The Best Scales for Weed : Buyer’s Guide

One of the often-overlooked components when it comes to weed is a good scale.

You may not be thinking about the importance of a scale because it plays no part in the consumption of cannabis, but it does play an important role otherwise. For example, consider this scenario.

You’re all packed up for a camping trip. You’ve purchased your smoke, you’ve packed up your best vaporizer, a pack of papers, and a pipe (variety is the spice of life ya know.)

You’ve also got your favourite lighter for smoking weed (nobody wants to be caught with everything they need to find out they’ve got no fire) and a grinder for perfectly preparing your weed.

You’re sitting on a log in the middle of nowhere; you pull out the green, and disappointment floods your mind. That quarter ounce you purchased just this morning looks a lot more like a 1/8th. You’re flipping through scenarios in your head: maybe your buddy sitting across from you with a glazed vacant look in his eyes and a smile on his face already dipped into the stash. But wouldn’t he say so?

Paranoia is not an attractive thing. Maybe there was a misunderstanding when you purchased your smoke, and it truly is the only 1/8th. You hold the bag up and look at it from all angles, dig out a bud and squish it a little bit between your fingers; maybe it's a density thing. Your friends are starting to regard you with odd looks; you don’t want to disrespect a friend or a trusted source you make your purchases from weekly. Your head is spinning just a bit.

STOP! All the indecision and worry wouldn’t have to exist at all if you had a handy scale; you could pop out and see for yourself just how much the bag you’re holding weighs up too. But as it is without a scale, you’re doomed to take offensive action or forever wonder if you were slighted in some way. A scale could have saved the day. A camping trip gone wrong riddled in paranoia and doubt could have been rectified easily had you used a scale for double-checking at any point after purchase.

Now, of course, situations like the one described are not the only reason why a scale could be important to you. For instance, if you are a grower, a good scale is paramount, and the same goes for the case that you are a vendor. Scales might not seem like the most important part of cannabis-related equipment at first, but soon you’ll see that they actually are critical. Every level of the cannabis ladder of people, including consumers, vendors, and growers alike, need a scale in their lives.

We could think of a million more scenarios where a scale would save the day just like it would have in the woods at the campsite. But were not imagining scenarios all day where a weighing device swoops in with a Supermanesque cape flying in the wind and saves any number of situations. No, we are trying to decide just what that weighing device will deliver based on all the options that are out there.

Now that the wheels have begun turning inside your head and you’ve realized that whether you are a buyer, grower, or vendor, a scale can be handy to you, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty of it. It's time to figure out just what’s available out there, what kind of prices you can expect to pay, what features a good scale has, and what types of scales are available. Then, finally, after careful consideration, you’ll make your decision, and hopefully, it will be an informed and satisfactory decision.

Our Pick for the Top Rated Scale for Weed:

Scale Types

  • Pocket scales: These are small compact scales that fit easily in your pocket or your bag. They are easy to carry around and allow for discretion when it is needed. For most casual cannabis consumers and small scale vendors this will be the ideal scale you will turn to.
  • Stealth scales: These scales take discretion to the next level. They might look like a CD case, a computer mouse, an MP3 player or all manner of other fun items but in reality open up into a device that weighs your herb.
  • Large scales: These scales are more for stationary use but they save on time and effort if you are weighing large amounts at a time. Smaller scales like the pocket scale might not accomodate bags that are going to be more than around several pounds or more. Large scales can come in handy when you are a grower or a large distributor. It's much easier to weigh it up all at once than add amounts together from multiple weighings on a smaller scale.
  • Mini scales: These scales are the smallest you can find and will fit anywhere. If you are looking for something even smaller than a pocket scale that you can stash just about anywhere and you aren’t needing to weigh a lot at a time this might be your answer. Like stealth scales these are going to lend a lot to discretion when it’s needed and portability will be at its height.
  • Letter scales: These are also called postal scales. They are typically used by the postal system to weigh mail. They are extremely accurate as they are meant to get precise measurements of weight for letters. Accuracy, is of course a feature that is going to be important to you no matter what your other needs are. This could also just be interesting aesthetically as well as a lot of letter scales can look very interesting and attractive.

In addition to getting to know scale types, it's also important to understand measurements so that you’ll know exactly how to read the correct weight when using your scale with your herb. Chances are, no matter what type of scale you’re getting, the measurements are going to be primarily in grams. You’ll need to do the math to get the conversions to ounces or remember some values equal.



  • 3.5 Grams = ⅛  Ounce
  • 7 Grams = ¼ Ounce
  • 14 Grams = ½ Ounce
  • 28 Grams = 1 Ounce
  • 4 Ounces = ¼ Pound
  • 16 Ounces = 1 Pound

The above measurements clarify some of the most common weights bought and sold when it comes to Marijuana.

