Budmail Review & Coupon Code

Bud Mail is known as one of the leading online weed dispensaries in Canada. Budmail reviews are awash with stories of quality cannabis.

More impressively, Budmail offers a wide selection of cannabis-related products, which is already a feat in itself, in our humble opinion. Many stores typically offer three or four cannabis strains, but Budmail outdoes itself in the product offering arena.

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering: is Budmail legit? It is easy to get sucked into the stories about how Budmail Canada weed is one of the best in the country and how the business's delivery process is the best.

In this Budmail biz review, we prefer to explore whether this reputation is more than smoke and mirrors. Is it worth your time and hard-earned money? Let's find out.

Budmail Review

Despite the company's popularity, Budmail remains a mystery online. However, any order weed online reviews will tell you; they are one of the top services online.

The Budmail.biz website has little information about the company on offer and no official social media presence. Furthermore, despite our team's best efforts to track one down, the company does not even have a corporate email address.

If you have any concerns with Budmail or are looking to find a Budmail discount, the only reliable way to do it is by logging in to your account or signing up.

One silver lining is that Budmail has an excellent online reputation. There's no shortage of Budmail Reddit comments about how the products are always of fantastic quality and how reliable their customer service has proven.

You can also Google the company and find an abundance of stories about how Budmail.com is reliable to buy weed online.

One of the most prominent perks that people talk about is the Budmail discount offers. Dispensary's biggest promotion right now is for customers to receive a free gram of weed with the first purchase. You don't even need to enter a Budmail coupon code for it.

Please create an account, select the product you want to purchase and add it to the cart. The weed freebie will be added upon checkout automatically.

Another critical feature of Budmail is that it only currently accepts Interac e-Transfer as a form of payment.

It does seem to limit your options at first, but as long as you are a Canadian bank or credit union member, sending payment via e-Transfer won't be much of a problem.

Products From Budmail

Bud Mail certainly has no shortage of cannabis products in the shop, but where it shines is in the most extensive collection of cannabis flowers imaginable.

From popular strains to the more exotic kinds, there's something for everyone, and you'll undoubtedly find a strain to your liking.

The dispensary has many flowers to choose from, but the top three that Budmail reviews are always raving about are our Funky Monkey, Dutch Hawaiian, and Cinderella Chunk.

Funky Monkey is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a distinct citrus scent and euphoric high—Dutch Hawaiian mixes classic Dutch weed with the calming buzz of tropical buds. If you are looking for something more refined, Cinderella Chunk is an organically grown, pure Sativa strain sourced from local growers.

Budmail also has other energy-boosting CBD strains and sample packs with various cannabis flowers for beginners to explore.

Cannabis concentrates are another Budmail specialty. These products are far more potent than the average bud and are available in various forms, including budder, hash, distillate, shatter, isolate, and live resin.

The shatter is a particular favourite among customers, as evidenced in Budmail Reddit comments regarding the product.

The concentrates are also available in cartridges for vape pens, which are becoming the rage across Canada.

If you want something more mellow, Budmail offers one of the largest selections of edibles among Canadian weed dispensaries. The store's most famous edible is the Mota THC Chocolate Bar, which has a rich flavour combined with highly potent 300mg of THC.

The Mota bar comes in various flavours, including classic milk chocolate, almond, and mint. It can be divided into six squares for easy consumption or sharing.

Overall Rating For Budmail

Ease of Ordering

Ordering from Budmail is straightforward. Once you have logged in to your Budmail.com account, the site will guide you through the process.

The only downside is that the dispensary only accepts e-Transfer as payment. However, if you already have experience using this payment method, it should not be much problem.

Quality of Products

Budmail is one of the most renowned providers of high-quality cannabis in the Canadian market.

The products are known to provide an unrivalled high, although it can lead to an immobilizing, rich experience, especially for the Indica varieties. However, if that is not to your liking, some buds have a sweet mellow high that is sure to give you a warm buzz for the rest of the day.

Speed of Service

Budmail typically ships within one to three business days, depending on the location. However, as the dispensary is in British Columbia, customers living in the eastern part of Canada may experience delays in shipping of up to five days.

A $10 shipping fee is also added to the final amount, although any orders above $199 will waive the delivery fees.


Budmail cannabis is on the pricier side.

Indica strains go for about $12 a gram, and the more high-end buds can set you back up to $30. The concentrates are among the most expensive offerings, with shatter packs tagged at up to $160.

It may sound like a lot, but it is fair compared to the usual price of shatter at $30 per gram.

Budmail Coupon Code

There's not much to say about the Budmail coupon offerings as these benefits are few and far between.

Is Budmail Legit?

Budmail is living up to its reputation as one of the top providers of cannabis in Canada online.

The products may be pricey, and Budmail coupons are practically non-existent, but the quality and convenience provided are worth the price tag.

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