Marijuana Dispensary in Lloydminster, AB

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Looking for cannabis in Lloydminster? 

Lloydminster in Alberta, Canada is home to more than 32,000 people. It is one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada. Lloydminster has a unique bi-provincial status, straddling the provincial border of Alberta and Saskatchewan.  As such, it is also called the Border City.

The local economy is highly dependent on the petroleum industry.  It is known as the “Heavy Oil Capital of the World” in reference to the robust heavy oil production which has driven its local economy for years. Agriculture is also an important driver of the local economy.

While its residents enjoy a laid back, rural lifestyle, the city also offers the convenience of urban living with major cosmopolitan facilities.

buying weed in lloydminster alberta

Are There Cannabis Dispensaries in Lloydminster?

There are still a limited number of cannabis dispensaries in Lloydminster AB, so you can buy weed online in Alberta instead. In fact, there are only two pot stores in the city. The good thing is that these cannabis dispensaries are located in the heart of the city. These shops are also well-stocked with the best recreational and medical marijuana products in the area.

One of those cannabis dispensaries in Lloydminster is Plantlife.  It was one of the first pot shops to open its doors in Lloydminster after the marijuana legalization in Canada took effect on October 17, 2018.

Located at 4215 80 Avenue, the cannabis dispensary is open daily. Operations start from 10 in the morning and can stretch up to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. The store not only offers high-quality cannabis but also provides education of marijuana use to its customers.

Plantlife has a friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Personnel put time and effort to inquire about the needs of their customers. They are also familiar with the strain and quality of cannabis. The store itself has a very good atmosphere for people looking to get their cannabis.  Plantlife also offers various cannabis products at reasonable prices.

Another popular cannabis dispensary in the city is the House of Hybrids.  Conveniently located at 66401 43 St Ste B, Lloydminster, this cannabis dispensary is a small, family-run enterprise.  It is open daily from 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening with store operations extended to 12 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

House of Hybrids takes pride in providing a safe and positive atmosphere for consumers and enthusiasts of cannabis. The store offers high quality cannabis and accessories while the staff does their part in sharing their knowledge about cannabis.


Where and How to Buy Weed in Lloydminster, AB

Anyone aged 18 years and above can buy weed in Lloydminster Alberta from pot stores such as Plantlife and House of Hybrids.  Alberta is one of the two provinces in Canada, the other being Quebec, where the minimum legal age to buy, possess, and consume weed is 18. In other parts of the country like British Columbia, a person should be at least 19 years old to be able to buy or consume cannabis.  It is also forbidden to share cannabis with minors in Canada, so everyone in a  group buying weed should all be of legal age to do so. Valid identification card is required prior to purchase of weed.

Buyers also are not required to present a prescription when ordering for recreational cannabis.

There is also a public possession limit on the purchase of weed in these stores. Buyers of cannabis in Lloydminster AB are limited to 30 grams of marijuana. This applies to both residents and non-residents of the city.

Upon purchase of cannabis, buyers will find an excise stamp which is a kind of revenue stamp that is attached to the cannabis. This proves that the required tax has been settled or paid by the cannabis producer.

After purchase of a cannabis product, a person is expected to follow Alberta laws on possession and distribution of cannabis. For example, it is forbidden to consume weed in public areas in Lloydminster. This means no smoking pot in parks, sporting fields, playgrounds, or school grounds.  It is also unlawful to drive under the influence of marijuana, and to leave the Canadian province with any cannabis product.

Another way to purchase weed in Lloydminster is via online. Buyers need to provide proof that they are at least 18 years old.  An online form will have to be filled out, as well, and the website will require a background check.

Looking for CBD in Lloydminster AB?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical in marijuana which has been noted for its therapeutic effects. It can help in relieving pain and inflammation, combatting seizures and anxiety, as well as for treating multiple sclerosis and opioid withdrawal.

The easiest way to buy CBD in Lloydminster is to order online. Only persons who are at least 18 years old can order online. Since it is required for buyers to prove that they are of legal age to buy CBD, they need to upload a high resolution scan of a valid identification card displaying their full name and date of birth.

CBD package is delivered straight to the residence of the buyer, who will have to show his/her ID to receive the item. If the buyer is not home, the package will then be taken to a post office where the customer has to go and show his/her ID to pick it up.

Where to Buy Edibles and topicals in Lloydminster, Alberta

Cannabis edibles such as candy, tea, and peanut butter are still not legally sold in Canada. It is expected that edible cannabis products will be available for sale in 2019, giving the Canadian government plenty of time to evaluate the pros and cons of making this cannabis product legally accessible to the public.

On the other hand, it is unclear whether cannabis dispensaries in Lloydminster AB sell topical creams and salves. The websites of the two weed pot store won’t indicate if these products are sold in their stores.

As such, the only remaining alternative for people in Lloydminster AB to buy edibles and topicals is to via the Internet. Again, they will have to prove that they are of legal age before they can buy these cannabis products online. 

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