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With a focus on creating the ultimate vaporizing experience, Dr. Dabber, a Nevada company with their online based platform claims to make some of the best vaporizing pens and accessories on the market. The company strives to create products that allow you the maximum experience and enjoyment while minimizing your health risks. Their mission is to create the ideal vaporizer that is portable, convenient, reliable, potent, effective, stylish yet low profile and are committed to delivery their top quality products to their customers by way of top notch customer service. If you’re asking what a vape pen even is and why you’d want to purchase one from Dr.Dabber, we’ll bring you up to speed and provide you with all the product details along with our complete Dr. Dabber Review to give you the knowledge to make an informed decision about which product to buy.

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Best of all, when you purchase from Dr. Dabber you’ll also be able to benefit from many savings via coupons and accumulated points!

Why Choose Dr. Dabber?

If you’re wondering what makes Dr Dabber so great and how exactly it stands up to the competition, the answer is quite simple. For starters, every product created by the company is purpose built meaning that each vaporizer is quality crafted for its precise application. With Dr. Dabber’s unique titanium tech, they definitely set themselves apart from the competition. The titanium tech is the force behind each vaporizer of the Dr. Dabber product line. It works by  the application of lower temperature heat applied to the essential oils that are present in the vape pen. The lower heat resistance set up means that you won’t risk burning off the oils.

Dr. Dabber is continuously at the top of their game when it comes to the introduction of new tech. April 2018 saw the announcement of their induction technology, and years previous, several advancements were made based on customer feedback and demand for new requirements. In addition to their product development and desire to actively strive and create the ideal vaporizer, Dr. Dabber is also heavily involved in various charitable organizations  such as the Breast Cancer Foundation, where they partnered for Breast Cancer Week to help support awareness and education of the disease.

Product Line Overview

ProductUnique Selling Points Image


(Full Kit)

 Dr Dabber Ghost

Original Vaporizer by Dr Dabber

Low Heat

 Under $70
 Dr Dabber Aurora

Top of Line Unit

Most Versatile

3 Heat Settings

3 Atomizers

 Under $100
 Dr Dabber Boost


1st Battery

Operated Oil Rig

 Under $160
 Dr Dabber Light

Compact Version of Ghost

Small Battery

Loading Chamber

 Under $50

*Continue to the end where we’ll include information on various

Dr Dabber discount codes!

​*With every online order, Dr. Dabber throws in a free Mat and Bubble Cap on every purchase!

Choosing A Vaporizer

​​The reason you’re here may be because you’re convinced that Dr. Dabber is the brand for you when it comes to vaporizer pens and vape accessories. Now it’s time to select a particular vaporizer. Not sure what to look for in a vaporizer pen, we’ve got you covered. We’ll go over the standards and criteria that make a good product so you know what to keep an eye out for when choosing your vape pen.


​With a vaporizer, you get what you pay for so definitely keep this in mind when you’re setting your budget. Ideally, if you have 70+ to spend, you’ll be able to purchase a higher quality vaporizer that will excel in performance in comparison to the lower budget models.

Portable / Desktop

Not sure if you want a portable or desktop vaporizer; first ask yourself where you plan to vape. If you’re mostly vaping inside, then a desktop model will suit. These units can be plugged in to the wall outlet and are easily rechargeable. You can choose between three different types of desktop vaporizers. The first, a whip vaporizer works by pulling the vapor out of the vaporizer while another type, the ballon/bag vaporizer transfers the vapor to a bag or balloon that gradually inflates as you vape. The balloon vaporizer is great if you plan to be vaping in a group. For the best of both worlds, opt for a desktop dual vaporizer.

For those who are always on the go, a lighter model such as a portable vaporizer will be your best bet. Portable vaporizers tend to have a wider body, which also means they have a larger herb capacity, and are less discrete.

Compatibility of Concentrates

​What type of concentrates do you planning on vaping? Dry Herbs, Oil, or Wax? It’s important to choose the right vaporizer for the concentrate you plan to vape because if not, you could risk damaging your vape pan or worse, negatively affecting your health even more. Ex. A dry herb must be vaped at a low temperature otherwise it will combust and produce toxic by-products.

​Battery / Flame / Butane Powered

​If you’ve chosen a portable unit, the next thing you’ll have to decide is whether you want a vaporizer that is battery, flame, or butane powdered. Battery powered units are easily rechargeable and will need to be plugged in periodically. Make sure that whatever unit you purchase, it has a lithium ion battery; these types of batteries are the longest lasting. Flame powdered units can be easily heated with an ordinary lighter; note that they are less efficient and produce a thinner vapor. Butane vaporizers use butane to heat the vaporizer unit; regular filling of the vaporizer will be required.

