The Best Wax, Oil & Hash Pens Review – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Wax pens

Wax pens, weed pens, dab pens – whatever you call them, these portable and straightforward devices have become popular with everyone, from A-list celebrities, through medical patients, to athletes and recreational users.

Recent studies even indicate that concentrate vaporizers are soon to become a pop-cultural figure.

With so many cannabis enthusiasts realizing the benefits of using a vaporizer pen, the dispensaries and online retailers now have many wax and oil portable vaping units to answer the demand.

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Our Pick for the Top Rated Wax Vaporizer:

Source Orb 4 Vaporizer 

Source Orb 4 Vaporizer (Premium Kit) wax pensView on Grasscity

  • Tested in the USA and shipped from the USA
  • 8 temperature control options
  • 6 interchangeable atomizers
  • Magnetic lock technology
  • 510 Threaded
  • Constructed from Stainless Steel 303
  • Rechargeable battery with lifetime warranty
  • Variable air flow system (no clogging or leaking)
  • Available in different finishes

So what exactly are the benefits of using a wax pen?

To begin with, vape pens for concentrates offer the pluses of dry herb vaporizers, with some perks that you won’t find in the latter. Above all, wax pens are cheap, practical, and they heat quickly, allowing you to draw even more from your dabbing material. With the legalization of cannabis taking place across the US and paving its way to dispensaries in Canada in 2018, concentrates are becoming prevalent in the vaping industry and readily available through mail-order cannabis services.

With that said, when approaching dabs for the first time, don’t take half-measures and find yourself the best wax pen for your needs. Even if you’re a vaping novice, you’re going to get a good handle on the qualities of the best vaporizers for wax and oils, as this guide will shed light on each essential aspect that you should consider before the purchase.

Now, before we move on to the buyer’s guide, let us break the subject into bits and pieces so that you familiarize yourself with the basic elements of a wax pen.

Wax Pen Anatomy

Your endeavour of seeking the best wax pen for your needs will entail one anatomy lesson, namely the anatomy of a concentrate-vaping unit. Each wax pen consists of 3 main components, which are equally responsible for the overall performance.


The battery provides a wax pen with power that determines the working time of your unit and gives you control over various temperature settings. Speaking of temperature, some companies offer a fixed setting in their products, while other manufacturers provide their customers with variable heat control. To cut a long story short, precise temperature control will give you a more detailed experience with the flavour and consistency of your vapour; for example, lower temperatures will provide you with better flavour and discrete clouds, whereas higher heat levels will produce dense clouds with vapour that’s going to be harsher on your throat.


The atomizer is where you load your concentrates into the wax pen; this component is also responsible for heating your extracts and triggering the vaporization process. Atomizers are diversified in shapes, sizes, and materials, although most companies are not so bold in design, and they tend to use similar patterns for their products. As atomizers are disposable and are meant to break down over time, you must choose a company that manufactures sturdy pieces. Nonetheless, you should change atomizers after about 2 months of use or when they impact the taste of your vapour.

Below you’ll find the list of the most common wax pen atomizers:

  • Ceramic rods: most vape pens for wax and other concentrates, even the best ones, use atomizers that consist of titanium coils wrapped around a ceramic rod. Such atomizers are very high-heat resistant and pretty durable, which makes them ideal for waxes and oils. Alas, ceramic rods are difficult to clean after persistent use.

  • Quartz rods: quartz crystal is similar to ceramic rod setup, save for the fact that it uses a quartz rod instead of ceramic. Such atomizers produce better flavor and are easier to clean, but the very material is prone to breaking and will wear out more quickly.

  • Ceramic pad: some of the best wax vaporizer manufacturers are successively incorporating ceramic pads instead of exposed coils wrapped around rods into their units. The big plus of such a solution is that concentrates are heated more evenly; therefore, each vaping session is very efficient. In addition, these atomizers don’t use as much heat as its coiled counterparts, so you’re going to enjoy a pure flavor of your vapor.

  • Silica wicks: Although most companies have already abandoned this old-school type of atomizer, some manufacturers still use this solution for their vape pens. As your extracts melt and soak into the wicks, they are then pulled to the metal coil and this is where vaporization starts. However, this process and the aftereffects make these atomizers very burdensome in maintenance, not to mention that the flavor comes out very poor. So yes, this is actually why silica wicks have been abandoned by most brands.


