The Best Vaporizers for Weed on the Market

Vaping has suddenly got on everyone's being the safest and the healthiest method to consume cannabis. As a matter of fact, the vaping segment is now an important part of the already booming marijuana industry. It’s no wonder that vaping devices are preferred by more and more over joints, pipes, or bongs; by vaporizing your dry herbs or cannabis extracts, you can draw the most out of your material without inhaling toxic substances like harmful carcinogens. Besides, there’s simply no better feeling than being able to taste the full terpene profile of your strain by puffing dense and flavorful clouds of vapour.

Types of Cannabis Vapes

For every vaper out there, there’s a time when they start seeking the best vaporizer for weed. Truth to be said, the very term ‘best marijuana vaporizer’ is quite misleading, as there is no such a thing as THE ultimate vaping unit for everyone. While some vapers prefer to indulge in their herbs and concentrates in the comfort of their home, others like to do it on the go, so first things first, it all boils down to the size of your unit. While most desktop vaporizers are versatile in terms of the material used, portable vaping pens are meant for either herb or concentrates. Yes, sometimes you will come across so-called all-in-one units, but then, you might not be ready to undertake such a costly investment yet, as these vaporizers are generally more expensive.

CBD & THC Vape Pens

These are the most common type of cannabis vape available on the market today. These are pre-filled with cannabis extracts (distillate or full-spectrum oil), featuring a disposable battery or battery with replaceable cartridges.
Check out our review of THC Vapes in Canada here.

Portable Vaporizers

Click it, heat it, vape it – does it ring a bell? That’s how the best portable vaporizers work – no need for a good lighter. We live in a very tech-forward era, thanks to which you can conceal the huge potency of a vaping unit in a compact size. Given this, if portability is your thing, you’ll be amazed by the sea of possible options to select from in online headshops. However, unlike desktop units, vaping pens require a source of energy to be used continuously or another battery if you don’t mind spending extra money. It also goes without saying that portable vaporizers won’t ever be as efficient as their home counterparts, but the pocketability and user-friendliness of such devices are simply priceless.

When choosing from the best vaporizers for marijuana, you must answer one simple question: herbs or concentrates? These concealable vapes are usually reserved exclusively for either dry cannabis or marijuana extracts, although you can also find all-in-one units on the market.

Shall we?

Flower Vaporizers

If dry herbs are your pair of shoes, you’ll probably pursue the best portable flower vaporizer for drawing the most out of your cannabis strains. Such units are characterized by compact size, and an interchangeable battery powers them. To vaporize your herbs, you need to pack them into the dedicated chamber.

That’s pretty much it; you can now start vaping on the bounty of nature by taking casual draws each time you desire.

The vast majority of flower vaporizers come equipped with a LED display screen that enables you to select from various temperature settings. Back then, portable vapes for herbs were criticized for operating on a single fixed temperature which compromised the overall experience. Fortunately, these times are long gone, and now, some of the best vaporizers for flowers include up to even 8 temperature settings, which is pretty much if you ask us.

Last but not least, if you choose your device wisely, you’ll be granted the possibility to capture the nuances of each strain you vaporize. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Wax Pens

In other words, wax pens are vaporizers for cannabis concentrates. Like flower vapes, portable wax pens are designed to be used on the run. The undeniable advantage of wax pens over dry herb vaporizers is their affordability, not to mention that they provide users with a greater level of discretion, too.

When choosing the best vaporizer for marijuana concentrates, you can pick a vape that has a sealed oil cylinder or load it with ready-made cartridges, but this isn’t a make-or-break feature. What’s more important is to make sure that you find a reputable brand whose products don’t show any performance issues or battery leakages. In this case, online vaporizer reviews may come in handy. After all, it’s better to learn from the mistakes of others rather than from our own errors.

Needless to say, marijuana concentrates are way more potent than dry herbs, so if you’re new to vaping, it may be wiser to build up some tolerance first. Other than that, the web is full of high-end weed vapes, so finding the perfect fit won’t be a great challenge.

