Best Portable Vaporizers

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Gone are the times when vaporizers were reserved exclusively for coffee shops in Amsterdam. Nowadays, not only can we draw from the health benefits of vaporizing herbs and concentrates in the comfort of our homes, but we can also do it on the go. Just like that – click it, heat it, vape it!

We live in a very tech-forward era, thanks to which people are now given more opportunities to enjoy their free time in a more advanced and healthier way. Moreover, a changing legal climate has given rise to all types of devices that deliver the exact effect you anticipate while ensuring precision, power, and safety.

On the other hand, this tech-forwardness comes with some burdens, such as choosing the best portable vaporizer amidst a sea of endless options. Depending on if you are vaping herbs or concentrates, you may want to take a look at marijuana vaporizer reviews of all types. If you’re used to vaping herbs and concentrates, you’ll find your ‘Mr. Right’ pretty quickly, but god forbid you explore the online resources when just diving into the vaping industry – the avalanche of different types and models of portable vaporizers will make you feel overwhelmed within first minutes of your endeavor.

Our Pick for the Top Rated Portable Vaporizer:

Crafty Vaporizer

Crafty portable vaporizerView on Grasscity

  • Full convection hot air
  • Precise electronic control
  • Single Lithium Ion battery power
  • High efficiency heat exchanger
  • Super precise temperature control
  • Wireless Bluetooth Multifunction App
  • Automatic switch off
  • Comes with complete set

Finding The Best Portable Vaporizer

So how to find the best vape pen for a novice? First of all, this matter actually boils down to one simple question: what will be the main purpose of your vaporizer? Are you going to inhale dry herbs and cherish their flavors by tasting the vapor? Or are you that type of vaper who likes to experiment with concentrates, be it for recreational or medical purposes?

Once you manage to face and defeat the dilemma, you may begin the hunt. In order to pass through the unnecessary garbage and low-quality products, it’s best not to look for the truth at the source; sources are, of course, brands. Brands have their own methods of luring potential customers into a trap of the “cheap-and-solid-stuff’ talk, and as much as we should appreciate their effort to reach their prospective clients, it’s best to abandon the ship of aggressive sales and start thinking on your own.

The oldest marketing technique – and actually a very successful one – is passing a good word about a product from one person to another. There are reasons why grapevine’s been so successful in determining people’s choices since ancient times. We tend to trust opinions that are based on an in-depth experience; after all, a user’s recommendation means that someone has made the effort to at least try some of the functions of a given device and therefore, he or she is entitled to speak a word on the product.

That being said, when shopping for the best portable vaporizer for herbs and concentrates, always look at items that have highest rates and plenty positive reviews – it will trim down your potential options and help you get acquainted with basic features of a good vape pen, as well as with top brands that produce best portable vaporizers within the industry.

This buyer’s guide is all you’ll ever need to find best handheld vaporizers that will not only match your preferences but also serve you for a good couple of years. We gathered most popular and revered products based on the overall user rating. But before we begin to drill in the subject, we’ll make sure that you get acquainted with basic differences between various portable vaporizer models, along with top global manufacturers who know the industry roots to branches.

Read on, and you’ll soon find the best portable vaporizer to match your expectations.

Crafty VaporizerCrafty portable vaporizerView on Grasscity
Arizer Solo 2Arizer Solo 2 portable vaporizerView on Amazon
SideKickSideKick portable vaporizerComing soon
PAX 3PAX portable vaporizerView on Amazon
Firefly 2 Firefly 2 portable vaporizerView on GrasscityView on Amazon
Force by Healthy RipsForce by Healthy Rips portable vaporizerView on Amazon
MightyMighty portable vaporizerView on Grasscity
Volta by VaporGenieVolta by VaporGenie portable vaporizerView on Grasscity

Different Types of Portable Vaporizers

Before you meet our specific brand recommendations (which we will deliver later on), you’re going to learn about different types of portable vaporizers in order to succeed in buying the best vape. A brief primer on vaporizer types will surely narrow your search down, not to mention that it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself on the critical features of a given product – remember that this is not going to be a cheap commitment.

