The 12 Best Bongs Under $100 – Our Favourites

Shopping on a budget but still dreaming of the best quality glass bong? Here’s the good news – you don’t need to break a bank to purchase some of the best bongs on the market. Don’t be fooled by the low price, as some of the devices we’re about to show you are made from high-grade materials, mainly including the all-famous borosilicate glass, not to mention that they come equipped with other features we’re going to say further on.

Our Pick for the Top Rated Bong Under $100:

Bio Hazard Glass Beaker Ice Bong

Bio Hazard Glass Beaker Ice BongView on Grasscity

  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Beaker base design
  • 18.8 mm ground joint
  • Inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser downstem
  • Ideal downstem length: 14 cm / 5.5 inches
  • 14.5 mm male herb bowl with roll stopper arm
  • Ice notches
  • No carb hole
  • Black plastic keck clip included
  • Bio Hazard decal on the tube
  • Available in a range of different decal colors

Glass manufacturers know that when it comes to the ratio of quality to price, it has to remain reasonable to drive potential customers to their products, so it’s perfectly possible to spot a decent bong among the overwhelming variety of possible choices. More importantly, the price does, by no means, entail any performance or filtration impairments; on the contrary, there are a plethora of high-end percolator units that you can classify as best budget bongs. They feature some of the most convenient and effective methods of smoke filtration, meaning that the bong will separate all harmful substances from what you eventually inhale.

Black Leaf 3-arm Percolator Tube with Ash CatcherBlack Leaf 3-arm Percolator Tube with Ash CatcherView on Grasscity
WeedStar Smellchecker Stemless Glass Tube with Inline PercolatorWeedStar Smellchecker Stemless Glass Tube with Inline PercolatorView on Grasscity
Black Leaf ELITE Cylinder 6-arm Perc Ice BongBlack Leaf ELITE Cylinder 6-arm Perc Ice BongView on Grasscity
Black Leaf ELITE Beaker-base BongBlack Leaf ELITE Beaker-base BongView on Grasscity
Bio Hazard Glass Beaker Ice BongBio Hazard Glass Beaker Ice BongView on Grasscity
Cheech & Chong’s Strawberry Mini Beaker BongCheech & Chong’s Strawberry Mini Beaker BongView on Grasscity
WeedStar HashTag Turn Neon Ice BongWeedStar HashTag Turn Neon Ice BongView on Grasscity
Back Leaf Glass Bong with Triple HoneyComb DiscBack Leaf Glass Bong with Triple HoneyComb DiscView on Grasscity
Grace Glass Cane GG Vapor BongGrace Glass Cane GG Vapor BongView on Grasscity
SI Pipes Straight Ice Bong with Circular FootSI Pipes Straight Ice Bong with Circular FootView on Grasscity
WeedStar Baby BitchWeedStar Baby BitchView on Grasscity
Amsterdam Straight Cylinder Glass BongAmsterdam Straight Cylinder Glass BongView on Grasscity

So, let’s say you’ve saved $100 and you’re eager to spend it on a decent smoking device, but you have no clue where to look to find the best budget bong. Of course, some quick research should already do the trick, but we’re here to help you out on that part. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re happy to announce our list of the 12 best cheap bongs available online according to customer reviews.

1. Black Leaf 3-arm Percolator Tube with Ash Catcher

Black Leaf 3-arm Percolator Tube with Ash Catcher

View on Grasscity

When looking for the best cheap percolator bong, one cannot deny that the Black Leaf 3-Arm perc bong is a viable option. The device offers smooth and cool hits that are easy on both your throat and lungs. Furthermore, the filtration system deserves some serious attention, as the smoke is also devoid of toxic substances. In addition, the bong has built-in ice notches, so if you’re aiming at a super cool experience, you’re more than happy to add this piece to your collection.

As for the material the bong is made of, the manufacturer uses resilient and durable borosilicate glass, which is a good quality indicator. The bowl is very extensive, so a single rip may blow you out of your shoes if you don’t have a high weed tolerance. But then again, if you get too high, you can spend the most intense period marvelling at the sleek and gorgeous design of this scientific bong.

Price: $39.99

2. WeedStar Smellchecker Stemless Glass Tube with Inline Percolator

WeedStar Smellchecker Stemless Glass Tube with Inline Percolator

View on Grasscity

The Smellchecker bong by Weed Star, like best bongs under $100, is made of borosilicate glass to ensure sufficient stability. Furthermore, the bong comes equipped with a built-in precooler that produces extra smooth and almost milky smoke that will satisfy your palates with the very first draw.

 As if that wasn’t enough, the manufacturer included a 6-slit inline percolator that reduces the heat-up time so that you could enjoy potent rips within seconds. This particular model hosts a significant improvement that answers customers' demand who complained about the size of ice-notches. They fit perfectly in the machine, so the ice doesn’t fall through the main chamber. That’s pretty much for the price of merely $56.