All-in-one Portable Vaporizers

If you’re a fan of both dry buds and cannabis concentrates, you’ll soon make some friends among all-in-one portable vaporizers. Such devices come equipped with two interchangeable chambers, one of which serves for vaping concentrates, and the other is made exclusively for dry herbs.

The bright side is that such units are so versatile that they don’t limit you to a specific material. Plus, they also offer a wide range of various temperatures, granting you precise control overheat.

Alas, these devices are not flawless. So first things first – maintenance. If you don’t clean your piece accurately and consistently, it may result in some minor performance-related issues, which may eventually lead to serious breakdowns.

Furthermore, all-in-one portable vaporizers are more expensive than herb vapes or wax pens, so don’t rush it unless you’re really dreaming of having such a device on your display.

Desktop Vaporizers

The main characteristic of a desktop vaporizer is the size. Such units are large and thus more efficient than their portable counterparts. However, some of the best desktop marijuana vaporizers cost as much as $500, so if you’re dreaming of incorporating a top-class machine into your stoner room, you should be prepared for draining some extra money from the budget.

Nevertheless – financial aspects aside – when you finally find the best desktop vaporizer for weed, you’ll soon discover the plethora of perks it brings to the table. First and foremost, home vaporizers are not limited by size, shape, weight, and battery life. With that said, whenever you want to puff the vapour in your room, you’re very welcome to do so. Moreover, if you happen to have vaped herbs or waxes from a portable vape, you’ll be dazzled by the difference in the experience as soon as you take the first draw from the home vaporizer. Last but not least, desktop units use the most efficient heating method – convection. This means that there’s no way your vaporizer will produce any waste during your session.

Keep in mind that if you want to find the best marijuana vaporizer that will meet your personal standards, you should know that some models create vapour differently. In addition, some units may excel more on a particular aspect of vaping, i.e. the density or flavour of your vapour, which brings us to another subdivision of tabletop vaporizers.

Whip Vaporizers

Are you a fan of casual smoking experience in a nice circle with your buddies? If yes, you’re going to fall in love with whip desktop vaporizers. Such units can withstand longer smoking sessions, and the capacity of the vaping chamber allows for taking more draws on a single pass. Whip vapes are invaluable for capturing the flavour of your cannabis strain, not to mention that the vapour comes out very cool and is easy on your lungs.

Direct Draw Vaporizers

As much as we admire vaping, it would seem that sometimes, even the best marijuana vaporizer can’t get even close to getting a tough rip from a bong or a steamroller.

Well, that’s actually a myth, one that is easy to debunk.

If you miss your bong from time to time, consider buying a direct draw vaporizer. These units will appeal to recreational users or medical patients who’d like to achieve the ultimate experience in the vapour’s flavour. A direct draw vaporizer will also produce dense clouds to maximize the effect from your volume of herbs, so if thickness and flavour are the names of the game for you, hesitate no more.

Bag Vaporizers

Craving for a good time during a meetup with friends? Think of purchasing a bag vaporizer – as long as, of course, you feel comfortable with strolling around with the bag. So, how does such a device operate? Simply put, the vaporizer fills the bag with vapour, and all you have to do is take a casual draw from the bag, passing it to your friends until it’s ready to be refilled. It’s a good choice for weed enthusiasts who like to vape their herb conveniently without compromising on the quality of vapour.

How to Spot the Best Vaporizer for Weed?

Our Pick for the Top Rated Vaporizer for Weed:

  • Full convection hot air
  • Precise electronic control
  • Single Lithium-Ion battery power
  • High-efficiency heat exchanger
  • Super precise temperature control
  • Wireless Bluetooth Multifunction App
  • Automatic switch-off
  • It comes with complete set

On top of that, it’s worth considering what heating method your vaporizer will use. The choice is quite simple in this case because vaporizers use either conduction or convection to heat the vaping chamber. We’re going to elaborate on these later on in our guide. Still, for the time being, we’d like to introduce you to the standard classification of all types of vaporizers to help you get a better understanding of what qualities to seek in the best vape for weed.