Portable Flower Vaporizers

Portable flower vaporizers are characterized by their rather modest size and they’re usually battery-powered, with a chamber for flowers. So if you’re a flower enthusiast, this will probably be one of the main reasons to choose a portable herb vaporizer. The second, and the most important one, is the fact that such a device allows you to vape on-the-go. Since they’re small and powered by a battery, such vaporizers don’t restrict you to the living room in your house (or wherever you prefer to vape). That being said, a portable vape pen for smoking weed and other herbs will suit you if you prefer the freedom of vaping over functionality.

Speaking of functionality, if this factor places high on your list of requirements, you’ll most likely refrain from using even the best portable vaporizer in favor of buying a table-top device. Many herb vapes heat the flower at a single fixed temperature; such a unification doesn’t apply to all herbs, not to mention that some of them may start to burn, emitting harmful substances to your lungs.

Okay, so portable vaporizers are not beasts in terms of accuracy – you already know that. But some flower vapes may grant more customization with certain strains than pens designed exclusively for oils and concentrates, which may influence your final decision. Despite being unable to give you the temperature control close to desktop units, best portable vaporizers for herbs on the market will help you capture the nuances of each herb; in addition, some 5-star models offer a decent level of temperature customization, so you’re still going to feel the aroma and flavor of vapor while on the bounty of nature.

Portable Oil Vaporizers

Like their herb counterparts, portable oil vaporizers are also designed to be used on-the-go. Moreover, concentrate vapes are more budget-friendly and they offer invaluable discretion, because let’s face it: we live in quite big societies where some people just don’t like certain aromas and you can’t simply force them to suddenly change their minds.

One of the greatest advantages of vaporizers that look just like a pen or a stylus is the cost of battery, which is relatively low. In addition, the CO2 oil inside them applies smoothly and has a longer lasting period. When seeking the best portable vaporizer for using concentrates, decide whether you want to load it with cartridges, or you prefer putting your own oils in a sealed oil cylinder.

Given that portable oil vaporizers are inexpensive themselves, being a penny-pincher in this field may lead you right down the swamp. Keep in mind that cheaper options with few (if any) user reviews may have issues with battery life and leakage, so to avoid these generally rare malfunctions, it’s better to postpone the purchase and save some money for one of the top picks, rather than rush at the cheapest unit.

In terms of effects, the CO2 in cartridge pens trigger distinctly different responses depending on the type of concentrates. On top of that, cartridge oils contain propylene glycol – a substance also used in e-cigarettes to help users achieve the right consistency for the vaping process. Nevertheless, they won’t be a concern if you decide to purchase a non-cartridge portable vaporizer; it’s you up to you which concentrate you put in the cylinder.

Hybrid Portable Vaporizers For Both Dry Herbs And Oils

If you fancy vaping herbs and concentrates interchangeably, hybrid portable vaporizers will become your friends. Such units offer two chambers, one of which is reserved for dry herbs, and the latter serves for vaping concentrates. A hybrid portable vaporizer also uses both conduction and convection as heating methods, so you can adjust the temperature according to the material you’re about to use.

When it comes to downsides of hybrid portable vaporizers, maintenance holds the top 1 position. If you neglect the cleaning process and don’t do it precisely, you’ll soon experience some minor inconveniences that may eventually lead to serious malfunctions. Hygiene aspects aside, hybrid vapes are anything but budget-friendly, so don’t rush it unless you decide whether you prefer herbs over oils, or the other way.

Best Portable Vaporizer Brands

When searching for the best portable vaporizer, it’s of paramount importance to know the leading brands in the industry. Each brand has its own style and unique design, along with their most popular products. With that said, the choice of a particular brand will, again, depend on the way you’re going to use your vaporizer. On the other hand, if you already know your preferences, seek a manufacturer that is recognizable by the vaping community.

