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​Whether you use dry herbs and concentrates for their medical benefits, or you’re just a recreational user who savours the taste and aroma of thick vapour, the time will eventually come when you begin to consider buying a home vaporizer. That being said, it’s no wonder you’ll start looking for the best desktop vaporizer on the market – after all, vaping is hands down the most beneficial method of consumption when it comes to herbs and extracts. Hence, it’s wise to take care of the top-notch quality of your future device.

The abundance of products will make you feel overwhelmed at first but fear not – as soon as you dig deep enough into the subject and learn the basic features of desktop vaporizers, you’ll soon be ready to identify the best unit for your needs.

Different Types of  Desktop Vaporizers

Finding the best tabletop vaporizer is a very individual case. Not only do home units vary more than your average portable device, but they are also more challenging for your budget.

Money aspects aside, when you find the best desktop vaporizer, you’ll discover a myriad of advantages it comes with. Above all, home units are not constrained by size, weight, shape, or battery life – they’re always here for you when you need them.

Another argument in favour of tabletop vaporizers is the flavour and density of vapour they produce. Simply put, vaping herbs and concentrates from a desktop unit and doing the same with a portable device is a heaven-and-earth experience. Finally, home vaporizers use convection as a healing method, which is impossible with a portable device.

When it comes to finding the best desktop vaporizer, you should know that some models produce vapour differently, and some units are better at bringing out their flavour and density than others. So read on, as knowing these three subcategories of desktop vaporizers may be decisive for your final choice.

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Bag Vaporizers

Inhaling vapour from bag vaporizers is quite a unique experience. Such units work best for meetups with friends, especially if you feel comfortable walking around with the bag, which is quite convenient. The vaporizer will fill the bag with vapour, allowing you to take casual draws from the bag until it’s ready to be filled again. It’s a viable option for people who appreciate both the comfort of use and the good quality of vapour.

Whip Vaporizers

Those who savour the casual session experience will appreciate whip vaporizers. Such units ensure longer smoking sessions with greater capacity and more draws. With a whip vape, you can expect full flavour and very cool vapour that goes smoothly to your lungs. In other words, whip vapes are the desktop vaporizers highly unlikely to make you cough – at least from my own experience.

Direct Draw Vaporizers

Direct draw vaporizers will provide you with an experience similar to a bong or a steamroller. These units are perfect for people who like to squeeze the most out of the vapour’s flavour. However, if you’re aiming at high efficiency, the best vapour density, and the maximum effect from your volume of herb or concentrates, you should turn to a direct draw unit.

Best Desktop Vaporizer Brands

Seeking the best tabletop vaporizer entails starting with reconnaissance and exploring different brands that produce such units.

Each brand has its own style of designing vaporizers, as well as its most renowned products. That being said, before you start scouting on the best brands, you should determine the way you want to vaporize your herbs or concentrates, and once you’re done with that, seek a manufacturer that is well recognized among the community of vaping enthusiasts.

To wrap it up, there is one factor you should particularly pay attention to – users’ reviews. The more 5 or 4-star ratings, the better. After all, no marketing efforts are capable of blotting out a sincere opinion based on personal experience.

Storz & Bickel

Storz and Bickel are placed among the most widely recognized brands within the vaping industry. Thanks to the Volcano Vaporizer, the German manufacturer gained its reputation, whose success paved the way for other brands and products in 2000. When asked about the original vaporizer, most vaping veterans will probably indicate the Volcano model.

It’s no wonder that Storz and Bickel are considered revolutionary brands within the vaporizer industry, particularly on the scene of home vaporizers. The brand is known for its robust and outstandingly durable, and reliable products – that’s why other vaporizers by Storz & Bickel, such as the Mighty and Crafty series, don’t cease to amaze their users with the top-notch quality of finishing.


When searching for the best desktop vaporizer, one cannot walk past Arizer and its products without consideration.

Arizer is a Canadian manufacturer who’s becoming the leader within the vaporizer industry. Not only are they popular for the quality of materials, but they also come with a slightly broader offer than Storz & Bicker. The company produces some of the world's most powerful and durable portable and desktop herb vaporizers.

You’ll find the Arizer Solo model among their portable units, which is the world’s smallest handheld battery portable vaporizer. Nonetheless, Arizer’s most successful child is the Arizer Extreme-Q Vaporizer – a multi-purpose unit with a Whip system, thanks to which you can use it in literally any way. Actually, there’s a reason why the Extreme-Q Vaporizer is called ‘the jack of all trades.

