Affiliate marketing is essentially online advertising and is one of the easiest ways to earn a profit online. As a webmaster, blogger, or anyone with a decent following you can  post ads and banners from cannabis related companies and in exchange, they give you a percentage of the sale.

Now is a great time to dive right into cannabis affiliate marketing opportunities. Depending on what your site is about, what you discuss with your viewers, or the products you may already be selling, there is a program suitable for you and your audience. 

In the next year we will watch this industry advance faster than it already has, why not see what a cannabis affiliate program can do for you?

Mail Order Marijuana Affiliate Programs in Canada

The Rundown on MOMs Affiliate Programs

A mail order marijuana shop, otherwise known as a MOM, is an online store where you can purchase flower, concentrates, edibles, among a large assortment of cannabis products. While there are no shortage of MOMs popping up online monthly here in Canada, only a select few offer an affiliate program.

We will see more programs after legalization this summer as the market gets more competitive I am sure. For now, these online dispensaries are getting a leg up and offering pretty impressive commission offers.

Blue and Yellow

With a 10% base rate on all sales this online shop knows exactly how to say thank-you for your referral. They give you a custom link that once clicked, will take your viewers to their site. Once they place an order, you receive 10% paid via e transfer, or if you are a connoisseur, in product.


 Buds2Go offers high-quality MMJ and cannabis products via their online store. Before you can register as an affiliate you must be registered as a member to their website. After you are a member you may sign up for your customized affiliate link to start earning 10% on all pre-tax sales you refer.


BudXpress offers a very fair program. Commissions are earned cumulative (over your lifetime with them) and on every single purchase a customer may make. How cool is that? You can reap your benefits in various ways such as online visa, physical visa mailed ($20 cost), Bitcoin, or a code for product on their website. Their policy for sharing is more than reasonable and the reward to you is quite motivating.

Herb Approach

Herb approach requires you to sign-up and sign-in to view your link, and stats. Simply place your linking code on your website or in an email blast and wait for your readers become their customers. When they do, you receive a commission that is paid via paypal or bitcoin.


Marijuana Gear Affiliate Programs

Gear Opportunities Defined

Everyone who smokes for either recreational  purposes or for medical purposes requires the right gear. We also want the correct accessories to maximize our toking experience. These programs offer everything your viewers will need at some point or another. 


Everyone who likes to smoke wants good toking equiptment. Enter GrassCity. These guys offer a selection of premium smoking accessories, bongs, grinders, bowls, pipes and the kitchen sink too! Giving you a generous 10% of referral fees on top of 5% commission on three tiers of affiliates, they give you the golden key to success.

Green Goddess

Green Goddess has one of the best cannabis accessories programs to date. Their innovative program tools, their catchy ads, and their commission rate of 10% on every single sale are only a few reasons this is an ideal affiliate to share with your viewers.

International Oddities

International Oddities boasts the largest commission payouts to date with a start at 40% and the ability to earn 50% on monthly sales. They also have an in-depth sub-affiliate program worth reading up on. The products and suppliers they are associated with are above average and they provide something for everyone’s taste. Sign-up is simple and receiving payment is a breeze.

Smoke Cartel

known as the number one online head shop in the US and stocking over three thousand products, Smoke Cartel offers 12% commission to you for all sales referred by your site/email list. Specific recommendations to your visitors will enhance your commission opportunities.  Once you join their program you will have access to a pretty sophisticated dashboard allowing you to track sales and customize your marketing experience.

Vape Bright

Vape bright offers a 25% commission on lifetime sales. Every single time your viewers click and purchase you earn. They have multiple benefits and do most of the hard work. No link or coupon tracking needed on your end. They also offer monthly payments, 60-day cookies, as well as top of the line CBD and vaporizer products.

