The Best Weed Pipes – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Glasscity Black Glass Steamroller Pipe with Rasta Stripe

Being one of the most manageable smoking devices to conceal, glass pipes are considered the ‘creme de la creme of all ways of smoking marijuana. We believe that for some stoners out there, consuming cannabis is regarded as a ritual. That being said, it’s no wonder so many herb enthusiasts seek out the best pipe for smoking weed on the market.

Although people worldwide have used marijuana pipes for centuries, the contemporary, fast-paced technological era has given rise to the actual evolution in the cannabis industry. While weed pipes are still about convenience and simplicity, some high-end products have different features that may influence your experience with smoking weed.

The key to successfully buying the best weed pipe for your needs is to spot a reputable brand and, above all, get familiar with different types of marijuana pipes.

Depending on the material, design, and potential filtering system, a decent quality smoking pipe will range from $10 to $110.

These products come in a myriad of shapes, types, colours, and sizes, so while it may be overwhelming to browse the Internet for the desired device at first, the abundance of products will eventually become invaluable for finding the best marijuana pipe for your smoking sessions.

Different types of Marijuana Pipes

The general categorization of marijuana pipes takes place according to the material, style, and characteristic features. We distinguish between glass weed pipes, wooden pipes, and metal pipes when it comes to materials. Let’s elaborate on each of these categories.

1. Glass Pipes

If you want to take the beeline for finding the best marijuana pipes, glass is the answer. Glass pipes provide a better smoking experience than their wooden or metal counterparts. However, the quality of smoke depends ultimately on the design of the pipe. When browsing various glass pipes online, you’re going to come across either clear glass or coloured – the latter are usually vibrant in colour. As much as it’s nice to have a cool weed pipe in your collection, transparent glass doesn’t involve any artificial colourings that could impact your experience, so in terms of utility, it’s a better choice. As for the downsides, we should mention that glass pipes are more fragile when compared to metal or wooden pipes, and nothing is worse than seeing your beautiful glass piece shatter on the floor by accident. On the other hand, glass pipes don’t get hot if you use them continuously due to the nature of this material.

2. Metal Pipes

If the design is your main criterion for finding the best smoking bowl, consider buying a metal pipe. Also known as ‘chamber pipes,’ regular metal pipes have a bowl that screws onto the top of an L-shaped connector that ends with a mouthpiece. If you’re lucky enough, you may even find a metal pipe that comes equipped with two chambers, which will slightly improve the quality of your smoke. Unlike glass pipes, metal units are sturdy, so even if your pipe falls on the floor, there’s nothing to worry about. Unless, of course, you neglect the maintenance, which may result in the formation of rust on the material. One of the best perks of having a metal weed pipe is that hardly anyone will realize it’s for smoking marijuana; people will instead point at it and say it’s an antique. Unfortunately, it takes some time for metal to cool down after hitting the bowl a couple of times, so even the best metal pipe will drive you crazy if patience is your Achilles heel.

3. Wooden Pipes

Although typically designed for tobacco, wooden pipes may be very well used for smoking marijuana because ‘why not.’ The most vital advantage of a wooden pipe is the capacity of its bowl. The bowl is larger to withstand the amount of tobacco packed into it. This quality brings a user close to a natural and rich smoking experience. However, when smoking from a wood pipe, you cannot expect the smoke to be easy and relaxed on your lungs or throat.

On the contrary, the smoke will be warm and, in some cases, quite harsh. However, provided that you’re a tough stoner, this factor isn’t something that could make or break your experience. Wooden pipes come in either a plain design or with an ornately carved finish. Some models are also equipped with brass or copper fitting on the mouthpiece to add a touch of elegance and subtlety.

Our Pick for the Top Rated Weed Pipe:

Jet-Flash Smoke System

Jet-Flash Smoke SystemView on Grasscity

  • Jet-Flash swirling action, smoother inhalation
  • Conserves medicine/herb
  • Attractive gift box
  • 18.8mm female joint on main chamber
  • 14.5mm male joint on mouthpiece chamber
  • 18.8mm > 14.5mm inside-cut slitted diffuser downstem
  • 14.5mm attachments
  • Downstem length: 11cm

Different Designs and Styles of Weed Pipes

Selecting one of the above materials will narrow down your choices when browsing the best smoking bowls online. Nevertheless, we can still divide weed pipes further down this funnel into six separate subcategories for different designs and styles.