Different Types of Vaporizers

As you might have noticed, finding the best vaporizer for marijuana is a very individual case. Therefore, before we move on to our vaporizer reviews, we must devote some time distinguishing various types of vaping devices. To begin with, let us welcome desktop units.





Volcano Classic By Storz & Bickel

Volcano Classic By Storz & Bickel (Best Desktop Weed Vaporizer)View on GrassCity

Crafty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

Crafty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel (The Best Portable Marijuana Vaporizer Overall)View on Grasscity


3. PAX 3 (Best Handheld Flower Vaporizer)View on GrassCity

Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 (Best Pocketable Vaporizer for Weed)View on GrassCity

KandyPens Gravity

KandyPens Gravity (Best Vaporizer for Marijuana Concentrates)View on Grasscity

What’s The Best Heating Method for Your Weed Vaporizer?

Okay, guys, listen up!

In case you didn’t know, the heating method is what breathes life into your cannabis plant. It controls the pace at which the heat is distributed throughout your botanicals to activate cannabinoids and provide you with desired effects.

There are two heating methods involved in vaporizers: conduction and convection, both of which have their pros and cons.


Conduction happens when your material gets in direct contact with a heated surface. This method works quite similarly to conduction, meaning that it produces vapour without emitting harmful toxins. The vaporization takes place within a butane-powered chamber, where your herb is heated from below.

When it comes to quality, conduction produces thicker vapour clouds than convection does, so if you’re a fan of performing various vape tricks or you admire the unique visual experience of vaping, conduction is a better fit for your lifestyle.

However, as no heating method is perfect, conduction can be problematic as well. Although top-best marijuana vaporizers don’t do it, some low or mediocre-quality vapes can burn your herb on the bottom, while the top remains still untouched by heat. Such inefficient heat distribution prevents you from using the full volume of your cannabis plant. But then again, we’re looking at the best marijuana vapes, so we don’t necessarily have to take this minor flaw into account.


Contrary to conduction, convection doesn’t get your flower into direct contact with the source of heat; therefore, there’s no risk that your vaporizer will produce any waste while providing you with flavorful vapour. In addition, as convection passes heated air over your plant material, not only does it reduce the risk of combusting your herbs, but it also makes vaporization more efficient.

Simply put, the heating elements of convection vaporizers are located outside of the herb chamber. Therefore, the air is taken from the outside through these compounds and then drawn through your cannabis strain.

When judging the quality, convection vaporizers produce vapour full of flavour without compromising your plant’s efficiency. In addition, the even distribution of heat to the herb makes it easy to bring out a smooth drag each time you take a hit from your unit.

As for the downsides, convection cannabis vaporizers require more time to heat up, so if you lack patience, it may become a pain in your neck. Moreover, the vapour produced by your unit will be hardly visible, which is not nice for visual smokers. Finally, convection vapes are typically more expensive and harder to spot because the technology is relatively new.

Nonetheless, we place our bets on convection vapes with the utmost confidence, thanks to the efficiency and precise temperature control they offer.

Best Weed Vaporizer Brands

Knowing the leading manufacturers in the industry is essential for finding the best marijuana vaporizer for your preferences. Each brand has its own unique style of producing vaporizers and a collection of highly revered products among the vaping community. Below, you’ll find a compilation of the best weed vaporizer brands according to customer satisfaction. Some of these brands can cost a pretty penny; instead, opt for the best cheap cannabis vaporizers.

Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel is a German vaporizer brand that revolutionized the vaporization industry. The team launched their first desktop vape in 2000, and they don’t cease to amaze their customers with each released product since then. If the very name of the manufacturer doesn’t ring a bell, the fact that they’re responsible for Volcano, which is considered the best of the best tabletop vaporizers, should already give you a hint. With such a quality indicator on their part, it’s no wonder that the company has managed to conquer the hearts of vapers from each corner of the world. Among their flagship models, you’ll also find some of the best portable marijuana vaporizers within the whole industry – their Mighty and Crafty series offer an unforgettable vaping experience by combining high efficiency with desktop-like power.


This Canadian-based manufacturer has made its name in the vaporization market by offering an outstandingly wide choice of various vaping units, ranging from pocketable vape pens like Arizer Solo to magnificent tabletop devices that handle both dry herbs and cannabis extracts just perfectly. According to buyers, it’s the second-best weed vaporizer brand within the whole industry. In addition, the Canadian company is popular for providing customers with an A-class service and extended warranty period, which is another point in favour of their excellent work.

PAX Labs Inc.

When two Stanford Design Program graduates who share a passion for weed decide to launch a vaporizer company, you know you can expect good stuff from them. As for PAX Labs Inc., good is never enough. The company has gained its name by designing some of the best portable vaporizers for herbs that excel in utility and design. Truth is said, it’s nearly impossible to find a more beautiful vaporizer that will produce such dense and flavorful clouds of vapour. Although vaporizers by PAX Labs Inc. aren’t the cheapest ones, all the above features will compensate you for the price.

Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber is one of the pioneer companies that have their fair share in building up the market of handheld vaporizers for concentrates, and you can read our review of Dr. Dabber vapes here. If you want to find the best wax pen at affordable prices, consider browsing their offer. The engineers at Dr. Dabber’s factory put their heart and soul into coming up with some of the best marijuana vaporizers for concentrates whose almost-unmatched efficiency pairs well with noticeable user-friendliness. So if you’re looking for a unit that will allow you to vape your wax in public places with no coughing or second-hand smoke, Dr. Dabber has got you covered. We mentioned the brand in several online publications, namely in Buzzfeed, Vape Critic, and Forbes.

Top 5 Best Vaporizers for Weed

When shopping for the best marijuana vaporizer, it’s useful to have a benchmark that could set the standards for your further research. We gathered the top 5 best weed vapes on the market from each category with that in mind. They are based on vaporizer reviews that combine the highest rates and a fair number of positive votes; this will provide you with a more thorough insight into the subject.

1. Volcano Classic By Storz & Bickel (Best Desktop Weed Vaporizer)

Volcano Classic By Storz & Bickel (Best Desktop Weed Vaporizer)

Buy on GrassCity

Since its first release, the godfather of all vaporizers has remained one of the best desktop cannabis vapes for over 16 years. The whole kit comes equipped with an innovative Easy Valve Starter Set that has been improved throughout the last decade so that you can make the most of your vaping balloon. In addition, volcano Classic operates on a wide temperature scale between 130 C and 230 C, allowing users to optimize their heat settings for the best performance, depending on the vaporized material.

Storz & Bickel don’t take half measures when manufacturing their vaporizers, and Volcano Classic is no exception. The potency and flavour of vapour produced by the machine are hands down some of the best things that can happen to a vaping enthusiast. The balloons are maintenance-free, and you can change them whenever you want, making the device easy to use. On top of that, Volcano Classic has been certified for the medical use of dry herbs and concentrates – it’s quite a good indicator of its quality. So there you go, a robust construction, powerful draws from convenient balloons, long-term warranty, and top-notch efficiency – this is what you get upon the purchase of the best desktop vaporizer for weed.

Price: $439.99

View on Amazon

2. Crafty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel (The Best Portable Marijuana Vaporizer Overall)

Crafty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel (The Best Portable Marijuana Vaporizer Overall)

Source: Grasscity

The Crafty vaporizer is another signature product by Storz & Bickel. Crafty is the younger brother of the Mighty vaporizer, with one major difference – it’s more concealable. However, don’t be fooled by its size, as the unit offers splendid efficiency and can be used for vaping dry herbs and cannabis concentrates. The temperature levels vary between 104 and 410 F, so as you can see, the level of adjustability provided by the device is, least to say, impressive. What’s more, you can change the heat settings on the fly by using a specific app on your smartphone.