So now that you are a bit more familiar with types of scales and measurements as well, you will be wondering about specific scales. How will you know what to choose and what one scale is better than another one? When making the final decision on your purchase, there are a few factors to consider that will help to slim down the choices.

Scale Features

  • Price: Depending on your budget this might be a very big factor or only a small factor. Regardless of budget, however, no one wants to overpay. Looking at price and determining if the product is worth the price will depend on the other features included. Looking for the perfect balance of thrift and features will be a good way to determine if pricing is appropriate.
  • Size: We’ve touched on this a bit already. Depending on your needs size will be an important factor to think about. If you need portability and discretion you may choose a different scale than if you need absolute precision or if your needs include weighing larger quantities.
  • Appearance: Will a stealth scale suit you better either for practicality or plain novelty? Are you interested in a scale that looks like a classic and has other functions than just primarily measuring cannabis? Do looks matter to you at all as long as the scale you have chosen is fully functional? You’ll have to ask yourself these questions when considering if appearance plays a big role in your purchase.
  • Functionality: Precision and accuracy are going to be pretty important when you will probably be primarily measuring portions of marijuana that are under one ounce in weight. You will find that a scale that functions correctly is a must when dealing in a subject that requires such accuracy. None of the other features are going to matter quite so much if you are not sure that accuracy is a guarantee.
  • Durability: You don’t want to finally make a decision, get the perfect scale for you and then have it break after only a few weeks or months of use. A better made longer lasting product is going to serve you better overall. You’ll want to consider how much you’ll be putting durability to the test and look for something accordingly.

The Top 5 Best scales

And finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for. The top 5 best scales. Remember, this list considers all of the above-mentioned features for an overall best rating determined by the combination of all important features. These are the five scales that will best fulfill a variety of needs when you are finally ready to begin seriously shopping for the scale you’ll want to keep and use in the long term.

#5 Proscale Player 100- Digital Scale

This scale falls under the category of stealth scales. For all intents and purposes, it looks like an MP3 player initially. However, if you pop the top cover of the supposed MP3 player, it transforms into a scale. The cover then doubles as a weighing tray so that no parts of this compact scale go to waste. All parts are usable. First, let's talk about specifications. The manufacturer of this scale is Proscale, a company that knows scales and is reputable in the world of scales ranging from a small pocket and stealth scales like this one to larger scales.

The weight capacity is 100 grams, but if you feel as though this capacity (which is equal to 3.5 ounces) is not enough for you, there is a model that includes all the features of the Proscale Player 100 but has a 500-gram weight capacity. In addition, it has a readability that goes down as far as 0.01 grams which makes this scale extremely accurate, down to one-tenth of a gram. It can also weigh in ounces if that is more convenient or you are simply unfamiliar with grams. The scale operates on two CR-2032 batteries that are included and have a 30-second auto shut off after no activity. This is a solid buy for an affordable, functional, stealthy, and easy-to-use scale.

Price: $23.99

#4 Proscale 555 AKA Johnny 5

Here's another scale from the popular manufacturer proscale. This is a tiny scale, making it perfectly portable and easy to conceal when it needs to be tucked away. The scale is 4.25” x 2.75”. Despite its compact size, it has a fairly large weighing capacity as it can weigh up to 555 grams or 19.5 ounces. Most people are not going to need to weigh more than this at one time. It has a 30-second auto shut-off and is battery-powered with batteries included. It also has readability down to as small as 0.1 grams.

Its looks are basic, which can be a good thing when attempting to be inconspicuous. It's a basic small rectangular shape with a cover that lifts off and doubles as a convenient weighing tray.  If this scale seems pretty fantastic to you, then you’re really going to like its price. Along with all its features, it has a low price, so even if it is just your backup scale instead of your primary scale, you’re going to feel satisfied that you’ve gotten your money’s worth here.

Price: $14.39

#3 Digital Pocket Scale with Solar Panel, USB and Wall Charger – 200g

This scale is sure to be pleasing in multiple ways. First off, let's talk about my absolute favourite feature where this scale is concerned; you will never have to worry about being caught in a situation where you can’t use this scale because it's not charged up or its batteries have died. There are so many ways to get power to this scale that you’ll never be left high and dry, but you’ll always be ready to get high.

The scale can get power straight from the sun through a solar panel, USB power, or straight from a wall charger; it also has the capacity to get power from 2 AAA batteries. This scale can weigh up to 200 grams and has accurate readability of 0.01 grams. It's pocket-sized, digital and has a clear weighing tray with it that has sides so that there is no fear of losing any of your herbs because it falls off the tray. The price is a bit more than any of the other scales on the list so far, but the features that come with this scale make up for a bit larger price.

