Vape Bright CBD Cartridges Review & Coupon Code

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With strong statements such as ‘We promise, you’re going to thrive’ and ‘Better way to vape your CBD’ Vape Bright seems pretty confident they’ve been able to deliver a top product. How much of their claims can we trust though and are they backed by sufficient proof or customer reviews? We’re going to dive in to Vape Bright and find out whether their claims for greatness are true to their products. If you haven’t heard of the company yet, they might be the best place to buy CBD, we’ll lead in with a bit of background before getting into a detailed review on the best Vape Bright products, Vape Bright cartridges, and how to use Vape Bright.

vape bright review

Company Background

Vape Bright prides itself on delivering CBD in a form and composition that is safe, natural and the purest available. They know that the fastest way to access the medicinal benefits of CBD is through vaping which is why they’ve put so much energy, research, and time into the manufacturing of their product to bring the best to you. According to Vape Bright, their mission is;

‘To build a worldwide community of empowered, vibrant, thriving, happy and healthy people, all committed to sharing the news about the healing power of CBD’

With each new innovation, the company is moving closer towards fulfilling its mission. Along with this mission and vision to the company, they also make three main claims to specific areas they heavily focus on:


Only the finest ingredients are used to ensure the product is pure, natural and additive free. The company stands strong behind their product and defends all claims to quality.


According to their website, the team at Vape Bright is composed of dedicated individuals who are focused on helping you move forward in your health journey. Although the website seems a bit impersonal, their message is consistent and clean and so simple that it feels genuinely authentic.


The main reasons behind the drive to innovate Vape Bright is so that the benefits of CBD can be magnified. Currently, it appears like they lead the pack when it comes to a pure and potent form of CBD delivery.

Vape Bright CBD Reviews

No more nasty chemicals flavors, or artificial fillers, Vape Bright is an effective, all natural CBD product that provides you with an extra strength dose, up to 10 times that of what other vape brands offer. The organic hemp used to make the oil is sourced from Scandinavia where the growing and processing practices are quite a bit more advanced than in North America.  There are no additives in the hemp used for Vape Bright products, only CBD and natural terpenes. Their highly concentrated CBD vape products offer a healthy and more effective way to consume and obtain CBD. The flagship product, Thrive, which you’ll read about more below has been proven by many users, to cut out pain, reduce inflammation and help control other symptoms of discomfort.

Product Line

The original product released by Vape Bright was Thrive. This first release, came out of a curiosity as to whether there existed a healthy form of CBD vaping. With much research, investigation, and countless trials, out came Thrive! At present, the following products are now available on the Vape Bright website:

Vape Bright Thrive reviews from countless customer accounts concur that by using the Thrive product to manage their pain symptoms, they have experienced an incredible improvement in wellbeing within their bodies. Not only did many comment on noticing reduced inflammation but the also noticed that the pain they once felt either began to lesson or diminished completely for a period of time.

To find out which product from Vape Bright has the most positive reviews and is the favorite among customers, take a look at our FAQ near the end of this post.

Vape Bright CBD Benefits

Made from pure organic hemp oil CBD and active phytonutrients,  phytocompounds and terpenes, the benefits one can experience from the use of vape bright CBD are endless. Many reviews rave over the effectiveness of Vape Bright, claiming that it is the only CBS product you would ever want!!



  • Only available online
  • The oil is not sold separately; it must be purchased with the Vape Bright cartridge

How to use Vape Bright

Vape Bright is designed so that you can reap the benefits of the product immediately with every inhale. Once absorbed in the lungs, the natural organic hemp CBD begins working right away. To use Vape Bright, simple screw on the cartridge to the included battery, hold the tip of the cartridge into your mouth and take an inhale. When you inhale, the battery is activated. The manufacture recommends taking short puffs to ensure the CBD itself, nor the cartridge risks overheating. It is advices to inhale 10-12 times for a duration of 2-3 seconds in order to receive that more effective dosage. Per every 10 inhales, you will be taking in a total of 10 MG of cannabidiol. If you require a lower dosage, we would consider cutting back on the number of times you inhale with the vaporizer.


The most purchased and reviewed product available by Vape Bright is the Vape Bright Starter Pack. When you purchase this pack you’ll receive 1 Thrive CBD vape cartridge and 1 Vape Bright battery and charger case. The cartridge contains 200 MG of pure CBD oil that comes without any additional carrier liquids which means that it’s 100% pure. With every puff of Thrive, you’ll get 1 mg of organic CBD! Reviewers love the Vape Bright Starter kit and label it as the best portable CBD vaporization system around. The unit weights roughly .25 pounds, is small in size, and portable enough to carry. Its quick charging battery gave users the confidence they’ll always be able to rely on their Vape Bright vaporizer.

Currently, the Vape Bright official website has offers with discounted prices on several of their products. You can also find coupon codes online by typing Vape Bright coupon code into a search engine. It is important to note that most of these codes are typically linked to affiliate agreements between Vape Bright and the person who has shared the code.

Vape Bright products are only available online.

The Vape Bright battery will last for roughly 100 inhalations. When the battery is out, simply plug it into any USB port for around 30 min to quickly and easily recharge.

This seems like a irrelevant question but in fact its very important to the function of the vaporizer. With a volt setting of 3.2, this unit allows you to take a heavier draw for the maximum amount of vapor.

The product is incredibly simple to use. There are no buttons to turn on or off, you simply inhale to active the unit. When you stop inhaling, the unit is in its ‘off’ mode.

Vape Bright is an affordable product and actually comes in on the lower scale when we’re speaking of cost. If you’re looking for a cost effective and health way to vape your CBD then Vape Bright is definitely going to be a viable option for you.


After our investigation and Vape Bright Review, we can now divulge fully that the claims Vape Bright makes on their products aren’t just words and a lot of smoke. They have really managed to create a healthier way to vape in the benefits of CBD in a way that maximizes each inhale. Our Vape Bright Thrive review comes out as a positive, and stands up to the test of our investigative scrutiny. As an effective method to help control pain symptoms, anxiety, and other conditions, Vape Bright is worth a shot! Take a chance on trying out what many stand behind as being the only CBD product you’d ever need.

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