Price: $55.20

3. Black Leaf ELITE Cylinder 6-arm Perc Ice Bong

Black Leaf ELITE Cylinder 6-arm Perc Ice Bong

View on Grasscity

Who would think that you can get a high-end cylinder bong that features an advanced percolator system along with ice notches for under $100? Yes, the Black Leaf Elite Cylinder bong is hands down one of the best cheap bongs available online, and to be honest, you get a lot of bubbles for your budget with that device. The bong comes with an inside-cut diffuser downstem ( 18.8mm > 14.5mm) and an extensive herb bowl (14.5mm) equipped with a roll stopper. As the bubbly smoke undergoes the diffusion process and is cooled before being pulled through the percolator, you achieve ultimate filtration and get the best of your smoking experience.

If you were afraid of water bubbling up towards the mouthpiece, there’s nothing to worry about since the bong has a dedicated splash guard that prevents such things from happening. When it comes to the quality of glass, again, the company has used 5mm-thick borosilicate glass. As a result, it’s hands down the best cheapest bong for daily use and is big enough to share it with your buddies.

Price: $59.99

4. Black Leaf ELITE Beaker-base Bong

Black Leaf ELITE Beaker-base Bong

View on Grasscity

Be prepared for lots of ‘black leaves’ in our compilation, as the German manufacturer rules the roost in the glass industry. Nevertheless, the Elite beaker-base bong is one of the most reputable products on the market and, at the same time, one of the best cheap glass bongs available in headshops.

What you can expect from this bong is the smooth smoke and lots of bubbles to cool it. The scientific glass piece features a slitted diffuser downstem and a large funnel bowl. The diffuser cools the smoke in the main chamber before it gets pulled towards the blue glass 6-arm percolator.

 Last but not least, the mouthpiece is comfortable, and the blue splash guard prevents water from getting close to your mouth. High efficiency, competitive water filtration, and the ability to produce potent yet cool smoke – with such qualities in favour of this bong, it’s no wonder it holds 4th place on our list of best glass bongs under $100.

Price: 79.00

5. Bio Hazard Glass Beaker Ice Bong

Bio Hazard Glass Beaker Ice Bong

View on Grasscity

This scientific bong is made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass and features a beaker-based design. In addition, the device comes equipped with a removable, slitted downstem diffuser of ideal length (14cm) that ensures powerful smoke filtration. If you appreciate capacious herb bowls, the bong by BioHazard will undoubtedly live up to your standards.

Moreover, it has a roll stopper-style arm for convenient removal and safety, enabling the bowl to roll off the surface and shatter. What’s particularly spectacular about this unit is that the bong is accessible to both use and clean, making it an excellent choice for those who savour a couple of smooth and potent hits between their daily duties.

Price: $71.20

6. Cheech & Chong’s Strawberry Mini Beaker Bong

Cheech & Chong’s Strawberry Mini Beaker Bong

View on Grasscity

Some stoners like to take their bongs on the fields of nature and enjoy a soothing outdoor session. With that in mind, we cannot help but introduce you to the Cheech & Chong’s Strawberry mini beaker bongs.

This inconspicuous glass piece is made of sturdy and heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which means that you’re safe and sound even if the device falls off the table or slips out of your hands before the toke. Please don’t get fooled by the modest size of the bong, as it features a decent filtration system that disposes of all hazardous substances and leaves the cool smoke ready to be inhaled right from the chamber.

The best compact bong under $100 comes packed in a beautiful, themed box, making it a perfect idea for a holiday gift.

Price: $67.99

7. WeedStar HashTag Turn Neon Ice Bong

WeedStar HashTag Turn Neon Ice Bong

View on Grasscity

When browsing the Internet for the best cheap bong in online headshops, you’re much likely to come across the one and only WeedStar HashTag Turn neon ice bong. The company that stands behind this genuine creation is popular among the community of stoners for manufacturing one of the most eye-catching glass pieces in the industry. This particular bong is built from 3.5mm-thick borosilicate glass and comes available in 5 different colours.

These are: blue, black, pink, orange, and yellow. To wrap it up, having such a designer piece of glass paraphernalia in your collection will make your friends envious of your purchase. On top of that, the bong is lightweight and offers a comfortable mouthpiece that improves the device's overall performance. In addition, you can take advantage of ice notches for extra smooth hits and fill them with several ice cubes.

Price: $75.00

8. Back Leaf Glass Bong with Triple HoneyComb Disc

Back Leaf Glass Bong with Triple HoneyComb Disc

View on Grasscity

This scientific glass bong from Black Leaf is yet another textbook example of how to balance the price of your unit without compromising on its performance. The bong features all essentials for both novice smokers and more experienced bong enthusiasts.

The manufacturer has used 5-mm thick glass and offers three blue Honeycomb discs that are spread evenly throughout the entire body of the tube. Each of the disks filters the smoke by breaking it up into many bubbles in the main chamber. Once you get your first taste of the smoke produced by the bong, you’ll understand why it holds a strong position among the list of best cheap glass bongs.

