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Canada has seen its share of cannabis mail-order dispensaries, but one of the old-timers are still kicking today: Herbal Dispatch Canada dispensary. Half a century’s worth of experience in the business is invaluable, and Herbal Dispatch is one of the most respected dispensaries in the country.

Despite its longevity, Herbal Dispatch had only legalized its operations in September 2019. It led to a hiatus in operations for several months, causing some confusion with loyal customers and forums being spammed with questions such as “Is Herbal Dispatch still open?”

The setback wasn’t enough to deter the company, and the move resulted in the store acquiring more shipping services to carry its products. It has made itself more accessible to customers across the country.

For those looking to try mail-order cannabis, Herbal Dispatch is often the first name that appears on web results. It has been further cemented with the dispensary’s rising online following, with Herbal Dispatch Reddit posts and Herbal Dispatch reviews gushing about the quality of its cannabis products.

We decided to revisit Herbal Dispatch and see if their reputation still holds up today.

Herbal Dispatch Review

Since the 2019 revamp, the Herbal Dispatch website and online catalogue have become sleeker and more responsive.

A $25 sign-up discount is the first pop up on the home page—something to take advantage of for first-time purchasers.

The menu is also straightforward and allows you to purchase a strain directly from its description page.

After browsing the store, we decided to pick up 3.5 grams of Blue Dream and a gram of Black Hammer. The payment was made via e-Transfer, and the product arrived in our doorstep within two days.

The strain was wrapped in several plastic layers (harder to smell) and placed within a discreet cardboard box. It’s a relief for those who want a little privacy in their online purchases.

Another outstanding feature was the humidity packs included with our package. Herbal Dispatch is only one of a handful of dispensaries that includes humidity packs, which absorb moisture and keep the bud fresh after days on the road.

For concentrates such as oils, though, the product is packaged in the box with a Health Canada label affixed to the top of the lid.

When we removed our order from the pouch, the Blue Dream had a distinct blueberry aroma that turned into a haze when lit. It gave a relaxed feeling, but it wasn’t strong enough to leave us sedated.

The Black Hammer, a home-grown Indica hybrid, had a stronger, earthy aroma. The pungency deepened after combustion. It gave us a heavy narcotic high, followed by drowsiness.

Products From Herbal Dispatch

The Herbal Dispatch specialty is the impressive array of 100 percent organically grown Indica and Sativa flowers.

The Indica-dominant strains tend to have a sweet or sour aroma with a powerful body high. Its premium Indica varieties, such as Holy Grail and Nuken, have boosted potency levels of up to 20 percent THC content. It retains a mellow experience that lasts for the rest of the day, though.

For Sativa strains, Herbal Dispatch offers varieties that sway towards grassy aromas with an uplifting high. Strains, like Astroboy, have a citrusy flavour with a heady buzz. CBD-heavy variants, such as Mango Haze, tend to have sweet and spicy notes with a more relaxing effect.

The Sativa varieties are strains especially suited to daytime smoking or casual use. It is also ideal for medicinal reasons, such as alleviating migraines, depression, and body pains.

If you can’t decide on the strain you want or you are feeling adventurous, Herbal Dispatch also offers sample packs of the Indica and Sativa products. Each sampler contains up to TEN varieties of hybrids, carefully curated by the dispensary. The ingredients are rotated in and out of each pack regularly, so there’s a variety with every purchase.

In addition to flowers, Herbal Dispatch also boasts a great selection of cannabis concentrates. Choose from several kinds of oils, distillates, budders, hash, and resin-based concentrates.

Overall Rating of Herbal Dispatch

Ease of Ordering

Signing up for an account is easy, and the interface is similar to other online weed shops.

The product description pages have all the crucial information you need, and the site guides you through the ordering and payment process.

If you have questions, the site has a brief FAQ page that answers the most common inquiries, including payment procedures and delivery.

Quality of Products

Herbal Dispatch cannabis strains are among the best in the business. The buds are sourced from reputable growers and shipped in sealed packages to ensure freshness.

Speed of Service

Herbal Dispatch can ship your order within two to seven days, depending on your location. If you live near Vancouver, where the company is located, for example, your order may arrive days earlier than if you ordered a shipment to Winnipeg.


All strains are sold at around $7 to $11 per gram. It is only a tad cheaper than the products offered in other online dispensaries.

Unlike the other shops, though, Herbal Dispatch does not have a lot of discounted bundles or ounce specials to entice you to cash in to for bulk purchases or monthly specials.

Shipping is $15. If you purchase more than $200 worth of goods, then the delivery fee is waived.

Herbal Dispatch Coupon Code

Herbal Dispatch discount codes are seldom available, but the shop does have an awesome referral program.

For every friend that you refer to the shop, Herbal Dispatch hands you $25 in in-store credit. It is quite a lot compared to other online dispensaries that typically offer $10 for friend referrals.

The company also has a rewards program. Every dollar spent in their shop is converted into points, which can be used to save on the next purchase.

Is Herbal Dispatch Legit?

Herbal Dispatch remains one of the most reliable marijuana dispensaries in Canada with decades of experience. The selection of cannabis products is among the most impressive in the industry, too.

First-time customers can take advantage of the generous first purchase discount, as well.

There is much to love about the Herbal Dispatch dispensary, and you’re sure to find any weed products you need.

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