Speed Greens Dispensary Review & Coupon Code

When you are ordering from an online dispensary, the quality of products can really set some of them apart. However, Speed Greens really showed us their stuff! We placed an order with Speed Greens, and we only have good things to say.  From shopping to smoking, this dispensary provided everything. Read on for our full review of SpeedGreens' online dispensary.

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Speed Greens Review

Website & Ordering

The website is great on mobile and desktop, so it is effortless to use. The sign-up process is a breeze, and the shop is easy to navigate. The product selection on the site is diverse, with many products in each category. We had no issues finding some products we liked to check out.

Customer Service & Shipping

Speed Greens provides live chat on their site, so you can inquire about your order or ask them questions about a product. We felt peace of mind when ordering, & once we placed our order, we received a notification of our order and tracking number for shipping.

They very well sealed the package, and all of the products were properly packaged.

Product Quality


What we ordered from SpeedGreens dispensary was a variety of indica and indica dominant products. We decided to order some flowers, shatter and budder (we should have tried some edibles also…)


As far as flowers go, these were some of the best we've smoked.  Nice dense buds, completely fresh and an awesome trim job. Each bottle had a Boveda humidor in as well to maintain moisture content.

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The shatter was very high quality.  With no sign of softening or buddering, this shatter was glassy and full of terpenes. Tropical flavours of the Maui Wowie were especially notable. (You can buy bulk shatter here for a great price)


This was some potent stuff, in the vape and the dab rig, it hit like a brick house (much better in the dab rig, really brought out the terpenes)



We were very satisfied with our experience at SpeedGreens and would recommend them to anyone wanting to try a new online dispensary.

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