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We tested out a great new dispensary, Got Weed, and here are the results. In a nutshell this company offers an amazing service with low priced buds and fast shipping. Based on our reviews of online dispensaries in Canada, this business ranks quite highly overall on the list. We cover their service in depth, as well as provide a coupon code for your next order! Read on for more…

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Got Weed Dispensary Review

As mentioned before, this website has some of the lowest prices available online. They also do not disappoint in quality while offering these deals. The buds we received from Got Weed were top notch at a fraction of the price of some other sites. Along with that they offer a huge selection of products including a vast flower menu, vape selection, edibles & more.

Key Elements of Got Weed's Service

Some of the Lowest Prices Online

Quality product

Easy to Use Website

Raving Customer Service

Got Weed's Product Selection

With our order, we selected a few different flowers, a distillate vape & some moon-rocks. We didn't order from every category on the site, but the selection is there if you are looking for any type of cannabis products.


critical mass buds
Critical Mass Buds

We Ordered: 707 Headband, Critical Mass, Bluefin Tuna, Strawberry Kush

These strains did not disappoint. The buds are nicely trimmed, cured very nicely and a decent size for each strain. The bags were accurately weighed and measured to be as expected.

Open breaking apart the buds, the potency of the flower is noticeable. As well there are no signs of mold or bud rot and all the buds burned to light ash as they've been flushed properly.

Got Weed's flower menu has many choices and is well-organized for you to find your favourite strains quickly and easily.


We Ordered: Secret Garden Distillate Vape Pen with 2x Distillate Cartridges

secret garden vape pen

This is a great pen. The first point to make is that it pulls really well and the hits are exactly what you want. Pulling hard and long on the pen will deliver a nice potent drag, while light puffing still gets the job done. It comes with a charger and is easily charged in any USB plug.

The taste of the distillate is perfect as well, with the terpenes from the strain preserved for great flavour. They have not been thinned out as the potency is strong, with a clean and lasting high.

This website carries a large selection of vaping product, as well as stand-alone vapes for your concentrates and flower.

Bubble Wrapped Distillate Cartridges


We Ordered: Moonrocks

These dense moonrocks has a powerful kick. They are everything you could ask for in a cannabis conglomeration.

Got Weed shop has a variety of concentrates from shatter, oils & budder to rosin. If you are a dabber there is something in here for you.


While we didn't order any edibles, this website offers products from MOTA, Sweet Jane & Temple Tea, high quality cannabis edible brands. The selection isn't huge, but Got Weed's edibles are competitively priced.


This site has literally everything you could want. Aside from the categories mentioned above they carry a good amount of pet products, small selection of topicals and more.

How We Rated Got Weed


Ease of Ordering

As mentioned before, the website is very easy to use and navigating the product menu is quite easy. Every product category is broken down into sub-categories to easily select what we were looking for.

Quality of Products

The quality of products Got Weed carries, at the price they offer, is a huge selling point for this business. Starting with flower, these are some of the best deals online for this quality of bud – along with the number of strains present. For edibles, as they carry trusted brands, you can expect the same degree of quality you would from any top online dispensary.

The distillate pen and cartridges we received were high quality and did the job well. We can only expect other concentrates in the shop to be just as great. Learn how to smoke distillate here.

Packaging: The order came in a smell-proof vacuum sealed bag, in two small boxes. Also the distillate cartridges were wrapped in bubble-wrap to ensure safe shipping.

got weed shipping review
Smell Proof Packaging

Speed of Service

At the time of writing, we were experiencing extreme weather conditions. This did not delay the order at all (Good job Canada Post). Once the order was placed & we sent payment, the order was processed that same afternoon and on it's way the following morning. Got Weed is based on the west coast, as are we, so our order arrived the following day after shipping.


You may have noticed a theme in this review; Got Weed's amazing low prices! With ounces starting at $79 (AAA Smalls), it's hard to find a better price for an Oz online. Most of the quality AAA and AAAA they have all comes under $200 / Oz and most are available for less than $150 / Oz.

We were blown away by the quality of the flower at the prices they offer. With shatter starting at $25 / gram, they also offer great low prices on concentrates. The edibles are priced competitively with other websites on our list. You can also get free express shipping for orders over $150 – matching their competition.

Got Weed Discount Coupon Code

We asked Got Weed for a discount for our readers. They obliged with a coupon for 10% Off your first order with them. We will keep an eye out for any other coupons that become available.

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All in all, we highly recommend Got Weed for your next mail order marijuana delivery. This site definitely appeals to those who use flower, whether to smoke or make some potent edibles. They do offer a great selection of other products, but the price & selection of the flower is what really stands out!

Get your next order with Got Weed for high quality products and fast service!

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