Price: $89.00

9. Grace Glass Cane GG Vapor Bong

Grace Glass Cane GG Vapor Bong

View on Grasscity

Have you ever heard of a vapour bong? If not, don’t worry – not everything is lost yet.  Vapour bongs are made for doing both dry herbs and concentrates. The majority of such units come equipped with one turbine disc percolator and two honeycomb disc percolators, along with an 18.8mm female vapour dome. But Grace Glass Cane GG Vapor bong doesn’t stop there; the device also features a glass nail, a removable 18.8mm female herb bowl with roll stoppers, a glass dome, and a reinforced fixed downstem with an 18.8mm male joint.

As we mentioned above, this bulky percolator bong is equipped with three percolator discs; the turbine disc is located between the two honeycomb discs that break up the smoke in a whole legion of tiny bubbles that allow for the perfect filtration. Moreover, as the smoke travels up the bongs tube, the blades' angles in the turbine disc roll the water into a whirling vortex, which cools down the smoke even further. Finally, the top HoneyComb disc diffuses the vapour by pushing it through the tiny holes in the percolator for added filtration.

As a result of all the discs working together, the Grace Glass Cane GG Vapor Bong brings the unmatched quality of smoke easy on your throat and packed with flavour. The only downside of this scientific bong may lie in its size, as the bong is quite tall, measuring 44 cm. Given this, if you don’t have enough room for it or you’re more in favour of portability, it may happen that you won’t find this bong convenient. But, other than that, the flagship glass machine by Grace Glass will suit you well.

Price: $63.20

10. SI Pipes Straight Ice Bong with Circular Foot

SI Pipes Straight Ice Bong with Circular Foot

View on Grasscity

If you’re looking for the best cheap straight bong with ice notches to impress your friends at a meetup, here’s some good news – the glass ice bong by SI Pipes has been designed explicitly to smoking dry herbs and provide proper filtration of the smoke. Manufactured in the US, this straight tube bong is 30.5 cm tall and comes delivered with a can of virgin coconut charcoal and a herb bowl that you can easily remove from the device.

The bong operates by drawing the smoke through the submerged downstem slits filled with charcoal to filter the water and produce the bubbly smoke. Then, the smoke builds up through the bong, passing the ice cubes for additional cooling and ending right in your lungs out of the rimmed mouthpiece. The SI Pipes straight ice bong will make an excellent addition to your collection, but you may very well buy it as a gift for a person who’s close to you, both in terms of ripping bongs and the overall friendship, of course.

Price: $79.20

11. WeedStar Baby Bitch

WeedStar Baby Bitch

View on Grasscity

Well, the bold name suggests that we’re dealing with some tough character right here, and one can’t be wrong about it. The Baby Bitch bong is a beaker-based unit with a stable tank joint. Designed with precision and comfort of use in mind, this is one of the best and most fancy-looking budget bongs you’ll ever come across. In addition, the bong features gorgeous bubbly decor that embraces the cylinder right beneath the mouthpiece. As for the water filtration, Baby Bitch comes equipped with a simple slitted diffuser downstem that allows for essential diffusion.

While this may not be the best cheap bong overall, it’s still worth consideration, given its seducing design and quite decent performance. In addition, the bong is made from high-quality and heat-resistant borosilicate glass, so not only is the glass piece easy on the line, but it’s also well crafted and ensures safety during smoking sessions. Last but not least, it’s one of the cheapest designer bongs you’ll find online, so you know what to include in your wishlist for Santa.

Price: $47.60

12. Amsterdam Straight Cylinder Glass Bong

Amsterdam Straight Cylinder Glass Bong

View on Grasscity

Last but not least, fellow bong lovers, here it comes: THE largest from the best cheapest bongs on our list is signed by the name of the city famous for their liberal laws towards cannabis. Yeah, you got me! It’s Amsterdam. As the name places some heritage-related expectations on this bong, it’s worth knowing if the experience it provides deserves to be named after the green lungs of Europe.

Well, to begin with, let’s talk about huge numbers, as the bong measures as much as 74 cm in height, which might leave your friends shocked as soon as they realize what a monster you’re keeping in your house. Nevertheless, it’s a must-have for conservative bong users who are not so enthusiastic about advanced water filtration, percolators, and stuff like that. The bong features a two-piece system with a carb hole on the cylinder to control the amount of inhaled smoke and a chillum with a large funnel bowl adhered to the unit. While it’s not the best budget bong for day-to-day use, it will make a hell of an attraction during parties.

Price: $35.99


Our compilation of best bongs under $100 debunks the myth that you have to spend a fortune to buy a high-end glass device that will live up to your expectations. If $100 is all you can spend on a bong, you can even fit two decent pieces within this budget. So whether you fancy advanced percolator bongs or you’re a fan of traditional ‘raw’ toking, you're going to end up satisfied with your choice after some quick research. We hope that our guide will have its share in making the decision easier. Let this be a fruitful hunt!

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