The Grow House Review & Coupon Code

It may appear similar to any other shop from our best online weed dispensary list, but the Grow House Canada dispensary has something that most MOMs (Mail-Order Marijuana outlets) don’t: a monthly subscription.

For a fixed price, customers receive boxes of cannabis products and related accessories monthly. It does sound expensive, but it has gained quite a following online with a positive Grow House review gracing almost every forum and online community.

Is Grow House legit for such an operation? The company offers a reliable option to purchase cannabis products online in Canada. If it is in a monthly bundle, though, it seems too good to be true.

We took up upon ourselves to investigate whether all the hype is worth the price.

In this review, we break down the goods of The Grow House and what it has to offer.

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The Grow House Review

According to the website, The Grow House offers several tiers of subscriptions from $159 for 28 grams of cannabis products to 2 oz for $280. There is also an option for a custom subscription service where you can purchase up to 5 oz of weed for $799.

What will a Grow House box give you? Each delivery contains at least four varieties of cannabis, with the first containing a grinder and some rolling papers to start the process.

Subsequent boxes have an extra freebie inside, and subscribers will also have the option to include tools and accessories, such as a magnet grinder and a rolling tray.

If monthly subscriptions are too steep, The Grow House also sells flowers and other cannabis products by the gram. The prices are reasonable, but the buds on offer are slightly limited, especially when compared with other mail-order dispensaries.

We found that the subscriptions offered better value for money. If you have a taste for the dispensary’s signature buds and blends, then buying your cannabis by the gram directly from the website is the obvious choice.

As with other online dispensaries in Canada, the Grow House requires you to register for an in-store account. The process is straightforward, and you will soon find yourself setting up a subscription plan or perusing the shop within seconds of signing up.

Also, like other dispensaries, The Grow House only accepts e-Transfer. The form of payment shouldn’t be any hassle if you have a Canadian bank account, though.

Products From The Grow House

The Grow House prides itself on its selection of flowers and concentrates, which consist exclusively of potent Indica and Sativa Hybrids.

One of its more popular offerings is Where’s My Bike, a Sativa-dominant strain that features dense ginger trichomes and a distinct earthy aroma with hints of berries and spice.

We tried out a couple of grams of Where’s My Bike. It started sweet and peppery. The smoke was also remarkably smooth (it was easy to hit multiple times) and resulted in a long-lasting burst of energy.

Another premium strain you can acquire from The Grow House is Purple Glue. It’s an Indica hybrid with a potent 28 percent THC content to knock the sense back into you. Relying on roots from Gorilla Glue #4, the Purple Glue strain has quite a punch, with a strong sweet-and-sour fragrance that immediately overwhelmed our noses.

The buds also have a slightly purple colour and are filled with crystals. When burnt, it had a spicy aroma followed by hints of old coffee beans. We also tasted sugar and pine, although the latter was barely noticeable when vaped.

The immediate effect was happy haze after a couple of puffs, making it ideal for those who are in chronic pain or suffer from inflammatory diseases.

In addition to flowers, The Grow House also offers select concentrates, such as the Golden Goat Budder. Mainly 70 percent Sativa, the Golden Goat has a golden sheen with hints of pink and a powerful starburst aroma. The sample we had was a bit melted when it arrived, but it still had a sleek texture like that of butter and pomade.

When mixed with herb, the budder rolled smoothly. It gave a fruity kick, especially when packed with a citrusy strain.

Another distinctive feature that we found with the Golden Goat is that, when used with a vaporizer, it became twice as good. The smoke had a stronger citrus smell but was still smooth. We strongly recommend vaping this variant.

It is also excellent in the alleviation of symptoms of fatigue, migraines, nausea, and even PTSD.

Overall Rating of The Grow House

Ease of Ordering

The Grow House website is easy to understand and navigate. The order and payment process are simple to follow, even for those ordering from online dispensaries for the first time.

If the process becomes confusing at any point, the website has a FAQ page that answers the most common issues.

Quality of Products

The Grow House flowers and concentrates are among the BEST we’ve had. You can smell and taste the high quality.

Each product is also vacuum sealed in a pouch to ensure maximum freshness.

Speed of Service

The dispensary uses Canada Post XpressPost and delivery takes two to seven days, depending on your location. Bulk orders of $150 and up will also have the shipping fees waived.


The monthly subscription will certainly set you back, but the contents you enjoy pay for themselves. Purchasing by the gram is pricier, with flowers going for $7 to $10, and more expensive products, such as CBD tinctures, selling at $100.

The Grow House Coupon Code

You can save 10 percent off your next purchase using the Grow House discount code GTA10.

Enter The Grow House coupon codes upon checkout, and the discount will be credited to you automatically. You can also take advantage of GrowBucks, which is the in-store credit program used to discount the prices for your next order further.

Is The Grow House Legit?

The Grow House monthly subscription is a novel yet effective approach to a unique cannabis experience.

The products are of excellent quality, and it is an easy purchase delivered straight to your door.

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