WeedSmart.ca Dispensary Review & Coupon Code

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Are you rejoicing in the fact that you can now buy your Marijuana online? Yes, it’s true that weed is more accessible than ever, however, buying online does come with its own set of risks. Anyone can open up an online mail order dispensary and start selling cannabis…scary right? These days you have to be so aware of where you are buying from. All the more reason to do your research before blindly purchasing from an online dispensary. Take enough time to evaluate the mail order dispensary you plan to use before making a purchase. Make sure it is a legitimate company that stands up to a high set of standards. Here’s where we come in; let us help you choose the best mail order weed dispensary, so you know you are buying from a reputable vendor whether they are authorized or unauthorized. Check out how WeedSmart.ca stands up against the others.

WeedSmart.ca Dispensary Review

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, ordering online from WeedSmart.ca offers you a discreet and safe way to receive your marijuana. They offer over 30 high-grade strains of weed, an available assortment for the beginner or expert, all from B.C. They are a company clear in their commitment of wanting to change the perception of marijuana consumption.

Now… that’s according to what they say but what do we think? Based on our research, along with an analysis of reviews, including those from platforms such as Reddit and weedmaps here’s a full breakdown of where they stand.

Legal Status

WeedSmart clearly states, they are an unauthorized vendor, meaning, they do not operate under the approved medical marijuana system run by the federal government. With that said, they make up one of the over 20 mail order weed sites from Vancouver that have been shipping marijuana through the mail for almost 30 years and claim to have never had a single problem. Based on countless online reviews this fact has been confirmed. Until present, no one has complained of getting in trouble with the law over their purchase.

Business Practices

The difference between Weedsmart.ca and other mail order dispensaries is their strong focus on customer service and their commitment to building trust with their customers. Marijuana connoisseurs, who the company works with, have been in the industry for over 20 years. They are highly experienced in crossbreeding and propagating to bring their customers the best quality products. According to several online review sites, the company is rated as one of the best online dispensaries in the country. With a focus on using advanced technologies in the growing process, they can better ensure their cannabis is the highest quality around. Besides, extra measures are taken to protect the privacy of their customers at the payment and delivery stage. Each transaction is encrypted, and every order is vacuum packed for air tightness and discretion.

Quality, Purity & Standards

When a company decides to display all their reviews openly on their site rather than censor the ‘bad’ ones, they are a vendor you can trust. WeedSmart offers their customers transparency, so you know exactly what you’re getting in terms of quality, customer service, and delivery. Overall, across their range of products, customers appear to be extremely satisfied.

Quality assurance also takes place across their product line. Customers can trust knowing they are receiving an incredibly high-quality product at an affordable price.

WeedSmart Stock

In addition to offering premium flowers, indica, hybrids, and sativa, WeedSmart also sells a wide selection of other items, these include:

  • Edibles
  • Beverages
  • Sample Packs
  • Accessories

Their broad range of products and a solid reputation as the best dispensary in Canada guarantee their quality is unbeatable. Order by easily browsing their site, selecting your items, paying and then waiting only a few short days for your package to arrive.

WeedSmart Dispensary Coupon Codes

WeedSmart products are reasonably priced which means you’re already getting a good deal! They do, on occasion, offer dispensary coupon codes which provide even more chances to save on your purchases. Check the WeedSmart coupon codes for more information on the latest sales and offers.  Also, new members discounts are frequently offered directly from their home page. Additionally, members can benefit from a rewards program and earn points for every dollar they spend.


  • High Quality & Consistency- potent product
  • Canada Post Xpress Shipping (Arrives in 2-3 days)
  • Low Prices – offering online price matching, strain for strain
  • Impeccable Customer Service
  • Free Shipping (orders over $149)
  • Concealed packaging


  • Labeling – on hybrid strains, there is no indication of the dominant strain on the packaging

Overall Rating

As a business, WeedSmart.ca is a trusted and reliable online weed dispensary that you can order from with confidence. Offering a wide range of products with a high standard of quality, they are one of the best mail order online dispensaries in Canada. They take pride in their service, products and how they present themselves to their customers. From our end, based on research along with customer reviews, they receive a thumbs up from us!

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