To cut the long story short, always look for users’ reviews. Like we said at the very beginning, grapevines exist for a reason. When you spot a portable vape with plenty of 5-star ratings and many positive reviews, you may add the manufacturer to your list ASAP.

Below, you’ll find some of the top best portable vaporizer brands within the whole industry.

Storz & Bickel

While it’s perfectly understandable that vaping novices may not recognize this brand, more experienced users don’t need any introduction to Storz & Bickel. This German manufacturer is one of the most recognizable brands within the vaping industry, and both their table-top and portable units have managed to conquer hearts of many vapers around the world.

Storz & Bickel is considered a revolutionary brand in the scene of portable vaporizers, as the company is known for their robust and extremely solid products. Among their flagship units, there are Mighty and Crafty series that provide vapers with an unforgettable experience, let alone the top-notch quality and density of vapor.

So there we go, it seems like best handheld vaporizers are manufactured in Europe. As for any further recommendations, let the fact that the company rocks the industry since 2000 speak for itself.


Arizer is a Canadian brand that treads on the toes of Storz & Bickel to win the race for being the leader on the market. Arizer offers a slightly wider choice in terms of various vaping units than their German competitor. More interestingly, the Canadian manufacturer is responsible for creating the world’s best smallest vape – Arizer Solo.

Whether you’re up for vaping herbs or you choose extracts over the dry material, it’s not an issue at all, as each product by Arizer may serve a different purpose.


When considering high-end vaporizers, one simply can’t forget about Firefly. Vapers who appreciate the sleek design and a rapid heat-up time (the device heats up in 5 seconds) will surely find it an attractive choice. For a very small unit that is almost maintenance-free, there’s a 2-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Firefly units are considered one of the best weed vape pens in terms of temperature control. The device operates with 6 preset temperature settings, making it a child’s play to adjust those levels to a particular herb.


PAX Labs Inc. has its fair share in not only providing the ultimate vaporization experience but also in making smoking obsolete. The company was founded by two Stanford Design Program graduates, which is not that difficult to deduct when we look at how their products are made.

Apart from providing users with the true taste and density of vapor, the company’s products are hands down the most beautiful vaporizers within the whole industry. That’s why sometimes, they’re called the Iphones of all vapes.

7th Floor Vapes

7th Floor Vapes may soon win the title of the leading vaporizer manufacturing company in the world. They amazed all vaping enthusiasts upon the release of their Silver Surfer and DaBuddha desktop vaporizers, both of which combined beauty with functionality – something that no desktop vape manufacturer has ever managed to achieve.

After this huge success in the field of table-top vaporizers, the company followed through and released their first portable vaporizer – the SideKick. It’s actually the first model that includes such advanced features like the vortex cooling system that completely reduces the harshness of vapor.

7th Floor Vapes is well esteemed for their customer service. As the company aims at delivering the desired customer satisfaction, the relation between the brand and their clients is maintained on a truly impressive level. The American manufacturer proves that 16 years of consistency in bringing top-class quality parts and durable core of their products was worth the effort.


Meet the manufacturer of the first ever electronic portable vaping device. The company combines rock-solid quality with affordable prices, which makes their products an attractive alternative for their high-end counterparts.

On top of that, the company doesn’t cease to amaze their users in terms of releasing new models over the years. Although it may seem that Vapir doesn’t have to prove anything to the industry anymore, the manufacturer has recently released the Prima, their new premium model that receives tons of credit from vapers around the world, paving its way to become the best new model on the market.

Haze Technologies

Founded in 2013 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, Haze has redefined the industry with ‘game-changing’ technology that includes multi-chambers. Their products are perfect for vapers who seek hybrid portable vaporizers, as their Haze Dual V3 vaporizer allows you to vape both dry herbs and concentrates.

In terms of bringing the ultimate User Experience to vaporization enthusiasts, Haze Technologies are growing strong and the versatility provided by their vaporizers remains uncontested so far. Outdoor lovers will be thrilled to taste the flavorful vapor thanks to the courtesy of advanced technologies delivered by Haze.