Mouthpieces are generally made out of materials like metal, ceramic, glass, or heat-resistant plastics. Some companies still strive to enhance the quality of their mouthpieces by offering several attachments to help their devices produce the top-notch quality of vapour. While searching for the best vaporizer for wax, consider that wider mouthpieces promote easier airflow and protect your pen against clogging.

Finally, the anatomy lesson is over. Now it’s high time you got acquainted with the top best wax pen manufacturers within the industry.

KandyPens Gravity KandyPens Gravity wax penView on Grasscity
Source Orb 4 VaporizerSource Orb 4 Vaporizer (Premium Kit) wax pensView on Grasscity
Cloud Pen 3.0Cloud Pen 3.0 wax pensView on Grasscity
Dr. Dabber AuroraDr. Dabber Aurora wax pensView on Grasscity
X MAX V2 PROX MAX V2 PRO wax pensView on Grasscity

Best Wax Pen Manufacturing Brands

Shopping for the best wax pen is the same as shopping for your dream pair of shoes. You generally don’t consider ‘name brands – unless it’s a ‘hipster’ product – and you rather pledge your loyalty to very recognizable companies in the community. Since the only commercials about vaporizers for concentrates are those displayed on the Internet, finding the best brand for your wax pen may be more challenging. Fortunately, there are some big players out there, many of which produce A-class vaporizers for wax and oils so that you can already trim down your choices to several names in the industry. To save you time and effort, we’ve gathered the most popular brands that manufacture the best wax pens on the market.

1. Cloud Penz

Cloud Penz is a leading manufacturer of handheld vaporizers. If you’re looking for the best wax pen, consider browsing their assortment. The company is a master in making discreet vape pens for concentrates that come in almost every colour imaginable. In addition, the advanced technology contained in such a small size makes their products outstanding in terms of both portability and efficiency.

The company is very well aware that there’s a high demand for THC vape pens in Canada. Their experience proves invaluable for providing customers with some of the best wax vaporizers within the industry. Each product is fully equipped with the necessary tools to help you maintain the unit in the right condition to ensure maximum efficiency. In addition, their batteries are rechargeable, meaning that you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries if one of them goes down.

It goes without saying that regardless of your vaping preferences, Cloud Penz will live up to your expectations. The company has you covered for all components, ranging from quartz crystal coils to borosilicate glass chambers. In addition, they have been designed from top-grade materials that will enable your wax pen to serve you for a couple of good years.

2. Dr Dabber

Dr. Dabber is one of the pioneer companies that paved healthy smoking alternatives without compromising vapour quality or taste. The engineers from Dr. Dabber work hard to create some of the best and most innovative wax pens that provide users with potent flavour and almost unmatched efficiency. No coughing, no second-hand smoke, pure quality – that’s what Dr. Dabber’s philosophy is about.

When it comes to indulging in your vapour, Dr. Dabber products feature a decent level of discretion while keeping their design stylish. The company is famous for crafting reliable and safe vaporizers that won’t leak. More importantly, the low-heat Titanium technology plays a grand role in ensuring a smooth and cool vaping experience with no risk of raising suspicion in public places. Dr. Dabber has been featured in several online publications, including The Vape Critic, Buzzfeed, and even Forbes, which is a good indicator of the quality of their products.

To wrap it up, if you’re looking for an impressive wax pen that is revered among the community of vaping enthusiasts and backed by esteemed experts in the industry, you can be more than sure that Dr. Dabber vaporizers will undoubtedly meet the standard.

3. KandyPens

If you haven’t heard about KandyPens yet, it’s probably because the brand is quite new to the industry. Nonetheless, since new companies tend to breathe new life into the market, KandyPens is no exception. The California-based manufacturer made a name for themselves by offering what they’re calling “the world’s first multi-functional vaporizer pen” that gained its reputation for boasting the user’s ability to vaporize dry herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids. The model is known as the SkyCloud wax pen.

Following their impressive success, KandyPens has recently added other portable and discrete units to its collection. The company’s product line includes K-Vape, KandyPens Prism, KandyPens Gravity, and KandyPens Elite. Aside from their award-winning design and performance, KandyPens vaporizers offer an unprecedented lifetime warranty for their products, which makes them one of the top best wax pen manufacturers despite their relatively short presence on the market.

