CBDPure Hemp Oil Extract Review & Coupon Code

Known for producing high-quality CBD products, the company manufacturing CBDPure Hemp Oil Extracts offers a selection of products to promote one's health and well-being by restoring balance and contributing to positive mental health.

Their offerings and claims seem to have weight, but as with anything you’re putting into your body, you want to be sure it’s as good as it claims. Here’s where we come in; our objective is to provide a CBD Oil Review on the validity of manufacture claims and bring forward information on the natural substance.

All CBDPure products are safe to use, contain no additional compounds, are free from contaminants, and are non-psychoactive. If you’d like to learn about the highest rated products available, we’ll be listing the 4 CBDPure products available, following background on the company itself, as well as introduce some of the benefits of hemp oil extracts, and wrap up with a FAQ to answer some of your burning questions.

Company Background

With a holistic approach to their manufacturing practices, Nutra Pure, the manufacture of CBDPure, focuses on delivering only the best certified organic hemp oil cultivated in Denmark. They select their hemp-based on its high CBD composition and for the way it is grown and harvesting. The CBDPure products are completely safe and legal, abiding by the laws of the United States, as safe to consume. They only manufacture their products with the most natural cannabidiols and terpenes.

The company follows strict manufacturing practices and abides by several control protocols to bring you one of the highest quality products on the market. Purity standards and conscious manufacturing practices are taken seriously by CBDPure to deliver a product that is nothing short of exceptional.

Why is CBDPure top rated & highly trusted?

Many companies manufacturing CBD extracts have their products labelled as dietary supplements, and countless numbers lack sufficient approval from the FDA for their claims on the benefits of their products. In addition, not all CBD extracts that are sold are of the same quality, which is why you should be detailed in your investigation of the products you plan to use, including where they’re coming from and what sorts of third-party testing they are undergoing if any.

With CBDPure, you won’t have to questions purity or quality. All of their CBD extracts are composed of naturally occurring cannabidiol. Backed by sufficient evidence gathered from various studies on CBDPure Oil and its effects on the endocannabinoid system, CBDPure, appears as one of the top vendors for organic hemp oil and is the pioneer in the CBD industry.

Top CBD Pure Oil Reviews

CBDPure sells 4 CBD hemp oil extracts which come available in a 60 ml bottle, each with a varied concentration. You can find directions for use in the FAQ section. The release of the first CBDPure hemp oil extract was in the later part of 2016. Since then, they have released 2 more concentrations and, most recently, a 4th more powerful extract containing full-spectrum hemp, which means that you’ll enjoy maximum benefits!

The CBDPure product line is as follows:

CBDPure Hemp Oil Extract 100mg

Contains 3.3mg of cannabidiol/serving. Cost direct from CBDPure is $29.99

CBDPure Hemp Oil Extract 300mg

Contains three times the amount of cannabidiol per serving. Total of 10mg/serving. Cost direct from CBDPure is $54.99

CBDPure Hemp Oil Extract 600mg

The top line variety contains 20mg of cannabidiol per serving. Cost direct from CBDPure is $79.99

Hemp Oil Soft Gels 750mg

Newest Product! Contains 30 capsules. Cost direct from CBDPure is $99.99. CBD oil soft gel reviews rave over the newest product to the CBDPure line.

All of the hemp oils sold, are purely organic, natural and undergo a cold pressed extraction process. There are no side effects, no THC present in the compound and no prescription is required to purchase them.

Benefits of CBDPure Hemp Oil Extracts

Backed by various studies and trials, referenced on the CBDPure website, hemp oil extracts have been proven to provide many health benefits. Some of the most notable include:

Possible Benefits Include:

Customer CBDPure softgel reviews and CBDPure oil reviews, found on the official CBDPure website as well as various online sites with CBDPure reviews, share similar stories and accounts of the benefits experienced. Many people rave over the incredible effects with pain relieve, nausea reduction, anxiety relief, relief from arthritis and much more. Customer reviews agree that CBDPure products offer great value for the money!


The products from CBD Pure undergo a variety of third party lab tests to ensure quality and potency. The company displays their lab tests openly for the variety of tests shown below. This transparency helps boost their credibility and makes them a company that buyers can trust and believe in. What’s great about how this company markets their product is that they don’t go overboard with trying to push their claims. They let the lab tests results speak for themselves.

Tests include:

  • Cannabinoid Profiling (Helps with accuracy of dosing & Identifies concentration of active cannabinoids)

  • Pesticide Testing

  • Microbial Screening (Detects the presence of harmful bacteria)

  • Terpene Analysis (Allows for optimization of the maximum desired effects)

  • Residual Solvent Testing (Identification of impurities and harmful compounds)

In order to find out the results of all the tests conducted on your specific product, you can reference the Lot number that appears on the bottle. Simply connect with the company, through their website, and they’ll be able to send you the results of the tests for your specific product Lot number.

There are no artificial additives to any of the CBDPure products and no added scents. The only aroma from CBDPure is the natural hint of hemp which is naturally a very earthy scent.

Before using this product, you should consult with your medical practitioner to determine whether in fact CBD oil is a good option for your health maintenance needs. Consulting with a doctor will also help you determine which dosage of hemp oil you should be taking and for what duration. In addition, it’s important to read the full instructions for use. In general, the following steps with apply:

  • Fill the dropper with the desired dosage

  • Administer under your tongue

  • Hold for up to 60 seconds

* This product is meant to be taken orally

The amount of times taken per day as well as for what duration of time will be determined by the specific concentration you are using, your body type and for what condition you are trying to help with. For some, taking the CBD Oil 2 times per day over two weeks is sufficient to help the body repair and heal while for others, a longer use will be required at a lower daily dosage.

The organic standard hemp used, is industrially grown in Denmark and the actual product is made in the USA.

The C02 extraction process of hemp oil is an industry standard which utilizes temperature and pressure to extract the cannabinoids. Other forms of extraction include using solvents like butane which are toxic and not considered the safest methods of extraction. C02 extraction is considered the safest way in which plant material is extracted. Due to the C02 extraction process, the resulting hemp oil will have a golden yellow color to it.

If you’ve ever seen CBD oil that has a green tinge to it, that means it wasn’t properly filtered to remove and excess of chlorophyll and plant material, take caution with these items.

  • The C02 extraction process is conducted in an FDA approved lab in the USA

  • Additional third party testing takes place

  • The product comes in a small bottle which makes it easy to transport and carry with you

  • Administration method is incredibly simple

  • Customers can choose between 4 concentrations

  • Buying multiple bottles allows the buyer to benefit from a discount

  • Clinical tests are cited on the official website of CBDPure                                                     


  • It isn’t so clear who the manufacturer is. At first, it appears that it is Nutra Pure LLC however this is only the seller

  • Their websites says there are cannabidiols and terpenes present but the label doesn’t hold this information as to what terpenes are included

  • CBDPure claims no side effects which is a strong claim considering many studies have found  a list of possible side effects on hemp oil extracts

  • The product doesn’t have an FDA approval. Note: In general, products labeled as dietary supplements, often don’t have this approval.

All of the CBDPure products are sold online. The company does not ship internationally, nor to the following states: Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana.


After our research for the CBDPure review we’ve concluded that in comparison to other hemp oil extract dietary supplements on the market, CDBPure oil reviews come out at the top. The brand has made available a high quality hemp oil extract that you can trust in for its potency and quality. Following our CBDPure review, we’ve been able to confirm the validity of the manufactures claims and would say that if you’re looking to try a hemp oil extract, the CBDPure oils available, are a great option for you!

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