Top 8 Best Portable Vaporizers

The freedom of vaping outside the walls of your house is invaluable. If you’re that type of person who just wants to admire the nature and puff the vapor on-the-go, it’s needless to say that portable vaporizers are meant for you.

Despite being not as powerful as desktop vaporizers, portable units are, by no means, weak. In fact, you may be stunned by how powerful some of the best portable vapes can be, not to mention that it’s a lot easier to share them with friends, as long as one of you is equipped with a power bank – after all, you’re gaining mobility at the cost of power duration.

Since the line of portable vapes begins to resemble some vale of eternal blossoms, finding the best portable vaporizer for herbs and concentrates may be a hard nut to crack. Fortunately, your options have been already trimmed down due to our introduction to top best portable vaporizer manufacturing companies, so practically, we’re half-way home.

Now, it’s high time we examined the top 10 best handheld vaporizers according to buyers.

1. Crafty Vaporizer

Crafty Vaporizer

Source: Grasscity

View on Grasscity

The Crafty is a brand-new compact powerhouse by Storz and Bickel along with its bulkier counterpart, Mighty. Also known as the god of simplicity, the Crafty requires you to use only one button to make it work – the rest is controlled via the dedicated app.

Let’s shed some light on the temperature control. The Crafty operates on two temperature selections. The first one is default and the latter is referred to as the ‘boost temp’. The difference between these levels ranges from 104 to 410 F, but luckily, you’re not restricted to using one setting at a time. You can change it on the fly by using the app we mentioned above. As for the heating method, Crafty uses mostly convection heating, save for preheating the bowl, when there’s just a little bit of conduction.

What are the main pros of the Crafty Vaporizer? First things first, it’s the best portable vape in terms of simplicity. Like we said, you just need to push one button and proceed by controlling the rest with the app, so operating on this unit will be nothing but a walk in a park. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about using complicated loading/packing techniques. Just load the desired amount and heat it up. Last but not least, although the Crafty is not quite as concealable as the Pax 3 or the Grasshopper, you can still hide it in a jacket and enjoy its portability. Plus, the spectrum of temps at which you can wape looks really promising, let alone the convection & conduction heating methods which create cool vapor that makes your draws even more enjoyable.

However, not everything is rosy in this garden. The overall battery life and the fact that the battery is not user-replaceable can be a real pain in the neck. With that said, we cannot help but suggest you to purchase a power bank; it won’t be a huge investment yet it will allow you to charge your Crafty on the go for as long as you need.

To wrap it up, if you want absolute portability or you’re just short-tempered by nature, you should check out the Mighty – Crafty’s big brother. We’ll move down to it pretty soon, but as for now, Crafty still remains one of the best portable vaporizers on the market – after all, it’s made by Storz & Bickel.

Price: $348.15

2. Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

Source: Grasscity

View on Amazon

Arizer Solo 2 is the successor of the beloved classic Arizer Solo vaporizer. This unit features a LED display instead of a simple temperature level indicator, which grants precise heat control. This somewhat minor upgrade, combined with the all glass vapor path the Canadian manufacturer is famous for, makes the Solo 2 model one of the best portable vape units on the market.

To begin with, let’s focus on the LED display. As soon as you turn on the Arizer Solo, you’ll notice your temperature selection screen that displays the actual temperature of your unit. You can adjust the heating levels precisely by using the outer circle of the control button – the one with arrows. The moment you set up the desired temperature, the Arizer Solo 2 will begin to heat up; as you can see, the greatest solutions are the simplest ones.

As for the other extra options, you can also set the volume of your device, change the temperature scale (between Celcius and Fahrenheit), adjust the screen brightness, set the start-up timer (4,6, and  seconds), and regulate the time of your sessions. That’s a myriad of options if you consider the size of Arizer Solo 2.