Product Line Reviews

Now you know the Dr Dabber product line and it’s time to take a look at our full product reviews to help you fine tune your decision on which one to buy. By the end of each review, you’ll have a better understanding of the vaporizer that suits you best.

​Dr Dabber Ghost Review

The original, high class & low profile vaporizer for oil and wax! Budget wise, the Dr Dabber Ghost comes in under $100 for the full vape kit but you’d expect it to cost a heck of a lot more based on the sleek look, excellent performance and attention to detail that has been taken in its manufacturing. Many Dr Dabber Ghost Reviews concur that this is one of the best model starter kits for a vaping beginner. Even advanced users love the Dr. Dabber Ghost for its portability and quality in make and performance. With a Li-Ion battery, that runs for roughly 350-400 hits, you can depend on the Dr Dabber Ghost to be long lasting.

Included in the full kit:



​Dr Dabber Aurora Review

For a next generation product, the Aurora brings together a combination of advancements in innovation and ‘low heat’ technology, along with a discrete design and a sleek and silk finish. If that’s not enough, the fully magnetic connections enable the user to enjoy a smooth vaping experience. The Aurora is a great vaporizer for those that like to keep it simple. Thanks to the magnetic connection, you won’t have to worry about threading; simply click and connect. Interested in using a variety of oils and waxes too? No problem! With the option between three atomizers you’re able to easily change between either the Quartz Rod (for low viscosity oils), Ceramic Rod (best for wavier oils), and the Ceramic Halo Heater (best for high viscosity oils). The shotgun style tip along with ceramic mouthpiece is not only ergonomically fit but allows for an improved airflow which means, no more issues with clogging!

Included in the full kit:



​Dr Dabber Boost Review

If you want it all, Dr Dabber Boost has it all! For a portable dabbing experience, the Dr. Dabber Boost will be your man! If you’ve been looking for a way to replicate the dabbing experience, then you’ll love this model. Simply attach the glass water filter piece to the Boost and you’ll be on your way to enjoying one of the best portable dabbing experiences you’ve ever had!

This battery powered dab rig employs a titanium domeless nail, modular heating element and best of all, no torch is required. This is literally the best vaporizer around; allowing you the flexibility and customization to heat a number of concentrates to the temperature you desire. The easy to use dabbing system, heats to an optimal temperature with only the touch of a button, providing you with a strong performance and high quality dab hit like never before.

Included in the full kit:



​Dr Dabber Light Review

Introducing the most discrete vape pen by Dr. Dabber, also the compact little brother of the Ghost. Dr Dabber Light reviews agreed that if you’re looking for a less expensive version of the Dr Dabber Ghost but still want the incredible function and design then choosing the Dr Dabber Light will leave you more than satisfied. Whether you’re using wax or oil concentrates, this model will work great with either. What’s great about Dr Dabber Light is that if you’re accustomed to using E Cigarettes or even simply smoking a standard cigarette, using the Dr Dabber Light model will feel rather similar.

Included in the full kit:



Dr. Dabber Discount Code

​Dr. Dabber covers everything you could want and still gives you more on top of it. In addition to their affordable pricing for the top notch products, they also offer a number of ways to save on your purchase as well!

Dr. Dabber loves to Reward – Take a look at 3 ways they give back to you


Refer a friend (10% coupon for them – 500 points to you!)

​The best Dr Dabber coupon code is rewarded by referring a friend to purchase from Dr. Dabber; there are other ways to be rewarded though, see below.


Now… Turn Your Points Into Rewards!


Final Verdict

​Not only would we highly recommend the products offered by Dr. Dabber but we would also send our praise to the company. From what they display in their extensive product development and innovation, high level of customer service and commitment to creating the most ideal vaporizer on the market that is effective, stylish, potent, portable and low profile. If you’re looking for a starter vaporizer we’d recommend the Dr Dabber Ghost; it’s great for the beginner user as well as a great vaporizer for even the advanced user. For those of you wanting a luxury vaporizer with a performance like no other, we’d highly suggest the Dr Dabber Boost; it’s well worth the money you’ll spend. In the end, whichever Dr Dabber vaporizer you choose to go with, remember that you’re going to want to make sure it has all the features and specs that make a great vaporizer. If you need to refer to what these are, you can take a look back at our section on Choosing A Vaporizer. Follow our list and compare the considerations against our Dr Dabber Reviews and we’re sure you’ll find the right product for you.

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