Crafty uses convection heating for the most part, save for the preheating process, where conduction is involved in heating methods. Results? The combination of both heating methods allows for a quick heat-up time, and the vapour comes out thick, flavorful, and easy on your lungs.

Vaporization aside, one of the greatest qualities of Crafty is the simplicity it offers. It only takes one button to launch the unit and proceed further with the app – kind of a child’s play, isn’t it?

When it comes to loading the chamber, it goes by the same token. You pack it with your herbs or extracts and seal the chamber before launching the vaporizer. Although this unit is not as concealable as, say, PAX 3 or Arizer solo, you can still hide it in a bag, purse, or jacket. But, of course, if the size matched the Mighty vape, it wouldn’t offer such a level of discretion.

On the other hand, if the vaporizer resembled the Arizer Solo pen, it would compromise the overall battery performance. However, with such a great spectrum of temps, extreme efficiency, and the convection/conduction heating system, Crafty is the best portable marijuana vaporizer overall.

Price: $348.15

View on Grasscity

3. PAX 3 (Best Handheld Flower Vaporizer)

3. PAX 3 (Best Handheld Flower Vaporizer)

Source: GrassCity

Pax 3 is the successor of the all-famous Pax 2 vaporizer. However, the manufacturer has added only 3 grams to the overall weight while introducing major internal changes within the device. Nevertheless, according to the majority of vaporizer reviews, this is unquestionably the best portable flower vape.

Despite being able to vape concentrates, too, Pax 3 doesn’t offer the best experience compared to any wax pen or tabletop vaporizer, but as we said, it’s unmatched when it comes to vaping dry herbs. In terms of upgrades, the newest Pax model comes equipped with a 3500mAh battery, thanks to which the vaporizer preheats in 15 to 20 seconds compared to Pax 2 that has a 3 times longer heat up time. On top of that, the Pax Vapor APP is life, at last, meaning that you have complete control over the temperature spectrum, with different options to customize vaporization. For example, diversified heating profiles, auto safe lock, dimmed led, and different colour themes.

The company has also implemented some minor changes in the design of its flagship unit. The Pax 3 vaporizer now has a glossy finish instead of brushed aluminum. While it adds value to the overall appearance, the material is now more vulnerable to stains, scratches and fingertips. Nevertheless, should your vaporizer undergoes any unfortunate events, and the manufacturer places a 10-year warranty on all their products so that you can feel safe and sound.

Price: $249

View on GrassCity

4. Arizer Solo 2 (Best Pocketable Vaporizer for Weed)

Arizer Solo 2 (Best Pocketable Vaporizer for Weed)

Source: GrassCity

If you’re seeking the best flower vaporizer in terms of portability, Arizer Solo 2 is here to conquer your heart. Contrary to its predecessor, Arizer Solo 2 features a LED screen that precisely displays the chosen temperature. This makes up for the lack of accuracy the previous model was criticized for.

The vaporizer is extremely easy to use. The moment you turn on the device, we’ll show you the temperature selection screen where you can see the current temperature of your unit. Then, by using the outer circle on the control button – the one with arrows – you can adjust the heat levels according to the vaporized material. Temperature settings operate on two scales – Fahrenheit and Celsius, but that’s only one of many extra features contained in the Arizer Solo 2 vape pen.

With this compact vaporizer, you can set the unit's volume, adjust the display screen's brightness, and set the start-up timer to the desired level. When it comes to the quality of vapour, it’s pure, dense, and packed with the flavour of your strain – you’ll feel it as soon as you take the first draw from this easily concealable vaporizer. However, the relatively short battery life is what slightly reduces the level of convenience. Unless, of course, you buy an extra battery or a power bank to charge up your unit on the go.

