Pot Cargo Review & Coupon

British Columbia has become a haven for cannabis distributors, and one of its rising stars is PotCargo.

It's incredibly easy to buy marijuana online; the mail-order marijuana online dispensary is starting to make a name for itself with a wide variety of products, particularly in the form of flowers, concentrates, and edibles.

There have been numerous Pot Cargo reviews online that praise the company’s convenient shipping options and friendly staff.

Like many online dispensaries, the PotCargo store sports a minimalist design and limited content, opting instead for a more substantial presence on social media. Its Twitter account is phenomenally active, for example, posting updates frequently regarding product lines, PotCargo coupon code announcements, and promotions.

The team also occasionally pops into discussion forums, with Pot Cargo Reddit posts becoming a hotbed of talk regarding weed varieties and information about relevant events within the community.

Pot Cargo Review

The first noticeable aspect of the PotCargo.com website is that the design steers away from the stereotypical green and leaf motifs. Instead, it has opted for a clean, industrial aesthetic with white, black, and yellow.

We were greeted with a $20 discount offer to sign up, a standard option, but the registration process wasn’t much of a chore as we provided essential information and a shipping address.

We browsed the store for a bit and decided to go with one gram of Julius Caesar and another gram of Gorilla Breath. We paid via e-Transfer, and once we confirmed checkout, it took another 24 hours before our payment was verified.

After six days, the order arrived at our doorstep here in Toronto.

The weed was in a simple Zip-Loc bag, packed into a white XpressPost envelope. We preferred to have the product sealed in two Zip-Loc bags (as other online dispensaries do)—the single Zip-loc wasn’t secure enough and didn’t seal in the smell of the buds effectively.

Once smoked, the Julius Caesar variant had quite a kick. But, of course, it was expected, as the description in the store said, it was designed to be “powerful enough to relieve stress and anxiety.”

The Gorilla Breath was more on the mellow side, with delicious hints of pine and chocolate. It was also not as dry as expected—surprising given the time the product was in transit while stored inside a single Zip-Loc bag.

Products from Pot Cargo

Pot Cargo specializes in Indica and Sativa strains, with the store typically offering twelve to fifteen varieties in stock for each type.

For Indica, the most popular varieties are:

  • Grape God, an Indica hybrid with a sweet aroma and earthy undertone, coupled with a lasting, euphoric high.
  • Black Mamba, which also had a powerful high that lasts for hours. It leaves you with an upbeat and mellow feeling.

For Sativa strains, Pot Cargo prides itself on the King Tut variety. The hybrid traces its lineage to the now-classic AK-47 strain, resulting in lofty THC levels and a feeling of increased energy.

Jamaican Lemonade is also another popular variant in the dispensary, which has a distinctly tropical aroma reminiscent of lemon and grapefruit. The store recommends this strain for all-day smoking, as it is said to promote productivity.

If concentrates appeal to you, Pot Cargo also has a sizable collection of shatter, budder, capsules, hash, distillates, and live resin on the catalogue. These concentrates are sourced from various suppliers, so the quality may vary but is not expected to go anywhere below “decent.”

Our Pot Cargo review would not be complete without a mention of the edibles. As with any self-respecting dispensary, PotCargo has a reasonable number of edibles available.

One of its more popular edible products is the gummies, containing 20mg of CBD per piece or 100mg of CBD per pack. Each pack is also available in various flavours, such as pineapple, tangerine, kiwi, and raspberry.

They offer CBD oil in Canada. The tincture is designed to provide a precise amount of CBD without the need to smoke or eat it. The oil is composed of organic grapeseed oil, MCT oil, and 1000mg of CBD.

Overall Rating of Pot Cargo

Ease of Ordering

Navigating the Pot Cargo website is straightforward. It guides you directly to the account page login.

The cart and payment processes are also fast. However, if you do get confused, the website includes a help page that offers a step-by-step guide to accessing everything.

Quality of Products

The buds that we tried are phenomenal—just as good, if not better, than the many others we’ve tried from various dispensaries.

The concentrates are also reasonable but not unique. Several of the concentrate brands on offer are also available in other online dispensaries.

Speed of Service

The order took nearly a week to arrive end-to-end, although this may be due to the significant distance from British Columbia. So, expect Pot Cargo shipping times to be heavily dependent on how far away you live from the headquarters or the remoteness of your delivery address.


Pot Cargo is among the pricier dispensaries we’ve encountered, with buds at $10 to $12 per gram and edibles priced at around $12 to $14.

The dispensary does offer discounts on selected items regularly. However, if you are on a tight budget, we recommend waiting for the next sale to understand better when to purchase from the store at value.

Pot Cargo Coupon Codes

Pot Cargo offers a $20 sign-up bonus for first-time customers. Sign up, and they will provide a digital voucher for you to be used in conjunction with your first purchase.

You should note that the code only applies to minimum purchases of $99 and up, however.

Also, Pot Cargo discount offers a cycle across its catalogue, so it pays to check the social media platforms for upcoming promotions.

Is Pot Cargo Legit?

If you are concerned about the authenticity of Pot Cargo, you need not worry.

The outlet is a bit on the pricey side, but Pot Cargo offers high-quality cannabis products, which can be shipped anywhere in Canada within a reasonable timeframe.

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