Arizer products will suit any user, and if you also enjoy a sleek and modern design, their vaporizers will strengthen your love for those devices.

7th Floor Vapes

7th Floor Vapes joins the race to win the title of the leading vaporizer manufacturing company in the world. Their mission is to make a better life for all people who are into vaping. The company’s responsible for two highly esteemed units on the global market – Silver Surfer Vaporizer and Da Buddha, both functional and beautifully designed.

7th Floor Vapes does its best to ensure the desired customer satisfaction, as they believe that it’s of utmost importance when it comes to trust between a brand and a customer. With top-class quality parts and a durable core, the company is on their route to finally become the no.1 vaporizer brand in the world. As for now, it seems like 16 years of consistent effort finally bears fruit in preserving a strong position in the industry.

Top 5 Best Desktop Vaporizers

Volcano Classic Vaporizer
Volcano Classic Vaporizer
  • 110V, US electrical plug
  • Temperature range: 130° and 230°C / 266° and 446°F
  • 100% polythene balloon
  • 100% food-grade silicone air system
View on Grasscity
Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer Extreme Q
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Ultra-quiet fan
  • Remote control included
  • 3-foot whip
View on Grasscity
Volcano Plenty

Volcano Plenty

Volcano Plenty
  • Quick heat-up time
  • Portable design
  • Accurate Temperature Control System
  • Analog Thermometer
View on Grasscity
VapeXhale Cloud EVO

VapeXhale Cloud EVO

VapeXhale Cloud EVO
  • Lightweight Cloud EVO unit
  • All-glass air path
  • erpetuheat Heating System
  • Compatible for herbs, oils and waxes
View on Grasscity
Magic Flight Muad-Dib

Magic Flight Muad-DibVapeXhale Cloud EVO

Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box
  • 480°C in just three seconds
  • NiMH glyph batteries and protective caps (2x)
  • 1.5 ft Black draw whip
  • 50+ uses on a single charge
View on Grasscity

If you don’t need to be portable and will always vape in the coziness of your home, it goes without saying that you’re that type of person who’s just meant to have a desktop vaporizer.

Tabletop vaporizers are more reliable, easier to share with friends, more powerful, and easier to set up with all kinds of inhalation programs (balloon, whip, bubbler). In fact, the only advantage of portable vaporizers over desktop units is their mobility – nothing less, nothing more.

As you already know, finding the best desktop vaporizer is not an easy task. The abundance of products, along with the rising numbers of manufacturers, may be confusing at first. Fortunately, by looking at the top best desktop vaporizers reviews, you’ll definitely have your options trimmed down because you will gain insights into which particular units and brands are recommended and trusted by users. Below, you’ll find the best home vaporizers for herbs and concentrates, according to buyers.

1. Volcano Classic Vaporizer

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If there is one vaporizer that doesn’t need an introduction, it’s Volcano Classic by Storz and Bickel. Released in 2001, Volcano Vaporizer has held its pristine reputation for 16 years, which is a good indicator that you’re facing the best desktop vaporizer within the whole industry.

What’s in the package? Volcano Classic is equipped with an innovative Easy Valve Starter Set that allows you to draw even more from the vaping balloons. Furthermore, in terms of various temperature levels, the vaporization temperature can be set between 130 C and 230 C so that you can adjust the unit according to your personal preferences. Once again, the balloons are maintenance-free and always connected, making the vaporizer much easier to use.

One of the greatest advantages of the Volcano Classic vaporizer is the quality and potency of vapour. It only takes a few minutes until you can fill the largest balloons with a potent and flavorful vapour – simply put, it will impress even the most demanding user. More interestingly, Volcano Classic is one of the few vaporizers certified for the medical use of dry herbs and concentrates. When we put these values together with the robust and completely electromechanical design and the shapely, brushed metal cone, it’s no wonder that users consider this product one of the best home vaporizers on the market.

When it comes to downsides, there are two issues with Volcano Classic. To begin with, your vaping sessions will require much more material to get started than the average vaporizer. Another flaw – which could be referred to as a nuisance – is the limited versatility because blow balloons are all you can do with this unit.

