Best CBD for Dogs in Canada

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Cannabidiol also popularly known as CBD is one of the most prevalent active ingredients of marijuana or cannabis. It is obtained from the plant called hemp. Being a part of the cannabis plant family, CBD is one of the components of medicinal marijuana. However, CBD, when used in all pure form, doesn’t cause any high. The World Health Organisation has said in their report that the use of CBD in pure form hasn’t indicated any abuse or addiction, and also no evidence of associated health problems have been reported to date.

CBD is a legal product in Canada. It is used for treating various conditions related to pain and anxiety. CBD reacts with certain receptors in our immune system and brain, giving its users a soothing and relaxed feeling. The FDA of the United States has approved the use of CBD oil for epilepsy treatment. Though there is no deeper research, there is initial evidence that it can help patients suffering from Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s (early stages).

CBD is not just for humans; it is also very effective in animals. There are specially designed CBD products for pets. There are no studies to prove the results and effects on dogs. However, dog owners have suggested that it is helpful in controlling seizures and neuropathic pains. It is also reported that it has other benefits on the dog such as appetite stimulation, cardiac benefits, anti-anxiety impacts, anti-inflammatory properties, and also a possibility that it will keep them away from cancer. The best CBD products made for dogs have no THC content. THC has the psychoactive element, which leads to feeling high. Marijuana has THC, which makes you feel high. However, CBD is taken from the hemp plant; some CBD products have around less than 0.3 percent of THC. However, it is strictly taken care that pet products have zero THC in them.  

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Let’s look at the best CBD’s for dogs:

Pacific Spirit CBD for Dogs

Pacific Spirit CBD knows first-hand how important your animal companion is to you.  They have also experienced the distress and powerlessness that comes when our dogs are suffering. They understand the great lengths you have gone to, to help your canine feel better.

That is why they created Pacific Spirit CBD products. They don't want you to use expensive and dangerous pharmaceuticals for your pup. Instead take advantage of this all natural substitute with proven effects.

Introducing Pacific Spirit CBD, an Enhanced By Vitality™ animal wellness brand!

Animalitos CBD Balm

Animalitos CBD Balm

Animalitos is prepared from the ingredients like oil from hemp seed, vitamin E, Candelilla wax, coconut oil, oil from kukui nut, CBD oil, Shea butter, and Chamomile. All these ingredients are organic and natural. The ingredients in this balm helps to soothe the areas that are pain spots for your dog. If your dog is constantly scratching, gnawing, or has scrapes or cuts apply this balm and it will soothe and cool those irritable areas. It should only be used externally. Avoid using this balm on pregnant dogs or nursing dogs.



Lajik Pet CBD Tincture

Lajik Pet CBD Tincture

This tincture is a full plant spectrum, which is good for your pet’s health and wellbeing. It is recommended to follow the right doses as per their weight. If your dog weighs 10lbs, then give two drops of this tincture. It can be given to your dog by mixing it with water or food. Start with smaller doses and follow instructions of your vet



Tetra Healing Paws

Tetra Healing Paws dogs

Tetra healing paws are made of Omega oil from CBD. It includes ingredients such as Salmon oil, Anchovy oil, salmon oil, CBD isolate, and vitamin E. 1ml contains 16.7mg of CBD. This oil is designed for our furry pets. Before giving it your pet, do consult the vet. If your dog is new to this, start with a smaller dose. Shake well the bottle of oil before you give it to your dog. Preserve the oil in a refrigerator



There are a variety of products available with CBD infused in them. It can be in the form of oil, balm, and even biscuits. Use them in prescribed doses, and always consult a veterinarian before you start giving your dog with CBD. Though CBD’s have major health benefits, there are also side effects that you should be aware of. If it intakes a higher dose, it can be toxic or lead to a reaction. When you’re just starting to give your dog with CBD, always start with a smaller dose. Monitor its effects on your dog and then slowly increase the dose if required. However, before you increase the dose, always check with your veterinarian.  

Here are some impacts or side effects of CBD:

Increased thirst – Studies have shown that CBD can increase thirst in dogs. This is because it causes a decrease in saliva being produced.

Blood pressure impact – If the dog has taken a higher dose of CBD, it can temporarily lead to a decrease in the blood pressure. The drop will be a small one; however, it can cause light-headedness.  

Drowsiness – CBD treats anxiety-related problems, and it has a calming effect on dogs. However, with a high dose, the calming effect can also lead to drowsiness.

When you decide to treat your dog with CBD induced products, do thorough research on the product. Always check the ingredients included in the product. Ensure it is organic and doesn’t include any artificial ingredients. Ensure it doesn’t contain additives. Don’t go looking for cheaper products. Pure and quality products are highly priced. 

The cheaper products will have substances such as metals, herbicides, or pesticides that are toxic for your furry friend. Always check if the manufacturer has provided a certificate that gives detailed information of the quantity of CBD in included in the product. Ensure there is no THC present in the product. There are various forms of CBD products available for dogs. The best one is the tincture form. You can keep a check on the dosage when you are using the tincture form. You can increase or decrease the dose and keep a check on your dog’s health.

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