Kush E-Juice Review – CBD E-Juice

Created by the same company that produced Sea Cream and the Life Elixer enriched natural health product line, Vitality Health is the parent behind the Kush E-Juice brand. Based on our research of Vitality Health CBD, we gave them a thumbs-up review; now we’re here to share our thoughts on CBD juice. If you want to know all there is to know about this line of vape CBD,  continue reading our Kush E-Juice Review.

Kush CBD e-Juice Product Line

Offering what the site claims as ‘Three delicious flavours’ for their line of CBD E-Juice, the fun and colourful packaging alone make their product enticing enough to try.

Each of the flavours; Tropical Kush, Blueberry Dream, and Passion Explosion, are:

  • VG based
  • Cannabidiol enriched
  • Certified Propylene glycol (PG) free
  • Certified diacetyl-free

Tropical Kush

The Tropical Kush flavour contains notes of fresh raspberries for the perfect amount of tartness, pineapples, and blueberries' sweetness. The tropical medley claims to be the ideal balance to the hemp terpenes. You can either ingest this product as a CBD tincture or vaporize (CBD juice)

Blueberry Dream

From the way the company describes the Blueberry Dream flavour, it appears to be its top seller. They create this flavour from a mix of blueberry terpenes infused with the perfect amount of strawberries, freshly picked and, of course, hemp terpenes. Based on their product highlights, the consumer can expect a sweet yet tart flavour. Blueberry Dream is also made to be either vaporized or ingested as a tincture.

Passion Explosion

The third flavour in the Kush E-Juice line is a bit more difficult to describe, and here’s why. Everywhere on the site advertises this flavour as Passion Explosion; however, when you look at the product description, you’ll read about an entirely new flavour, WaterLemon Punch. So it’s not clear which product you will receive if you place an order for the Passion Explosion but, you can expect a unique flavour, that’s for sure. The company describes the WaterLemon flavour as tasting odd. They say it is one of those combinations you may question at first, but after trying once, you’ll keep coming back for more, with a mix of fresh fruit terpenes infused with the tart yet sweet flavour profile of lemon rounded off with organic blueberries.

As with the other two Kush E-Juice flavours, the WaterLemon is no exception for quality. It is VG-based, CBD infused and can be ingested or vaporized.

Buy Kush E-Juice

The site still has some kinks to work out. One example is, when you go to the product description for the Tropical Kush flavour, you will notice that you cannot click on the buy button; it only links you back to the page you are already on. Therefore, you must either select your item from the products page or click on the product itself from the home page to buy this flavour. The process may sound complicated. However, it’s quite straightforward; there’s no need to panic.

Also, every page seems to show the three flavours in a slightly different order. Although this isn't a big deal, it can throw you for a bit of a loop. So, before selecting and purchasing a product, make sure you have chosen the correct one.

Final Kush E-Juice CBD Review

It is quite apparent; the site is relatively new. This is noticeable on many of the pages where you cannot click and navigate to another section (ex. For example, on the bottom of the home page, you would expect to click on the ‘What is Cannabidiol’ or ‘Benefits of CBD’ titles and view a post on these topics; at the moment, this is not the case. There are also icons you would expect to click and be linked to their social networks, but this too has not yet been enabled. As they recently launched the site, it appears that many of the components are still in the development process.

It is not as easy to navigate as its parent site, Vitality Health; overall, it provides you with the information you need to know what you are buying. Take a read below for more details.   

Ordering: The process of ordering a product seems to be very simple. All you have to do is select your item, go to your cart, and check out.

According to their site, their product line is currently available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec. When placing your order from the ‘cart,’ you can select shipping to Canada or the USA.

Free shipping or Express post ($14.99). If shipping to the USA, there is no tax added.

Payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit.

Communication: Through the contact form on their site, you can get in touch with a customer service specialist who aims to respond within 24 hours.

Product/Price: The products range in cost from $69.99 – $129.99 depending on the size, either 60ml or 120ml. You can buy Kush E-juice either online or in a retail location. Unfortunately, they have not listed where exactly their retail locations are; therefore, it’s best to contact them directly at info@kushejuice.ca for further information on where you can find them in your area.

In our Kush E-Juice review, we’d rate the company’s product line somewhere in the middle. Although they’re on their way to knocking out the competition, they’re not quite there yet. Overall, their website does still needs some work to make the customer experience more accessible to navigate. But, at present, what they do offer does appear to be of exceptionally high quality. Having the ‘Enriched by Vitality Health’ behind them also provides them with that little extra bit of credibility that says, ‘We’re a brand you can trust in. To learn more about their product line and offerings, visit their official site or shop the Kush E-Juice product line.

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