Cannada Express Dispensary Review & Coupon Code

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In Canada, Marijuana is now more accessible than ever, and legal! This is all very exciting news; however, there are several mail order dispensaries that still shouldn’t be trusted. Knowing where to buy from is essential if you want to ensure you receive the best quality product for your needs. Taking the time to do your research before buying from an online dispensary is vitally important. The company must hold up to a high standard of service and quality in addition to other criteria. It can be overwhelming knowing where to buy from and who you can trust which is why we are here to help. When it comes to choosing a mail order weed dispensary, knowing you are buying from a reputable vendor is key. Check out how stands up against our criteria. If you’d like to see the full details of how we’ve reviewed this vendor, take a look further, and make your choice for the best online dispensary; Dispensary Review

With 10+ years experience in the industry of selling medical marijuana, Cannada Express, a British Columbia based MOM dispensary, is leading the way. Delivering quality products with reliability, safety, security, and discreteness at the forefront. They are a perfect example of what specialists look like in the field of medical marijuana. The company takes it upon themselves to create a list of criteria to which they must abide by always. Their aim to become the number MOM dispensary in Canada. To do this, they focus heavily on customer feedback, continually making improvements wherever possible, and commit themselves to offer their customers the best product possible. If you would like to see which criteria they use to rate themselves, view these 21 Critical Points when choosing the best dispensary.

Legal Status

Enter into their website to see how seriously they take their MOM dispensary. It’s clear they want to reframe how people think about weed. Their aim is to make medical marijuana accessible to the public, and what’s great is they do this without cutting corners. According to the legal side, they are an unauthorized dealer; however, they do follow a strict set of criteria within the company to guarantee superior quality and high standards.

Also, when buying from, they require ID verification before your products are shipped. As they say themselves, ‘We’re not here to make a quick buck, we’re here to build a long lasting relationship,’ and customer reviews confirm this.

Business Practices

It’s clear that wants to be a mail order dispensary that is doing things the right way. What does this mean? They are focused on staying true to their values and welcome customer feedback on their product line so they can continually improve. When it comes to growing cannabis, the company only works with craft growers. They choose to source their products from local growers to support small communities.

The other side of the business practice has to do with customer security. Customers can breathe easy knowing, this particular dispensary uses SUCURI online security to protect the data of their customers. Your safety online when purchasing marijuana from Cannada Express is guaranteed thanks to encrypted communication and encrypted data purging.

Quality, Purity & Standards

When you buy from you are buying from a company that works with growers who produce cannabis in small batches. Staying away from mass production allows them to ensure the quality and consistency of their product. As a company, they place a great deal of precedence on building and maintaining strong relationships with their sources. Long-term relationships also result in the source having a better understanding of the companies needs. Strengthening these bonds allows them to ensure product consistency and enables them to continue improving constantly. Also, every grower is encouraged against the use of pesticides on their products. These chemicals deteriorate the final quality of the marijuana and Cannada Express is strongly against their use.

Cannada Express Stock

Find a full range of products from flowers (indica, sativa, hybrid), to concentrates, edibles and vape juice.  Choose from affordable products on their website, no matter your specific needs.

Cannada Express Dispensary Coupon Codes

First-time customers receive $20 off their initial order when using the code get20. The company values their existing clientele which is why they choose to offer a loyalty program to them as well. For every dollar spent, 1 point is received. The accumulation of 15 points amounts to $1 off on our purchase. Coupon codes for 10% off also come up periodically throughout the year. The most recent code was ‘420GTA’.


  • All products are lab tested
  • Full client confidentiality
  • 2-3 business days delivery (Canada Post Xpresspost)
  • Free Xpress shipping on orders $150 and over


  • Lack of Transparency

There appears to be a connection between and another company we recently reviewed, A comparison of their FAQ page clearly shows one of the two: one company has copied word for word the information of the other OR the companies are joined and have duplicated the content on each other's site. Although based on our criteria, both of these MOM appear to be high-quality distributors, there is a question as to why if they are linked companies, they chosen not to disclose this or, do a better job of hiding it.

  • Information discrepancy

I would like to see more clarity in regards to the information they are providing. One example is such, under their terms and conditions, they state that you only need to be 19 to make a purchase, however, within the same paragraph they say you must be 21 years of age. This discrepancy in information may raise questions.

Overall Rating

Despite the minor lack of transparency displayed within the company’s connections, as mentioned above, overall, the high-quality products and impeccable customer service they deliver, place them on top. Based on Cannada Express reviews across various platforms, they are rated one of the highest in the industry. The next time you’re looking to order your medicinal marijuana, known that you can place your trust in this B.C vendor.  Overall, we give a thumbs up!

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