Price: $249

View on GrassCity

5. KandyPens Gravity (Best Vaporizer for Marijuana Concentrates)

KandyPens Gravity (Best Vaporizer for Marijuana Concentrates)

Source: Grasscity

Awarded the Best Vaporizer for Marijuana Concentrates title by “The Vape Critic,” KandyPens vaporizer is meant exclusively for vaping wax concentrates. The vaporizer operates on 4 different heat levels: 300 F, 350 F, 390 F, and 430 F., all of which have been selected specifically for dabbing wax. Such precise control over the heat allows you to use the full potential of your cannabis concentrate for maximum efficiency.

The gravity vaporizer comes equipped with a top-quality coilless atomizer that has a non-combustible chamber and a ceramic dish to heat your material. Furthermore, the starting kit includes dual-quartz rods and a quartz-crystal chamber atomizer with titanium coils. You can easily change the rods, and they don’t combust ad unnecessarily high temperatures.

Thanks to the unique technology behind the atomizers, wax concentrates heat up slowly, which gives you the possibility to achieve the exact effects you’re aiming at. That being said, you can either revel in thick clouds of vapour or make it thin and airy. Every piece of this wax pen is perfectly arranged and serves its purpose well, making it one of the best vaporizers for weed concentrates.

Upon the delivery of your Gravity vaporizer, you will receive the USB charger, travel case, user manual, and one temperature-controlled battery, along with a quartz rod atomizer, a coilless ceramic dish atomizer, two alcohol cleansing wipes, and one dab tool. In addition, kendyPens have improved the black mouthpiece by adding an air carb hole.

To answer the yet-unasked question – yes, it’s one of the top best vaporizers for marijuana concentrates on the market right now, at least according to vaporizer reviews online.

Price: $129.95

View on Grasscity

Other Quality Cannabis Vaporizers

While the above list will certainly come in handy in your shopping efforts, it doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to the very best and the most expensive units in the industry. On the contrary, it’s a wise choice to browse the entire assortment of the given brand to compare similar units because it may happen that the less popular device from your manufacturer will prove better than its more costly counterpart in terms of your lifestyle. Of course, some of the products listed in this summary are made by the brands we didn’t mention in the previous section, but then, if we were to list all companies known for producing the best vaporizers for weed, we could go down the rabbit hole forever.

  • Arizer Extreme Q: this desktop vaporizer is the most versatile tabletop unit right now. With various attachments, Arizer Extreme Q can be used to vape your goods with a balloon or a whip. Not only is this vaporizer capable of vaping both dry herbs and cannabis concentrates, but it can also use the fan to force the vapour to make the most out of your draws. However, the vapour comes out packed with less flavour when compared to Volcano Classic or VapeXhale Cloud EVO. Still, it’s a strong contestant.

  • Dr. Dabber Aurora: the award-winning wax pen for medical patients and dabbing enthusiasts is our second pick for the best vaporizer for marijuana concentrates. The pen comes equipped with three quartz crystal and ceramic atomizers supported by an efficient variable-voltage battery. The device is easily concealable, and its heating system keeps the unit cool while warming up the material in the chamber. In addition, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on their product.

  • Firefly 2: this stealthy vape pen is one of the best pocketable vaporizers for weed that use convection for heating herbs and concentrates. The vaporizer offers 5 different temperature settings for weed and wax/oils so that you can adjust the unit accordingly. Alas, given the inconspicuous size, the battery life is rather mediocre – it allows to get up to 4-6 bowls per battery. Luckily for their customers, the manufacturer has included an extra battery in the starting kit. The model is also 100 grams lighter than the Firefly 1 vaporizer, so it’s way easier to pocket.

