The Best Smell Proof Weed Containers – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

There’s nothing worse than wasted, dried-out weed. But if you left it neglected without proper storage, it will lose its quality over time – unless, of course, you manage to smoke it all by then.

Nevertheless, if you use weed regularly, you probably fear such a dark scenario of losing your potent stash, right? But, believe it or not, the best method of protection against wasting weed is prevention – and for prevention, you’ll need the best weed storage possible.

Why You Need a Container for Your Stash

First things first, it boils down to the aforementioned storage. If your dry buds remain in contact with air, they will lose their potency, flavour, aroma, and freshness; to cut it short, they will lose everything you love about weed.

And let’s face it, nobody likes to smoke bad stuff; it’s just shameful.

With that in mind, you should invest in a decent airtight container for weed to keep your ganja always fresh and potent.

Mason jars, vacuum-sealed pill bottles, stash cans – this is merely the beginning of all possible options you can find in online headshops. Some cannabis companies even create their own lines of dedicated weed storage, among which you’ll find some of the best marijuana containers ever.

Another argument in favour of having your own weed storage is the utility it provides. Put, if you want to travel with your weed, but you don’t fancy carrying all the stuff around, you pack it into the container and enjoy the adventure. Plus, if you live in a weed-hostile country, it’s paramount to have one to get rid of the stash quickly should the cops came suddenly undercovered.

Our Top Pick for the Best Smell Proof Weed Container:

There are many smell-proof containers on the market for your buds. We have narrowed it down to our one favourite. You may have other ideas, so read on to discover more containers.

PollenMaker Stash Container

pollen maker stash container
  • Sturdy aluminum and acrylic construction
  • Fine mesh pollen screen
  • Screw-on cap
  • Removable kief-collecting tray

Different Types of Smell Proof Weed Containers

Finding the best smell-proof container to store weed is easy, like a walk in a park. If you want to go, like, budget-friendly to the limit, use your regular pill bottles and there you go – the simplest and most practical weed container a human being could ever invent. On the other hand, if the volume of your herb is too large for a pill bottle, a tightly sealed mason jar will suffice, too. As we said, there’s plenty of options to select from, but here are a couple of common marijuana containers that are considered best for storing the stash.

Vacuum-sealed Pill Bottles

Now, imagine that you’re finally off prescription drugs, but there’s plenty of empty pill bottles that resemble the dark times. Fortunately, you can give a second life to these bottles by filling them with your cannabis portions. Since pill bottles are vacuum-sealed, you may safely store your weed there. Actually, medical marijuana patients receive their medicine in the same bottles, which is not strange given that, at the end of the day, cannabis is medicine. In addition, these containers are cheap, scent-free, and typically child-proof, so if you have children and you want to keep your weed (and kids) safe, this might be your go-to.

Stash Jars

Mason jars – or any vacuum-sealed canning jars – are the best weed containers when it comes to both simplicity and user-friendliness. They’re airtight, easy to find in almost every store, and are an inexpensive option for proper weed storage.

These containers are remarkably straightforward and user-friendly. All you need to do is open the stash jar, fill it with cannabis, and put it on the lid – simple as that. Remember to keep the jar in a cool area with no access to light; otherwise, your storage won’t be as effective. Stash jars are commonly found in local stores, and they can cost as much as $10.00. However, the transparent nature of a glass jar takes away any subtlety from this method of marijuana storage, and you have to keep the container in a drawer or closet because there’s no other way to filter out sunlight.

Aluminum Containers

Also known as space cases, these containers are made from lightweight aluminum that seals airtight and will lock the smell of even the most fragrant bud. This method of weed storage combines sturdiness with portability; you can easily hide such a container in the smallest nook in your room. It’s great for storing small amounts of weed – and sadly, it does not get any further. However, for keeping larger quantities of cannabis, you’ll need plenty of such containers, so it’s way better to purchase one of the above items or a dedicated weed container instead.

Dedicated Weed Storage (Best Airtight Containers For Weed)

If you want a pair of jeans that will serve you for years, you’ll go to a denim shop that specializes in manufacturing jeans. Similarly, when you aim at weed storage that will keep your stash safe and won’t erode over time, you check the list of the best airtight container manufacturing brands to see what they have to offer.

And believe me, what they offer will make you smile like a kid who just saw a giant lollipop. Dedicated smell-proof containers for weed come with plenty of different styles and designs, but they also excel in the amount of overall space and the number of extra features to make weed storage even simpler.

