CannaWholesalers Review & Coupon Code

CannaWholesalers is one of the most popular and affordable online dispensaries in Canada. For years, the brand has made buying weed online easy, safe, and 100% discrete.

As the number of online dispensaries grew, the demand for CannaWholesalers’ products erupted. Today, they provide one of the highest quality mail order weed available online in Canada. All flowers are organically and locally grown, for instance.

With its strong reputation and high-quality products, CannaWholesalers also offers the lowest prices on the market. If you find a lower price somewhere else, they will match it. So when it comes to quality and prices, no competitor can beat them.

In our CannaWholesalers review below, we cover the wide variety of cannabis products they offer, cannabis extracts and concentrates, incredible promotions, and their superb customer service. We’ll also talk about where they can improve, in our opinion.

Overall Impression – CannaWholesalers Review

There are many reasons to love CannaWholesalers. But, seriously, you can’t find better promotions and exceptional “Mix & Match” weed deals anywhere else. For example, 20% off for 2 ounces, 35% for 3 ounces, 45% for 8 ounces, etc. Everything is on sale at CannaWholesalers. 

They can mainly offer such competitive prices because they focus on selling high-quality products, from marijuana flowers to cannabis concentrates and cannabis edibles. The lower ” bulk ” price is available since they sell everything in more considerable quantities versus buying a gram or two; the lower “bulk” price is available. You’ll always find the best deal for your buck.

There is a special “Deal of the Week” every week, available for seven days only. By clicking on “Promo,” you will see all of the current promotions. For example, if you leave a Reddit review, you get 20% off your next order. No other wholesale dispensary in Canada can match that.

Ordering from CannaWholesalers is super easy. All you have to do is sign up, browse the online store, and checkout.

Thanks to the fast shipping service, you will receive your order within a few days. Your shipment will arrive in perfect condition, at your door, and on time. Everything is well-packaged, and the product is vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness. All orders over $100 include free shipping.

The company prides itself on exceptional customer service, no matter what it takes. According to the CannaWholesalers reviews on their site, they pay attention to every client, regardless of the size of their order.

Products They Carry (Products from CannaWholesalers)

Our CannaWholesalers review can’t be complete without sharing our opinion on their product categories and deals. From weed flowers to potent indica Neptune OG and Cannalope Haze sativa, there is something for everyone at

Lemon Cake is one of their specialty products. It is a sativa-dominant weed produced by Heavyweight Seeds. The strain is also known as Lemon Cheesecake and is perfect for those who enjoy a citrus aroma. Consuming Lemon Cake comes with incredible effects; it will uplift your mood, combat stress, and help you feel more relaxed.

You can find two unique products for those who prefer cannabis concentrates: Death Bubba Shatter and Apple Blonde hash. Cannawholesalers hash is the best in the world, for a good reason; it comes from Moroccan soil and will take you to new heights. Apple Blonde hash provides an excellent, mild high, and you can expect to feel relaxed for several hours. If you want to try something a little more substantial, we recommend Death Bubba Shatter, a descendant of Bubba Kush. It’s a top-quality shatter that smells flowery and tastes terrific. After the high, you’ll experience deep, restful sleep.

Although CannaWholesalers doesn’t specialize in cannabis edibles, they do offer tons of delicious products. It will be hard to decide what to buy, from Baked Phoenix Tears and Gummies to White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cups.

If you want to experiment with CBD oils, you can also order products like CBD Peach Jelly Bombs, with 80 mg of 99.9% pure CBD isolate. Or try CBD extract oil capsules.

Thanks to their daily deals and special promotions, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect product at the lowest price. Each week CannaWholesalers updates its deals and mixed flower promotions. In addition, when you purchase bulk amounts, you’ll receive an additional 20% to 45% discount.

Look on their website to find CannaWholesalers coupon codes and vouchers that you can use for your next purchase.

Ratings (Overall Rating of CannaWholesalers)

  • Ease of Ordering: According to CannaWholesalers Reddit reviews and our personal experience, we can say ordering products from CannaWholesalers’ website is super easy. To order, you must first create an account. After that, buying your favorite weed product is one click away. Overall, a quick and easy ordering process.

Ease of Ordering Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Quality of Products: CannaWholesalers has been around for years on the Canadian wholesale dispensary market. Because of their experience, they have strong roots with local BC farmers and producers who cultivate various strains to meet the needs of cannabis users. The company provides the highest-quality cannabis at the lowest prices, guaranteed.

Quality of Products Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Speed of Service: The company takes pride in providing excellent customer service at all costs. They pay attention to small details and make sure every buyer is satisfied; customer service is available 24/7. However, we think they should work on their payment processing system. It can take from 24 to 48 hours to complete your order, which can sometimes be frustrating.

Speed of Service Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

  • Prices: CannaWholesalers isn’t your average online wholesale dispensary. It is their mission to provide high value and low prices when you buy weed online. They offer the best prices in the Canadian market and will price-match any like product, from any store in Canada.

Prices Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dispensary Coupon Code (CannaWholesalers Coupon Codes)

From “Mix & Match” volume discounts to hashish and shatter deals, there are all kinds of special promotions and offers at You can also find coupon codes for even more deals and discounts.

Leave a Reddit review, and you’ll automatically get a coupon for 20% off your next order.

Visit their website at to find even more promo codes and coupons.

Conclusion (Is CannaWholesalers Legit?)

If you are buying in bulk, CannaWholesalers is, without a doubt, your best choice. Their wide selection of cannabis products, friendly, dedicated support, and the fact that they are a legit Canadian brand make the only wholesale dispensary for bulk weed.

To sum up our CannaWholesalers review, we highly recommend you visit to find some of the cheapest and highest quality weed products on the market.

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