Whether you’re up for a wax pen or a multi-function unit that uses full convection as its heating method, you’ll find your perfect fit in the extensive assortment offered by the Californian manufacturer.


XVAPE has been founded by one of the leading international manufacturers of dry herb vaporizer products, Top Green.  The company focuses on showcasing the latest advances in vaporizer technology, and its goal is to provide customers with prime-quality products equipped with cutting-edge technologies continuously.

But what makes XVAPE so unique among other manufacturers? First, the company remains in close contact with its customers to always live up to their expectations. Headquartered in Denver, CO, the development department turns the ideas into a reality which users then test. The testing feedback improves the product, and when there’s no place for improvements anymore, the production is finalized. Moreover, XVAPE offers complex customer support, so even if something unexpected happens to your device, you won’t be left alone in the struggle.

Although units created by XVAPE are not the cheapest ones, the price is perfectly understandable and, by no means, exorbitant. After all, you’re paying for product safety, quality of materials, quality of construction, and product functionality. All of the above are covered by XVAPE.

5. PAX

Two Stanford Design Program Graduates founded Pax Labs Inc., and the company soon gained its name by providing the ultimate vaporization experience with their units. To answer the yet-unasked question, we’d like to clearly state we realize that while PAX vapes do wonders to dry herbs, they don’t get close to providing the same experience with concentrates – ask any experienced dabber, and they’ll say it straight away. Nevertheless, their units can still compete with some of the best wax pens in the industry. Some of the newest models allow precise control over different temperature levels, which is invaluable for dabbing wax and oils. Moreover, PAX incorporates a convection heating system into their units so that you won’t have to worry about producing any potential waste.

Another argument in favour of choosing PAX as THE brand for your wax pen is the design of these vaporizers. Oh boy, do they look gorgeous. Despite not being the cheapest units on the market, PAX vapes' sleek and modern design is hands down worth the price. It’s simply seducing, not to mention that these vaporizers are super portable and, at the same time, pretty discreet. This is the reason why sometimes, PAX Labs is considered the Apple of all vaping brands.

Top 5 Best Wax Vaporizers

It’s believed that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but one can’t deny that dabbing on the go, with no room restraints whatsoever, is beautiful. If you admire peaceful places where you can freely enjoy the vapour from your extracts, then you’re a predestined outdoor dabber.

Since you’ve already made it through the ‘Brands’ section, you have a better idea of what direction you should head now. So you’re sitting there and thinking: ‘how am I supposed to spot the best wax pen amidst the sea of available options? Well, there are quite a few places you can reach out for information. If one of your close friends is an experienced dabber, they may already have some interesting picks for you. Keep in mind that the user experience and customer service reflect well on both the wax pen and the company that manufactures it. Even if all your buddies choose smoking over vaping, you can still find the answer on the Internet.

When you start browsing for the best wax vaporizer, stick to high-authority sites that gather large communities of users. Then, choose several top-rated products with plenty of user reviews. People often exchange their experiences with each other, and you can learn about some pros or cons of the device that the manufacturer doesn’t mention on its website.

We’re going to get you covered on this part, too; here’s the list of the top 5 best wax pens, according to buyer’s reviews online. So read on, and maybe you’ll find your perfect vape pen for concentrates right here. All in all, it will be a nice benchmark for your further research should you wish to dig deeper into the subject.

Off we go!

1. KandyPens Gravity

 KandyPens Gravity wax pen

View on Grasscity

“The Vape Critic” awarded the Gravity unit the title of The Best Vape Pen for wax. This portable vaporizer is designed specifically for wax concentrates, least to say, revolutionary. In terms of vaping extracts, KandyPens got you covered with 4 different temperature settings: 300 F, 350 F, 390 F, and 430F; these levels have been selected especially for vaping wax concentrates. Such control over the heat allows users to draw the most out of their vaporization experience.

As for the equipment, the pen offers a five-star coilless atomizer with a non-combustible chamber and ceramic dish. On top of that, the package includes a quartz crystal chamber atomizer with titanium coils and rods made of dual-quartz. You can change them both with almost no effort, and they don’t burn at uselessly high temperatures. The atomizers were designed to enable the wax concentrate to heat at a slow pace rather than combust rapidly; as a result, you’re able to customize your experience from thin, airy vapour to dense clouds with no slips in the unit’s performance.

