Best Bong Cleaners: The Buyer’s Guide

A well-maintained bong is a happy bong, and if your smoking machine is satisfied, then so will you be by being able to draw the most of your bong experience and revel in the filtered, smooth, and flavorful smoke.

As a rule of thumb, the cleaner your device, the better it will hit. On the other hand, when smoking out of a bong that’s full of residue and has sticky spots all over the surface, such an experience is a far cry from being pleasant.

Given this, consistency in the maintenance of your glass piece is of the essence.

If you’re that stoner type who tends to neglect the cleaning routine, you’re going to need one of the best bong cleaners on the market, as these filthy build-ups on the walls of your bong will undoubtedly show some persistence.

Our Pick for the Top Rated Bong Cleaner:

ROOR – Anti-Lime Bong Cleaning Solution

ROOR Anti-Lime Bong CleanerView on Grasscity

  • Perfect for your ROOR bong and any other glass pipes and accessories
  • Biodegradable
  • Alcohol-based
  • Special formula for use with high-mineral-content tap water

Why Buy a Bong Cleaner?

First things first, a decent bong cleaner is also invaluable for less dramatic cases, say, for your device's regular and straightforward cleaning. Because let’s face it, even if you give your bong some complicated cleaning once a month, it’s more likely that your glass piece will be more exposed to damage, and the flavour of produced smoke might get unbearable over time.




Formula 420

Formula 420 Bong CleanerView on Grasscity

Green Piece Cleaner

Green Piece Bong CleanerView on GrassCity

Orange Chronic Cleaner

Orange Chronic CleanerView on GrassCity

Zen Master

Zen Master Bong CleanerView on GrassCity

ROOR – Anti-Lime Bong Cleaning Solution

ROOR Anti-Lime Bong CleanerView on Grasscity

Formula 710

Formula 710 Bong CleanerView on GrassCity

Furthermore, some of the best bong cleaners in the industry excel in efficiency, which means you don’t have to pour the solution like a maniac to get the desired results. While you may very well use isopropyl alcohol and salt to make a DIY bong cleaner, it’s going to take both more time and material to clean your glass piece with the same effects.

Best Bong Cleaners According to Buyers

Fortunately, with the current boom on marijuana, each branch of the industry is thriving like crazy, and the segment of weed accessories is no exception. As a result, there’s plenty of cleaning solutions that can be considered some of the best bong cleaners on the market right now, and more importantly, most of them are very budget-friendly.

1. Formula 420

Formula 420 Bong Cleaner

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If you’re wondering how fast the solution will clean your bong, here’s the answer – not more than 1 minute. So yes, within merely 60 seconds, you’ll be able to clean your pipe or bong of all resin. Another advantage in favour of this solution is the relatively pleasant aroma it carries. Sometimes, you get a cleaner that stinks and makes you fear smoking out of your bong for at least several days after you use it, but this reusable cleaning liquid smells like orange citrus. It’s hands down the best bong cleaner when it comes to smell.

Price: $2.99

2. Green Piece Cleaner

Green Piece Bong Cleaner

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This product deserves some serious attention, as it’s one of the best and easiest bong cleaners you can imagine. As we mentioned at the very beginning, a clean glass piece is a healthier and happier piece. Luckily for you, the manufacturer ensures that their product will clean nearly all surfaces with no harm to the environment – Green Piece uses earth-friendly, biodegradable formula. Speaking of materials, it cleans; whether your own a ceramic, glass, pyrex, or metal bong, it will get rid of any resin with ease. All you need to do is add the solution to your piece, shake and rinse – and wait for the miracle to happen.

