Namaste Vapes Review & Coupon Code

With the tagline, ‘Keep Calm, Vape On,' this Canadian-based business aims to provide some of the most affordable dry herbs and vape concentrates on the market. If you're considering purchasing from Namaste Vapes, you'll want to read our review before you do to learn more about their product line and what their customers are saying. Also, we'll share with you available discounts and conclude with our final review of Namaste Vapes.

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Namaste Vapes Product Line

Namaste Vapes sells a variety of products from vapes, rosin, bongs, grinders and accessories. According to the information advertised on the Namaste Vapes site, the most popular products available are the Dry Herb & Concentrate Vaporizers, portable & desktop models available, ranging from anywhere in price from around $70 to upwards of $400. They cover over 20 high-quality brands with products for all your tastes and desired design.

Browse vaporizers from the Namaste product line

If you’re looking for the best Namaste Vapes Air gong adapter, you can purchase one for less than $30! This handy adapter from Namaste Vapes allows you to recharge your vaporizer battery while you have it charging.

Not sure which vaporizer to buy? The best place to start is by asking yourself whether you are looking for a portable unit or a desktop and whether you want it to be digital or not. To know the difference between the products mentioned, take a look here.

What Are Customers Saying?

After reviewing various customer comments from review sites such as Trustpilot, we can conclude that most customers are delighted with the products purchased from Namaste Vapes. Although there were some mentions of problems with delivery or issues with product performance, customers were generally satisfied with how their individual situations were handled by the team of outstanding customer service members at Namaste Vapes.

One of the other main complaints to be noted by customers was that on various occasions, many had commented on having been sent a substitution of the product they actually ordered, without having been previously informed of this change. Although an annoyance, don’t let this turn you off; you are more than able to return the product for a refund or to request the original item you have ordered to be resent.

Namaste Vapes Discount

A Namaste Vape coupon code is offered on occasion on the Namaste Vapes main website throughout the year. The most recent Namaste Vapes discount code, advertised for Father’s Day, had offered a 10% off your purchase.

On any given day, you should be able to easily find a Namaste Vapes coupon code for anywhere from 5-10% off.

Final Namaste Vapes Review

As a company that’s been built by vape lovers, you can clearly see their passion and commitment come through in all aspects of their business. Overall, customer reviews point positively to the high level of quality in products and the efficiency and professionalism of the customer service team. From the wide selection of offerings by Namaste Vapes, we are sure you’ll find a product that suits you best!

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