Vapor Nation  

Not only does Vapor Nation offer custom links and banners for your site or blog, they have top notch software that enables you to track your clicks, stats, and favorite products sold- all real time! The creative control is in your hands if you choose to work with these guys. You get 15% on each sale, you get $10 just for signing up, and you get support in running a smooth campaign.


The Best CBD Oil Affiliate Programs

CBD oil is a topic of serious discussion in recent times due to its benefits. The main reason people are interested in, and what’s best about CBD oil is, recent studies have shown how effective it can be in combating several maladies such as seizures and cancer, and the list goes on.

There are many high paying programs available for affiliates for CBD Oil.  Below is a list of the top rated programs. (These are programs in the US, which can sell nationwide)

Explaining CBD Oil Affiliate Programs

If your site is less on the cannabis side, choosing a CBD related affiliate to start may be a good idea. They offer very impressive payouts and products that truly have the power to heal and enhance the lives of your viewers.


CBD Pure offers products that give you an opportunity to expand your earnings in a highly under appreciated niche. They extract their CBD oil from organic hemp which is legal nearly everywhere in North America. Their payout is 40% and they truly recognize that your success is their success.

Hemp Bombs

Hempy Bombs has a specific sign-up process where your information is reviewed. If you are a good fit you will recieve your own  customizable links and have access to the affiliate area. You will be able to track and generate urls to any of their pages.  For now they only pay through paypal email and send out payments every Friday by noon EST.

Terpene Botanicals

Terpene Botanicals offers you $50 just for signing up on top of 20% payout on each sale. Through their coupon codes, links, and banners you are able to track sales and receive your commissions bi-weekly. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge so getting started is quite simple and painless.

Beyond Botanicals

These guys offer 25% payout on all sales and truly stand behind their products. With very little work on your end, partnering with Beyond Botanicals is a sure-fire way to bring your viewers a valuable product and yourself some well deserved earnings.  They have an impressive library of creative assets that they are constantly updating to ensure your have what you need to create success. Beyond Botanicals is a great fit for anyone who has a CBD, MMJ, or cannabis related website.


HempMeds is a trusted CBD source located in the US. They offer a 15% payout on each sale for their affiliates. Once you have signed up they generate a custom link for you to promote on your website, blog, or email list. They have industry leading marketing tools for you to enhance your earning and have an supporting staff ready to help you out. With their tools you will be able to track your sales, sit back, and wait for your check in the mail.

Hempy CBD Oil

Nutra Pure CBD Oil has one of the biggest payouts when it comes to CBD related programs. At 40% commissions paid monthly, they also give you 90-day cookies for your customers to make a purchase. That is nearly three times what an affiliate partner allows. They are always improving their landing pages and provide thoughtful and encouraging support if you ever need it. Hempy CBD Oil is legal in all 50 states and is derived from organically grown industrial grade hemp.

Seeds and Grow Supply Affiliate Programs

Details on Seeds and Grow Supply Programs

Buying seeds and growing weed is not new. However, the amount of people who are choosing to DIY their medical marijuana has become quite impressive. The market for online grow stores and seed banks has erupted over the last decade.

Some seed affiliates have reputations stemming decades in the market, while other have just sprouted within the last five or so years. 


Seedsman program allows you to market five different websites to earn commissions on new customers and affiliates you send their way. Earning up to 20%, this company has a pretty impressive structure and a reputable brand your viewers can trust.

Sensi Seeds

The sensi seed bank has won numerous prizes for its seeds over their twenty years in the industry. On top of that, their pay-out starts at 20% and rises to 30%. The seeds they sell are top-notch and essentially sell themselves. All you have to do is place your links, ads, banners, or send out your emails. With a reputation that is nothing but solid, this program is ideal for anyone who wants to earn.

My Weed Seeds

My Weed Seeds is located in Canada and has quite the variety of superior strains. They offer affordable prices, an impressive list of suppliers, and a commitment to quality.  They truly offer a strain for everyone. Once you sign-up and sign-in,  you will have access to a support dashboard that allows you to review your commision statistics, click-thru rate, and your sales.  