CoffeeVac 1 Pound Container

VitaVac Pocketvac 0.06L Container

Spark420 Vacuum Stash Jar

PollenMaker Stash Container

PocketBox Mini Humidor

Best Weed Storage Brands

Look, finding the best weed container for your stash cannot get any simpler. It must come vacuum-sealed, with no apparent flaws, and be as simple in use as possible. However, there are still some big names in the industry that deserve your attention. The two companies we’re about to list are the big enchiladas that have been providing cannabis users with top-quality weed storage for years. So read on and get to know your manufacturer!


TightVac offers the largest selection of airtight containers in the world. Since 2005, the company has developed 2 original patented vacuum systems used in the entire line of their products. All of their vacuum-sealed containers are multipurpose and multi-climate, meaning that they can be used for a wide range of goods, from medicines to foods and electronics.

TightVac is very well aware of the importance of our natural environment to the survival of the human race, animals, and plants. The company doesn’t take half measures in their manufacturing process, making sure that their work meets all necessary global safety standards by product certification from NSF International. Many cannabis users consider their products the best containers for storing weed. Chances are, you will soon join the circle.

Spark 420

If you’re searching for some of the best glass stash jars for storing your cannabis, Spark 420 is here to end your struggle. The company produces affordable glass jars for marijuana storage that are both well-designed and totally affordable. More interestingly, Spark 420 makes its products with cool illustrations of 30 different legendary cannabis strains. Imagine having each of your favourite strains packed into a dedicated container with the picture of its mesmerizing buds – it looks like you made it to paradise. Be it a sheer marketing effort or a true idea of expressing the freedom of speech, we have to give Spark 420 for not being afraid to play on their audience’s fondness of cannabis. Manufactured in the USA, Spark 420 apothecary airtight jars are made from high-grade borosilicate glass, which is a good quality indicator.

Best Containers for Weed According to Buyers

Sturdiness, user-friendliness, simplicity, and price are the major factors most stoners will look for in weed storage. Unfortunately, these are also qualities that distinguish the best weed containers from mediocre products that are more exposed to damage due to the material used in manufacturing.

Looking for the top weed containers reviews will definitely help you narrow down your options to a reasonable number. The following products are the best marijuana containers, according to buyers.

1. Coffeevac 1 Pound Solid – Black Cap

Coffeevac 1 Pound Solid - Black Cap

Source: Amazon

This elegant, 1.85-litre marijuana container is the embodiment of class and discretion. It measures 7 ¾ inches in height and has a 1.85-litre capacity, meaning that you can hold up to 500g of your stash in one of the best vacuum storage containers on the market.

To help you take care of your dried buds with greater accuracy, TightVac has incorporated a smart push-button system that allows the CO2 gas to leave your herbs without letting oxygen in. Such a solution will keep your cannabis in just the perfect shape so that you can always enjoy your fresh, potent ganja.

Among other features worth mentioning, there’s a wide mouth that facilitates the use of the scoop to take out your stash whenever you need it. Once you’re through, you may seal the herbs again with a vacuum and place the container on a cupboard.

CoffeeVacs are designed to endure longer use, and with the right maintenance routine, they will serve you for years.

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2. Vitavac Pocketvac | 0.06 litre (Best Portable Weed Container)

Vitavac Pocketvac | 0.06 liter

Source: Grasscity

The most recognizable product by TightVac is small enough to fit into a large pocket, which makes it one of the best containers for weed, vitamins, other medicines, coins, or candies. If you savour lighting up on the fly, it’s a mandatory product for keeping your marijuana safe and fresh.

The container measures 3 inches in height and is available in various colours: yellow, red, blue, and green. Like all TightVac products, the Pocketvac container is made from quality pieces and works with almost every material, not to mention that it’s a multi-climate container so that you can use it in each corner of the world. If you wondered what would happen if you accidentally dropped the item in the water, have no fear – the product is waterproof.

The only downside of our best portable weed container is the limited capacity it offers. But then again, pocketvac has been designed for weed travellers, so if you want to store larger quantities, keep your eye on bigger products.

Price: $9.99

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3. Spark 420 Vacuum Stash Jar – 20oz – Sensistar

Spark 420 Vacuum Stash Jar

Source: Grasscity

Now, that’s a truly amazing stash jar whose design reflects the indica buzz from top to bottom. The manufacturer has implemented a special lid to this jar that creates an airtight vacuum seal, making this product completely odour-proof. On top of that, the container is airtight and water-resistant, meaning that it will keep your dry herbs fresh and packed with flavour. Aside from outstanding durability, the container offers an easy sealing system – push down the button and pull off the cap to take your desired amount of weed. The Spark 420 Vacuum Stash Jar represents the all-famous Sensistar marijuana strain.