Arizer has always been recognized for vaporizers that produce pure, smooth, and cool vapor that convey the flavor and aroma of inhaled vapor like no other portable unit does. But what the company did to this particular model is somewhat miraculous, as you can now enjoy even better flavor since the first couple of draws.

When it comes to downsides, Arizer 2 Solo fails to live up to the promises about portability once again. Although the unit was announced to be more portable than its predecessor, the difference is so marginal that you won’t even feel it. Still, it offers a decent level of discretion, so you may freely trade this minor inconvenience for the sake of other fantastic qualities of this handheld vape.

Price: $249

3. SideKick

SideKick portable vaporizer

Source: 7th Floor Vapes

The SideKick vaporizer is the flagship portable unit of 7th Floor Vapes. This powerful and cleverly designed handheld vaporizer has a record of being one of the best portable hybrid vaporizers within the industry.

The hybrid of convection and conduction heating has given rise to impressive extraction performance combined with outstanding efficiency. Sidekick is build with powerful ceramic heating elements the manufacturer is known for, which ensures pure and smooth vapor that is full of flavor. In terms of temperature control, this particular model offers 22 different heat settings that allow the user to adjust the temperature between 248 F and 470 F ; with such a great range, you can experiments with various types of vaping materials as you go. For the sake of your convenience, 7th Floor went with the current and equipped their portable vaporizer with a LED screen.

The moment you charge the SideKick’s batteries (the LED light will turn from red to green), all you need is unlock the battery door and insert your batteries according to instructions. It takes seconds to activate the unit and fill the chamber with the material in order to set the right temperature afterwards. The vibration signal will indicate if your device has reached the desired heat.

One of the brightest points of this portable vaporizer is the vortex cooler that provides a user with the ultimate smoothness of exhaled vapor. Simply put, this device has almost no weaknesses, safe for the fact that – like even best portable vaporizers – SideKick is strongly battery-reliant, so you won’t get close to the experienced provided by table-top units, that’s it.

Price: $225

4. PAX 3

PAX portable vaporizer

Source: Grasscity

View on Amazon

The Pax 3 has undergone some serious internal changes while adding only 3 grams to the overall weight and maintaining the size of the Pax 2. It’s hands down one of the best vape pens for using dry herbs. And what about extracts?

Truth to be said, the ability to vape concentrates doesn’t mean that the experience will ever get close to doing the same from a rig or a dabber, so it’s best to stick with herbs when using the Pax 3. When it comes to the above upgrades, the newest Pax vaporizer uses an upgraded 3500mAh battery and, as a result, it preheats in 15-20 seconds on the average, beating the Pax 2 which requires up to 45 seconds. The manufacturer has finally launched the live version of the Pax Vapor APP, which means that now you’ll have full control over the heat spectrum (360 F to 420 F), with various customization options, such as selecting different heating profiles, locking the device, dimming the led, or changing color themes.

On top of that, it looks like Pax Labs actually listens to their customers, as the Pax 3 portable  vaporizer has now a polished finish, instead of a brushed aluminum which was used in Pax 2. Whether it’s a good move or not, it’s up for discussion. Practically speaking, we’re getting a more attractive design that will likely be more susceptible to fingerprints and scratches.

For the best portable vaporizer, PAX 3 holds a well-deserved position among the top 5 best handheld vape pens within the industry. Considering battery life, durability, ease of use, and portability, this unit is a strong contestant. Upon the purchase, you’ll also receive a 10-year warranty.

Price: $249

5. Firefly 2

Firefly 2 portable vaporizer

Source: Grasscity

View on GrasscityView on Amazon

This inconspicuous premium portable vaporizer features pure convection as its heating methods. The Firefly 2 offers 5 different temperature settings for dry herbs and one for extracts. Although the battery life of this unit doesn’t stand out from the crowd, the Firefly 2 package comes with two replaceable rechargeable batteries.