Bonanza Seeds

sd Bonanza Seeds starts their base earnings at 10% but you can earn up to 20% once you get the ball rolling. Their seed selection is vast, making this affiliate an easy choice to promote. Provided you reach the minimum payout, you will be paid out  on the last day of every month.

I Love Growing Marijuana

Based on the principle that everyone should have the information to grow their own cannabis supply and grown out of the pure intention to share that wisdom, I Love Growing Marijuana is simple and smart. This program is pretty well known and that’s for a very good reason. Even if you have no knowledge of cannabis, affiliate marketing, and you are hesitant about referrals, this program works. You promote an ebook that is completely free to your viewers and they do the rest. Along with the typical custom link, you are also offered training, tracking and genuine support from the program.


Has a giant array of grow products. Everything from lights right down to nutrients and ventilation. From a complete startup to a revamp of a previous set-up, Dealzer has a valuable selection. They pay an impressive 15% on each converted lead and can pay bi-weekly.

Cannabis Education and Training Programs

Promoting Cannabis Education and Training Programs

Knowledge has always been the key investment you can make towards long term success in any venture you partake in. The programs, educational courses, and training programs geared towards cannabis information has advanced at a rapid pace over the last five year.

These affiliate programs are a great avenue to tap into your viewers who have a thirst for information and an appetite for learning new things about cannabis. 

Green CultureED

When you choose to work with Green CultureED you are positively impacting your viewers by providing them an elearning platform that is valuable and will fulfill their thirst. They reward their affiliates with a hefty 60% commission on all gross sales through any of the advertisements you place. Not just anyone can become an affiliate, they do have some requirements that any good affiliate marketer should be able to meet with ease.

How To Grow Weed

This ebook-based company does convert the sales from grow equipment boasting up to 57% commission rate. Be aware they do work on a tiered system so always read through the information first. When you sign up and get access to your affiliate dashboard, you can copy your link and get promoting. They have a lot of useful tips for you to promote including how to generate a link that is acceptable for comments.

Cannabis Training University

This elearning site has a well established, high performing cannabis program that offers you up to 40% commission. They have a high conversion rate, which means more earnings for you. Cannabis Training University makes it quite simple: you send them business, they send you money.

In A Nutshell

420 affiliates

Just like any way to earn a passive income, there are basic skills you should possess. Essential PC knowledge is a must.

To be a successful affiliate, you must be straight up with your viewers. When you are trusted your readers become understanding. Being honest with them is one of the most crucial aspects of succeeding. Honesty turns into reliability which in turn evolves into repeat commissions.

Content is key. High-quality content that is thoughtful and on topic is essential. Ensure the banners on your site are relevant to the information you are providing.

Knowing what your site guests and visitors are looking for can give you a leg up in the never ending rat race. There are a lot of affiliate programs for the cannabis niche and you can rest assured knowing come July of this year, there will be plenty more.

If you are unsure as to what your viewers may respond to, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask them. You can also check out your competition, write a blog post, or take the plunge and post new content.-it doesn’t hurt to try!

Vape Bright    CBD Vape Cartridges    25%    $100
Green Goddess Supply    High Quality Accessories    10%    $50
Seedsman    Best seeds (UK), CBD products, vaporizers, accessories    15%    £100
Cannabis Training University    Professional MJ certificates    40%    $100
Vapor Nation    Vaporizers, accessories, grinders    15%    $100
Dealzer    Grow supplies (boxes, tents, LEDs)    15%    $100
I Love Growing Marijuana    eBook, Seeds (Amsterdam)    20%    $100
My Weed Seeds    Seeds (Canada)    20%    $100
A suitable affiliate program are elusive however can be extremely lucrative. You'd be amazed at how much business, even in the pot business, is led on the web. There are a few sorts of weed offshoot programs that you can join. They're all free, however be mindful so as not to pursue each rabbit in the recreation center.

latent maryjane affilate incomeI've seen each sort of 420 associate program from offering seeds and cannabis development preparing, the distance to offering edibles and real pot (to medicinal patients where legitimate). You need to discover the program that suits you best, or perhaps your stage is appropriate for each cannabis partner program. Eventually, there is a blasting business sector for pot on the web. It's an undiscovered specialty since it's a little while ago ending up more socially acknowledged.

