Get Kush Dispensary Review & Coupon Code in 2021

We ordered from Get Kush online dispensary, and we were thrilled with their service. We ordered a variety of flowers, all of which burned great and left us satisfied. We recommend Get Kush as a go-to mail order site. There are many reasons you should shop with them, so read our quick summary review of Get Kush. They rank as one of the best in mail-order weed reviews Canada.

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Get Kush Strains & Packaging

Why Choose Get Kush?

The website has a simple layout and is easy to navigate. They have a really nice design to their site and make it easy to find the products you are looking for.

Perks Galore

Free Half O of Flower with orders over $300

Mix & Match Ounces

Product Variety

In each product category; flowers, concentrates, edibles and topicals, the site has a variety of products. This dispensary has a very diverse range of products, one of the best.

Free Shipping at $149

getkush packaging

This is a great price point for free shipping, with tracking included. Shipping was fast and discreet – the flowers came in sealed containers.

What They Say About Themselves

“At Get Kush Shop, we take this to a higher level by ensuring a smooth and guided process for packaging and delivering our packages for optimum discretion. Nobody does this better than us in this industry. Now you can buy marijuana online and mail order marijuana products online with maximum privacy.”

Get Kush Coupon Codes:

THX10 for $10 Off

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With the recent legalization of marijuana across the country, you would think, buying from mail-order marijuana dispensaries would be easier than ever. In fact, the process may be less complicated now. However, that doesn’t mean it has become 100% safe. Legalization and regulation take time, so you still need to be very cautious about which MOM dispensary you choose. There are many scam sites out there or ones that claim to sell the best product but, in fact, have incredibly low standards. This makes it rather difficult to find a reputable vendor, one that you can trust and rely on. If you’re curious to know how  compares against our list of standards and criteria, this is the dispensary review for you! If you haven’t already, you can read up on the top mail order weed in Canada. Review – Dispensary Full Review & Coupon & Promo Code

Based on the West coast of Canada, the brother-sister duo, Ryan and Nancy, are the brains behind GetKush. Together with their close-knit team, they strive to bring their customers the best quality products for those who may even be on a tight budget. Curious to know what we think? Allow us to share our user experience and provide a review of the company, including our opinion on the buying process.  

Legal Status

Some people are still quite hesitant to buy weed online due to the question of legalities. Luckily, is a legal distributor of marijuana, which means you can trust fully in them for all your MOM dispensary needs. In addition, you can have confidence in them to deliver high-quality cannabis to your doorstep.

Business Practices

The company is grounded in their values and objectives, which is clearly apparent in how they present and deliver its product. They strongly believe in cutting corners to save money. Customer relationships appear to be a strong focus for them. Appreciation for their existing clientele is expressed in the form of monthly contests, free samples with each order, and a points plan (more on that under GetKush coupon codes).

Quality, Purity & Standards

Of all the products ordered and sampled, there didn’t appear to be any issues with quality or purity. The company has strict standards of production and upholds its quality very well. The only comment is that not all items in their product line seem to hold up against high claims of effectiveness or experience. Take, for example, some of their edibles; one example is the gummies. Most people, ourselves included, commented that these gummies had an odd aftertaste of weed. But, on the other hand, products like Death Buddy exceeded our expectations. Selection

GetKush customers are delighted with the product line of this MOM dispensary. They sell cannabis in the form of flowers (sativa, indica, and hybrid), concentrates (shatter, budder, wax, hash, oils), edibles, and variety packs. No matter what your tastes or preferences are, offers a wide selection for all to enjoy. When we placed our order, we made sure to order a few items per category to bring more accuracy to our review.

The GetKush website is easily organized, and you can find exactly what you’re looking for. They also make it super simple to find the top-selling cannabis, new products, and sale items. We had no problems at the ordering stage and best of all, and our products arrived within 48 hours despite there being a Canada Post strike.

Ordering, Payment & Delivery

There's really nothing much to comment on when a company executes the buying process so seamlessly like these guys. When we placed our order, we needed to sign up, add a piece of photo id, pick our items, and check out. Easy as that!

GetKush Dispensary Coupon Codes And Promo Codes

You’d be hard-pressed to find a MOM that offers their customers more discounts than you get with GetKush. So if you’re keen on getkush, go ahead and place your order today. You can mix and match your cannabis strains and take advantage of deep discounts for volume orders.

  • Buy .5 oz – 1 oz = Free Gift
  • Buy 2 oz = Get 15% Off
  • Buy 3 oz = Get 25% Off
  • Buy 4 oz = Get 30% Off
  • Buy 5 oz = Get 35% Off
  • Buy 6 oz = Get 40% Off

The company also offers a loyalty system that allows you to accumulate points and earn discounts on every purchase. For example, for every 25 points, you earn $1. So sign up, and you get 250 points to start! Later, each review you make earns you 25 points, and every item bought adds additional points to your account too!

Also, if that wasn’t enough, sign up for their newsletter and receive a free gram on your first order.


  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Maximum Privacy
  • Free Shipping $149+
  • Fast Shipping (average 48 hours)
  • Points System
  • Volume Order Discounts


  • Some reviews comment the edibles aren’t the best, in particular the gummies.

Overall Rating

The brother-sister team at GetKush have truly built a company with strong values of hard work and incredible customer service and model their business after their father’s well-known wholesale store company. Overall, when we broke down the company standards, quality, product line, ease of ordering, packaging and delivery, what we were left with was a solid cannabis dispensary, one that is focused so strongly on the customer experience. Their huge discounts are unbeatable. You can also fully trust them to deliver your product with the highest amount of discreteness. We give a thumbs up and recommend as a top MOM dispensary for your cannabis needs. Although all of the strains offered by are good, if you’re looking for that extra level of experience, then purchase no less than AAA+ or AAAA+ strains.

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