1. Bubbler Pipes

If you can’t get the definition of a bubbler pipe, imagine it’s somewhere between a traditional pipe and a water bong. When you’re about to smoke from a bubbler pipe, you must fill it with a small amount of water so it passes down into the bottom chamber through the bowl. This feature allows for better filtration and makes the smoke easier on your throat and lungs. As a result, you’re getting a portable pipe that gives you the same effects as a bong, which is a win-win situation. Of course, you can still use the pipe without adding water, but the difference in experience will make you soon abandon this idea.

2. One-Hitters

One-hitter pipes gained their name by having just enough room in them for taking one decent hit of your herbs. One-hitters are considered the best kind of weed pipes on the market and are praised for their portability. More interestingly, one-hitter pipes are very discrete; some models come in the shape of a fake cigarette to use in public places with no concerns. A decent one-hitter pipe will also have a dugout, a small container for holding your cannabis.

3. Vaporizer Pipes

This solution combines the health benefits of vaporizing marijuana and a classy design of a weed pipe. Vaporizer pipes are explicitly made to vaporize cannabis instead of combusting the material. As a result, you’re able to draw 100% of the THC out of your strain without inhaling harmful carcinogens and other toxic substances to your lungs. However, keep in mind that these units are more expensive than regular pipes, so be sure that you’re ready for such an investment.

4. Chillum

Traditionally used in India, the chillum is a conical pipe that is also popular among Rastafarians.

Truth is said, you probably won’t use chillum many times in your life, safe for curiosity or cultural purposes. The problem with chillum is that smaller units will bring the hot smoke directly into your mouth, which is anything but pleasant. On the other hand, Larger chillum will cool off the smoke, but they don’t bring convenience to the table.

5. Stealth Pipes

Now, if you’re a true cannabis ninja who fancies privacy and discretion, the best weed pipe will be a stealth one. Stealth pipes look like ordinary day-to-day items. These units come in the shape of a lipstick or pen, and you can quickly transform them into a portable marijuana pipe for hitting the herb discreetly in public places. The fun part about stealth pipes is that you can reconfigure them in different setups.

6. Foldable Pipes

Foldable Pipes are all about storage and stealth. They are usually built of flat pieces of wood or metal that work together like puzzles to form a usable pipe with a bowl. Some foldable pipes are equipped with magnets as well. You can disassemble a foldable pipe into separate compounds that will fit in a small container so that nobody would tell what it is at first glance.

Jet-Flash Smoke SystemJet-Flash Smoke SystemView on Grasscity
Black Leaf Liquid Freezer Vaporizing Glass HandpipeBlack Leaf Liquid Freezer Vaporizing Glass HandpipeView on Grasscity
Sherlock Hand Pipe (Fumed Spikes on Cobalt Glass with Color Carb)Sherlock Hand Pipe (Fumed Spikes on Cobalt Glass with Color Carb)View on Grasscity
Black Leaf Oil Glass Vaporizer PipeBlack Leaf Oil Glass Vaporizer PipeView on Grasscity
Colored and Fumed Spoon by Mountain Jam Glass CompanyColored and Fumed Spoon by Mountain Jam Glass CompanyView on Grasscity
G-Spot Glass Stand-up Sherlock Bubbler PipeG-Spot Glass Stand-up Sherlock Bubbler PipeView on Grasscity
Glasscity Black Glass Steamroller Pipe with Rasta StripeGlasscity Black Glass Steamroller Pipe with Rasta StripeView on Grasscity

Top Best Weed Pipe Manufacturing Brands

Knowing different types and styles of pipes is invaluable for finding the best weed pipe for your preferences. Another major step that will make the process go smoothly is finding the best weed pipe manufacturing brands within the industry. Each of these brands has its style of designing smoking bowls, but there’s one thing they have in common – cannabis smokers love them for the experience and quality they provide.

1. Black Leaf

It appears that German companies have not only mastered the production of vaporizers, but they are well esteemed in the glass industry, too. Black Leaf's selection includes many items, ranging from classic glass pipes to bubblers, bongs, and vaporizer pipes. The company is famous for its glass bongs and glass pipes that are outstandingly durable and beautiful designs. With such qualities, Black Leaf proves a trusted manufacturer for both smoking novices and pipe veterans. At the same time, expanding its line of glass pipes and sophisticated bongs, the company’s getting involved in the vaporization market to spread its name among the cannabis industry.