Technological aspects aside, the Gravity Vaporizer is hands down the best wax pen for user-friendliness. Everything is in the right place and serves its purpose well in this vape. The mouthpiece is easy to remove, and the provided metal dab tool makes it super easy to lo load the selected atomizer chamber with your wax. After that, you re-assemble the device and here’s the fun part. The vaporizer activates after three clicks of the ‘start’ button – you’ll be able to select the desired temperature setting for your concentrate. Of course, each time you want to take your temperature lower or higher, you have to press the button three times, making the whole mechanism pretty intuitive if you ask us.

Unboxing your package may be quite surprising, as there’s a wide array of accessories included in the vaping kit. Apart from the USB charger, travel case, and instruction manual, you’re going to find one temperature-controlled battery, a quartz rod atomizer with quartz crystal chamber, a coilless ceramic dish atomizer with the ceramic chamber, one dab tool, and two alcohol cleaning wipe. Moreover, KandyPens incorporated some improvements into this model. Not only is the black mouthpiece upgraded with an air carb hole, but the vaporizer is available in three different finishes: rubber black, sandblasted black, and glossy black.

Looking for the best wax pen in terms of efficiency, power, design, and user-friendliness? This one, dear friend, will suit you well.

Price: $129.95

2. Source Orb 4 Vaporizer (Premium Kit)

Source Orb 4 Vaporizer (Premium Kit) wax pens

View on Grasscity

We bet that sometimes, you have these visions of the not-so-far-future when you’re wondering how all these latest technologies will look like. Well, here’s the hint as far as vaporizers are discussed. The Source Orb 4 vaporizer is the brand-new release from Source Vapes; believe us, this device will be a trendsetter when it comes to design. The unit is constructed from Stainless Steel 303, the safest and healthiest material currently used by manufacturers. Needless to say, the vape pen has been created exclusively for vaping wax concentrates; what’s important is what it does to both the flavour and aroma of the vapour. The new variable airflow system offers five different settings for improved flavour and vapour production. In addition, there are eight temperature levels for even more accurate heat control, resulting in clean, potent and flavorful hits.

The Source Orb 4 has a two-piece design that features magnetic locking technology so that your wax pen loads even faster now. Before selecting the right temperature setting for your material, you can start by removing the magnetic mouthpiece and carefully loading the atomizer chamber with your wax concentrate with some help from the provided metal dab tool. Once you’re there – like with KandyPenns Gravity vaporizer – press the start button three times and choose from the eight temperature levels. In case you hit that unit too hard and forgot to turn it off, it has a 10-second auto-shutoff for these, you know, indica-related consequences.

There are 6 different pieces of atomizers, all of which are A-class in tuning the vapour. Although each atomizer gives you a slightly different experience, the results are great each time you puff the vapour. Nevertheless, if you care about nuances, you’re going to be more than delighted with this unit.

So, is there room for any downsides? Yes, but again, it’s not a big concern. Truth to be said, The Source Orb 4 is certainly not the most portable wax pen available. Because of its unique design, it’s slightly bigger and thus less discrete. Either way, it’s still small enough to fit in a pocket, so if super-portability is not on the list of your top priorities, you may very well forget what you’ve just read.

Price: $99.95

3. Cloud Pen 3.0

Cloud Pen 3.0 wax pens

View on Grasscity

With Cloud Pen 3.0, versatility is the name of the game. Not only is this unit one of the best wax pens at this price range, but it also works great with any concentrate or dry herb. The vape pen is equipped with three different atomizers, each dedicated to different vaping materials so that you can enjoy the top quality of vapour regardless of what’s inside. To optimize the vaporizing experience of their customers, Cloud Penz came up with the Cloud Atlas 1.0 glass attachment that helps you achieve a decent quality of vapour and gives the unit a cool look.

One of the greatest strengths of this wax pen is the 650 mAh lithium-ion battery, thanks to which you can indulge in your concentrates on the go without complaining about any functionality issues. If you’re on the road, your device is going to last throughout the whole day. And if you fret this whole advanced stuff, fret no more – the Cloud Pen 3.0 vaporizer is very intuitive.

