Where to Buy THC Vape Pens Canada

Do you love vaping, and are you looking to find the best THC vape pens in Canada? If so, you’ve come to the right place! At Shaded Co, we will outline the different types of vape pens so you can be confident you are buying the right vape product. 

We will also feature Canada’s most popular weed vapes and provide the best online dispensaries that offer the best pen vape deals.

Where Can I Buy THC Weed Vape Pens in Canada?

The THC Vape Pen Canada community is growing strong in recent times. It’s no wonder why there are so many excellent sources, and many of them online.

We’ve provided this list & the best mail order weed in Canada where you can find reliable sources of cannabis pens vape products at affordable prices.


Weedsmart.cc is one of the best online dispensaries to find quality vapes for weed concentrates. The WeedSmart vape selection is massive, and the products are of high quality. You can find a wide range of marijuana cartridges, e-juices, batteries, and more! Shop Weed Smart’s vaporizer menu now for the best vaping experience.

Vape Brands: Faded, QNTM, Green Supreme, Secret Garden Extracts, Westcoast Extracts, Supreme, Joi Pods

Disposable Vape Prices: $49-59

Vape Cartridges Prices: $40-75

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Get Kush

Getkush.cc offers a tremendous variety of the most popular weed vapes in Canada. If you are looking for top brand name weed vapes, you’ve come to the right spot at the Get Kush online dispensary. Buy GetKush vaporizer products now for a top-grade vaping experience. 

Vape Brands: Astro Quads, BC Vapes, Big Toke, Bob Vapes, Boost, Faded, High Voltage Extracts, Kloud 9, Kush Oil, Pharm 33, Phyto, QNTM, Viridesco

Disposable Vape Prices: $25-55

Vape Cartridges Prices: $35-62

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BulkWeed.co vaporizer products are top-notch and are some of the best weed vape deals around. Bulk Weed offers great deals all the time, so be sure to check in to their online dispensary often for quality marijuana products. Get the best deals on vaporizers now with BulkWeed.co.

Vape Brands: Diamond Concentrates, Kush Oil, Supreme, Evolve, Faded, Unicorn Hunter, Boost, Daily, FeelCBD, Bobs Vapes, Kloud 9

Disposable Vape Prices: $40-70

Vape Cartridges Prices: $40-65

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Daily Marijuana


Dailymarijuana.co provides customers with the chance to save big on THC vape pens. The Daily Marijuana vape stock is constantly updated to reflect the hottest items on the Canadian market. You will indeed find top-grade weed vape pens at this online dispensary. Also, buy with DailyMarijuana, and you will find a whole menu of other cannabis products.

Vape Brands: Diamond Concentrates, Kush Oil. Supreme, Faded, Unicorn Hunter, Evolve, Boost, Bob Vapes, Daily, and more!

Disposable Vape Prices: $36-70

Vape Cartridges Prices: $36-60

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What Are The Different Types of THC Weed Vape Products?

Before we begin, it is essential to note that not all THC vape pen products are the same. There are different components of a cannabis vape, and there are different types that serve differing purposes. It’s essential to know the differences in these cannabis products so you can have the best vaping experience possible.

Disposable Vape Pen

The most convenient of these products are disposable vapes. Disposable weed pens come ready to use, and you can replace them when done. The weed oil is included and often comes in a tank (aka cartridge or atomizer) attached to the battery. Disposable vaporizers are most suited for convenience vaping. 

Reusable Vape Pen

There are also cannabis vape pens that you can reuse. These weed vapes are also commonly called vape batteries and are what powers the vaporizer. When you finish smoking all the products, simply replace the detachable vape cartridge. Reusable vaporizers are best for long-term serious vaping.

Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges

A vape cartridge holds the oil and is the tank that you attach to your cannabis pen battery. The cartridge also contains the atomizer that turns the oil into vapour. There are different types of vape cartridges with varying levels of quality and compatibility. Therefore, you must buy vape cartridges that work with your battery.

Ready to Use Vape Kits

For all you convenience-seekers out there, you can even buy weed vape kits that have everything you need. That includes a reusable weed vape, a pre-filled vape cartridge, and often a carrying case. These vaporizer kits are ideal for users new to the world of vaping cannabis concentrates.

What are Some of the Best THC Vape Canada Products?

Faded Cannabis Co Disposable Vape Pen

One of the top-selling disposable THC vape pens in Canada comes from Faded Cannabis Co.  They have an extensive selection to choose from, including their Cherry Pie, Gelato, Orange Cookies, Grapefruit, Lemon Skunk, Raspberry Cough, Hi-Octane OG, Pineapple Express, Blue Zkittles, Mimosa, Grape Crush, and Strawnana flavours. These disposable vapes represent the true meaning of convenience.

Boost Vape Battery Kit

An excellent choice for those looking for the complete package is Boost Vape Battery Kit. You will find a battery, pre-filled cartridge, and a carrying case. The battery is 510 thread cartridge compatible and conceals the weed cartridge. Furthermore, the vape kit comes with a USB charger. Boost vaporizer products are excellent for a high-quality vaping experience.

BOB Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges

Bob’s Vapes is one of Canada’s leading producers of pre-filled vape cartridges. You might recognize some of their fun and catchy flavours, such as Blu Berri, Bob’s Widow (White Widow), Pin Diesel (Pineapple Diesel), Clem Entine, Water Melon, Jill Ahto (Gelato), and Blue Dream. If you are looking for smooth and potent THC vapes, then look no further. 


How do I Use THC Vape Pens?

Using cannabis vape pens is as simple as can be. Just follow the steps below, and you will be enjoying the therapeutic benefits that await.  Also, you should know that not all vape pens are the same and have different ways to use these cannabis-derived items. Vaping vaporizers are increasing in popularity for good reasons.

Step 1: Connect the Vape Components Together

You first want to make sure all the vape components are correctly connected. If you have a disposable pen, the pieces are typically permanently attached. For reusable weed pens, you will need to screw the cartridge onto the battery.

Activate the Vape Battery

Once all the pieces are connected, you want to activate the battery. You can do this by either holding down the button on the battery or simply inhaling buttonless batteries. Not all pens vape the same, so be sure to read any instructions that might come with your order.

Just make sure to remember to keep your cannabis vape battery recharged if it is reusable. You won’t want to run out of power while you are out. The good news is that these items charge quickly, and you can always have a spare battery if needed.

Inhale and Enjoy the Pens Vape Experience

Once you see vapour, you can inhale the marijuana vape oil into your lungs. Be sure to take it easy for the first hit so you can find the most suitable amounts for you. Sometimes the first toke can be harsh, so take it easy to start. 

The effects should be very similar to other THC products, but keep in mind that marijuana vape pens have a very high tetrahydrocannabinol concentration, making them commonly induce very heady highs for users. 

In Conclusion

There are many excellent options where you can buy vaporizers online in Canada. Just be sure to keep your eye out for benefits and low prices when you buy from any online shop. You can find all sorts of fantastic vaporizer deals that can add value to your vaping experience. 

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