The Best Marijuana Dispensary in Vancouver, BC

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If you are in the Vancouver area and are looking to fill your prescription, several weed dispensaries are around to help you with that.  The problem is, deciding which dispensary is best to visit.

You may want to take into account are; the variety of cannabis products that they carry, if they have on-site doctors to assess for a prescription, how helpful they are, and the price of their merchandise.  It's also great when a shop has an on-site ATM, accessories and other goodies.

Below we've reviewed the top medical marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver, based on BC online dispensary reviews.  Downtown Vancouver is an awesome place to get around, and most of these dispensaries as quite close, so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

#1 – AR Cannabis

AR Cannabis started in Vancouver in 2013 (under another name), but since then has grown substantially.  They began as one small dispensary with a passion for providing the highest quality marijuana products and dedication to its customers.  AR Cannabis provides cannabis and cannabis alternatives to patients who are eligible to receive medical marijuana.  They offer an upscale, safe and professional environment.  Also, because of their passion, they are willing to share all of their knowledge and consult with medical professionals regularly; they also have on-site professionals to assess you for a prescription.  AR Cannabis is definitely one of the top-rated dispensaries in Vancouver.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Vancouver

Marijuana as a substance has faced much negative criticism and has often been labelled as a means adopted by people of all ages for recreation. However, what is failed to be acknowledged is that weed has several properties that make it an ideal drug for medical conditions. Retrospection on its use has led many countries to change their laws and allow dispensaries to open. The dispensary Vancouver has started to pick up as a result of these changes.

Importance of legalizing a medical marijuana dispensary Vancouver

Before identifying top dispensaries in Vancouver, it is essential to study why such dispensaries are unavoidable in the city. The reasons are as follows:

  • When something like weed is made illegal then it gives rise to criminal activities. The reason is with proper Vancouver dispensaries chance of any group monopolizing over its trade and distribution is diminished. This prevents criminals from selling it as drugs and also stops those who do not need it from buying such substances.
  • When something is sold at an authentic station where the government is allowing its sale price of item will be stable. When the item is illegal, then the seller gets to rip off customers and charge high rates for the substance with viable cause.
  • With the presence of proper dispensaries in Vancouver, it allows any person who is medically in need of weed to quickly gain access to it. This means that accessibility of weed also increases. Also when cannabis is legalized, it prevents patients from using other numbing agents like alcohol, cocaine, and antidepressants which have grave side-effects and cause severe health related issues.
  • Whether it is the North Vancouver dispensary or one present in other directions when the sale is allowed then, patients are given immediate relief, and this can be crucial for those ailing from chronic illnesses.
  • If the sale is brought under the proper framework of the state, then most significant advantage is that state can conduct policing of quantity of consumption and sale. This cannot be done without a system of Vancouver medicinal cannabis dispensary in place.
  • Rifts between people and government are reduced when these dispensaries are allowed to make their business. This is the least which can be done for medical patients who are seeking these substances for pleasure but reducing their pain. Hence it can be seen as a moral obligation towards suffering persons.

Choosing the best dispensary in Vancouver

There are, without doubt, several dispensaries which are selling weed and the products related to it. However, what needs to be focused on is choosing the place that can be considered the best dispensary Vancouver has to offer you. Some of the main considerations which need to be made include quality distance of the establishment of your home, price charged and where it stands compared to others.

Choice of marijuana pot dispensary Vancouver based on quality

Weed in Vancouver is of different qualities depending on the place from which it is being bought. Those who are patients of different sicknesses are aware that some places sell better qualities than others. Therefore, a customer's task is to identify which place sells the best quality substance and then occupying it.

Cheapest dispensary Vancouver – Selection based on price

Each time a patient goes through a Vancouver dispensary list, they will notice the variations in the price of different kinds of products. This is because there are not just buds that are needed. At times substance needs to vaporize, the dosages differ, and so do the requirements. Hence since the patient is already spending for treatment for their ailment cheap but good qualities weed is what patients look for.

Consider the distance with the Vancouver dispensary map.

The most important deciding factor while purchasing weed is perhaps the distance factor. By distance, one seems to imply the amount of time it would take for someone to procure and make use of the cannabis when it is immediately required. The cannabis dispensary in North Vancouver would be inconvenient for those who live in the west, east, or south. This means that for the sole purpose of quick access, the distance factor plays a crucial role.

Compare the factors and choose the best dispensary for you

Even though every factor above may be satisfactory to the consumer, some patients require a little more. Sometimes they choose one place over another depending on the nature and personality of the salesman. Also, when a dispensary in Vancouver with a doctor is available, most patients would rush there.

The primary reason for this is that they could take a professional opinion and administer the dosage to suit the need of the hour. What seems to be applied is that human nature demands the best facilities. Thus in a competitive environment like Vancouver, it is not uncommon for regular customers to change their stores for some extra privileges.

Making the buy from dispensaries

With the enhancement in the clauses of the sale and purchase of weed, what has been mandatory is the possession of a medical marijuana card. This is compulsory for visiting a weed dispensary in Vancouver and buying products with marijuana. It is realized that marijuana is not just smoked; the intake process may differ, keeping in mind patients' needs. Thus, any item related to cannabis needs to be purchased with the help of a card at a Vancouver medical dispensary.

Getting hold of a medical marijuana card from Vancouver

In most countries, the possession of a medical marijuana card usually requires the customer to meet certain prerequisites. These include the possession of address proof, the eligibility of the person to qualify as a candidate to visit the Vancouver marijuana dispensaries and finally, to get the signature of a doctor verifying the need of the patient to use marijuana. This also includes stipulating the amount of weed that the person should consume for medical reasons. Therefore, buying weed from a Vancouver weed dispensary will be a smooth process with a card in place.Save

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