On the other hand, if you’re not a vape connoisseur yet, and you’re still having troubles with distinguishing concrete scents of your wax terpene profile, this vape pen may be too much when you consider slightly cheaper options. Nonetheless, this versatile device will be all you need to enjoy a top-notch vaporizing experience apart from this minor drawback.

4. Dr. Dabber Aurora

Dr. Dabber Aurora wax pens

View on Grasscity

Dr. Dabber Aurora places the number one position among the best wax pens for medical patients and dabbing enthusiasts. The whole kit offers a strong variable voltage battery accompanied by three advanced atomizers made of quartz crystal and ceramic halo.

Designed with the unique SnapTech technology in mind, this compact wax pen is invaluable for reducing each hassle involved with other concentrate vaporizers you may have experienced in your life. The choice of interchangeable atomizers allows users to indulge in all types of wax and waxy oils with decent functionality. On top of that, Dr. Dabber Aurora is extremely portable, and its award-winning low heat settings keep the device cool on the outside and perfectly warm in the heating chamber.

What’s in the package? As we said, the kit comes with one dual quartz rod atomizer, one ceramic halo, and one dual ceramic rod atomizer. In addition, you’re getting a dab tool, the Dr. Dabber Keychain, a shatterproof storage ball, and a magnetic USB charger. Last but not least, the company offers a 1-year warranty, so in case any unfortunate accident happened, their customer service will get you fully covered.

If you’re in the market for vaporizers that are designed exclusively for concentrates, then Dr. Dabber Aurora is a fantastic option. The only real downside is that the unit finds it challenging to produce thick clouds when you exhale, but compared to the overall performance of this vape pen, this minor drawback shouldn’t haunt you during the night.

Price: $99.95


X MAX V2 PRO wax pens

View on GrassCity

Straight out of the XVAPE’s stables, the newest model of the X MAX vaporizer has got its way to 5th place on the list. This is hands down one of the best wax pens under $100, not to mention that the device can produce impressively thick clouds of vapour, too.

It only takes one button to start operating on five different temperature settings, from 356 F to 428 F. Speaking of the price range once again, for a quote of $75, you’re getting a ceramic heating chamber of unparalleled performance. The device utilizes a long narrow heating chamber, and, as a result, the conduction ensures even vaporization. Paired with a relatively short heat-up time (45-75 seconds depending on selected temperature), X MAX V2 PRO shows up as a strong competitor for its more costly counterparts.

The vape pen is truly pocketable, so if you’re afraid of vaping in public places, this one may be your lifesaver. Moreover, for the sake of safety, the manufacturer has entirely sealed the airpath from the electronic components.

While pretty much has been said about using this pen for oils and wax, it’s worth mentioning that X MAX V2 PRO is adaptable to dry herbs, too. That said, if you have a limited budget and you want a decent, versatile vaping unit, killing two birds with one stone is totally doable with this pen.

Alas, with the small size comes low battery life. This is quite a serious inconvenience for a portable vaporizer. Still, fortunately, the battery is interchangeable, so if you don’t mind spending extra money on a second battery, do it and enjoy your vapour.

Upon purchase, you will receive one year warranty on the vaporizer and a 90-day warranty on the battery.

Price: $79.95

Other Quality Wax Pens

If you still haven’t made up your mind yet, you may want to glance at other reputable pen vaporizers that are considered one of the best wax pens by the vaping community. After all, we’ve already narrowed down the options, so let’s make some more room for a couple of quality units.

  • PAX 3: although more specifically a dry-herb vaporizer, the unit does feature a chamber for concentrates. For all the wonders it does to dry herbs, this vape pen won’t outperform even some of the cheapest dabbing pens on the market, but if you’re fond of both extracts and herbs, you simply won’t find a better alternative. The interface of PAX 3 excels on simplicity, not to mention that it produces flavorful clouds while being the most beautiful among all vape pens in the industry – that’s it.

  • #ThisThingRips R2 Slim Vaporizer: this stealthy wax pen is best for active people who who appreciate portability and efficiency. #TTR Slim delivers rich, thick tasty clouds of vapor without combusting your material. On top of that, there’s the truly rapid heat up time that enables you to take hits just in seconds. Affordable price, top performance, and a high level of discretion make it an ideal choice for all outdoor vape enthusiasts.

