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Rated as the #1 Hemp CBD company of the year! With a name like Bluebird Botanicals, if you’re under the impression that this is a pure brand connected to nature and focused on providing a high-quality product that has minimal negative effects on the environment, you’re right! Bluebird Botanicals are a hemp extract and CBD company that crafts all their products with care.

In our Bluebird Botanicals review, we’ll cover company info, a Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil review, share with you some coupon codes for the products, bring you information on Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Oil, and provide a short comparison between Bluebird Botanicals vs Charlotte’s Web. For all this and more. Stay tuned!

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The Company: Bluebird Botanicals

Established in 2012, Bluebird Botanicals has grown and processed their high-quality hemp throughout Colorado, USA, as part of the Department of Agriculture Hemp Pilot Project. Bluebird Botanicals is committed to creating products that provide all the benefits of cannabis without the high. You can find extracts, isolates, vape, concentrates, capsules, pet products and hemp apparel all on their website. You can also find their products in several other states across the USA and the United Kingdom in many retail locations.

Bluebird Botanicals hemp oil, along with other products manufactured by the brand, undergo extensive 3rd party testing on every batch. In addition, the company is extremely transparent with displaying the results directly on their website.

Why Choose Bluebird Botanicals?

Bluebird Botanicals Reviews

​One of the great things about Bluebird Botanicals is that they offer a simple product line that has an option for everyone. So please take a look below at our Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil review and our Bluebird Botanicals Hemp oil review to find out the best one for you.

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Review

​If vaping is your chosen way of taking your CBD oil, the product ideally suited to you needs will be the CBD Vape Oil by Bluebird Botanicals. Available in two sizes, 0.33 oz (333mg CBD) and 1 oz (1000mg), enjoy a smooth and unflavored vaping experience no matter what sized bottle you order.

What’s In the bottle:

Hemp Extracts

​Choose from either the hemp classic, hemp complete, or the signature; which can all be purchased in either 1/3oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, or 8oz bottles. Wanting to try all three hemp extracts, they also have the sample pack. The hemp extracts from Bluebird Botanicals are filled with phytonutrients. They use full-spectrum hemp packed with health-beneficial natural components such as vitamins, fatty acids, and amino acids. All of the products listed below are vegan friendly, GMO-free, Gluten-free, and don’t contain sweeteners.

​This is the original hemp oil in the line and also the most budget conscious. If you’ve not tried hemp oil before then this is a good place to start. Hemp classic contains only hemp and naturally occurring compounds without the addition of any other ingredients. If purity and potency is what you’re looking for, you’re going to want to get your hands on this.

​The complete blend contains the decarboxylated and non-decarboxylated (raw) forms of cannabinoids in a ratio of 1:1. A water-distilled hemp extract containing many known terpenes is also added. When incorporating both forms of cannabinoids plus the terpenes, you are left with the most comprehensive product on the market. Bluebird Botanicals Hemp oil reviews praise Hemp Complete for its effectiveness and fast-acting power. Hemp Complete is a product with high potency ingredients and has undergone a quality level of production. If you’re looking for hemp oil that will improve your sleep quality, boost your immune system and contribute to the overall good health of your system, Hemp Complete is your complete solution.

​The hemp signature is the new improved version of the classic blend with the addition of ingredients that will help improve your general wellness. Reviews do admit that the signature blend tastes quite a bit harsher than the rest but the effectiveness of the extract more than makes up for it. For a more potent, health rich blend that will re set your body, try our the Hemp Signature.

Concentrated Extracts

​The extracts described above are the original blends of the hemp oils from Bluebird Botanicals. Although they are highly effective, they do not even come close to the concentrates from Bluebird Botanicals. Why is that? Rather than containing 250mg per fluid ounce of cannabinoids, each concentrated extract contains 1,500mg. You can find the concentrated extracts in the Classic, Complete, Signature blends and the Sample Pack with 6x the potency. The only difference between these and the extracts mentioned before is the levels of concentration. All of the concentrated extracts are made with the same ingredients and the same processing as the extracts. With a higher concentration of cannabinoids, they are more powerful, potent and, as a result, may be more bitter-tasting which is why we’d recommend mixing them in with your smoothies or other juices to tone down the harsh flavour.


For anyone not too fond of taking Bluebird Botanicals hemp oil directly, you can opt for a broad spectrum hemp oil capsule instead. Bluebird Botanicals hemp oil reviews agree that the taste of their hemp oil extracts is strong, bitter and overall isn’t the most pleasant. However, if you still want all the benefits of hemp oil without nasty taste, you can get your capsules here. Additional ingredients that are contained in the capsules are glycerin, gelatin, and purified water. You can purchase either a 450mg bottle (30 capsules) or a 90mg bottle (60).

Bluebird Botanicals Coupon Code

Who doesn’t like savings? Bluebird Botanicals loves giving back, which is why they offer a 20% off coupon code for anyone who places their first retail order. Simply use the code ‘first time at the checkout, and your Bluebird Botanicals coupon code will be automatically applied.

The company also recognizes that you may not be able to afford a CBD oil product due to finances, which is why they offer an assistance program for anyone falling into the low-income category. In addition, veterans and individuals with disabilities may also be able to benefit from the assistance program.

Bluebird Botanicals vs Charlotte’s Web

We want to start by saying that both companies have a solid reputation for creating high-quality CBD hemp oils. However, there are a few main differences between the two, they include:

Carrier Oils – Many of the Bluebird Botanicals products use hemp seed oils in their blends, while Charlotte’s Web products, for the most part, do not. The only exception is the Charlotte’s Webb product line is found in one of their CBD Oils (mint chocolate flavour) which contains a seed oil. Many studies say there are potential risks of consuming seed oils, but it’s always best to do your own research to decide for yourself.

Price Point – Both products are costly; however, Charlotte’s Web is substantially higher than Bluebird Botanicals. On the other hand, Bluebird Botanicals offers quite a large discount through their assistance program, which raises how much they are actually marking up their product.

Refund Policy – You’ll notice that both of these companies offer only a limited return policy, mainly around 30 days and have specific conditions. Before purchasing either of these products, make sure to review their return policy thoroughly so you know exactly what it covers.

Let’s Wrap Up

​Bluebirds Botanicals has two main concerns at the top of mind: environmental impact and customer satisfaction. Everything from how they grow their product to harvesting and extracted all the way to what it’s packaged in is centred around limiting any negative environmental impact possible. They not only manage to protect the environment as they produce their product, but they do it while creating a line of products that help contribute to the user's overall wellness. Based on Bluebird Botanicals reviews, their products are pure, potent and effective. Out of all the products in the line, we’d recommend the concentrated extracts! For those choosing other forms of taking their hemp oil, Bluebird Botanical CBD Oil reviews praise the vape oil for offering a new and improved way to reap all the benefits of the compounds without the nasty flavours. Bluebird Botanicals really has it all, from their product offerings to their commitment to customer service and finally to delivering their users with the best quality product on the market.

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