In addition to its versatility in heating levels, this portable vaporizer preheats in less than 10 second and requires hardly any maintenance – basic cleaning will do the job. Speaking of the quality of vapor, it conveys much of the material’s aroma along with its taste, which, paired with the powerful heater and quick heat up times, will make you consider this device one of the best vaporizer pens for both dry herb and concentrates.

Compared to Firefly 1, which was quite impractical, too big, heavy and poor in terms of battery performance, the new Firefly 2 is not only 100 grams lighter, but it’s also easier to conceal in your pocket, and – above all – now you can get up to 4-6 bowls per battery. Since this vape comes with 2 batteries, you may enjoy the flavorful vapor for much longer before you eventually have to charge the stuff.

The only constraint for purchasing this vaporizer may be rooted in your experience. As much as veteran vapers won’t experience any difficulties while using Firefly 2, those just diving into the subject may have hard time when mastering some techniques for best use.

Price: $329.95

6. Force by Healthy Rips

Force by Healthy Rips portable vaporizer


View on Amazon

Among the list of best portable vaporizers for herbs and wax, Force by Healthy Rips deserves particular attention. It’s perfect for beginners because it allows a user to inhale both dry herbs and concentrates, creates flavorful and dense vapor, and is very user-friendly. Healthy Rips have placed their bet on the current gold standard for vaporizer heating methods, and so the Force unit uses full convection to ensure the best standards for vaping novices.

The device has often been compared to the Crafty, which is quite an achievement given that the Crafty was the number one vape on our list. Despite innovative heating methods and top-quality vapor delivered by the Healthy Rips Force, it has one major limitation, which brings us down to only 4 distinct temperature settings. On the other hand, each of these settings has an enhanced mode, so we may treat it as a form of compensation for this restraint.

What’s in the package? Well, upon the delivery, you may expect the very vaping unit, a glass mouthpiece (it helps preserve flavor of vapor and keeps it cool), wax canister and dab tools, wall charger, and a cleaning brush with tweezers. For the price of $149, you’re getting a full vaping kit, whose easy maintenance is invaluable for those who begin their adventure with portable vaporizers. This super simple unit, along with its attachments, is a textbook example of convenience and versatility.

Price: $149

7. Mighty

Mighty portable vaporizer

Source: Grasscity

View on Grasscity

Yet another small powerhouse by Storz & Bickel. The Mighty unit is hands down the best handheld vaporizer when it comes to the best average battery life per full charge. Mighty is reserved exclusively for herbs, so make sure you buy the right stuff for your material.

Although it’s not the best portable vaporizer on the market, it offers some serious benefits. To begin with, the above battery life is actually undefeatable and you simply won’t find another device of this size that could match its performance. Frankly speaking, the battery will easily serve you for a full day of outdoor activities, which gives about 6 to 8 sessions on a single charge. The best thing about the battery is that the unit will fully charge in no more than 90 minutes.

The LED display  on the vape is very easy to read, and the full temperature spectrum ranges from 105F  to 410 F. What may not be so easy is concealing the vaporizer in your pockets; let’s face it, given the size of this unit, it would be unwise to think that someone even would try hiding it there. On the other hand, when you plan a longer trip, you usually have a larger container in which you can place the unit so that you can enjoy your happy breaks during the journey.

If you don’t mind the size, the Mighty can be considered the best vaporizer for dry herbs.

Price: $399

8. Volta by VaporGenie

Volta by VaporGenie portable vaporizer

Source: Grasscity

View on Grasscity

Volta is one of the best handheld vapes that are as close to nature as possible. This battery-powered herb vaporizer is made with hard maple wood and a natural bees wax finish.The almost unmatched durability of this compact vape pen lies in the virtually indestructible bamboo that has been used for the cover of the unit.

The heating chamber of the Volta is powered by two batteries that are capable of delivering 200 watt minutes of energy when they reach the full charge. Such a setup will serve for roughly 8 minutes of continuous power, so this fancy vape pen is anything but suitable for intense group session. Luckily, with a LifePo charger and US plug, you can easily charge it up; if that wasn’t enough, the Volta vaporizer kit comes with a waterproof battery carrying case, a car charger, and two silicone battery caps. A cleaning brush is also included with your purchase to help you with cleaning the unit.