In conclusion, the Volcano Classic Vaporizer is the most reliable product on the market right now. So if you’re searching for a desktop unit that won’t break, the “granddaddy of all vaporizers” will certainly serve you well.

Price: $439.99

2. Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer Extreme QView on Grasscity

Unlike Volcano Classic, the Arizer Extreme Q is the most versatile vaporizer right now. Because of various attachments, Arizer Extreme Q can inhale the vapour with the whip or with the balloon.

Also known as “the Jack of all trades,” Arizer Extreme Q comes with even more functions than its former models. First of all, you can now use the fan to force the vapour, which is invaluable in using the whole potential of your stuff. Moreover, this desktop unit works well with both dry herbs and concentrates – this, without a doubt, compliments the overall versatility of the device. So it doesn’t matter if you want to go big with your vaping sessions or prefer to stay casual; Arizer Extreme Q will adjust to the circumstances. Plus, it has a remote control in case you fall into a lazy mood.

However, when compared to Volcano Classic, Arizer Extreme Q doesn’t produce such a flavorful vapour, not to mention that it’s not that its use may become slightly irritating for large groups of vapers. Nevertheless, for a price of $170, the value this vaporizer provides is unparalleled, so if you’re a casual vaper, you may freely write this model down on your list of best desktop vaporizers.

Price: $169.99

3. Volcano Plenty

Volcano PlentyView on Grasscity

It’s high time you met another Storz and Bickel powerhouse – the Plenty Volcano Vaporizers. Volcano Plenty deserves its third place among the best desktop vaporizers because it is potent, user-friendly, and adjustable for group settings.

Unlike the Classic model and the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer, the Plenty unit doesn’t use balloons or whips – this is a true direct-draw vaporizer. Another favour of this model is that it’s hand-held, which means there are no balloons or bags included in the kit.

Combine this with a potent heating system and a really capable bowl, and you’ll be close to finding the best compact desktop vaporizer in the industry. In addition, the power of the Volcano Plenty unit will ensure the best long-lasting sessions with the powerful hits drawn from the device.

Alas, Volcano Plenty has one major downside, i.e. it consumes herbs like a hog, so when considering this option as your vaporizer, make sure you are in a good economic situation.

Price: $217.00

4. VapeXhale Cloud EVO

VapeXhale Cloud EVOView on Grasscity

If you feel like you’re one of the toughest high-tolerance beings on the planet, the VapeXhale Cloud EVO vaporizer may soon verify your self-esteem. Being one of the best desktop vaporizers on the market, this unit also has an unmatched reputation for being the hardest-hitting device within the whole industry.

VapeXhale Cloud EVO is meant to be used with a bubbler, also known as a Hydratube. The Hydtratube makes it easier for the user to handle the gargantuan vapour clouds coming out of this inconspicuous unit, as it smooths out the vapour with water filtration.

What makes VapeXhale Cloud EVO place so high on the list of best desktop vaporizers? First, it’s actually the only vaporizer with an all-glass air path, as the route is completely separated from the heating element and electronic stuff. Furthermore, there’s the seducingly flavorful vapour coming out of this desktop unit. In fact, VapeXhale Cloud Evo produces the best taste of vapour among all desktop vaporizers in the low-to-mid temperature levels.

So it is not only one of the strongest but also one of the safest desktop units for all vapers.

Price: $449.00

5. Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box

Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate BoxView on Grasscity

While it’s arguable whether you can call this unit a desktop vaporizer, it is hands down the best vaporizer for inhaling concentrates.

The size of the Magic Flight unit may not make you take the device seriously, but as soon as you learn how quickly it can heat to 482 C, you’ll stop questioning the power of this vaporizer. Interestingly, the model was crafted by over 30 artisans in California, and a signature lifetime warranty protects it. If you appreciate durable vaporizers whose single charge can handle over 50 uses, you’ll be more than satisfied. Moreover, the Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box is also equipped with a charger so that you can enjoy your concentrates in the comfort of your home. Thanks to a convenient whip, the experience of taking draws from your concentrates reach a new dimension.

Unfortunately, this vaporizer is made exclusively for concentrates, so while it’s undoubtedly one of the most powerful vaping units for extracts, it won’t work with dry herbs. That being said, such a constraint may loom a shadow over your final choice.