  • HoneyStick Bee Keeper: the HoneyStick Bee Keeper vaporizer works with industry standard, pre-filled oil tanks and offers a removable, refillable tank for oil concentrates as well. It’s an extremely portable unit that carries a 20-watt mod battery. The battery delivers so much power that it only takes a few drops of your favorite oil to make an entire vape party more enjoyable. In this case, the ratio of price ($29.95) to quality is actually why this pen is listed among other best wax pens in the industry. Oh, and don’t forget about ITS cool design. It will totally make you crave this vaporizer.

  • KandyPens Slim Vaporizer: if you’re one of those who’ve been calling for smaller and smaller devices, KendyPens has heard your cries and they’ve manufactured the Slim Vaporizer, also known as the smallest wax pen on the market today. The unit  doesn’t require you to hit the button – you just load the vape up and inhale. It’s small, discreet and it heats up really fast, so you can vape it on the go without spending too much time on getting ready.

  • MicroVape 3 in 1: as the name suggests, this vaporizer is not solely for vaping wax. The kit contains an oil atomizer, a brass interchangeable wax atomizer and the one reserved exclusively for dry herbs. The vapor produced by the unit is clear, full of flavor, and easy on the throat and lungs. All atomizers of this pen include coils made from medical grade titanium for improved durability.

Your Brief Buying Guide to Finding the Best Wax Pen

There are several features you might want to consider when choosing the best wax pen for your needs. Of course, most of these apply to dry herb portable vaporizers, too. Here, we listed different qualities that will help you make an even better final decision on your purchase:

  • Portability: wax pens are compact by nature, but some units available on the market are really stealthy. If portability is high on your priority list, then you should look for a slim wax pen that is going to ensure maximum level of discretion. Such units are pocketable and some more advanced models have a rapid heat up time, so you can always vape your pen on the go. However, keep in mind that smaller units tend to have rather poor battery life. Given this, it’s good to have an extra battery (just in case) or if that’s not an option, shop for a wax pen that has a portable USB charger.

  • Efficiency: if there’s one thing you can’t compromise on when choosing among best wax pens in the industry, it’s the efficiency. We strongly recommend buying a vaporizer with at least 5 different temperature settings for precise control over heat. Nonetheless, if you decide to cut down on temperature levels, make sure that the ones provided by your manufacturer apply specifically to dabbing concentrates. This will allow you to taste the full flavor of your material, not to mention that you won’t produce any waste during vaporization. For the sake of safety, check if your vape pen is made from a safe material, and to achieve best efficiency with the vaporizer, choose a powerful battery that will make your device capable of producing potent clouds of vapor.

  • Quality atomizers: since atomizers are one of key components of a wax pen, it’s best to choose a brand that is reputable in this area. Of course, atomizers are disposable and they tend to wear off over time, but the longer they last, the better. Once you use up all your atomizers, don’t look anyway further than your manufacturer to purchase extra pieces. The brand will adjust it to your model and, in case you had any doubts, you can always ask the customer service for advice. Most wax pen manufacturing companies provide top notch service for their users, so this certainly won’t take long.

  • Design: Whether you really crave for the best wax pen, or you simply want to enjoy vaporization from time to time, you can’t deny that these devices are somewhat gadgets – and gadgets are meant to look attractive. That said, you want your unit to look awesome as well, don’t you? Well, if that’s the case, you may sleep well at night, because most vaporizers for concentrates are designed with the great care for details, and each brand has its own, unique style of manufacturing their units. Performance and portability aside, you won’t buy a wax pen that doesn’t appeal to you, even if it’s a beast in terms of efficiency, right? But if the piece is pretty and, at the same time, conquers your heart in terms of performance and other features listed above – hesitate no more.


It could be overwhelming to choose the best vaporizer for concentrates from the myriad of options available online. However, getting familiar with top wax pen manufacturing companies and knowing the must-have qualities of a decent vape pen is essential for trimming down your choices and eliminating the bad units from the very beginning.

Once you determine which features are non-negotiable, read reviews from consumers. Since the right choice is the one that lives up to your expectations, it’s a wise move to see if other users are satisfied with the product as well. These opinions are often honest and based on real experience, not the marketing fluff we’re all fed up with.

To cut a long story short, we hope you’ll soon find the best wax pen for your preferences. As for now, get aboard the ship, explore the online world of portable vaporizers, and, above all, shop smart!

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