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Focused on topical body products enriched with CBD, Sagely Naturals offers some of the highest quality body care products on the market, if not the best quality!  No toxic chemicals or synthetic compounds fill their body care line, just good ol naturals. Their impressive formula  found in all their products has been trialed and tested by experienced PHD chemists. For information about the company selling these life changing products, as well as our full review on the brand overall, and specifics of the products according to Sagely Naturals Reviews, stay tuned!

sagely naturals review

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Company Background

It’s truly a challenge to find body care products that are all natural, free from toxins and on top of that, have been enriched with CBD. Sagely Naturals appears to dominate the market when it comes to CBD enriched topical body care. As a brand, they completely embody what a CBD company should stand for; just take a look at their earned badges:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Mission
  • Charity
  • Innovation

Sagely Naturals boasts that all of what they sell is free from artificial dyes or colors, sulfates, synthetic compounds, parabens and fragrances. Their company was build from a need and desire for the loved ones around them to have an easily available solution to their chronic pain symptoms. The two women who created the company in 2015 were simply finding a solution that would help those in their lives and as a result they did so much more than that. You an read further about their story here.

Sagely Naturals CBD Reviews

Many Sagely Naturals reviews, ours included, are impressed with the claims around the Sagely Naturals product line and its effectiveness. The all-natural plant based products are captivating customers for their incredible benefits that are being experienced. The power of the product comes first from the purity of the hemp oil that is being used and secondly the way in which it is processed. Sagely Naturals has their products undergo C02 extraction during the processing.

Some of the main reasons why Sagely Naturals appear to be on top in the market of CBD topicals and CBD capsules are due to the following:

  • How they source their hemp
  • Commitment to utilizing the most cutting edge technology in processing
  • Consistency and accuracy in testing
  • Use of the most pure and natural Ingredients

If you visit the Sagely Naturals website, you’ll almost feel an air of relaxation as you enter. For anyone who is looking for green, all natural, environmentally and sustainability focused products, then you won’t have to look any further. From what it seems like from their messages on their site, the company truly cares about the top line products they are delivering to their customers and take immense pride with the service they are offering to get that product from their site to the buyer.

In addition to their hugely popular products, what stands out more about the Sagely Naturals brand is their commitment to giving back. As a supporter of the Realm of Caring (RoC) a non profit which focuses on improving lives through cannabinoid research and education, they donate a percentage of all profits to help join in and support this cause.

Product Line

The contaminant free product line offered by Sagely Natural is truly remarkable. Each product code holds a unique SKU number which you can trace back to lab tests and find all the info you’d want on the third party testing conducted to screen for common contaminants. At present, Sagely Naturals has 4 products available.

Relief & Recovery Spray

Great to carry with you on the go or to bring with you to the gym. This release and recovery spray will help relieve tired, fatigued and stressed joints and muscles. Packed will 50 MG of CBD, the product also contains peppermint and methanol to help produce a soothing effect. Available in a 2fl oz (60 ml) bottle. If you’re looking for something with a bit more power, take a look at the Relief & Recovery Cream.

Relief & Recovery Headache Roll On

For a product that will help provide relief to those who suffer from the occasional or recurring headache, this roll on which is packed with essential oils is sure to help. When you feel a headache coming on, simply apply the roll on to your temples, neck, and even shoulders. The essential oils (Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Menthol) in addition to the CBD, will assists in soothing your body, refreshing your mind, stimulating blood circulation and improving cognitive function. Available in a .34 fl oz (10ml) bottle.

Relief & Recovery Capsules

As stated on their website, their relief and recovery capsules are the complete ‘Body Ready’ formula! They are touted as being extremely bioavailable meaning that their ability to absorb effectively into the digestive system and work faster is much greater than other forms of hemp oil consumption. Sagely Naturals capsules reviews comment that due to the water solubility of the capsules, the absorption effect thus effects the efficiency of the product and allows the user to benefit from the formula quicker. Each capsule contains 10MG of CBD and since there are 30 Sagely Naturals CBD turmeric capsules in a bottle, that means there is 300MG of CBD per bottle as a result. On the official website for the product, they advise taking 1 capsule every 24 hours to promote relief and recovery.

Relief & Recovery Cream

The Sagely Naturals natural hemp CBD relief recovery cream is even more action packed than the relief and recovery spray. In addition to peppermint and menthol, which provide its soothing effects, the cream also contains a few extra natural ingredients:

  • Safflower Seed Oil: Hydrates the affected area and provides valuable vitamins needed to promote healing and recovery
  • Argan Oil: Contains vitamin E and essential fatty acid which help restore affected areas

Available in either a 2 fl oz or 4 fl oz bottle.

Sagely Naturals CBD Benefits

The range of products offered by Sagely Naturals contain CBD enriched essential oils that have proven effectiveness with their customers.



  • International shipping is not available yet
  • The company only has 4 products at the present moment. They are looking to expand.


The items in the product line, which are to be applied topically, will all follow the same application procedure. You will want to apply liberally as you would in the same way as a body lotion. Rub the amount needed, into the affected area for roughly 30-60 seconds in order to activate the healthy power of the CBD and allow it to absorb into the skin more quickly. The company suggests applying daily for a total duration of one week in order to see maximum results.

When applied, the product is absorbed into the skin and targets the affected area. The essential oils in the product and the application method provide an immediate cooling effect. The product works in the body to block the pain receptors thus resulting in a relief from the pain felt.

None of the products in the Sagely Naturals line contain THC; lab tests confirm this. They are strictly made from the fibres and mature stalks of agriculture hemp and because of this they are exempt from the Federal CSA’s regulations around marijuana.

You’ll see that peppermint and menthol are used in all of the products that are found in their line of topical items. They include these as a way to help the CBD work more effectively. Peppermint and menthol help to cool and relax tired and sore muscles and joints thus allowing the CBD to work in more of a free flowing environment. Already relaxed muscles and joints are much more likely to respond positively to CBD.

If you visit the main site of Sagely Naturals, you’ll be greeted with a pop up that sends you a 20% of coupon for signing up to their email list.


Sagely Naturals reviews all seem to say the same great things and it’s no wonder why. After examining various accounts of customer experiences on the product from a variety of sources, it’s apparent why Sagely Naturals has been a top runner in all-natural body care items enriched with CBD. Although all products in the Sagely Naturals line are being praised, the most loved by customers were the Sagely Naturals Natural Hemp CBD relief recovery cream and the Sagely Naturals CBD turmeric capsules. The products both displayed greater bioavailability and we found to be the most effective based on Sagely Naturals Reviews.

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