Furthermore, if you own a bong that comes with some trouble places and got extra grimey, you’re also provided with the pipe cleaner included in the cleaning kit. For a 17 Oz bottle, you’re going to spend $18.89, which probably won’t ravage your savings. After all, there’s no reason to keep your smoking equipment dirty, and if you have the opportunity to take care of your piece with one of the best bong cleaners on the market, it’s all the better:

Price: $18.99

3. Orange Chronic Cleaner

Orange Chronic Cleaner

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When it comes to finding the best bong cleaner for your glass piece, specific requirements such a solution should meet. First of all, it has to be user-friendly. Secondly, it’s best not to produce any after taste or smell once the cleaning is done. Thirdly, it should be made from natural products, with no artificial substances. Guess what? The Orange Chronic bong cleaner comes with all of the above qualities. In addition, the manufacturer offers a 16oz bottle for the price of $18.95, which makes the solution budget-friendly. Moreover, this efficient and powerful cleaner is a fantastic alternative to artificially boosted products, meaning that it won’t hurt you or the environment; the cleaner is produced from all-natural and green compounds, such as oranges that add a refreshing aroma to your bong after the cleaning. Finally, you won’t even have to rub your piece most of the time – put the liquid in and shake the bong for instant results.

Price: $18.95

4. Zen Master

Zen Master Bong Cleaner

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Aside from the cool name, Zen Master is one of the best bong cleaners manufacturing companies within the industry. Not only will you clean your glass bong or pipe with this simple solution, but you’ll also be able to use it on your hookahs and vaporizers too, as the product is very gentle. Anyway, when it comes to cleaning your glass or ceramic equipment, it will leave the device completely grease-free, while the same can’t be said about other cleaners of lesser quality that go an oily film on glass, making it look gross and cloudy. So if you’re looking for a cleaning solution that will make you feel safe and comfortable about your smoking equipment, the Zen Master cleaner might be the ultimate pick for you.

What’s particularly good about the cleaner? To begin with, it’s convenient to use and requires almost no effort from you. All you have to do is let your bowl sit in the cleaner first, depending on how much resin has built up on your piece. Then, once you’re through, you can soak it again in the solution, as Zen Master can be reused. That being said, you’ll be able to thoroughly clean even some of the dirtiest glass pieces our beloved Mother Earth has ever seen.

Last but not least, the Zen Master bong cleaner is acetone and alcohol-free, and it’s not acidic. All-natural, non-toxic cleaners are way better for both you and the bong because, let’s face it; no one wants to inhale toxic compounds with their weed. In addition, Zen Master is biodegradable so that you can dump it with no remorse.

Price: $13.25

5. ROOR Anti-Lime Bong Cleaner

ROOR Anti-Lime Bong Cleaner

View on Grasscity

Believe it or not, but the quality of water in your neighbourhood may wreak havoc on your glass over time. With that said, finding the best bong cleaner to withstand such conditions is essential for keeping your bong in good shape. ROOR’s Anti-lime bong cleaner will undoubtedly live up to your standards, making your glass piece endure hard water and remain sparkling fresh as if you just bought it an hour ago. The bong cleaner by ROOR provides the best results when used to clean your glass pieces regularly, as soon as you finish each smoking session. Nonetheless, if somehow you’ve managed to neglect your bong to a pitiful level, the solution will prove invaluable. It’s straightforward to use; begin by disposing of the filthy water from your bong, then rinse it with boiling water and pour the cleaner throughout the inside of the chamber, the bowl, and the joint. After around 10 minutes, you’ll need to rinse the piece again with hot water until there is no smell of the cleaning solution in the air. ROOR is a trusted and highly reputable glass manufacturer with an incredible variety of different smoking devices in their assortment. Given this, it’s a dead giveaway that they do everything in their power to provide their customers with some of the best bong cleaners on the market.

Price: $11.99

6. Formula 710

Formula 710 Bong Cleaner

View on GrassCity

Despite being new to the industry, Formula 710 has already been named one of the best cheapest bong cleaners. Stoners who truly love weed and its taste won’t allow themselves to wash around with a dirty piece of glass. So, if, like us, you’re always on the lookout for the best bong cleaners, you’ll be delighted with the Formula 710 brand. Thanks to the presence of the gitty chunks in the liquid, the cleaner can cut right through even some of the most stubborn build-ups, which speeds up the whole cleaning process. Can’t wait to clean your glass with as little effort as possible? This cleaner is definitely worth your attention.

As much as we appreciate the versatility of borosilicate glass, some pot smokers seek other materials for their bongs, namely ceramic, metal, or silicone. If you’ve ever had a bad experience with bong cleaners that failed to protect the surface of your material, Formula 710 is going to heal your trauma the first time you use it on your bong. In addition, the average time after which a glass piece is ready to be rinsed and dried is 2 minutes, and this applies to some seriously neglected bongs we’ve had in our collection. Finally, it’s the best bong cleaner for heavily used dab rigs.

