Ganja Express Review & Coupon Code

The mail-order dispensary industry in Canada is arguably the best globally, and Ganja Express is among its rising stars.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Ganja Express mail order dispensary is one of the newer players in the market. It specializes in legal medicinal-grade cannabis to alleviate various ailments. Mail-order weed is the easiest way to get pot.

Ganja Express was one of the earliest adopters during the Cannabis Act, with the advantage of having an existing base of medicinal marijuana consumers to bring into play. Today, the company is regarded as one of the low-key marijuana distributors, with its subtle packaging and a strong focus on the medicinal advantages of cannabis.

It has also gained a reputation for exceptional customer service and community engagement. You’ll quickly find Ganja Express reviews and Ganja Express Reddit posts on how the company’s staff took the extra effort to help customers with their delivery or refund stolen parcels.

Ganja Express is also a vocal supporter of marijuana legalization in North America. The company has constantly pushed for reasonable access to marijuana for medicinal purposes, helping to change the perception of marijuana to the general public.

Ganja Express Review

The Ganja Express website is quite sleek. It provides easy access to the dispensary’s selection of buds and concentrates, as well as options for Ganja Express bulk orders. It also has an entire page focused on Ganja Express reviews that detail the experiences of customers who have purchased from the company in the past.

The customer reviews are also done anonymously to allow for more honest feedback, and the company’s focus on transparency is admirable.

One of the advantages we saw from the Ganja Express store was its “Create Your Ounce” feature. Customers can choose from its catalogue of locally sourced strains to combine 3.5 grams to 7 grams of their choice, saving up to a 15 percent GanjaExpress coupon in the process.

Another advantage we saw was the vast catalogue of buds that Ganja Express keeps in stock. Whether it is the classic strains or the latest hybrids, we found them readily available on the website. The site also features a dedicated page for new strains, providing a quick and detailed look at each type.

Several strains are also sold at a discounted rate on a rotational basis.

The dispensary has a delivery service on par (or slightly better) than most of its competitors. Ganja Express offers free shipping for orders reaching $100. In the case of lost parcels, it provides a one-time replacement package of up to $500 worth of products.

Products From Ganja Express

Ganja Express boasts more than 200 strains of Indica and Sativa hybrids in stock. Unfortunately, we have no means to verify this, but the catalogue seems to justify that claim with its endless list of buds for sale.

Some strains suit particular tastes, ranging from robust earthy flavours to sweet, citrusy overtones. Some even taste like candy.

Ganja Express claims that the flowers are sourced from a trusted network of craft growers and cultivated under rigorous quality-controlled environments. The flowers are then dried and cured to maximize potency before being rated for quality.

In addition to buds, the dispensary also hosts a sizable collection of concentrates in the form of budders, oil, hash, kief, distillates, and more. These concentrates are more expensive than flowers but much more potent due to a purer THC content (up to 90 percent). So you get more bang for your buck.

The concentrates undergo a strict extraction process to filter out any impurities while retaining the terpenes unique to the parent strain’s flavour and aroma.

If smoking weed is not your preference, Ganja Express also offers marijuana-based edibles of various kinds. You can pick from multiple candies, gummies, capsules, chocolate bars, brownies, and even milkshake mixes.

Each edible is infused with a fixed dose of THC, with the company outlining a specific dosing guideline to ensure consistency with every bite.

Overall Rating of Ganja Express

Ease of Ordering

Buying strains from the Ganja Express website is user-friendly and straightforward. Pick the product you want to add to your cart and complete the purchase once you are done. You can also choose to mix and match strains for a customized package and additional savings.

Quality of Products

The strains offered by Ganja Express are among the best on the market. Each product is sourced locally and is guaranteed to be 100 percent organic and of the highest quality.

Orders are shipped in a sealed package to ensure freshness.

Speed of Service

Once payment has been confirmed, orders can be shipped within two to five days, depending on your location.

Ganja Express also has one of the best support programs in the country, offering comprehensive tracking for parcels and a refund for missing orders. Like other online dispensaries, Ganja Express only accepts e-Transfer as payment.


Ganja Express offers buds by the quarter-pound, with each strain averaging $350 to $400 each. While it may seem expensive at first, Ganja Express bulk orders are cheap when compared to purchasing by the gram.

The store occasionally offers discounts on selected strains as well.

Ganja Express Coupon Codes

A GanjaExpress coupon is not currently available, but a rewards program converts every purchase into loyalty points. Each dollar spent is turned into 1,000 in-store points, which you can convert into $10 discounts.

The discount can be viewed and activated via the Checkout page.

The company also waives shipping fees for Ganja Express bulk orders of over $99.

Is GanjaExpress Legit?

Ganja Express remains one of the leading mail-order medicinal marijuana dispensaries in Canada. Whether it is the extensive product catalogue or the excellent customer service, it is easy to see why Ganja Express reviews are so positive.

Ganja Express is a great place to order your favourite strain, concentrate, or edible, whether a first-time buyer or a seasoned smoker.

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