2. GlassCity

GlassCity is a manufacturer with a clear idea of improving the market by delivering top-notch quality glass without losing affordability. Glasscity’s collection of glass products features small recycler bubblers, massive beaker base bongs, advanced multi-chamber bongs, and spectacular one-hitters. All their pieces are constructed from heat-resistant borosilicate glass that comes in an array of sizes and shapes.

For GlassCity, the ultimate smoking experience is the name of the game. To help marijuana users achieve the best results with their herbs, the company offers ice notches, tree percolators, reinforced joints, showerhead percolators, dome percolators, and recycling systems. So if you want to buy some of the best smoking bowls on the market, GlassCity will undoubtedly live up to your standards without ravaging your budget.

3. G-Spot Glassware

G-Spot Glassware is one of the most reputable and experienced glass manufacturing brands. Since 200, the company has delivered high-end, individually handmade glass pipes, bongs and accessories from borosilicate glass. At G-Spot Glassware, Germany, strength and beauty go together, and all smoking devices are designed with elegance and usability in mind.

Glass pipes by G-Spot Glassware are ready to handle even the toughest rips from the bowl, not to mention that the borosilicate glass ensures unmatched durability.

4. Mountain Jam Glass Company

Founded in 2000, Mountain Jam Glass Company is a collective of glass enthusiasts that has been gathering individual artists from all over the world.

Thanks to the cooperation of individual designers, every pipe manufactured by Mountain Jam Glass Company has a unique design. Although such an approach slightly limits the production potential of pipes, customers are compensated by receiving original smoking devices made from sturdy borosilicate glass.

Upon purchasing the desired smoking bowl, you’re getting direct contact with the designer who stands behind the beautiful soul of the unit. Mountain Glass Jam Company defines itself as a family operation, not a big business; given this, they put their effort to ensure that you get a well-built pipe of the A-class quality and represents the artist’s craftsmanship.

Gaining your name in the glass industry is not easy, given the overwhelming competition in the business. That said, only the strongest survive, and if we consider that Mountain Jam Glass Company still prevails after 17 years of operating on the market, there’s nothing more to add.

5. Roor

People have been smoking weed out of all kinds of things; apples, gas masks, chillum, carrots, gravity bongs – you name it. That being said, if you’re really into all sorts of water pipes that combine efficiency with high-quality glass that will endure even the most intense hits, you’re going to fall in love with ROOR.

As a manufacturer that creates the best glass water pipes globally, ROOR employs some of the most creative minds in the industry, which is why their pipes are designed with a truly artistic touch. So whether you like your glass simple or you’re into experimenting with all sorts of smoking bowls, ROOR has got you covered.

Top Best Marijuana Pipes According to Buyers

We could already let you loose to run wild through online headshops to find the best smoking bowl. Nevertheless, according to buyers, a quick overview of the top-rated weed pipes can come in handy, don’t you think so?

Let’s have a look at the list of the top X best marijuana pipes to burst up your bowl hits.

1. Jet-Flash Smoke System

Jet-Flash Smoke System

Source: Grasscity

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, guns out! This all-in-one glass pipe is the technological wonder every cannabis enthusiast has been craving for. Packed in an attractive gift box, the entire 7-piece kit comes with a handheld glass chamber accompanied by moulded grips, a mouthpiece chamber, a glass funnel bowl, a spoon pipe adapter, a “one-hitter” joint holder, an 18. mm > 14.5mm slit diffuser downstem, and a dedicated clip to keep the pieces together while you use the device. More interestingly, the Jet Flash system can be used as an attachment on your bong.

When it comes to the performance of our no. 1 best weed bowl, the machine’s design triggers the aeration process, which makes the smoke cool and easier to inhale. As you draw the first hit, the holes on the shoulders of the pipe keep the funnel body clean by forcing the smoke away from the holes.

This device is undoubtedly revolutionary in terms of smoking technology. For the price of $71.20, you’re getting an attractive gift box with all components to build three pipes in one. That does sound like a fair offer.