The Volta unit is very user friendly, so if you’re a rookie vaper, you’ll soon become good friends with this vaporizer. When you pack the container with shredded herbs (never fill the bowl completely), it only takes the spring-loaded sliding switch to be pressed for a couple of seconds. As soon as the LED light turns green, it’s a message that the device is heating up. Once the Volta reaches the desired temperature, it’s ready to use.

Since this vaporizer is equipped with natural elements, it’s essential that you care about the maintenance on a regular basis. Neglecting the preservation of wood and bamboo will loom a shadow over the appearance and functionality of your vape.

Price: $85

Other Quality Portable Vaporizers

The above list of 8 best portable vaporizers sets high standards for competitive products in the vaping industry. While Storz & Bickel or Arizer are the leading manufacturers so far, the tech-friendliness of our times and promising business opportunities create the perfect environment for a healthy competition.

With that said, although previously mentioned units are not among the cheapest portable vaporizers on the market, there are other devices that offer similar effects and don’t require the potential owner to break a bank in order to indulge in dense and flavorful vapor produced by a powerful vaporizer. If you don’t feel like spending nearly half a thousand dollars on a vaping device, consider the following options:

  • Haze V3 “Dual Bowl Vaporizer” – the Haze V3 vape is one of the best vaporizers to use a dual bowl system. This model is also one of the few units that can actually vape dry herbs, oils, and wax while not losing on the quality at all. The Haze operates on four different temperature levels, but for a portable herb vaporizer it’s best to stick to the first three selections. The fourth one is reserved for using the Haze V3 as a dab pen.
  • KandyPens K-Vape Vaporizer – this vaporizer is considered one of the best and most stylish vape pens in the world. It’s perfect for vaping dry herbs on the go, and if we add a stainless steel tank that holds 0.6g of dry goodies, we get a device that will not only look elegant but will also live up to your expectations. There are three different temperature settings available, namely 360F, 390F, and 420F. While the range of heat is not that impressive, it does the job perfectly for dry herbs – you will feel the flavor of your vapor and still be able to maintain control over the strength of your material. In case your vaporizer broke down, the manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty on the whole equipment. That’s undoubtedly a considerable option.
  • Vapir Prima – Vapir is known for releasing the first electronic portable device, but it’s only one of many virtues that characterize the company. The manufacturer released his Prima model that features a stainless steel pathway located in the mouthpiece and a dedicated chamber that proves invaluable each time you inhale the vapor. On top of that Prima is extremely easy to handle, let alone its feather-like weight which makes the product easier to conceal than other portable vapes. The device isn’t received exclusively for a particular type of material – you can vape both dry herbs, oils, and waxes. Last but not least, advanced and preset temperatures, along with decent power of the unit, will guarantee you the ultimate experience at the price of $199.99.
  • Flowermate V 5.0. – the Flowermate vaporizer is a very low-profile and portable unit that heats up in around 45 seconds. The device uses the advanced aromatherapy baking technology that offers constant temperature control. If you own a power bank, it will make a fine addition to your Flowermate, as the unit can be used while charging. The battery gets fully charged in about 2-3 hours. It’s hands down one of the best portable vapes under $100.
  • Airistech VIVA Vaporizer – reserved exclusively for vaping dry herb, Viva is the smallest digital baking vaporizer in the world. Don’t let the appearances deceive you, as this extremely discreet and portable unit comes with 80 temperature settings, from 350 F to 430 F. Each time you press the +/- button, the temperature will increase or decrease by 1 degree, which gives you complete control over the heat. Your desired vaping temperature will be displayed on the built-in OLED screen. The unit comes with a ceramic chamber for dry herbs and it takes only 20 second for the vaporizer to heat up to 430F. The fully charged 2200mAh battery supports 100 minutes of puffing vape, which is a good indicator for such a small device. More importantly, the smallest digital baking vaporizer comes at a price of $99.

