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You are on the hunt for cannabis in Alberta & you know you can order weed online from an online dispensary.

But which one should you choose? There are many options to buy weed in Alberta, but which will give you the best selection, value and quality products!

We recommend mail order marijuana from our carefully selected online dispensary list.

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Best Online Dispensary for Alberta

BC Bud Supply

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Get Kush

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Where to Buy CBD in Alberta

The above dispensaries are well-known for their quality flower selection, but how about for CBD products only? We have a separate list for CBD oil vendors in Alberta.

CBD North

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CBD Magic

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CBD Oil Canada

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Where to Buy Shatter in Alberta

A quality online dispensary will have a selection of shatter & other concentrates with various sub-categories, but here are our top 2 best picks when you're looking for shatter in Alberta.

BC Bud Supply

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Why Buy Weed From An Online Alberta Dispensary?

There are many reasons to purchase weed online instead of in-store. Most internet dispensaries offer free shipping, so as long as you're shopping a bit in advance, you can enjoy the lower prices and diverse selection from all the online MOMs. Just fill your shopping cart with deals to ship to your address anywhere in Canada.

In addition, an mail order marijuana shop also sells a variety of edible products; from chocolate gummy bears to chocolates and gummy bears. If you prefer Indica, Sativa or hybrid varieties, here is a list of the best weeds you can buy online in Alberta. You can find a wide range of different strains of cannabis products for medicinal purposes, such as cannabis oils, concentrates, tinctures and extracts.

Mail order marijuana sites offer a convenient way to have your marijuana sent to you, no matter where you are in the province. No matter how successful Calgary is as a city, there has never been a better time to buy weed online. The local dispensaries in Calgary are the best in Alberta, but still pail compared to MOMs. For this reason, there is only good reasons to think about buying marijuana online in Canada in the way you would otherwise buy it online; you should always keep in mind the benefits that come with it. Because of the high cost of procuring mail order marijuana in Calgary, we are able to do so. Cities such as Edmonton & Calgary have local delivery service as well. They offer great deals and will ship to any address within the city limits, or close to.

Mail Order Marijuana Alberta – Considerations

Alberta is one of the best provinces to buy and consume weed, and the province has very fair laws when it comes to cannabis, making it very accessible to adults. The minimum age for cannabis use is 18, which Alberta shares with Quebec, along with the minimum age of 18 at the federal level, while other provinces set it at 19. It also helps that the maximum age for buying and using weed in Alberta, as opposed to the legal age of 19, which has been set in most provinces, is also 18.

While many “MOMs” claim to be medical marijuana services, the site is licensed as a retailer for cannabinoid therapy. GWO, an online weed dispensary, has a wide range of products including edibles, oils, concentrates, tinctures, extracts and other products. In addition, some of the products are made from high-quality strains that can be used for medical purposes such as pain relief, pain management or cancer treatment. You can buy a variety of different strains of marijuana as well as cannabis oils and edible products for medicinal purposes.

How many dispensaries are in Alberta?

In the Canadian provinces, which are one step closer to legalizing recreational marijuana later this year, retailers are preparing for a flood of new users. The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission recently announced that nearly 250 Alberta cannabis dispensaries will receive licenses to sell it to an adult consumer clientele. Four retail shops are operated in the province, each selling up to 30 grams of dried bud per day as well as other cannabis products such as edibles and oils.

From 10 January 2019 the only way to buy cannabis will be in provincial shops, and there will be other restrictions on where the product can be consumed. Home-grown weed is not legal and the minimum age is 19, but individuals are allowed to carry up to 30 grams of cannabis in public. Recreational coffee may not be consumed in a public place or vehicle, cannabis may not be smoked or vaporized in public. According to the provincial cannabis legislation the legal minimum age for purchase and use is 20 years, with a maximum being 18 years, while according to the federal cannabis law it is 19 years.

Does Alberta Cannabis Offer Weed Online?

Orders from government websites allow Canada Post to deliver weed to you. We then contact the patient and provide them with information about the product, the delivery date and the time and place of delivery.

While AGLC delivers online orders by mail, private retailers are prohibited from delivering cannabis in Canada. We buy for a range of different products and range from hundreds of hits from online boutiques to delivery services that deliver the goods directly to your home.

Instead, we enable consumers to find a variety of products in our stores and we reach out to customers interested in ordering weed products online.

Alberta cannabis dispensaries must also meet the highest security standards that require advanced video surveillance and alarm systems. Employees working in these private retail stores must be at least 18 years old, undergo background checks and complete a mandatory AGLC – a training program called “Sell Safe.” Before working at a cannabis dispensary in Alberta, business owners and employees must undergo “saleable” training. All employees working in the store must undergo a background check and undergo mandatory AGLC training under the Sell Safe program. All employees working in a cannabis shop must be either at least 18 years old or younger or under 18 years old and must undergo a background check. 

The regulations stipulate that private cannabis shops must be located at least 1000 meters from schools, hospitals and other public facilities. The state government only requires a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from schools, hospitals or public facilities. Marijuana products must be stored in a secure display case that can only be opened by pharmacy employees.

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