensaries and for many good reasons. Daily Marijuana is an excellent option to get quality cannabis online in Canada cheap.

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We are talking about cheap ounces weed deals on AA to AAA quality flowers. However, there are certainly weed dispensaries that offer low-quality strains, so you still need to watch out!

Furthermore, promotions play a significant role in the online dispensary community, and you will find many opportunities to find cheap $99 ounces in Canada. Let’s take a closer look at what budget buds are and where you can find some to try for yourself.

The only thing better than finding cheap weed ounces online is saving more with deals and coupon codes.

What Are Cheap $99 Weed Ounces?

Cheap $99 weed ounces online are affordably priced cannabis that provides users with a quality product that is easy on your wallet. Typically some things are wrong with the buds, but often are not things that affect the results.

By no means are many of these deals cheap weed in quality and only in cost. Let’s see what some of the quality determining factors might be that can affect your decision to buy weed online.

Outdoor Buds

Outdoor buds are generally lower quality when you compare them to indoor bud. That is not always the case, but the majority of the time, it holds.

Also, during outdoor harvesting seasons, the supply skyrockets. It is during this time where cheap 99 ounces in Canada deals run rampant. However, outdoor flowers can be excellent when grown in ideal conditions.  You can find budget outdoor buds in the $40 – 99 per ounce range at online dispensaries in Canada.

Indoor Buds

Indoor A to AA quality budget buds typically ranges from $49 – 99 per ounce. Like I mentioned before. You can even find AAA bud in many $99 cheap ounces online deals, so keep an eye out.

What’s not to like about cheap weed that brings you total value? We should note that this is not always the case, so you need to be mindful when shopping for budgetbuds.

Popcorn Buds

Popcorn buds are the smaller buds of a cannabis plant, and you can typically find these budgetbuds on special. It is common to find cheap $59 – 99 cannabis ounces in Canada from any established weed dispensary. Most times, the only knock on these flowers is their size.

Bottom of the Bag

The bottom of the bag nugs holds mixed reviews. Some people think they are low-quality, and some think they are a hidden treasure.

If you consider all the extra crystals that fall to the bottom of the bag along with those budget buds, you can start to see why it could be a steal. You can find cheap $59 – 99 ounce deals in Canadian online dispensaries.

$99 Ounce Promotions

The absolute best ounce deals are the $99 ounce promotions. You will often find online cannabis stores offering premium weed strains for under $100.

These ounce sales are the best weed deals online and the top way to find the most value on your orders. The best way to never miss out is by registering with a dispensary so you can get notified when a deal hits their site.

How to Find Good Quality $99 Ounce Budget Buds?

Anyone can sell $99 weed ounces. The key is to find quality and get top value for your money. There are certain things to look out for as a weed dispensary consumer. Here are some tips on what to look for when searching for $99 cheap ounces deals in Canada.

Inspect the Buds

The easiest way to tell if you have good weed is by physically inspecting the buds. You want to feel the bud and make sure it is dense. The buds should have a strong weed smell, taste flavourful, and be potent.

This inspection is essential if you want to find the best weed deals online, especially when it comes to budget buds. You want to make sure the cheap weed prices are low because of a deal and not from low quality.

However, you can’t do this when shopping for weed online, and you will be limited to pictures. So when you are shopping for cheap weed ounces online, you must turn to other methods.

Read Customer Reviews

What you can do instead is check what other customers say. It will help you gain  a better understanding of other people’s experiences and perceptions of the dispensary.

For instance, you can check out the particular site’s customer reviews. You can also visit independent review sites such as, Weed Maps, and Gathering this info is a step towards finding the best deals on cheap 99 weed ounces in Canada.

Choose a Trusted Cannabis Dispensary

Another tip when shopping for cheap ounces is to pick an established cannabis shop with a large customer base. A large customer base usually means a successful business that does the right things to keep its customers happy.

Also, you want to look for signs that they care about their business and customers. You can see how they respond to complaints, how they operate their online site, and how they handle their menu. Choosing a reliable mail-order marijuana dispensary is the best way you can buy weed online in Canada with confidence.

Best Cheap 99 Ounces Canada - 99 oz Canada

Let’s take a look at some of the best cheap ounces deals you can find in your search for budgetbuds. Be sure to keep your eyes open because new deals and promotions go live each day. Next time you buy weed online, look out for these weed strains:

Cherry Ak-47 Strain

When shopping for cheap weed ounces, the Cherry Ak-47 strain from is an excellent choice. The weed strain has glowing reviews and is a great cannabis ounce to try. For more details on this cheap 99 ounce deal, click here.

Popcorn AA Buds

Popcorn buds are another great way to get cheap weed-ounce $99 Canada deals. If you don’t mind small buds, then these weed ounce options are for you; if you want to try some out, visit by click here.

Moby Dick Strain offers a wide range of cheap cannabis ounce deals. One of Daily Marijuana weed dispensaries’ top-sellers is their Moby Dick strain where you can find here.

A Final Note on Cheap $99 Ounces in Canada

Find the lowest prices on marijuana and cheap ounces is not always the best thing. The most important thing is you buy quality cheap 99 ounces that bring you value. At Shaded Co, we are happy to help you find the best deals on online cannabis.  We work hard to help you find cheap weed ounces from the best mail-order cannabis dispensaries so you can buy weed online with confidence. Your next 99 oz cannabis deal is one click away!

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