Receptra Naturals CBD Oil Review

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The CBD industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now and according to Forbes magazine the CBD industry by 2020 is expected to grow by 700% and earning billions of dollars in revenue.

Receptra natural uses hemp grown in Colorado from handpicked plants that have been grown using 100% natural growing practices. One of the products from Receptra Naturals is Receptra CBD oil. CBD oil is specifically different from the normally smoked weed or hashish in that it contains little or no THC, which is the substance that makes you feel high. This means it can help reduce anxiety or even pain without necessarily affecting your sobriety.

Receptra products and relieving pain

Most receptra natural reviews are about where to get CBD products and most people often do not get to know the use of receptra products. Letting your body heal when one is in pain might just be one of the most difficult things for most people. These products are taken by people every day. Receptra has two lines of products, the health and wellness pure CBD, different strands of the active lifestyle products and then there is the CBD cream called the targeted topical and body butter that helps to relieve pain and aches and muscle and joint irritation.

Receptra produces different types of CBD cream, there is the cream which is applied on areas that have acute pain in the body or any physical pain and is sold at $39.99 a very low price given that it contains 400mg of CBD. Receptra has stated that it does not seek to make a killing like its competitors by overpricing the creams and the oils and seeks to help people who struggle in their day to day lives by engaging in a business model that is both consumer friendly and seeks to solve the problems of the buyers.The body butter which is the lotion that Receptra naturals offers also contains 400mg of CBD and is mainly used for nourishment and healing the skin and protection , many people have experimented with this products and have used them to deal with issues that receptra had not foreseen like using the cream to clear blemishes and using it as a way of dealing with acne, skin irritation rashes and allergic reactions. Most of the receptra naturals reviews have featured a wide range of people who have had successful experimentation with these products.

The Receptra natural oils are divided into three for athletes, people with engaging hobbies and people who have an active lifestyle, the introductory product is the active oil that contains 15mg of CBD per serving followed by the elite which contains 30mg of CBD per serving and finally there is the pro which contains 60mg per serving the second batch is the health and wellness batch which helps in addressing certain health issues. The difference between the two is the purity of the formulation because the health and wellness batch contains CBD and MCT which helps in metabolism and regulating body functions.

Many patients used the receptra CBD oils in increasing their focus as many people have lost a lot of working hours as a result of not getting enough sleep or are in constant pain and in the process lose focus during the day. Epilepsy patients have been specifically very successful in using the receptra naturals plus hemp CBD oil in improving their conditions.

What are they good for?

Receptra naturals targeted topical can be used for pain relief on an exact location or muscle, it can also be used an anti-inflammatory cream and after the cream is absorbed by the skin follicles in most people the pain is absolutely gone .It has been proven to help people with arthritis as it can be applied directly on the part or joint that is causing pain,it can also be used to treat skin irritation and allergic reactions. Although the receptra naturals targeted topical is a body butter cream many people have used it on their faces and it has shown exemplary results by making the skin more soft and smooth.

How do you use it and how much?

Before using the receptra naturals body butter or the cream one needs to test whether they are allergic to anything that might be in the cream, most often the cream is made up of the CBD and other oils that one might be allergic to and hence to be safe, one can check the ingredients which are labeled on the product or you can take a small amount and rub it on your skin there is also an option of checking the lab results of the individual receptra product.

Unlike the tinture which can be measured on how much one can take orally it is very difficult for somebody to measure the amount of cream that one applies and because of this, it leaves one to experiment with the amount by applying a small amount and then gradually increasing it until the pain stops .It is unlikely for one to have side effects of applying too much CBD cream but it is a waste of money to apply more than is required

For the Receptra oil it is advisable especially for the elite product for adults to take two drops per day especially if they are dealing with sleeping problems, if somebody is starting out using the product the best advice is to use it an hour after dinner and that is to make sure that in the worst case scenario that one is up for an hour or two or goes to bed early.

In most reviews of receptra natural most people have admitted to looking for massage parlors that use the body butter or the cream to give massages showing the increasing popularity of receptra naturals some have used this products to up charge because this creams are extremely efficient and relatively more expensive than regular creams plus the smell is great and most people even people that do not use CBD products have admitted that the smell is quite pleasing.

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