As we’re heading straight to the finish line, let’s see what is the bottom line for must-have features of the best portable vaporizer.

Must-have Features of The Best Portable Vaporizer

While all portable vaping unit serve the same purpose – that is, they’re meant to provide decent level of discretion and portability – there’s a couple of critical factors that can make or break your experience with portable vaporizers.

  • Battery-life and performance – do you want your vape pen to come in handy during short breaks at your chores? Or are you the type of an adventurer who seeks something to bolster his or her journey with dense and aromatic vapor? It all boils down to the way you want your vaporizer to work for you. If you prefer efficiency over portability, your choice will fluctuate between the Mighty or Haze V3, as their battery performance is outstanding. On the other hand, if portability is what you value the most while vaping on-the-go, you should look for smaller units that can be used while charging.
  • The type of your material: herbs or oils? Fortunately, among best portable vapes, there are units that are compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates, so you can already trim down your options even if you haven’t made up your mind yet. But what if you already know your stuff and represent either team-herbs or team-oils? Well, in terms of dry materials, it’s best to look for a portable vaporizer that offers a wide range of temperature settings. Some of the products listed in the above section have even up to 80 variations of heat levels; such a feature will prove invaluable for getting the most flavor and aroma out of the given herb, as each single strain has its own ‘sweet spot’. On the part of concentrates, let’s say that the higher maximum temperature, the better. Although even the best portable vaporizer doesn’t even come close to the experience provided by desktop unit when it comes to oils and waxes, handheld units can sometimes surprise you with their potential as well.
  • Heating method – buying the best portable vaporizer for you should be a well-informed decision. That being said, it’s mandatory to know the difference between the two main heating methods used by handheld units – conduction and convection. Conduction gets into direct contact with the herbs, therefore resulting in the outside of your herb heating while the inside remains green. In order to get the most of your herbs, you have to stir your material quite often. Most importantly, conduction produces waste, as it’s always heating your herbs even when you aren’t inhaling. Convection, on the other, heats the herb by passing hot air through the vaporizer’s chamber. Thus, your material isn’t touched by the heating source because the hot air only passes through the chamber during vaporization. That’s why such models as Crafty or Firefly 2 are considered the most efficient vapes in the industry. When you narrow down your choices, learn about different battery set ups and compare average continuous use, as well as different charging options – they all influence the work efficiency of a vaporizer that heats through convection.
  • Budget – It goes without saying that the best portable vaporizers aren’t the cheapest ones. Sometimes, buying a handheld unit is a serious investment that involves deep research in this particular field in order to get the best ratio of price to performance quality. If you’re not a regular vaper and consider this activity only a pleasant addition to your daily routine, we suggest you to stick with vaporizers that offer the best portability and are reserved strictly for one type of material. This way, your purchase won’t ravage the home budget and you’ll still be able to experience good times with your unit. For more experienced vapers who seek quality in details and pursue the best performance, buying the best portable vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates will be more money-demanding. Once again, you don’t have to possess everything in one device; it all boils down to what you actually need.


Overall, finding the best portable vape for herbs and oils seems like a tough challenge; and yes, it may feel overwhelming to find your ‘Mr. Right’ amidst the sea of options. Fortunately, as with everything in life, your endeavor will be less challenging as soon as you get the detailed plan which will include the basic features of best portable vaporizers, along with most reputable brands within the industry the list of top-rated handheld units according to buyers.

When you finally find the pristine pearl in the ocean, you will understand the essence of the term: “long-term investment”, as such a device will serve you for years. Should something bad happened to your vaporizer, you can always count on the extended warranty period which, in some cases, reaches the ‘lifetime’ status. Given you selected one of the top manufacturers, leaving it to their customer service will be a pure pleasure.

We cannot help but wish you a happy hunt!

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