Price: $71.20

2. Black Leaf Liquid Freezer Vaporizing Glass Handpipe

Black Leaf Liquid Freezer Vaporizing Glass Handpipe

Source: Grasscity

Say hello to the best weed hand pipe within the industry. Manufactured by the all-famous Black Leaf, the piece offers vaporization as the heating technique, allowing you to indulge in the full potential of your bud.

To cool icy smoke from your hand pipe, you can fill the device with non-freezing liquid and remove the bowl from the pipe before placing it in the freezer for up to 20 minutes. Although there is a range of liquids available specifically for this unit, you may very well use any other non-freezing liquid like a boozy drink for extra flavour.

The manufacturer has packed the hand pipe in the amazingly cool black gift box with a soft velvety black decor. Although it lacks portability, the pipe will make a beautiful addition to your display should your friends come for a hit or two.

Price: $29.99

3. Sherlock Hand Pipe (Fumed Spikes on Cobalt Glass with Color Carb)

Sherlock Hand Pipe (Fumed Spikes on Cobalt Glass with Color Carb)

View on Grasscity

Created from fumed clear, top-quality, borosilicate glass, this handmade sherlock pipe is a beautiful product that excels both in design and performance. The fumed glass changes colour over time as resin begins to build up inside your pipe, so the device will look like it evolves each time you use it. After a thorough cleaning, the pipe will return to its regular colour so you can enjoy the evolution all over again.

Since glass artists of Oregon individually create each glass pipe, you won’t find another sherlock pipe that will look even close to your model – it’s simply one-of-a-kind. However, the design and outstanding quality of glass are reflected by the price of this smoking bowl. Still, it must be THE best marijuana pipe, so if the design is your priority, the cost will be overshadowed by your love for this clever piece.

Price: $103.20

4. Black Leaf Oil Glass Vaporizer Pipe

Black Leaf Oil Glass Vaporizer Pipe

View on Grasscity

It’s believed that buying cheap equals buying twice. Well, this equation makes sense most of the time, but this rule also has exceptions. One of them is the oil glass vaporizer pipe from Black Leaf. This simple device, built from resilient and heat-resistant borosilicate glass, measures 11.5 cm in length and can be concealed in a pocket or purse when not used. Because the pipe vaporizes your herbs and concentrates instead of burning them, you’ll be able to draw the most of THC out of your strain and prevent your lungs from inhaling toxic substances.

This simple, cheap, and effective vaporizer pipe is the ultimate solution for smoking cannabis when being out and about. Last but not least, it’s the best vaporizer pipe under $50 on the market.

Price: $8.79

5. Colored and Fumed Spoon by Mountain Jam Glass Company

Colored and Fumed Spoon by Mountain Jam Glass Company

View on Grasscity

Another high-end handmade pipe made from fumed, top-notch quality, borosilicate glass. Like the Sherlock Hand Pipe, the spoon by MJGC changes colour over time as the resin builds up inside. The glass piece resembles the shape of a spoon, and it features tiny magnifiers covering the mouthpiece and reaching half of the stem. One of the most significant advantages of this sturdy and fancy smoking bowl is the size. The unit is pocketable, which makes it perfect for public setups. You can buy the fumed spoon in the following colour options: gold and blue. As for the affordability, spending $55 on one of the best-crafted glass pipes seems like a good move.

Price: $55.00

6. G-Spot Glass Stand-up Sherlock Bubbler Pipe

G-Spot Glass Stand-up Sherlock Bubbler Pipe

View on Grasscity

When choosing the best marijuana pipe, there is a high demand for bubbler pipes, particularly those in the so-called sherlock shape. The G-Spot Glass Stand-up Sherlock Bubbler Pipe is built from top-class, German-made borosilicate glass with a diffuser that allows perfect water filtration. The style and quality of this unit make it a genuine diamond among other hand pipes.

Speaking of water filtration, there’s a built-in diffuser beneath the bowl that helps to filter any carcinogens and other substances from smoke with just a minimum amount of water in the smoking chamber. Thanks to its flat bottom, you can place the pipe on any flat surface, while the curvy stem and mouthpiece are designed to ensure a convenient toke.

This innovative bubbler pipe by G-Spot Glassware will provide you with portability, user-friendliness, and, most of all, it will make you look as if you were about to solve some intricate mystery after taking a solid puff of creativity.