Price: $12.00

How To Use a Bong Cleaner?

When you smoke cannabis out of a joint, you don’t have to worry about cleaning anything save for your hands when you get home; that’s pretty obvious. However, we cannot say the same about bong users. As bongs, pipes, and dab rigs are more expensive than papers, not to mention that they don’t burn to ashes with your buds, you have to keep the consistency in terms of maintenance – no matter the cost.

Now, it’s also of paramount importance to know how to use the cleaning solution properly. There are several ‘commandments’ to abide by; failing so will make even the best bong cleaner leave traces of resin or cloudy streaks on the surface. So read on our do’s and don’ts of using bong cleaners for your glass.

Cleaning Bongs: Do’s and Don’ts


  • Use your cleaner at least once a week. Or better yet, do it after each smoking session.
  • Since most bongs are made from glass – and glass is a fairly fragile material – they’re prone to erosion. Given this, it’s of utmost importance to keep all bong’s pieces dry. Otherwise, you’ll have to fight molds if your glass piece was exposed to excessive moisture for a long time.
  • Always rinse your bong under boiling water before applying the cleaning solution. Keep in mind that even the best bong cleaner will find it hard to cut through fat build-ups of resin. Hot water will soften the dirt particles, which will increase the effectiveness of your cleaner. In the worst case scenario, you’re going to wash your bong twice to achieve the desired effects and bring back the once-gorgeous glow to your bong.


  • Don’t add any extra substances whose ingredients may compromise on the overall effect. Refrain from using any harsh and toxic chemicals, as in the end, they will make your glass more vulnerable to damage, not to mention the number of health risks entailed by the use of such compounds.
  • Never use a brush or any tool with harsh ends. Most of the products listed in our “Best Bong Cleaners” compilation come equipped with dedicated cleaning tools that penetrate difficult spots of your bong without creating scratches on the surface.
  • Don’t rush it. Even though some of the best bong cleaners deal with resin in a matter of minutes, it may take some time to clean your piece if you haven’t been using it for a while or abandoned it in the corner of your room. Being hot-headed will lead you nowhere, and instead, you’ll end up using twice as much of your cleaner as you would if you waited a couple of minutes until your glass piece gets well soaked in the solution

How To Clean Your Bong?

Depending on how complex your bong is, it may take anywhere from 2 to 7 minutes to bring your bong back to life. Whether it’s a simple cylinder bong or a machine with fancy percolators, you must start by disassembling your unit. Then, rinse all components with hot water and add the cleaner to the bong. Try adding salt if you feel the mixture itself is not abrasive enough to deal with resin build-ups.

Like we said, cleaning your bong with a bong cleaner should take up to 7 minutes – and this is the exact maximum amount of time you should shake your piece vigorously. When shaking the bong, mind the holes – you should block them with your fingers so that your cleaning solution doesn’t escape the bowl. If one shaking isn’t enough, repeat the whole process until your bong regains its former glory.

Finally, rinse the bong and pat dry its components on paper towels to protect your glass against mould and mildew. There you go, you can now reassemble the bong!

Above all, remember that the ‘the more, the merrier rule doesn’t apply to bong cleaners. If you finally find the best bong cleaner for your piece, you don’t have to use more liquid than the manufacturer suggests. For most cases, it’s an absolute minimum that will suffice to clean your bong with ease, provided that you’re consistent in practicing proper maintenance habits. Of course, if your bong is darker than Darth Vader’s soul, it will take much more to return it to the light side of the force, but other than that, there’s no need to go overboard with the cleaner. Unless you’re a big spender by nature, then you probably don’t care about additional expenses.


All in all, it doesn’t take a fortune to purchase one of the best bong cleaners available on the market. A quick overview of reputable manufacturers paired with the analysis of user reviews will pave your way to bringing your old bong back to life. So if you want to save yourself much struggle and nerves with cleaning your piece from the persistent residue, look after the bong just like you looked after your car, house, regular glassware, or your favourite action figure from childhood – you name it. Fortunately, with the help of our top-best bong cleaners, it won’t be a hard nut to crack.

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