Price: $35.99

#2 Justice Scales MT-500

This is an overall solid scale. It's classified as a tabletop mini. You can easily use it in a stationary location, or it can be taken on the go with you as it is small enough to be classified as a pocket scale. It has a large capacity of 500 grams and comes with a nice big weighing tray that will keep all your herb inside.

Its features include push-button calibration, auto shut-off, and four different weighing modes (including grams, ounces, grains, and carats. Accuracy is no problem with a readability of 0.1 grams. Add in a 3 year included warranty and a beautiful price tag, and this scale easily sells itself.

Price: $19.19

#1 500-ZH Hemp Bioplastic Scale

What if you could invest in a product that weighs your cannabis with amazing accuracy but is also made from the very same plant as the material you are weighing? What if you could choose the weighing option that is the best for the environment, inexpensive and just plain cool. Well, with this hemp bioplastic scale, you actually can. The 500-ZH Hemp Bioplastic Scale offers all these features. First of all, how cool is it that your scale is made from hemp? Hemp bioplastic is a completely natural composite material that was invented in Germany several years ago.

My Weigh, the company that produces this scale, is the first company to purchase the rights to this bioplastic and how fitting is it that they’re making a product that one can use with cannabis? At the same time, don’t think that this scale is just a novelty. It is fully functional; it has a simple two-key operation, a weighing capacity of 200 grams (though it can read in ounces, pennyweight, and Troy ounces as well), an auto shut off, and a tray with a large surface for your herb. The scale also offers a lifetime/30-year worldwide warranty. You’ll really be on the cutting edge of eco-friendly technology with this scale. Hemp bioplastic is not easy or inexpensive to make, but My Weigh is selling this scale at a meager price to get it out there on the market.

Price: $27.99

The scales presented on this list provide a large range of ways to weigh your herb. The choice from here depends on what you personally want from a scale. In the end, your personal needs will determine what is most suitable for you. Whether it's stealth, size, portability, weighing capacity, or cutting-edge eco-friendliness, a good scale is waiting out there to be the perfect fit for you.

Things to Remember

  • Scale Type: When purchasing a new scale there are several types to choose from. Take a few moments to consider what your needs are. If you are a casual consumer or vendor a pocket scale is probably going to prove the best route for you. However, you also might want to consider how stealthy you want to be and whether you are going to have more of a need for a larger tabletop scale if you are usually weighing larger quantities.
  • Familiarizing yourself with the Metric System: Primarily most scales are going to use grams as the main measurement of weight. This makes sense as most of the world uses the the metric system. It also makes sense because amounts of cannabis are usually measured and sold in grams. However, as you’ve seen from the top 5 list, many scales do offer other forms of measurement than grams. It would be good to familiarize yourself with basic measurements in grams and know how to convert them to measurements like ounces as well.
  • Weighing Capacity: Different types of people are going to have different needs when it comes to weighing capacity. Some people are never going to need to weigh above 28 grams (which equals 1 ounce) while others might need to weigh upwards to 500 grams or more. You’ll find that most scales have at least a 200 gram weighing capacity and many do reach up to even 500 gram. This range will satisfy most people’s needs just pay attention to weighing capacity when choosing your scale to be sure that it is in the range that best fits you.
  • Pay Attention to Scale Features: When purchasing the scale you want (quite possibly one of the top 5 I’ve discussed) remember to assess your own personal needs and go from there. If price is an important component you can narrow it down and cut out the scales that are out of your price range immediately. If size is one of your main concerns figure out how small or large you need your scale to be and go from there. Some people are all about discretion as a personal preference or in some cases as an absolute need. You will want to consider where you fall on this spectrum before making your final choice.


In conclusion, the most important thing that you are going to need to remember when picking out the perfect scale for you is just that, it's for you, and only you know what perfect means to you. Please make your own of important things on a scale and use the information I’ve provided here as a guideline for what your list will look like. Then, take some time learning even more about the 5 scales that I’ve presented to you today. You might even find that you won’t know one hundred percent until you’ve used a scale for a while and really gotten a feel for it. Eventually, the perfect fit will present itself to you, and you will resolve all your weighing woes.

Take your time, mull it over, shop around and try some out. Have fun with the process and enjoy accurate, easy weighing of that herb we all love so much. Don’t be caught on an instant loop cycling through real-life camping trips gone wrong or a variety of other situations where your cannabis experience has some chance of souring. It may not be the first thing you think about cannabis, but a scale is a necessary item, and you’re sure to run into situations where you learn this fact first hand. So be prepared, make the best choice and enjoy your scale because when you get to enjoy your scale, you’ll get to enjoy the product you’re weighing, and that's the whole point of it all.

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