Cheebas Review & Coupon Codes

In British Columbia, Cheebas is one of the more prominent places to buy weed online in Canada. It is also among a handful of outlets that delivers to every territory and province in the country. You can grab all of your favourites here.

The company focuses on the mantra of “we're only happy if you're happy.” It takes pride in that the employees, from management to the janitor, are dedicated pot-smokers.

Cheeba's also boasts an extensive catalogue of strains, both Indica and Sativa varieties. They are certainly one of the most impressive suppliers of imported and domestic hash in the country.

Cheeba's Canada cannabis can also be procured without a medical marijuana card and delivered via mail order. It has led to Cheebas being regarded as one of the most accessible dispensaries locally. The affordable prices of its products and its customer-friendly online store only strengthen this position.

When it comes to online dispensaries, Cheebas always comes up in the conversation. So here's an essential Cheebas review that explores what you might expect from this popular dispensary in Canada.

Cheebas Review

The beginning of our review found us checking out the company website. One of the first takeaways was how easy the site was to navigate. It has a primary menu with a step-by-step layout, leading us through the standard ordering process.

Before placing an order, we had to create a user account and provide a government-issued ID. Once we verified our identification, the rest of the process was simple.

After we placed our order for a batch of Lemon Sour Diesel, it arrived at the door on the same day. It was rather impressive, as many online dispensaries still struggle to ship their products within the estimated delivery period, let alone within a day.

We were disappointed that the packaging was not vacuum sealed, though. The buds inside had begun to dry out.

Upon closer inspection, the nuggets still had a solid citrusy scent, even after being exposed to the cold air for hours. It was also potent after being smoked and irritated the throat upon inhalation. The result was a cottonmouth feel, as well, causing us to reach for a glass of water and wonder about our choices.

Products From Cheebas

Cheebas offers one of the broadest assortments of cannabis and cannabis-based products online, but their three primary products are flowers, concentrates, and edibles.

The store boasts exclusive high-grade strains of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid buds, sourced locally from organic growers. It also offers exotic strains, such as K Bomb and Mimosa, for those who want something different.

If you want something slightly purer, Cheebas has weed concentrates, as well. The concentrates come in distilled live resin, diamond, and shatter varieties sourced from different producers.

The price tag is higher than regular bud, but the store does occasionally offer selected concentrates at a discounted price, as well as a Cheebas coupon code that you can use to save.

Edibles are touted as among the best products in the store, though. The Cheebas website even refers to these edibles as “rockets,” since taking a bite will “send you to orbit.” The sentiment is further confirmed by reviews in Cheebas Reddit forum posts and Cheebas reviews online.

Cheebas edibles are available in various forms, including brownies, cookies, gummies, candies, and chocolate bars. All products are rated FIVE TIMES MORE POTENT than smoking a joint, however. All the products are well within the legal limit of 10mg of THC, so the only way you'll be “shoot over the moon” is if you are a first-timer or you've eaten the entire box in one sitting.

In addition to these critical products, Cheebas also offers other cannabis-infused products, such as pre-rolled joints, hash, vapes, CBD, capsules, oils, and even cosmetics. All the products are covered by a loyalty program, as well as in-house Cheebas discount offers.

Orders above $200 are also free of shipping charges and can take two to five business days, depending on the location.

Overall Rating of Cheebas

Ease of Ordering

Cheebas is one of the best web dispensaries to navigate, apart from creating an account first. Once you have signed up, the purchasing, payment, and tracking are user-friendly and easy to follow.

There were reports of the store having mixed up customer orders, though. Some customers complained about Reddit and online forums that their demands were mixed up three times.

Quality of Products

Cheebas does not ship their products in vacuum packaging, so exposure to the air might result in your items feeling slightly drier than usual. The batch of buds that we ordered was also paler than expected when it arrived. In addition, it emitted a thick heavy smoke, which was irritating at first.

The high was still hard-hitting but non-sedating.

Speed of Service

Once payment has been made, Cheebas immediately prepares the order for shipping. When we placed our order before noon on a Monday, the package arrived later the same day. However, it should be noted that we lived near BC, so expect a delay if you live in far-flung areas.

All deliveries are insured, so if there were an issue in the post, Cheebas would replace the order.


The most significant advantage of Cheebas is that it is one of the cheapest online dispensaries in Canada. The Gold Seal Hash, for example, goes for $5 per gram. The more premium Afghani Cream Hash is only $14 per gram.

Cheebas Coupon Code

The store also has one of the best loyalty programs for dispensaries. You can save anywhere from $20 to $30 in referral credits, and there is also plenty of Cheebas promo code offers.

Is Cheebas Legit?


While it does face tough competition, Cheebas remains one of the best online dispensaries in Canada, thanks to the quality and variety of its products.

The shipping conditions are shoddier than other dispensaries, but it is balanced out that all the orders are insured. It also delivers to remote locations timeously.

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