Price: $19.50

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4. PollenMaker Stash Container with Pollen Screen

 PollenMaker Stash Container with Pollen Screen

This sturdy aluminum and acrylic weed container is perfect for keeping your dry herbs fresh by providing an airtight vacuum seal, along with the pollen screen for collecting the kief. This is hands down one of the best marijuana containers for taking your storage to the next level. Not only does it keep your weed fresh and tasty, but it also allows for stashing the kief in a dedicated pollen chamber. The whole mechanism is facilitated by the built-in pollen, where the sifted material is collected for re-use. Made with a high-quality acrylic tube and tough aluminum screw-on caps, this product is one of the best weed containers when it comes to simplicity. It’s perfectly straightforward – unscrew the top cap to place your cannabis inside. Should you want to access the kief, remove the tray at the bottom. Voila!

Price: $29.00

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5. Pocket Box Mini Humidor – Spanish Cedar Wood Box

Pocket Box Mini Humidor - Spanish Cedar Wood Box

Source: Grasscity

It’s perfectly understandable that as a savoury stoner, you want to treat your stash with respect. As a result, some of us go really crazy about our weed storage, and this very urge to have a beautifully designed container for your cannabis has given rise to such products as the Pocket Box Mini Humidor. This well-crafted box is made from Spanish cedar wood; what’s particularly interesting about humidors is that they are traditionally used to store cigars, but this container is perfect for collecting any plant materials, including cannabis. On top of that, there’s a 130-micron pollen screen that sieves the kief right to the bottom section of the box.

It’s not a cheap item, but the luxurious touch it adds to your weed collection makes the box totally worth the price, especially if you’re obsessed with neatly collecting kief. If you can spend some extra bucks on an elegant piece to show that you really care about your dried plant material, you’re going to be delighted with this weed container.

Price: $249.00

View on Grasscity

Best Smell Proof Weed Containers: FAQ

Although we shed much light on highlighting the features of the best weed storage accessories, you may still have some questions regarding the purchase, which is completely normal – buying a marijuana container is essential for keeping your weed strong and full of its seducing flavour.

Here are some frequently asked questions about buying stash jars and containers for storing cannabis.

How much is it going to cost me?

As psychologists tend to say – it depends. Most marijuana containers are quite simple in construction and design; thus, they don’t cost a fortune, and you can get one of the best weed storage containers for as much as $10. On the other hand, some dedicated storage systems are way more advanced than simple glass jars, providing you with a range of unique features. Naturally, such products will be more expensive, but then again, if it’s love from first sight, you won’t help it.

Are weed containers easy to clean?

Guess what? It depends. While glass or aluminum storage containers are easy for maintenance, some more sophisticated pieces like handcrafted wooden weed boxes will require more attention and care in terms of both consistency and the use of proper cleaners. However, most cannabis containers don’t have any trouble spots, so generally speaking, we may say that, yes, weed containers are easy to clean.

What are the features of the best weed jars?

It’s hands down simplicity, user-friendliness, quality of craft, and sturdiness of your material. If a container underperforms in any of these areas, it’s a big no-no.

What are the most common materials for making weed containers?

The most popular material for making marijuana containers is glass. Best weed boxes and jars are made from sturdy borosilicate glass. As for other materials, aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic are quite common, too.

Where should I look for the best weed container for my stash?

Search online headshops for your marijuana containers. ThereMany retailers offer an assortment of weed storage accessories; the abundance of available products strike you.

How to store my stash?

It’s no rocket science. Open the lid of your weed container, insert your cannabis buds, and seal the lid tightly. When using a glass jar for storing marijuana, remember to keep it out of any source of light.


To sum up, finding the best container for weed is of utmost importance when it comes to keeping your cannabis in shape. Allowing your weed to dry out in loneliness is one of the greatest failures you can make as a stoner, so as soon as you realize the necessity of having a decent weed box, go and find the best weed container for your stash. If you don’t feel like going big spender, u may very well use your old prescription pill bottles or that mason jar that once kept your cookies fresh and tasty. Nonetheless, if you decide to go for a dedicated marijuana container, you’ll soon notice that there are two prevailing brands in the cannabis industry, both of which are masters of their art. Then, see if user reviews share your enthusiasm about the given product. Of course, buying a weed container doesn’t require mulling it over and asking experts for advice, but it’s always wise to see your options and check if they are recognized among the cannabis community.

We hope you’ll enjoy your new weed box – may it always keep your goodies fresh.

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