Price: $47.20

7. Glasscity Black Glass Steamroller Pipe with Rasta Stripe

Glasscity Black Glass Steamroller Pipe with Rasta Stripe

View on Grasscity

This glass steamroller pipe from the stables of GlassCity is the embodiment of portability and sleekness. The device comes with a carb hole in front of the pipe for better control of your tokes, and the manufacturer took care of the stability by providing the piece with flattened edges.

The pipe has a simple, straight body and a narrowing mouthpiece. The thick, heat-resistant borosilicate glass is decorated with a stripe throughout in the rasta colours. Should you want to keep the pipe safe and remain discreet in public places, you’re free to place it down into your pocket or purse. On top of that, this is one of the best steamroller pipes under $20, according to customers themselves. With affordability and user-friendliness in mind, the device will also serve as a perfect gift for your friends to enrich their glass collection.

Price: $12.99

Other Quality Glass Weed Pipes

The best glass weed pipe will combine affordability, efficiency, design, and sturdiness. While all of the above products match these features without a doubt, there are plenty of glass pipes you may consider appealing while shopping for the desired piece.

  • Glass Sherlock Pipe with Light Green Frit and Worked Green Eyeball: this designer marijuana pipe by Mountain Jam Glass Company comes equipped with a light green frit. This simple technique uses shattered glass for a particularly intriguing effect of the finished piece. The most awesome feature of this pipe is the freakishly realistic eyeball. The piece measures 14 cm and can be easily concealed in your jacket or bag.
  • Glasscity Red Glass Spoon Pipe with Yellow Swirl: manufactured by Glasscity, this smoking bowl is made from heat resistant borosilicate glass with yellow swirls on the surface. The device measures 10cm in length and has a bulbous mouthpiece that allows for comfortable toking on-the-go.
  • Black Leaf Vape-Lifter Glass Vaporizer Pipe: Black Leaf is popular for their innovative approach to glass products. This most compact vaporizer pipe in the industry measures 9.5 cm in length, but don’t get fooled by the appearances. The device extends like a telescope to 15 cm, which makes it perfectly possible to light it from underneath and use it as a vaporizer pipe. There is no electricity involved in the operation, so you don’t have to carry any extra items if you want to vape on the bounty of nature.
  • Glassheads Spoon Pipe with White Marbles: this gorgeous pipe is nothing more than a classic hand pipe that includes unique, colorful patterns in black frit glass and a daisy flower on the very front of the bowl. The marbles are fused, so there is no way the pipe will slip or slide off your hands and therefore waste the herb. Instead, you’re getting one of the best simple spoon weed pipes for as much as $30. The piece is made from the sturdy borosilicate grass and, above all, ensures thermal-shock resistant. To cut the long story short, the pipe won’t melt or crack over time, which distinguishes Glassheads from other glass companies. If you’re looking for a small and lightweight pipe to enjoy comfortable hits without breaking a bank, this item is a strong go-to.
  • GlassHeads Twist Wrap Fumed Spoon Pipe with Marble: this unique, all-American handmade spoon pipe is only 12.7 cm long and looks like a candy cane with vibrant twists of colors that run through the entire unit. Frankly speaking, the design is so mouthwatering that it will stir your appetite for weed more than any pipe ever. The marble, along with a roll stopper located on the right side of the smoking bowl, will help you get a better grip over the piece.The pipe weighs roughly 100 grams and has a carb hole to allow for even more control of your hits. Being compact, easy to clean and use, this product is ideal for regular smokers who want to spare time for some green pleasure during a busy day.

Must-have Features of a Decent Marijuana Pipe

As you might’ve noticed, the best weed pipes from the above list are characterized by specific features. Each of them may influence your final decision, depending on what’s currently on your priority list. So here are certain qualities to pursue when seeking the best smoking bowl for marijuana:

  • Sturdy material: like we said at the very beginning of our guide, wood and metal pipes are more durable than their glass counterparts. However, such pipes are rather considered niche nowadays, as the industry is crazy about glass pieces. Fortunately, the rich experience of best weed pipe manufacturing companies, combined with the use of latest technologies, allows for providing customers with durable and resilient glass devices. When browsing online headshops for the desired pipe, make sure that it’s made from the top class borosilicate glass. The material can withstand high temperatures and is relatively easy to clean.
  • Style: Each type of weed pipes serves a different purpose. That being said, if you aim at a unit that will allow you to draw quick and effective hits, a one-hitter pipe will come in handy. On the other hand, you may very well desire to vaporize your herbs in a pipe for better efficiency; if that’s the case, you’re going to appreciate glass vaporizer pipes. Or maybe you have the strong urge to show off with your smoking equipment? The market is full of fancy chillums, sophisticated pipe-systems, and many other glass wonders that will meet the standards of even the most demanding customer. Nonetheless, always remember to keep things in moderation so that the style doesn’t overshadow the utility of your pipe.
  • Appealing design: Some stoners like their pipes fancy and finished with different hues. Luckily for them, the glass industry is full of companies gathering individual glass artists from all around the world. Given this, it’s very easy to purchase a unique and beautiful glass pipe that shows signs of the fine craftsmanship. The collective of artists is diversified throughout each country, so it’s unlikely that you’ll find a pipe that will completely resemble yours – even if it follows a similar design pattern. When choosing the best design for your smoking bowl, keep in mind that plain glass is easier to clean, whereas colored pipes require more thorough cleaning.
  • Maintenance: weed pipes are generally meant to be used on-the-go and be easy to clean, so unless you really want a sophisticated piece to add it to your display, you’d better stick to simpler devices. Such pipes don’t have any trouble spots and only require a simple water solution with some abrasive substance, say, salt in order to be cleaned. You simply shake your piece for a few seconds, rinse it, and dry the pipe on paper towels. The bottom line? Don’t complicate things when you can make them simpler; the same rule applies to weed pipes.
  • Price: last but not least, budget is always of the essence. If you don’t feel like spending a fortune on a weed pipe, just take it easy; there are plenty of models among some of the best marijuana pipes that cost as much as $20 to $30 dollars. They’re usually made from borosilicate glass and come equipped with all features a decent weed bowl should have.

How to Clean Your Weed Pipe?

Okay, so let’s imagine you’ve already found the best marijuana pipe. However, provided that, like most pipes, your piece is made from glass, keep in mind that the material itself is pretty fragile and prone to erosion. Thus, it’s of paramount importance to incorporate a proper pipe cleaning routine into your chores. Generally, you should clean the pipe at least once a week, but it's all the better if you can do it daily.

When cleaning your weed pipe, refrain from using any harsh substances. Some chemicals contained in them are toxic and may damage your piece over time, not to mention that those substances can evaporate and get into your lungs as you inhale the smoke. Instead, a cheap and more straightforward cleaner or a DIY mixture of salt and vinegar will do the job brilliantly to cut a long story short.

Given the above, all you need to keep your weed pipe in good shape is a simple cleaning solution and consistency. How to start? Begin with getting rid of any loose remains from your pipe. Once you’re through, hold it upside down and tap the end of your pipe from the back with your fingertip; this will force any remaining residue to fall from the device. Should your pipe be equipped with a carb hole or other trouble spots, grab a needle or a special pipe cleaner to reach them. A cotton swab or pencil will suffice, too.

The next step entails using a zip-lock bag. Grab the bag, open it, and will it with rubbing isopropyl alcohol. The substance will eradicate any tar and resin, but more importantly, it will also remove stains from the pipe over time. Next, add one tablespoon of salt to the bag to make the solution more abrasive. Finally, zip the bag and shake it for approximately 2 minutes until your pipe comes completely clean. Once you dispose of the bag, soak the pipe in hot water for several hours, rinse it and dry it on paper towels.

So, it seems that the dog’s bark is far worse than its bite. So, keep your cleaning stuff organized, don’t neglect the maintenance, and your pipe will serve you for much longer than expected.


The wide array of glass paraphernalia can make it challenging to find the best weed pipe for your preferences, especially if you’re new to smoking cannabis out of a pipe. Fortunately, there’s also a plethora of bowl enthusiasts who are eager to share their experience with novices. Their voice is invaluable for choosing the best weed pipe online; after all, the grapevine is the most effective way of recommending products between customers. Don’t be afraid to spend more money on a top-notch quality pipe, as this investment will eventually pay off. Above all, look for the most recognizable glass manufacturers in the industry. If you don’t want to keep up with who’s the hottest brand on the market right now, you’re always free to use our guide and browse the assortment of the companies we’ve listed in the text.

We hope your hunt for the best marijuana pipe will be fruitful!

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