  • The Mighty Vaporizer: Yet another powerful vaping unit by Storz & Bickel to rock the market of portable vaporizers. It’s the best handheld marijuana vaporizer in terms of the average battery life per full charge. The LED screen displays the whole array of temperatures, ranging from 105 F to 410 F. The only downside of the Mighty vaporizer is the material restraint; the unit is reserved exclusively for herbs

  • VapeXhale Cloud EVO: it’s undoubtedly the best home vaporizer for the flavour of the produced vapour. More interestingly, if you think your tolerance for weed is uncontested, purchasing this vaping machine may burst your bubble, as this vaporizer offers some of the strongest hits on the planet. Being the hardest ripping device industry, the vaporizer also features a bubbler, i.e. the Hydratube. The tube filters the smoke by breaking it up into tiny bubbles; such a feature enables you to endure the generous hits. The all-glass air path has been separated from both the electronic stuff and heating chamber for safety purposes.

Must-have Features of Best Vaporizers for Weed

Buying a vaporizer is a long-term commitment, so amidst the sea of options, it’s essential to distinguish some key features of the best marijuana vaporizers to see what they have in common. So let’s take a peek at these qualities:

  • Diversified temperature options: back then, most vaporizers, particularly portable units, operated on a fixed temperature level. You don’t need a degree in rocket science to draw the right conclusions; the vaping experience back then wasn’t even close to what it is right now. Fortunately, the tech-forwardness of our times has given rise to major improvements in both home and pocket units. Now, some of the best cannabis vaporizers can operate on up to even 8 different temperature settings, which gives you precise control over the heat. As a result, you can adjust the heat to your material to taste its full flavour and aroma.

  • Heating method: the choice is not complicated in this matter because you can either go with conduction or convection… or a little bit of both, actually. To cut a long story short, if you’re a visual smoker, you’ll probably choose conduction over convection, as the latter produces rather discrete and airy clouds. On the other hand, convection rules when it comes to efficiency, as the air only passes around the material instead of being in direct contact with the heating surface.

  • Versatility: deciding on how you plan to use your marijuana vaporizer will actually determine your final budget. As you already know, some vapes are reserved exclusively for herbs or concentrates, while others can work with both materials. Of course, it goes without saying that these ‘others’ are going to drain more money from your wallet because of the greater versatility.

  • Well-tailored size: Another factor you should take into account is the size of your unit. The ideal situation would include you and two different vaporizers, one portable and another reserved for smoking in the coziness of your home. However, sometimes we’re forced to choose between these two types. If portability is your pair of shoes and you appreciate the freedom of vaping on the fly, browse the best handheld herb vaporizers on the market for the ultimate experience. If, on the other hand, you’re a true ritualist who likes to gather friends around and share the green goodness by the power bestowed upon him by a tabletop vaporizer, then you know what to do.

  • Battery life: there’s a reason why we placed this aspect at the very bottom of the list – it applies specifically to portable units. With that said, if you already know that the best weed vaporizer for you will be a portable device, keep in mind that vape pens vary in the average power of their batteries. In theory, the more compact your unit is, the fewer bowls it’s going to withstand per single charge. So despite few exceptions, the rule of thumb is that handheld vaporizers that combine decent battery life with high efficiency and the best vaping experience are the medium-sized ones.


Buying the best vaporizer for weed is actually easier said than done. If you’re a novice vaper who sets his feet in the industry for the first time, you start with literally nothing. First things first, you have to decide whether you need a desktop or portable vaporizer. This will depend mostly on your lifestyle and the way you like to indulge in cannabis. Once you’ve made up your mind, it all boils down to spotting the best weed vaporizer manufacturing companies on the market. In this case, customer reviews will prove invaluable.

There are also certain qualities any decent vaporizer should feature. Best vaporizers for weed combine strong efficiency with the top-notch quality of produced vapour without compromising on the battery life – the last aspect, again, applies specifically to portable units. The method of preheating your device may also influence your ultimate choice.

Given the above, don’t act on the spur of the moment; shop wisely, choose vaporizers according to your budget, always read user reviews, and remember that your purchase will be a long-term investment.

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