Price: $119.00

Other Quality Desktop Vaporizers

As you may have noticed, most products from this list of top 5 best desktop vaporizers are from Storz & Bickel or Arizer. While these products are unmatched for overall quality, they may be quite challenging for your budget. If you can’t afford an expensive vaporizer, or you’re just starting your adventure with herbs and concentrates, you may want to consider the following units:

  • Da Buddha Vaporizer – the Da Buddha Vaporizer from 7th Floor Vaporizers is an American heavy-weight desktop unit with a simple design and thick clouds of flavorful vapour inhalable through a whip. However, bringing it to higher temperature ranges is not recommended, as the vapour will get very harsh.
  • Silver Surfer Vaporizer – it’s another product from 7th Floor Vaporizers that features a variable speed forced-air fan for people with sensitive lungs. You can expect the same potent performance as if you inhaled the vapour from Da Buddha. Again, it’s one of the top-of-the-line units. Upon the purchase, you will also receive a 3-year warranty as well.
  • Arizer V Tower – one of the cheapest desktop vaporizers from the producers of the Extreme Q unit. It offers digital temperature control, a ceramic heater with a lifetime warranty, and a full accessory kit. If something breaks down with your vaporizer, you can always count on the brand's excellent customer service.
  • VaporCup Vaporizer – a true lifesaver for herb and concentrates consumers who care about their privacy and appreciate discretion. This desktop vaporizer comes with an ultra-discreet cup design, stainless steel construction, 1-year warranty, and temperature & battery level display, not to mention that it’s pleasingly easy to clean. In addition, the product is compatible with dry herbs.
  • Vapir Rise Vaporizer – this vaporizer has been painstakingly developed by the specialists at Vapir and is considered one of the best desktop vaporizers with a modern design. The kit includes 3 inflatable balloons, 2 silicon tubes, and different-sized mesh screens for dry herbs. Considering the ratio of price to quality, Vapir Rise Vaporizer seems like an interesting pick.

As we’re getting closer to the end, it’s critical to pinpoint the key features of a decent desktop vaporizer. So we gathered them in a small buyer’s guide you’ll find below.

Must-have Features of The Best Desktop Vaporizer

While all vaping units – both desktop and portable – serve the same purpose, which is delivering the ultimate experience to the user, some crucial factors will influence your final decision, more or less.

  • Herbs or concentrates? It’s a mandatory question you should ask yourself. When choosing the best desktop vaporizer, you should draw your attention to deluxe tabletop models equipped with an attachment for concentrates, which make such a device a perfect choice for medical consumers. In terms of this criterium, it all boils down to your own preferences. If you enjoy potent hits that don’t require decarboxylation, you’d probably go for a more expensive home unit with the above attachment. On the other hand, if you’re loyal to dry herbs – or have never heard of concentrates – you can save some money on your vaporizer by purchasing a unit designed exclusively for vaping flowers.
  • Budget – settling a budget is a must before you start shopping for a desktop vaporizer. In fact, if you’re a novice vaper, you may very well give up on purchasing a home unit and instead turn to a portable vaporizer. Nevertheless, when you decide to buy a tabletop vaporizer, some models may feel intimidating because of their price. Fear not, as you don’t have to break a bank to buy one of the best desktop vaporizers on the market. Sometimes, a sum slightly above a hundred dollars will do the job – unless you’re a savoury vaper who seeks more sophisticated experience.
  • Convenience – this actually comes down to the way you want to use your vaporizer. If you prefer vaping on-demand, concentrates will make a lot of sense, as there is no heating time, and the whole process takes less time. Preparing the device is also of great importance. When vaping dry herbs, you should clean your device regularly, not to mention that you must load the chamber before using the ground herb. Last but not least, determine the method of inhalation. Do you enjoy vaping with balloons? Or are you a fan of inhaling the vapour directly or through a whip? Think about it for a second before you launch the search engine.


Choosing the best desktop vaporizer for herbs and concentrates may be a hard nut to crack. First, determine the purpose and key features of your dream vaporizer. Then, before you start hunting on tabletop vaping units, read the user reviews of a particular model on the Internet – it will surely help you make the final decision by eliminating products that are not worth consideration.

When you trim down your choices and find yourself the best desktop vaporizer, it will serve you for years, and should anything bad happen to your home unit, most manufacturers provide their customers with a textbook example of customer service, let alone the extended periods of warranty almost each top vaporizer brand ensures.

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