$7.1 Billion and Developing

In 2017, the maryjane business is anticipated to do over $7.1 billion in deals. How might you like a piece of that? Indeed, this is the ideal opportunity to position yourself to gather some of that cash. While the majority of your companions watch their most loved show on television, you can assemble your money related fortification, promising you genuine feelings of serenity for whatever remains of your life.

The best part is, you can honestly be making a few thousand dollars for each month in only 6-7 months (that is to what extent it took me). You don't need to hold up until the point that weed is lawful wherever to profit in this industry. However, when it's recreational all around, your pay will shoot through the rooftop since your site will be a settled expert site at that point. All the recently cannabis-accommodating states will send crowds of individuals to your site. Cannabis is certainly the following dash for unheard of wealth. Get in ahead of schedule for once.
You should have essential PC aptitudes. You should know how to reorder. A decent partner program will furnish you with various contents and codes. In the event that you require a decent open source Web composing/supervisor, I recommend Kompozer, and for a free open source imaging program, GIMP is incredible.

To profit as a subsidiary accomplice, you should first either buy a space name through an approved area enrolling administration. There are free ones out there, however be careful with getting tricked into plans that make it difficult to exchange your site... *Read Notices

One ought to consider spending the couple of dollars it takes to really buy an arrangement from an expert, trusted, and surely understood host and registry, for example, Bluehost.

Bluehost has a one of a kind component that sniffs out of date spaces that will soon be returned to flow. You are really put on a sitting tight rundown for the particular wanted space. subtle elements are accessible from their Site here

Tips and Traps

TIP - Recall, no subsidiary program you join with will make you affluent overnight. General guideline, NEVER go up against promotions that create under 12 percent of offers with just a not very many exemptions.

NEVER, I rehash! Try not to Burn through Cash TO Join TO ANY Subsidiary PROGRAM (unless you are offering something yourself and need an offshoot administration group). On the off chance that you need to figure out how to get rich through partner showcasing, read the instructive books that will take you there.

TIP - Be careful with offshoot programs that profit after the primary day of setting the advertisement. Sounds interesting I know. A few projects have a base payout thusly may stack your record with a couple of dollars getting you snared on setting their advertisements. I was tricked by this once in the wake of making a deal actually minutes in the wake of setting the promotion. Two years passed by and not another deal. Backtracking and re-altering is a genuine agony and ought to be dodged.

Different tips...

Do all that you can to influence your perusers to believe you. On the off chance that your perusers trust and like you, will probably need to help you by utilizing your referral joins.

It is to a great degree uncommon to discover a subsidiary showcasing program that offers lifetime commissions. These advantages are great and ought to be searched out.

You need to fabricate a pamphlet that brings consideration. Quite a while back, getting an email was an energizing thing.

Utilizing a great deal of back-joins identified with your site is a key part in partner promoting, however make certain not to lead clients to tricky substance.

Straightforwardness with your perusers is indispensable to your accomplishment in associate advertising. Your gathering of people will acknowledge finish straightforwardness, which will support dependability.

Ensure that your site has enough substance to compliment the flags are set effectively and offset with a lot of strong substance.

There are various ways you can discover what your site guests, email endorsers and online networking adherents need:

Convey a review

Request criticism in a blog entry

Screen discussions via web-based networking media

Look at what your rivals are doing

Test diverse sorts of substance

Take a gander at your site and online networking investigation to perceive what sort of substance has been well known before
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